I rely on Farming Chapter 16

At the branch road meeting, Hu Li disclosed the identity of Jiang Ning planter.


“Is girl Jiang a planter? Really?”

“Lao Hu / uncle Hu won’t joke about this. It should be true. It seems that our 16 roads are going to have a planter.”

“This ginger girl looked thin and weak. She couldn’t speak before. Unexpectedly, she was a planter.”

“What girl Jiang? It’s ugly. I’ll have to call master Jiang in the future. Besides, you were hundreds of years ago. Xiao Ning has really grown up with the naked eye since the accident between Daming and his wife.”

“If Daming knew his daughter was so promising, he would be at ease.”

Buzzing one after another, there were questions, shock and expectations… Hu Li raised his hand and pressed down. He didn’t speak again until everyone was quiet.

“Considering that most of our 16 branches live in poverty, Xiao Ning decided to take everyone to grow and get rich and not go to the preparatory school for the time being.”

“After the meeting, interested people will clean up their yard and reclaim it into planting land. Then they will be responsible for sowing, watering and other small things. You will own 6% of the unearthed natural crops. In addition, you will provide four Chinese cabbage for free every month.”

Five percent is the value discussed by Hu Li and Jiang Ning. Compared with the fixed treatment, it is easier to mobilize enthusiasm and let everyone try their best to make good natural crops.

“Lao Hu, planting is the ability of growers and gifted people. How can we ordinary people do it? It’s not a waste of seeds.” in the excitement, several older people calmed down and took the lead in questioning.

“Don’t worry about this. Since I’ve gathered everyone together to announce this, I’m sure it can be done. In fact, it has been done. We just completed the first transaction yesterday. We just wanted to inform you when we saw the actual results. In the future, Xiao Ning will be responsible for stimulating the growth of natural crops and everyone’s labor, so that every family can have more income.”

“Ah, are the few buses parked outside Wanxin’s house yesterday the people who came to trade?” some clever thought of it all at once.

Although buses are relatively backward means of transportation, they are still rare in District 9, especially in the lower three districts. There are few buses on one branch road. But there were five cars parked at the door of Wanxin’s house yesterday. Who hasn’t been curious? I’m sorry to ask.

“Yes, both Wan Xin and Tang Jin have tried. If you have any questions or won’t, you can consult them or visit their planting land. In addition, considering the number of people in our branch road and Xiaoning’s just become a planter, plant in a small area first, and then it depends on the situation.”

“Finally, let’s just know this inside the branch. Externally, everyone should be restrained. If you can’t spread it out, you can’t spread it out,” warned one or two words. When you see what you have to say, Hu Li waved to break up the meeting.

Suddenly, everyone surrounded Wan Xin and Tang Jin and asked East and West. If this is true, that, that… Not to mention the income of 5%, just four natural vegetables a month will make everyone’s life more than double.

“Xiao Wan, is it difficult? Will you be killed and have no harvest?”

“Xiao Tang, what do seeds look like? I haven’t seen seeds and seedlings after eating cabbage for so many years.”

“Brother Tang, speak slowly. I’ll record it and send it to you later.”

Wan Xin and Tang Jin have always been popular in Zhidao. At this time, I didn’t feel irritable in the face of one question after another. I answered patiently and asked everyone to see their planting land.

In contrast, there are fewer people around Jiang Ning. Except for a few close aunts, most people revere the planter in their thoughts, and their words and deeds will subconsciously pull out the distance.

Jiang Cheng was surrounded by a few children. Jiang Ning then saw the little guy with his chest and nodded ostentatiously, “well, my sister is a grower and can grow all kinds of natural vegetables.”

Chuckling, Jiang Ning didn’t bother.

Until Jiang Cheng saw her and ended his dialogue with his partners, he went over and took people, and the sister and brother went home together.

A new batch of natural fruits and vegetables in the yard are about to mature. Jiang Ning didn’t plan to harvest in person this time, but sent a communication to Hu Li to invite several people to help and stimulate their enthusiasm for planting.

Hu Li moved quickly and brought people over after lunch.

Looking at the rows of excited figures followed, Jiang Ning was stunned and looked at Hu Li in doubt.

“Well, everyone knows that your natural crops are going to be harvested. They are eager to come and help, and I can’t refuse,” Hu Li apologized.

It’s not good whether the refusal is false. The key point is to take the opportunity to let more people see the harvest picture. Although a new batch of seeds have sprouted in the planting areas of WAN Xin and Tang Jin, the short buds are not worth the shocking scene in front of us.

Sure enough, looking at the two harvest plantations on the left and right, they suddenly felt that their brains were not enough, and they were stunned for a long time before they found their reaction.

“This is a tomato? It’s so big and red.”

“And cucumbers, a lot of cucumbers.”

“What’s that? There are so many leaves. I don’t know how they taste.”


If you and I are excited to hear the news in the morning, it is Carnival and a hundred times more joy than excitement.

“Let’s be free,” Jiang Ning said, gesturing to Jiang Cheng to bring some cucumbers and tomatoes.

Cut into several sections of cucumber and two petals of tomato, red and green, full of juice, it’s very eye-catching. They swallowed their saliva unknowingly, but in the face of Jiang Ning’s new identity, they didn’t get used to it for a moment, and they were a little stiff and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing that everyone was uncomfortable, Jiang Ning, who just wanted to go out, said, “Uncle Hu, I’m going to take Xiaocheng to 01 district to buy some seeds. The work at home will trouble you and everyone.”

“What’s the trouble? Don’t worry. These natural crops are guaranteed to be cleaned up properly.” buying seeds is a big deal. Hulidon is even more urgent than Jiang Ning.

Uncle Hu and WAN Xin and Tang Jin, who came together, Jiang Ning really had nothing to worry about. He nodded and left with Jiang Cheng.

Take the direct express and the sister and brother will arrive at division 01 soon.

Jiang Ning’s goal is very clear. He goes straight to the electronic product area of the mall and browses various models of optical brain.

The more expensive the price, the higher the appearance value of the light brain and the more complete the functions. Considering the account balance, Jiang Ning finally gave up the promising month white one and asked the one in the front row, “how do you sell this? Can you give more discount for two?”

“The guest has a good eye. This is the light brain we just entered from the central star. Both hardware and software are very new. At present, it is still in the activity. One is only 38888 credit points. If I buy two, I will give the guest more discount, 75000 credit points, which is definitely the lowest price on the whole platform.”

“OK, that’s it. Bring me two, one black and one… Xiao Cheng, what color do you like?”

“Also black!” Jiang Cheng subconsciously replied. When he was excited in his eyes, he couldn’t believe it. After a meeting, his toes rubbed to the ground and squeaked, “you don’t have to buy a light brain for Xiaocheng. The communicator is very good.”

More than 30000 credit points. Not long ago, Jiang Cheng dared not think that he could buy more than 100 cabbages. Looking at the beautiful design of the light brain, the little boy is emotionally eager and intellectually reluctant to spend the money.

“This is not for you to play. In your spare time, have a good class on the star online, okay?” rubbed Jiang Cheng’s round head, and Jiang Ning paid readily.

“Yes, I study every day,” Jiang Cheng said proudly and loudly.

3222 star has no other school except a preparatory school for capable people. Ordinary people want to acquire knowledge only through self-study of various online courses, and then apply for central star military school or political school after going further.

This is the only way for ordinary people on many barren stars to get ahead. The probability is as low as those with ability. There are more than ten or twenty people on the whole planet a year.

Jiang Ning doesn’t expect what a promising person Jiang Chengcheng is, but he hopes he can learn more.

The optical brain can connect the whole star network and collect the educational resources of various planets, especially the central star. Unlike communicators, they only have their own planet to learn.

After buying guangnao, Jiang Ning went to the living area again. I was going to buy seasoning, but I turned around and found everything except the most basic salt.

“Where are the condiments such as soy sauce, pepper and cooking wine?” Jiang Ning asked a recent shopping guide instead of wasting time.

The shopping guide looked up and down at Jiang Ning and made sure that the other party didn’t make fun of her before he seriously replied: “seasonings can only be purchased online or in other areas. We don’t provide such goods for the time being.”

The whole nine districts are well-known poor areas. Most people can’t even eat natural fruits and vegetables. How can they spare money to buy seasonings more expensive than natural fruits and vegetables?

“Eh?” Jiang Ning was stunned. After the guide thanked him, he ordered a new light brain.

Online business interface, a variety of goods lined up, dazzling. Jiang Ning opened one at random. Without being frightened by the price, he was first startled by the freight calculated intelligently. 16000 credit points, which is more than 40 times more expensive than the commodity itself.

With a sigh, Jiang Ning quickly limited the location to 3222 stars. After that, the freight did not seem so exaggerated, mostly between dozens and hundreds.

Seeing all kinds of goods in the online store, Jiang Ning instantly put out the idea of going to the seed store. While constantly browsing the goods and placing orders, he took Jiang Cheng back to 16 roads.

When I got home, the two planting fields in the yard were not only harvested, but also completely turned aside.

The harvested natural fruits and vegetables are packed in fresh-keeping boxes one by one, classified and neatly stacked together. Jiang Ning looked at it and took out the Space folding box to put away the natural fruits and vegetables.


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