I rely on Farming Chapter 2

The sky was gradually swallowed up by the darkness.

Glancing out again, Jiang Ning couldn’t help looking at the old clock hanging on the wall. It was seven twenty-three.

The poor have no night entertainment. At this point, they have already eaten and are ready to go to sleep. But today, Jiang Cheng, who always came home on time, has not been seen yet. He is an hour and a half late.

The eyebrows frowned, and Jiang Ning was unhappy. This behavior of not saying hello reminded her of the undisciplined bear children in the end of the world. How many dangerous and fearless casualties were brought by these people.

Get up and go back to the room. Jiang Ning is too lazy to find his cheap brother. Whether he comes back or not, he did it himself. What does it have to do with her? Her own powers have not been solved yet, and her dilapidated body is about to face the crisis of “running out of food”. She is very busy.

However, people lie in bed, but their hearts can’t calm down.

Obviously, the last second is still planning for the future, thinking about the future, and the next second will turn to the cheap brother. It is true that the 16th branch road is peaceful, but it does not mean that there is no darkness in the ninth district.

Jiang Cheng is always clever and sensible. He has never been so worried as tonight. This

The more you think about it, the tighter your eyebrows are.

He turned over irritably. Jiang Ning emptied his brain and prepared to go to sleep without thinking about anything, but after a while, he couldn’t stand it first.

Jiang Ning got up with a smile on her lips. She couldn’t help laughing at herself. However, after a few days together, she really didn’t know what to say and was worried about the safety of her brother.

Quickly put on his clothes and endure the pain in his viscera. Jiang Ning went out to find someone.

She decided to teach him a good lesson when he found it and let him know how to write the word “clever”.

“Aunt Hu, have you seen Jiang Cheng?”

The first one I went to was aunt Hu, who often helped them. Throughout the 16 branches, aunt Hu and his wife are similar to the roles of village head and director. Everything around them can’t escape their eyes.

“Xiao Cheng didn’t come home? It’s so late. Where can he go? Did he call?” wet hands wiped his clothes casually. Aunt Hu stormed out of the yard and asked anxiously.

“I made a call, but no one answered the phone all the time,” said Jiang Ning, who was agitated and worried. Jiang Ning didn’t stop much. “Then Aunt Hu, keep busy. I’ll go to other homes to look for it.”

“What’s the matter? It’s important to find someone first,” she said. Aunt Hu shouted to someone in the yard. “I’ll look for someone in the East with you, and let you uncle Hu and your second brother look for it in the West. I’ll call you then.”

Jiang Cheng is always clever. Suddenly, people unconsciously think bad.

“… thank you,” Jiang Ning doesn’t like troublesome people, but now his lips move and he can’t say anything if he refuses. If something really happens, time is life. It’s good to be a second earlier.

“You child, be polite to me.”

With the help of aunt Hu’s family, the team looking for people grew a lot in an instant. Other people knew that Jiang Cheng was missing, and they were eager to help find someone.

For a time, the whole 16 branches were alarmed, but the result

“Ning wench, when was the last time you saw Xiao Cheng?” asked Hu Li, making people quiet.

“At noon,” Jiang Ning replied quickly, “after dinner, Jiang Cheng said he would go out. I didn’t think much about it. I haven’t seen anyone since.”

Without any useful information, Hu Li frowned and looked at the others, “what about you? Who has seen Xiao Cheng after noon?”

Most of the people shook their heads, and the rest squeaked. They saw Jiang Cheng passing by through their yard door at noon. They didn’t even say a word.

The atmosphere was a little heavy. The big guy knew Jiang Cheng’s temperament – he suddenly disappeared. It was probably an accident.

Jiang Ning also tends to this possibility. He has no emotion on his face, but he is worried at the bottom of his heart. She thought that Jiang Cheng was a relative of the original owner and had nothing to do with her, but unconsciously, she had already had a tie in her heart.

A picture of her lying in bed and Jiang Cheng busy looking after her appeared.

Mingming is greedy for natural ingredients, but she still insists on leaving all fruits and vegetables to her to eat alone. She only eats with the cheapest nutrient solution.

In order to repay her debt, she went from house to house to help run errands and work, and had to come back to see her from time to time.

“Sister, are you feeling better?”

“Sister, are you thirsty? I’ll pour you water.”

“Sister, are you hungry? I cook natural vegetables with nutrient solution. When I finish eating, my sister’s illness will fly away.”

The chattering is still ringing in my ears, but the speaker

Jiang Ning’s eyes were sour when he thought of what might happen to abducted and trafficked children. Jiang Ning’s mood has not been affected for a long time by the cruelty of the end of the world, the coldness of the people’s heart, and the hesitation of the other world, but at the moment, she is vaguely regretting – if she cares again, will the outcome be different?

“Don’t think about the bad. Let’s go to division 07. There is the monitoring of the whole lower three divisions. Maybe we can find Xiaocheng,” Hu Li said calmly.

“Yes, yes, it’s not clear what’s going on now. Don’t worry first. Wait until you see the monitoring,” aunt Hu comforted Jiang Ning by holding her hand. “Xiaocheng is very clever. It’s sure to be fine. You can rest assured.”

While talking, Hu vegetable, aunt Hu’s second son, has driven a bus, “Dad, Xiaoning, get in the car and talk about what’s in the car.”

Jiang Ning climbed onto the seat without hesitation. Hu Li then stopped when he stepped in with one foot. “I’ll go back and get something and come right away.”

“Is it the preserved apricot I brought last time? I’ve wrapped some out,” Hu vegetable said quickly.

In the past two years, he has been following his father, and he has figured out some points of human sophistication. It’s not surprising that many people are polite. They bring some small gifts so that people who work can be more dedicated even in their own work.

“Good boy,” Hu Lili praised, landed on the bus and ordered, “drive faster.”

“I see, Dad, you all sit down,” Hu vegetable started the maximum speed as soon as he said.

Jiang Ning instinctively leaned back and hit the back of the chair. Strength is not heavy, but it is enough for her to recover from her thoughts.

“Thank you, uncle Hu and second brother Hu,” the corner of his eye glanced at the carefully placed preserved apricot. Jiang Ning blinked. He didn’t know what to say except a thin thank you.

She doesn’t like troublesome people, but she has been troublesome since the first day of the world.

How expensive are natural fruits and vegetables? She has seen enough these days. The preserved apricot, a natural product processed with apricot as raw material, uses her toes to think about it and knows that she can’t afford the price.

Unlike Jiang Cheng, who is related by blood to this body, uncle Hu and others say that they are irrelevant people. They just happen to live in the same road, but they have always received grace.

If the identity changes, Jiang Ning asks himself that he can’t do this step.

Even, she would feel that such a person is the virgin and the Holy Father. She is not clear-minded – she has a hard time. Ha ha, she also wants to help others, not to panic.

But now, as a real helper, Jiang Ningcai suddenly realized how warm and grateful he was.

Perhaps, one day, such mood will fade, but it will never be forgotten.

“Thank you, thank you. Your child is getting polite as soon as he gets sick,” Hu Li waved his hand carelessly. When he was about to continue talking, he suddenly stopped, then turned his head to Hu vegetable and said, “stop! Stop quickly and fall back.”

“Ha?” Hu vegetable took half a beat to react. While reducing the speed, he wondered, “what’s the matter?”

Hu Li was still trying to look back, but the Kung Fu distance had already opened in the past few seconds, and he couldn’t see anything. Just then he took back his sight and explained, “it seems that I caught a glimpse of Xiaocheng just now. You drive back and slow down. Let’s have a look.”

“Xiaocheng?” Jiang Ning asked subconsciously.

“Yes, it should be Xiao Cheng,” he closed his eyes and recalled again. Hu Li’s tone was three points more affirmative.

Hu vegetable thought it impossible, but seeing that his father was serious, he began to turn around and drive back. There was no difference in the confirmation time.

The speed slowed down and Jiang Ning’s vision was firmly locked on the roadside.

A minute or two later, I saw a small figure walking step by step in the dim light.

Seeing Chu’s face clearly, Jiang Ning put down his heart all the way, and then inexplicably burst into anger.

Waiting for the car to stop, he pushed the door open without thinking, walked over and scolded, “what are you doing? You don’t say hello when you go out. You might as well not come back so late.”

“Sister -” the cheerful voice was interrupted.

Hearing the displeasure in Jiang Ning’s words, Jiang Cheng lowered his head and turned his toes uneasily on the ground.

“Your sister is also worried about you. There are many bad people outside. She likes to catch you children most,” Hu Li got out of the car and preached a few words. Seeing Jiang Cheng’s good attitude, she didn’t say any more.

“It’s good to be safe. Forget it this time. If you do it again next time, you’ll be punished twice.” seeing Jiang Cheng shrinking his head, Hu vegetable changed the topic. “Get in the car, get in the car, big guy may still be waiting for news.”

Jiang Ning nodded.

Anger went out and reason gradually returned. She didn’t like to train her brother in front of others. But his face was still bad. Jiang Cheng glanced secretly and quickly lowered his head.

When we got to the 16th Branch Road, the big guy was still waiting.

Hearing the sound, they ran out one after another. When they were sure that people were all right, they dragged their slippers back one by one.

Jiang Ning apologized and took Jiang Cheng to thank uncle Hu, aunt Hu and other humanitarians before he went home in silence.

“Sister,” Jiang Cheng whispered behind,

Jiang Ning ignored. The body’s internal organs are dilapidated. After such a toss, it’s difficult to breathe, let alone talk. Now she just wants to lie down and rest early.

Before waiting for a response, Jiang Cheng was a little lost.

After a meeting, he regained his courage: “sister, have you had dinner? I’ll cook natural vegetables for you. I have natural vegetables.”

As he spoke, Jiang Chengbian opened the cloth bag straddling his body like a treasure. There are two handfuls of natural vegetables, all kinds of them. Although the vegetable leaves are either shriveled or yellow, and some are juicy, they are indeed genuine natural ingredients.

Jiang Ning was surprised: “where did you get these?”

Words such as stealing, robbing, cheating and so on pop up in the brain. From the end of the world, Jiang Ning’s moral bottom line is actually very low, but at the moment, I don’t know why I brought these behaviors to Jiang Cheng, and a touch of disappointment filled my heart.

Jiang Cheng didn’t want to say at first. It can be seen that Jiang Ning’s face was getting colder and colder. It was like ice. He said, “these are damaged goods. The store doesn’t want to deal with them. I know a little brother named Jiang Zhao. He took us to pick them up.”

Up and down looked at Jiang Cheng. Jiang Ning believed that the other party didn’t have the courage to lie, but the truth is not necessarily the truth.

However, for the time being, she didn’t have the energy to investigate. She waved her hand and asked Jiang Cheng not to follow her again.

With this response, Jiang Cheng jumped in his heart.

Sister should be a little relieved?

It must be so. That’s right! The more he thought, the brighter the light under Jiang Cheng’s eyes, he trotted to the kitchen and prepared to cook a bowl of natural vegetable soup for his sister.

Lying on the clothes, Jiang Ning endured the pain from inside to outside and tried to go to sleep early. As a result, as soon as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a knock on the door and the whole person woke up.

“What’s the matter?” looking at Jiang Cheng who came in, Jiang Ning frowned in a bad tone.

“I cooked natural vegetable soup. My sister drank it quickly and went to bed after drinking it,” said Jiang Cheng, who approached carefully with a bowl.

Full of irritability, just like the ice cream in summer, was suddenly melted. Jiang Ning took the dishes and chopsticks and said, “you should also rest early. Tell me where you want to go next time in advance and keep the communication device unblocked all the time.”

“Elder sister?” Jiang Chengxiu looked up, his black eyes shining.

My sister cares about him. She really cares about him. The bottom of my heart is like a flower blooming, and every cell is shouting joy.

The sudden high voice made Jiang Ning subconsciously look at it and shake his head. When he was about to take back his sight and eat the remaining natural vegetables, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of an obvious scratch on Jiang Cheng’s small face near his ear.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Ning asked with sharp eyes, staring at Jiang Cheng.

“Hmm?” Jiang Cheng didn’t know why. After a long time, he reacted along Jiang Ning’s eyes and subconsciously turned his head to avoid the wound.

“Say, how did this injury come from?” Jiang Ning pressed further.

Unconsciously, Jiang Cheng turned around in a circle. He nervously grabbed the corner of his clothes. “The store manager likes to see us rush together. I, I can’t rob others, so I fell down. However, Jiang Zhaoren is very good, and he took care of me when he assigned…”

Jiang Cheng speaks carefully, but who is Jiang Ning? She saw many pictures of survivors looting supplies in the end of the world. She didn’t need to ask about it.

A heart was sour and swollen. Jiang Ning’s voice softened imperceptibly. “Where else is hurt? Come here and let me see.”

Jiang Cheng looks at Jiang Ning and comes forward after a meeting.

Even if Jiang Ning had known that Jiang Cheng was thin and small, he was also impacted at this time, not to mention several pieces of redness, swelling and bruises scattered on it.

“Does it hurt?” Jiang Ning asked, gently touching a piece.

“Hiss -” instinctively took a breath, and Jiang Cheng looked up and looked into Jiang Ning’s eyes. Then, he raised a big smile, “it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all. Xiaocheng is very happy and wants to pick up more natural vegetables, so that his sister can recover early.”

The waxy little face was not the slightest touch with loveliness, but the bright smile like kapok made Jiang Ning’s heart softer and softer, and even couldn’t help falling a tear.

Jiang Ning clearly realized for the first time that she was the star girl Jiang Ning, and the little boy in front of her was her brother and brother by blood.

The next second of identity recognition, Jiang Ning suddenly felt that the whole person was hearing and seeing. The brain area was very clear, and the diaphragm between her and the power disappeared without a trace.

As soon as his eyes shrink, Jiang Ning’s heart reads a move, and then a touch of light Ying green appears in the palm.

She, she can use powers?


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