I rely on Farming Chapter 18

Between the calcium carbide sparks, Jiang Ning suddenly remembered a man named Jia Min he met when he went to the seed shop for the first time. What did the other party say at that time? It seemed that she bought a plantation and wanted to invite her to do planting guidance.

After a long time, I was a stranger again. Jiang Ning forgot most of the conversation, but the key information was still vague and impressive.

Fortunately, she was not a person who threw business cards at random. She put them away, but where did she put them? Jiang Ning suddenly got up and wanted to go home immediately.

“Uncle Hu, brother Hu, I think of something to go back. Don’t worry, I won’t be reckless.”

Watching the man leave in a hurry, Hu vegetable looked blankly at his father, “do you still keep the beast? I still want to see the beast.” a heart is hooked up and down, which feels really bad.

“What to raise? It’s not qualified,” Hu Li glared at his son angrily.

This domestic animal is a gold eater. Hu Li doesn’t agree even if there are no feeding conditions.

“You can ask big brother for help. Big brother is a gifted person and works in the plantation. He must know or have contacts with the plantation owner. Just ask them to guarantee at that time. Anyway, those radish Tassels and sweet potato vines are of no great use.”

“Do you think it’s enough for domestic animals to feed these? It will certainly help with some coarse grain.”

“That doesn’t matter. When the domestic animals are big, they will sell everything back.” the price of natural crops is completely incomparable with the domestic animal meat. If they are successfully raised, there is absolutely no possibility of losing money.

“You…” Hu Li looked at Hu vegetable fiercely, which was really angry.

“Is this a matter of making money or not? What’s the use of domestic animal meat except delicious? Even if it’s useful, it’s also a matter for a few people. Most people can’t eat one or more mouthfuls in their life. Instead of consuming a lot of natural crops to feed domestic animals, it’s better to care more about people. Resources are limited. More is used here, and less is used there.”

Hu Li trained Hu vegetable as his successor, and his requirements were higher than others.

A good branch leader should not only be fair and strive to develop the branch and make the residents live a better life, but also have a sense of public responsibility in addition to his ability.

“The periphery of 3222 is adjacent to the large and small border stars. Wars are breaking out there all the time. Countless imperial soldiers not only have to fight the Zerg, but also have to endure higher concentrations of cosmic radiation. Hu vegetable, tell me, under such a background, we really should raise domestic animals?”

“Isn’t military supplies the first reserve, and the government and the planting association give primary support?”

Hu Li didn’t reply, but looked at Hu vegetable quietly.

In recent years, the government and the Military Ministry have occasionally reported conflicting opinions, and the planting association is subordinate to the government. Even if military supplies are supplied on time, full and sufficient is not a concept.

The position determines the idea. Once the border stars are broken by the Zerg, they are the first to be destroyed. Hu Li’s position naturally favors the military.

Moreover, after so many years of poverty experience, even if it is about to usher in a better future, Hu Li is easier to replace the poor.

“Natural crops are planted by Xiao Ning. It’s Xiao Ning’s decision whether to raise domestic animals or not. Dad doesn’t support or object. I just hope you don’t just think about whether you will make money or lose money. Enlarge the pattern and look at the gains and losses at the interstellar level.”

Hu vegetable nodded in silence.

For the time being, he didn’t have the realm of Hu Li, and he was more concerned about the gains and losses of the small 16 branches. However, Hu Li’s words still left traces in his heart, and he will always remember them.

On the other side, Jiang Ning has found the silver gilt shading card.

“Hello, is this Mr. Jia? My name is Jiang Ning. We met outside the seed shop in zone 01, District 9. At that time, we said that we invited me to be a planting guide. Is there any impression?”

“Jiang, Miss Jiang?” hearing the word planting, Jia Jincheng raised his hand and motioned for the people nearby to be quiet. “Has Miss Jiang agreed to join us? We sincerely welcome the growers to join us, and the treatment will never disappoint people.”

“Er,” Jiang ningdun said, “is Mr. Jia the owner of the cultivation garden? My contact this time is mainly to have a deal to cooperate with you.”

Afraid of Jia Jincheng’s refusal, Jiang Ning quickly followed, “I want to raise a group of domestic animals. I need a guarantee from the plantation. Can Mr. Jia help issue a certificate? In this way, when the domestic animals come out, I promise to give priority to you.”

“Ha?” Jia Jincheng retreated in a moment of enthusiasm, and his tone was stunned, “sorry, I……” Xiao Lian bumped Jia Jincheng next to him. After attracting attention, he immediately typed in the light brain and projected it: [promise her first.]

“We didn’t intend to intervene in the domestic animal market, but to show our sincerity, I can promise Miss Jiang’s cooperation.”

Jia Jincheng looked at the projection and continued, “Miss Jiang, as a planter, is going to raise domestic animals. She should have enough natural crops. Are you interested in trading with us?”

Jiang Ning thought the talks couldn’t come together. They all figured out how to persuade him, but he didn’t expect the other party to agree so and so readily.

Afraid of Jia Jincheng’s change of mouth, Jiang Ning hurriedly replied, “OK, I’ll sell you the natural crops together.”

Now the whole branch road has been planted and can mature three batches a month. Several branch road leaders contacted by Hu Li simply can’t eat so many natural crops, which is also one of the reasons why Jiang Ning is determined to raise animals. As for the additional transaction proposed by Jia Jincheng, Yu Jiangning is no less than dozing and bumping into a pillow. It’s what she needs. Why not agree.

Both sides have their own considerations. The next conversation is naturally more harmonious. They soon made an oral agreement and made an appointment to meet in division 01.

Jiang Ning attaches great importance to this meeting. The plantation can’t be rented or bought without credit. Jia Jincheng can be said to be the highest ranking person she has met at this stage.

The next day, Jiang Ning went to division 01 early in the morning.

When we arrived at the appointed place, Jia Jincheng was already there. It seemed that we should have waited for a while.

Jiang Ning walked in and said politely, “Mr. Jia.”

“Just call my name,” Jia Jincheng said politely when Jiang Ning sat down. “This is the guarantee certificate. I’ve sealed and signed my name. You can use it at any time.”

Before coming, Jiang Ning was ready, carefully read the content and said, “Jia Xian… Don’t worry, I will act according to the legal requirements and won’t let you take any risks.”

Risk is not risk. With Jiang Ning’s current ability, Jia Jincheng doesn’t care much. He pays more attention to the trading of natural crops and domestic animals.

Another agreement was issued, and Jia Jincheng said, “this is about natural crops and home □□ Yi. You can have a look first. If you are dissatisfied, we can revise it again.”

The content is consistent with the previous negotiation, and there is no language loophole. Jiang Ning readily signs his name and has a good impression of his partner Jia Jincheng.

“Here are my tomatoes and cucumbers. Try them.” after talking about business, Jiang Ning took out two fresh-keeping boxes from his bag and gave them to him.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are both vegetables and fruits. In this world, they can be regarded as gifts. In particular, the tomatoes and cucumbers inside are carefully selected by Jiang Cheng one by one. They are super large.

Jia Jincheng wasn’t polite. He accepted it with a smile. If you need help, you can ask him directly.

After a few greetings, they waved goodbye.

Jiang Ning recruited a car and prepared to go to the government administration department for real name perception detection.

I had an experience. This time it was very fast. When the results came out in three days, her personal information was automatically updated. At that time, you can buy the baby birds. You can eat as much meat as you want in the future.

Jiang Ning in the vision doesn’t know that the real name detection gives priority to the results, that is, she can brush her personal information changes without three days, even today.

Perception detection center.

With the automatic import of sample data one after another, the analyzer runs tirelessly. Next, the staff make statistics on the real name test results in an orderly manner, which should be uploaded to the above regularly.

Suddenly, the typing hand of the staff stopped and looked at the indicators of perceived bias in the test list on the screen.





In a series of perceived biases, only the data representing planting shows 100, and the rest are 0.

As we all know, perception is reflected in an all-round way, and then the specific occupations of individual soldier, mecha division, planter, pharmacist and so on are divided according to the level of each index. There has never been such an extreme situation in front of us.

Moreover, what does planting perception bias 100 represent?

It means that this is a true planting genius!

You should know that the planting perception bias of the most famous planting master known today is only 91. 100, that is an impossible value that I dare not think of.

Subconsciously looking at the name of the tested person – Jiang Ning, the staff thought about it and unreservedly reported this special case separately.

As for how the above views the test results, it’s their business. Anyway, she has done her job well.


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