I rely on Farming Chapter 19

“It’s settled?” I heard a noise,? Xiao Lian looked up and said, “I can’t see that you are brave enough. You dare to cooperate directly without being investigated clearly.”

“No doubt about the employer, no doubt about the employer. The agreements have been signed, don’t you think?” he took off his coat and threw it aside at will,? Jia Jincheng approached boldly.

“It’s a grower. You probably didn’t join the planting Association. Aren’t these two exactly the people we need? What’s the reason to hesitate? Moreover, even if the other party deceives, what’s the right to terminate the guarantee period? We have the right to lose?”

“Speaking of it, your mind turns quickly and you suddenly think of the benefits. Otherwise, you won’t refuse,” Jia Jincheng said as he took out the tomatoes and cucumbers sent by Jiang Ning,? “How can I eat this?”

It’s red and green. Looking at the appearance, you know it hasn’t been taken off for two days,? It’s fresh and tender.

He took out a cucumber and wiped it on his clothes at will. Jia Jincheng broke it in two sections and handed one section to Xiao Lian,? I took a bite myself.

The crisp taste, sweet juice, and the natural fragrance of natural fruits and vegetables captured Jia Jincheng’s mouth and stomach in an instant. He couldn’t wait to take another bite, one after another.

I haven’t eaten fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time. It’s so delicious that I can’t eat enough.

“Try it quickly. It’s delicious.” seeing Xiao Lian looking at him motionless, Jia Jincheng couldn’t help urging, “I doubt whether Jiang Ning is a medium and high-level planter. If so, we can really make money.”

Growers are divided into low, medium and high. The higher the level, the more natural crops will be stimulated at one time, and the better the radiation effect of human body that can be cured. However, ordinary growers are common, and intermediate and senior are rare, especially on the barren star.

Pay attention to the fruits and vegetables in front of the meeting. I don’t see anything else except the size.

Then Xiao Lian took another bite of the cucumber in his hand and chewed it carefully. The taste was really much better than what he had eaten before. But it’s uncertain whether the cucumber tastes good or whether they haven’t eaten natural fruits and vegetables for some time.

“Don’t eat it yet. I’ll arrange someone to test it.” seeing that Jia Jincheng ate the cucumbers and tomatoes in twos and threes, Xiao Lian hurriedly stopped and grabbed all the boxes with one hand.

“Just use one and a half for testing. Why do you take so much? Don’t think about sneaking it. It’s all for me and me.” when it comes to rations, Jia Jincheng’s mind turns fast enough. He doesn’t forget to emphasize that the ownership belongs to him and to him.

Well, you can’t take advantage of it. Xiao Lian angrily returned the fresh-keeping box in his hand.

“Remember to take a sample to the laboratory later, and I won’t run away for you. Also, the transport ship will send a batch of materials to the border tomorrow morning. You just got fresh fruits and vegetables. Why should you send some to the marshal to taste?”


Jiang ningxuan’s fresh-keeping boxes are common household models. They are not small but not big. They can hold four tomatoes and five cucumbers. This is both the laboratory and the marshal’s. I want to know that there is nothing left for him.

Although the business is important, there is nothing in his heart that he is not happy about, but looking at Xiao Lian who eats cucumbers leisurely, Jia Jincheng still thinks and feels unhappy.

Put the fresh-keeping box into the bag, Jia Jincheng surprised himself, grabbed the cucumber Xiao Lian had in his mouth, and then turned his back and ate it.

Xiao Lian was stunned for a second, followed by Jia Jincheng. You come and go with both hands and began to fight back.

Jia Jincheng protected the cucumber, limited in movement, and soon showed a decline. Seeing that Xiao Lian was going to succeed in grabbing it back, he subconsciously stretched out his neck, grabbed the cucumber and bit it fiercely until he couldn’t plug his mouth.

Looking at the cucumber with long fingers, Xiao Lian kicked Jia Jincheng in disgust, “hungry ghost reincarnated you.”

Jia Jincheng didn’t care. He stretched out his hand and played the place where he was kicked. Only then did he proudly start chewing the cucumber in his mouth. His depressed mood was much happier in an instant.

The next day, a box of natural fruits and vegetables specially ordered to be sent to the marshal were transported to 1223 star along with many materials. There, just after a great war, is in a partial truce.

At the same time, Jiang Ning is casually brushing her personal side. Then, she is attracted by the extra line under her name – the test results come out. She is already a real name planter.

Although it’s strange that the results came out so quickly this time, Jiang Ning didn’t tangle. At present, he uploaded the plantation guarantee certificate into the personal end, and began to browse all kinds of domestic animal cubs in the online store.

Chicken, duck, pig and cow are the most basic meat.

There were only a few animal stores in 3222 Xingjia, and Jiang Ning had nothing to choose from, so he finished buying them soon.

Only when I was paying, I suddenly remembered that there was no money in her account. She spent all the credit points she earned from selling vegetables before, and the next phase of natural crops will mature in more than a week.

His fingers beat his thighs rhythmically. Jiang Ning dialed Jia Jincheng’s communication number. “How did the tomatoes and cucumbers taste yesterday? I have a lot here. Do you want to buy them? In addition to these two, there are soybeans and sweet potatoes.”

As he spoke, Jiang Ning opened the online store with one mind and two purposes, searched the prices of these natural fruits and vegetables, and tried to know well.

However, Jiang Ning was dazzled by the wide range of prices. He also knew for the first time that the price of natural fruits and vegetables was not only linked to taste, appearance and freshness, but also the radiation resistance value was the decisive factor.

Radiation resistance value is high, even the cheapest radish and cabbage can sell double the high price.

Suddenly, Jiang Ning regretted calling this communication. She was still too anxious. She didn’t understand a lot of common sense and wasn’t ready.

“Yes! How much do you have in stock? I want them all,” said Jia Jin quickly.

Jia Jincheng was very excited to think that the radiation resistance value detected was much higher than that of similar fruits and vegetables planted by senior growers in the market. Even Xiao Lian, who had always been calm, showed a lot of emotion and began to pay attention to the nameless planter who appeared in the desolate star.

Senior planters, even in the central star region with a large number of talents, are rare baby talents.

Especially from the data, if these two fruits and vegetables are really made by Jiang Ning, their planting ability is also considered to be the best among senior growers. They must do everything they can to hold it in their hands and cooperate with it.

“… not too much,” Jiang Ning gave a function word and said with a smile, “for the first transaction, you can set the specific price this time.”

She took the initiative to dial out the communication. It must be impossible to repent temporarily. Then it will be a touchstone.

Jia Jincheng looks more knowledgeable than her. He is also engaged in plantations. He must know more about the price of natural crops than her. If the price quoted is reasonable, she will sell it all; If you want to keep the price down, you really don’t have much inventory. By the way, you can look for other potential partners later.

“This…” Jia Jincheng subconsciously looked at Xiao Lian opposite, and only felt that Jiang Ning’s move was really high.

In order to win her over, the offer must be high but not low, and once the price is determined, it is easy to rise but difficult to fall in the follow-up. What did Jiang Ning do in the middle? If you don’t do anything or say anything, you can get what you want without harming your kindness and grace.

Wonderful, really wonderful.

It was so wonderful that Jia jinchengdu suspected that the two boxes of tomatoes and cucumbers were deliberately sent by Jiang Ning in order to let them know her talent in planting. Otherwise, why is the time so opportune? When we met yesterday, we didn’t talk about the transaction. Today, the test results came out, and the communication followed.

“Then I’ll discuss with others and come back to you later, OK?” Jia Jincheng began to drag the word formula. After hanging up the phone, he stared at Xiao Lian.

The two men had the same rank. Although Jia jinchengping liked to play tricks in front of Xiao Lian with his qualifications of joining the army for half a year, he still knew that the other party’s head melon seeds were better than him. This time, the marshal sent them to the desolate star to solve the logistics problems. Most of them were Xiao Lian as the main and him as the auxiliary.

The final agreed price is 600 credit points for tomatoes, 500 credit points for cucumbers, 600 credit points for sweet potatoes and 800 credit points for soybeans.

This price is similar to the highest price of similar varieties in online stores. Jiang Ning has no objection and has a clearer understanding of the value of fruits and vegetables.

Both sides are cheerful people. After negotiation, Jia Jincheng directly transferred a deposit to Jiang Ning. An hour later, he drove the suspension car to the address given by Jiang Ning.

The poor sub district 08 of the ninth district suddenly drove into a suspended car. Even if Jia Jincheng followed Xiao Lian’s suggestion and chose the lowest key one, it was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

Jiang Ning saw the news from the group before the bus reached No. 16 branch road.

My heart moved and opened the door. Oh, Huo, several families are watching the excitement behind the half closed door. Immediately after, a brown suspended car appeared in sight and gradually slowed down to stop.

“Hi!” Jia Jincheng got out of the car and waved to Jiang Ning.

This area is really poor and partial. If he hadn’t met Jiang Ning by accident, he couldn’t imagine a senior planter living in this dilapidated place.

Jiang Ning nodded. For a moment, he could clearly feel the curious eyes of his neighbors. However, now is not the time to explain.

“Take a break, have a drink, and then we’ll count the fruits and vegetables.” Jiang Ning shouted Jiang Cheng as he took people into the yard and asked him to pour two cups of soybean milk for guests.

Since the first harvest of soybeans, soybean milk has become an essential drink for ginger family, which is very popular with sister and brother. Every evening, Jiang Cheng took the remaining soybean milk out to find his friends, which attracted a lot of favor and envy.

“Are you planting here?” Xiao Lian asked in shock, looking at the seedlings on both sides.

The reason why the cultivation garden is called the cultivation garden is not as simple as randomly enclosing a piece of land, which has high requirements for the soil itself. If you can plant anywhere, the price of the plantation will not be so high.

But now, what did he see?

This barren homestead can grow plants. Although it is still in the seedling stage, it has neither flowering nor fruit, but looking at the thick stems and green leaves, we know that it has strong vitality and will soon usher in a bumper harvest.

Experience and common sense told Xiao Lian that it was impossible, but everything he saw was so real that there was no doubt.

“Yes, the lease fee of the plantation is too high. I can’t afford it at all. I can only find another way.” seeing that Jia Jincheng and the man next to him named Xiao Lian are interested in the plantation, Jiang Ning changed his direction and took them to have a look. “How about it? It should be as good as the natural crops in your plantation.”

After taking turns to take care of the two planting lands, they will be much more fertile than the original reclamation. Jiang Ning also has a sense of achievement.

“… don’t you know that such land can’t grow anything?” Jia Jincheng was also surprised. He had never seen natural plants outside the plantation. He looked at Jiang Ning in a daze and couldn’t help asking.

“Can’t plant? How is this possible?” Jiang Ning subconsciously looked at the planting land and replied with a smile. In the corner of my eye, I saw the expressions of Jia Jincheng and Xiao Lian, and then I realized that they were serious.

“Your planting ability should be very high, very high.”

“What does your perception test report say?”

Xiao Lian and Jia Jincheng spoke at the same time.

Jiang Ning’s heart jumped and suddenly thought of power. Is this the difference between power and perception?

“Soymilk should be poured. We go in and sit down. It’s not good to drink when it’s cold.” Jiang Ning calmed down his panic and changed the topic smoothly.

Xiao Lian was squatting, smelling the speech and nodding politely. When he got up, he quickly picked up a pinch of soil and stuffed it into his pocket through the shelter of Jia Jincheng.

Jiang Ning didn’t notice this detail. She is now focused on sensing real name detection.

At that time, she only paid attention to the summary of the results at the bottom of the test report. She didn’t pay attention to the data indicators in the middle after a little glance. She didn’t know how much the impact was or how different she was from others.

Center Star · competency management department

“This is the strange perception report from the desolate star?” after reading every word, Xi Shao asked the assistant next to him. No one answered, and then said, “who has read this report? I hope no one else knows about it. How to do it, understand?”

The long ending sound, even if the tone is light, also shows a chilling feeling.

“Yes,” replied Du Lian concisely and forcefully.

“The system database needs to be modified again. You should come here in person as soon as possible. Also, inform the local planting association to recruit this person named Jiang Ning.”


“When you’re finished with what you’re doing, come with me to the desolate star code 3222. By the way, are Fu Sheng’s two men also on this planet? Let’s go and have a look.”


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