I rely on Farming Chapter 15

The charm of natural fruits and vegetables is even greater than expected. Almost as soon as the words are exposed, the other end of the communicator responds without hesitation.

In the next few days, Jiang Ning met with Hu Lixian alone with the people he contacted. When the conversation was almost over, everyone gathered together to finalize relevant cooperation matters.

The natural fruits and vegetables provided by Jiangning are generally larger than those in the market stores, and the price is 10% cheaper. Therefore, the attitude of these partners is particularly good, and some additional conditions are promised very readily.

On the day when the contract was officially signed, the cabbage and radish in Wanxin and Tangjin’s yard happened to be mature. In addition to the plants left behind, the rest of the future is owned by Jiang Ning and resold to all partners on the spot.

This officially launched the first shot of 16 channels in the natural fruit and vegetable trading sector. In the future, with the growing business, the special effects contained in these natural crops will also be disclosed, and this day is listed as the day of prosperity.

At the beginning, it was a small-scale celebration of 16 branches. Gradually, from point to surface, it became a carnival day for nine districts, 3222 stars and even the whole interstellar. On this day every year, major fruit and vegetable stores offer huge discounts for everyone to buy.

But now, everyone can’t imagine this brilliance, let alone know that this is the starting point of their life. They are still simply satisfied with the freshly released nearly 200000 credit points.

Although I had already made an account in my heart and knew that so many natural fruits and vegetables would certainly sell at a good price, I was still a little excited to see a string of figures transferred into the account.

182000 credit points!

When the collaborator left with natural fruits and vegetables, Jiang Ning began to divide the fruits in rows.

“Thanks to Uncle Hu, this transaction can be completed so quickly,” said Jiang Ning in a sincere tone.

“In the future, the transaction frequency will be higher and higher. Uncle Hu, I would like to invite you as the person in charge of fruit and vegetable trading to specially manage all kinds of external related matters. The remuneration is based on 5% of each transaction volume. What do you think?”

It is related to the future development plan of the whole branch road. Even if Jiang Ning doesn’t put forward it, Hu Li will focus on it. Naturally, he won’t refuse at this time.

“As long as you can trust uncle’s ability, uncle will have no problem. I promise to do my best. As for the remuneration, it’s OK according to the normal salary. Don’t worry about friendship. We’ll start with public affairs and then private affairs. We can’t be confused.”

Hu Li is very clear about his position. Since it is an employment relationship, he should act according to the employment criteria.

What is the concept of 5% of the transaction volume?

Take this time, it’s 9100 credit points. His eldest son Hu Guo, as a gifted person, only earns 20000 a month. With the development of the planting industry in the whole branch road, we don’t know how many transactions are reached every month, that is, we have to know how many 9100 credit points.

Just thinking about it, Hu Li couldn’t help shaking his head. Isn’t that a blatant bully. How can ordinary people pay more than those with talent and ability? Moreover, he is a Taoist priest, not a great power.

“It’s still five percent,” Jiang Ning followed when he saw Hu Li’s objection. “The specific salary is still determined by Hu Shu, but I must set aside this five percent. If there is any surplus, I’ll set up a special fund to build 16 roads or help people in need.”

Over the years, Hu Li has been sticking his wallet to help each other in the 16 branches. As a former recipient, Jiang Ning doesn’t mind doing more now that he has the ability.

The income of 5% may be an astronomical figure in the eyes of these people who make a living by mining, but for Jiang Ning, more is not more and less is not much. Then why not make the surrounding cultural environment of your life better, so that you can look comfortable.

“This…” thought of 16 branches, and Hu Li couldn’t say what he refused.

As a person of 16 branches, Jiang Ning has this heart, and Hu Li will only be happy and encouraged. “OK, uncle, I guarantee that every credit point will be used to your advantage and will not be wasted.”

Hu Li’s words, judging by what he has done for so many years, Jiang Ningxin. Even if one day people’s hearts change, as a planter, she also has a high voice and authority among ordinary people. What she wants to do is very simple.

After finalizing this piece, Jiang Ning looked at Wan Xin and Tang Jin again. “Then I’ll call you the rental fee and care fee.” he said, preparing to operate the communicator for transfer.

“Wait a minute, let’s fix the cost on a monthly basis. The sharing algorithm makes me feel uneasy. I really deserve it.” Tang Jin grabbed.

At that time, they didn’t know the specific growth trend of natural fruits and vegetables. Jiang Ning insisted on 73 points, and they didn’t object.

But now I see the results with my own eyes. The three components are equivalent to more than 20000 credit points at a time. About three batches of natural fruits and vegetables can mature in a month, that is, 60000 or 70000 credit points, which is too high.

“What’s to be ashamed of? Didn’t they all agree at the beginning?”

“70000 credit points a month. If I pack my house and yard, I may not be able to sell it at this price. It’s not enough to be guilty and frightened,” WAN Xin also waved his hand. “It’s better to press the market price, less or less. At least I’m down-to-earth. It’s much better than going out to mine.”

The land in the lower three districts is not worth money at all. If the government did not restrict the area of land owned by individuals, people like him would be able to buy a large area.

“There are so many reasons. I don’t know how to get along with you after accepting us.” since I learned that Jiang Ning is a planter, I didn’t know there was a sense of distance in my heart. I didn’t let them feel ashamed to take advantage of it.

Jiang Ning’s face showed a helpless wry smile. But I have to say that after listening to their words, my heart’s favor rose slowly and I trusted them more.

She doesn’t mind giving more, but if the other party takes it for granted, her love will be consumed a little and gradually alienate herself.

“OK, after that, ten thousand a month, one square meter apart, and the unearthed natural fruits and vegetables belong to you.”

One square meter of planting land also has nearly 10000 prospects in a month.

Seeing that Wan Xin and Tang Jin wanted to talk, Jiang Ning followed closely, “if you treat me as a friend, don’t push me off. It’s a deal. Also, follow the previous agreement this time and fulfill the new agreement next time.”

Without waiting for their response, Jiang Ning quickly turned the credit point, and then asked about the planting of the whole branch road. This is a big event. Wan Xin and Tang Jin did not continue the previous topic, but looked at Hu Li together.

There are ready-made successful examples, and Hu Li has much less concern. “Tomorrow I will hold a road branch meeting to announce this matter. At that time, each family will first reclaim half of the planting land, and then slowly increase the planting area when it is determined that you can bear it.”

There are 284 families in the whole 16 branch roads, one and a half, that is, 142 yuan. Hu Li didn’t know the specific ability of the planter, but Jiang Ning was alone and there was no talent behind him. I think it would be a big test.

“If you can’t bear it, say it in time. Don’t be brave. You’re a planter in our 16th branch. You’re good. Everyone follows. You’re the most important.”

After a pause, Hu Li seemed to make up his mind and said, “if you need Hu Guo’s help, you can squeak, and I’ll let him back.”

“Uncle, I’m measured. Brother Hu, you let him work at ease. I can be alone for the time being.”

“Uncle knows that you stay to make everyone live a good life. Uncle is looking forward to this day, so just say what you need. As for the day when you change your mind and want to go to preparatory school, don’t be embarrassed. Uncle supports any decision you make, and we all hope you can be better.”

Jiang Ning is a little ashamed of wearing a high hat. She is really not so great. Everything is just incidental.

Seeing the unclear explanation, Jiang Ning simply didn’t explain again, but crossed the topic and said, “everyone come to me. Today is a good start. Let’s celebrate.”

The last harvest of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and other crops, Jiang Ning is not willing to go to takeout, and has always kept it for himself or given it away.

“There’s something delicious again,” WAN Xin responded enthusiastically. “I still have endless aftertaste of the last meal. I’m greedy.”

Hu vegetable made an envious voice next to him. He only listened to his father’s description and hasn’t eaten it himself. “Then I’ll have a blessing in mouth this time.”

“After eating, everyone will take back some of everything. I still have a lot of stock.” Jiang Ning has always been generous to people he recognizes. Moreover, a new batch of crops in the planting area will mature tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Wan Xin waved his hand, “I don’t need it. You left a lot of what you gave last time. You haven’t finished it.”

“Are you greedy? Eat as soon as you have nothing to do. After a long time, no matter how good the preservation technology is, the taste is different.”

“You think everyone is as rich as you. It doesn’t hurt to cook four or five kinds of natural fruits and vegetables at a time? How can I be willing.” the habit formed in the past 20 years can’t be changed in a moment and a half. Even if you know that there are a lot of stocks, you won’t be willing to eat more at a time.

Jiang Ning rolled his eyes silently. “Last time I counted you to eat the most, and I didn’t see you reluctant to give up.”

Since planting natural fruits and vegetables, Jiang Ning has never wronged his stomach. He can eat whatever he wants. He will never save it for later. Driven by her, Jiang Cheng gradually adapted to such a life. No longer, a vegetable leaf lingered and didn’t want to eat.

“Don’t eat big families. Just remember to eat, how can you think so much,” WAN Xin joked.

In fact, there are also reasons for the great gap in cooking. After trying to stir fry several times, WAN Xin was reluctant to waste it any more.

However, reason is true, greedy is also true, has been greedy until now.

Jiang Ning stared and ignored Wan Xin. Instead, he wondered how to spend the money he had just got.

Light brain must be bought.

Although all functions of the communicator work well, it is too limited. It can only connect to 3222 satellite network, and can’t connect to the real satellite network. And she also wants to have a good understanding of this world. Why can’t everyone go to the stars and stay on this planet.

And all kinds of seasonings, which must be bought.

After two random pickups, Jiang Ning found that the credit points he got had a tendency to run out. This, this can’t help making it.


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