I rely on Farming Chapter 17

The transportation industry of the same planet is very developed. The orders placed yesterday continued the next day.

When picking up the goods at the express point, Jiang Ning was surrounded for a while.

This envy is mixed with a careful look, which makes it easy to feel the great changes in identity as the news spreads. If it used to be the closeness between neighbors, now it is more the ordinary people’s look up to the capable.

Although the number of express delivery is large, they are small things. The Space folding bag can be easily stowed in.

When passing Hu Li’s house, Jiang Ning knocked on the door and went in, “Uncle Hu, this is the seed of cabbage and radish. It has been stimulated and can be sent down to sow for everyone.”

The bright future is at hand. Every family in the 16 branch roads is very diligent, and the planting land in the yard was processed and cleaned up last night.

“OK?” he took the seed, Hu Li scooped it with his hand excitedly and looked at it carefully. It took a long time to guarantee the tunnel, “don’t worry, I’ll send the seeds later. Make sure everyone plants them today.”


Thinking that the plump seeds would become big vegetables, Hu Li wanted to get busy immediately. These are the hopes of the 16 branches. He can foresee the future.

Seeing Hu Li’s urgency, Jiang Ning didn’t stay long. He raised some precautions and left.

When he got home, Jiang Chengzheng took a serious online class with a light brain.

Since he had a light brain, the little guy didn’t know whether it was out of novelty or desire for knowledge. He spent most of his time studying, which made Jiang Ning feel ashamed.

He glanced carefully. Without disturbing, Jiang Ning quietly retreated out. The kitchen supplies to be purchased online are arranged one by one, ready to make a real delicious meal to reward yourself.

I’ve been here for such a long time, except that I have a stable heart and don’t have to worry about the danger of zombies, mutant animals and so on. In terms of food, I really live and go back.

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, Cucumber Strips with garlic, shredded sweet potato with spicy sauce, stewed pig feet with soybeans, and soft white rice.

Looking at the results of a busy hour or two, Jiang Ning shamefully sucked and slipped his saliva. While serving the dishes on the table, he shouted to Jiang Cheng’s room, “Xiao Cheng, come out for dinner.”

The circulating air had already sent all the aroma from the kitchen. If it weren’t for fear that his sister mistakenly thought he didn’t work hard, Jiang Cheng would have been unable to sit still. At this time, I heard a sound, got up and responded.

As soon as he entered the hall, Jiang Cheng’s eyes were glued by the eye-catching dishes on the table, “sister, this smells good. How do you do it?”

He has seen and eaten tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and soybeans, but they have never been so fragrant that people want to swallow their tongue. “Hey, are these eggs and pig feet? Sister, when did you buy them? They are valuable.”

Animals raised in captivity can eat normally.

That is, the price is particularly expensive, more than ten or twenty times more expensive than natural vegetables. Only the real rich can afford it. Ordinary people don’t dare to think about it.

Jiang Cheng has only seen pictures of people drying out meat on the Internet. It is said that the taste is particularly good. It is 100 or 1000 times better than natural vegetables. In addition, if you have tasted meat, you have to throw away natural vegetables.

Previously, Jiang Cheng couldn’t imagine how delicious it was. He was so stupid that he threw away natural vegetables. But now, smelling the smell of incense to the bone, I vaguely feel that this statement is not too exaggerated.

“Yes, eggs and pig’s feet. Come and have a taste. How about the taste?”

Two boxes of eggs, a pig’s foot, five kilograms of rice, plus some condiments such as onions, garlic, ginger and vegetable oil, the account balance of nearly 50000 credit points was used up at once.

Jiang Ning didn’t regret it. What are you trying to make money for? Not to eat happily and enjoy life.

However, this also provides Jiang Ning with a new way to get rich. For example, radish, cherry, sweet potato and vine can be used to raise chickens, ducks, piglets and cattle.

“Sister, eat well. It’s a hundred times more delicious than natural vegetables.” Jiang Cheng swallowed the egg and bit his soft pig feet. He couldn’t help looking up and exclaimed.

“Eat as much as you like. You can afford one, sister.”

Jiang Cheng giggled.

If it had been before, he would have said, “Xiao Cheng is easy to raise.” but now, thinking of the natural vegetables and the eggs and meat in front of him, Jiang Cheng suddenly felt that he was still very difficult to raise.

After two bowls of rice, Jiang Ningcai really had a sense of satiety and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

This man needs rice to work. What kind of food and nutrient solution can only make the body not hungry, but there is always something missing in the spirit.

Jiang Cheng also ate two bowls of rice. With a small stomach, he burped and pulled Jiang Ning coquettishly. “Sister, my stomach is so swollen.”

“Let you eat foolishly. You can’t count how much you can eat.” he ordered Jiang Cheng’s head. Jiang Ning pulled the man into his arms and rubbed his stomach.

“Elder sister, white rice is generally eaten alone. It can be mixed with vegetables, and then drenched with the soup of scrambled eggs with tomatoes or the soup of stewed pig feet with soybeans. It’s really delicious. It’s so delicious that I can eat two more bowls if my stomach can’t hold it.” leaning against my elder sister’s arm, Jiang Chengbian said and licked his lips with aftertaste.

“You can’t eat more. Just eat seven or eight points full. There will be more delicious in the future. What’s the hurry? Look, it’s hard now.”

“Sister knead, it’s not uncomfortable.”

Jiang Ning shook his head with a smile and didn’t reply.

After rubbing for more than ten minutes, he saw that the little guy was more comfortable before he stopped and ordered someone to wash the dishes.

Although Jiang Cheng was confused and just wanted to sleep immediately, he nodded obediently and patted his face. He was ready to wake up and go to work.

Helping to put the dishes and chopsticks into the kitchen, Jiang Ning went out and planned to discuss the previous ideas with Hu Li.

“What? Raising chickens, ducks, pigs and cattle?” Hu Li asked in surprise.

“Strange animals are not easy to raise. We don’t know anything. What if they die?” Hu vegetable couldn’t help admiring Jiang Ning’s courage, even daring to think about it.

Growers are good at planting. Can they raise exotic animals? I’ve never eaten pork or seen a pig run. I can’t do it at all. Unfortunately, the feeding cost is high when you think about it with your toes. It’s not easy to float money. It’s not small money.

“Try it first. No matter what you do, there are risks, high risks and high returns. If this is done, we will make a lot of money. For example, radish cherry and sweet potato vine can be used as feed, and all you have to bear is the cost of chicken, duck, pig and calf.”

There’s nothing terrible about Jiangning. It’s all dead. Just be a few batches of natural vegetables. The reason why she discussed with Hu Li was to show respect and that she was going to ask someone to support her.

In her small yard, Jiang Ning still wants to keep it clean and comfortable.

“Xiao Ning, are you really going to raise strange animals? If you don’t feed them, you’ll lose a lot,” Hu vegetable asked uncertainly.

“Of course it’s true,” Jiang Ning said in a positive tone. “It’s really a loss. I’m not afraid. I have the ability to grow. It’s capital at any time. It’s better than the days of mining before.”

“That’s the same,” Hu vegetable nodded. “If you really want to raise it, remember to put one in my house. I’ll take good care of it for you. I haven’t seen a domestic animal in such a big age.”

“Hahaha, OK, no one will lose you.”

“I don’t know what the meat tastes like. Is it really as delicious as what the Internet says?”

Seeing that they were more and more engaged, Hu Li pulled a corner of his mouth and interrupted, “you can’t raise them if you want to. The imperial law stipulates that if the breeder is not a resident of the central star, you need to have the grower’s qualification certificate and the guarantee certificate of the plantation. Either is indispensable, otherwise you can’t buy domestic animal cubs at all.”

“Ah? What does this have to do with the planter and the plantation?” Jiang Ning frowned, an inexplicable rule.

“Most domestic animals are fed with natural crops. If regulations are not made, some people will raise domestic animals in large quantities, which will affect the supply of natural fruits and vegetables in the market.”

There are many planters in the central star. They are not afraid of any impact. But remote stars, especially barren stars, lack growers. The annual output of natural crops can meet the needs of residents. What about people who consume a lot of resources to raise domestic animals?

The shortage of natural crops is equivalent to human life to a certain extent!

Jiang Ning was silent and instantly wanted to understand the meaning behind this law. Indeed, human life should be protected first at any time.

However, thinking of the wasted radish Tassels and sweet potato vines, Jiang Ning decided to expand his feeding business.

She prefers to improve the seeds of natural fruits and vegetables so that they can be planted normally without the repeated perceptual stimulation of the grower.

However, the two feeding conditions are indeed obstacles. The grower’s qualification is OK. Just go and test it again. But I can guarantee that where does she do this? She doesn’t know any cultivation gardener.


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