I rely on Farming Chapter 20

There’s a suspended car driving into Lane 16!

The people in the suspension car entered Jiang Ning’s house!

Two messages,? Like a long wing, it flew into 16 roads and families. But after a while, WAN Xin and Tang Jin heard about it, as did Hu Li and Hu vegetable.

Hesitating back and forth,? Aunt Hu turned her eyes, and Hu Licai seemed determined to go and have a look.

Hu vegetable’s attention has been on his father. See this,? He hurriedly picked up his coat and kept up while wearing it.

When approaching Jiang’s house, Hu Li saw two familiar figures – Wan Xin and Tang Jin. Two people standing next to the suspension car,? Look at the door of Jiang’s yard with your eyes together,? In sharp contrast to the children watching the excitement on one side.

Follow the line of sight,? Hu Li also looked at the brown suspension car. Say something sad and not afraid to laugh,? This car,? Many people on the 16th branch road may have never seen it with their own eyes.

How did Jiang Ning know these people?

I don’t know what these people want from Jiang Ning?

The four looked at each other,? Or Hu Li said first, “go and have a look? Anyway, it’s all from our 16 branches. Even if Xiao Ning is ready to leave at this time, we should support him.”

How noble is the planter,? Leaving is the most appropriate and correct.

“But the Miao in the field…” the second half of the speech was automatically silenced in Hu Li’s sight, and WAN Xin pulled out a bitter smile, “Uncle Hu, I know. I’ll go in later. I’ll support Xiao Ning’s decision with a smile.”

Sudden luxury car,? Anyone subconsciously felt that the planting association or competent department came to persuade Jiang Ning to return to her place.

“It’s good to know,” Hu Li nodded. “Xiao Ning is a person with heavy feelings. She’s good. The? 16 branch road will follow her one day.”

When the knock on the door sounded, Jiang Ning felt relieved and hurriedly ordered Jiang Cheng next to him to hurry to open the door.

“It should be a neighbor,” Jiang Ning said with a smile. “I’ll take you to see the inventory. Taking advantage of the help, I can save some time and finish the inventory as soon as possible.”

Jia Jincheng and Xiao Lian looked at each other and nodded.

“This is uncle Hu, the leader of our branch road.” when Hu Li came in, Jiang Ning introduced both sides respectively. “These two are Mr. Jia Jincheng and Mr. Xiao Lianxiao. They specially came to buy natural fruits and vegetables.”

“Ha?” Hu Li didn’t expect that they were like this. He said in an unexpected moment, “the fruits and vegetables planted by Xiao Ning are not only big, but also taste super good. It’s absolutely cost-effective for you to buy them.”

“Miss Jiang’s fruits and vegetables are really good. We decided to buy a lot after we tasted them.”

The warehouse is cleaned up by the sundry room. It’s only a few steps away.

Opening the door, Jiang Ning pointed to the stacked boxes and said, “these three boxes are tomatoes, these three boxes are cucumbers, the middle four boxes are sweet potatoes, and the corner two boxes are soybeans.”

Jiang Ning opened the lid of each box to facilitate Jia Jincheng and Xiao lian to watch. After that, he didn’t forget to remind him, “are you sure you all want it? Don’t think about it again?”

“No, we all want it,” Jia Jincheng replied without any hesitation.

Seeing the seedlings on both sides of the yard, he firmly believed that Jiang Ning was a more powerful planter than a senior planter. Although it is not clear what the other party will want to stay in this remote place, it does not prevent him from seizing the opportunity and buying as much as he has.

You know, the fruits and vegetables planted by senior growers have always been priceless. Whether they eat by themselves, or keep it as a gift or monopoly, they are very popular.

“OK, let’s move the fruits and vegetables to the yard and count them.” all the reminders were friendly reminders. Jiang Ning won’t look at baihuahua’s credit points and don’t earn money.

The box contains regular space. Although it contains many fruits and vegetables, it is not obvious in weight. One person and two boxes, without Jiang Ning’s effort, they were all carried to the yard.

After that, count and weigh. With the joint efforts of several people, it was soon clear that everything was done.

“Happy cooperation!”

Jiang Ning frowned when he received Jia Jincheng’s transfer. Until the suspension car started and turned into a black line, the smile on his face didn’t go down.

Sending people around to watch the excitement, Hu Li took people into the yard and asked with concern, “Xiao Ning, how do you know them?”

Seeing people and shapes, these two people are not ordinary people at first sight. Hu Li is a little worried.

“I met them outside the seed shop in division 01 and left a business card for them. I was going to raise a family animal, so I contacted them on my own initiative. Then I hurried to know that they also harvest natural crops, so…”

“Family, family animals? Do you want to support family animals?” WAN Xin opened his mouth and couldn’t help interrupting in surprise.

Domestic animal?


Domestic animal = meat?

For a moment, WAN Xin felt that this day was really more and more magical. Not long ago, they also planned carefully and lived frugally as much as possible. How long has it been? Not only do they have vegetables, but also meat.

In addition to Hu Li and his son being better prepared, Tang Jin also looked at Jiang Ning in surprise.

It’s no secret. Jiang Ning nodded affirmatively, “no accident, I’ll receive my cubs tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. At that time, I have to ask you to help me keep them.”

“Hmm? You don’t raise it yourself?” WAN Xin can’t understand Jiang Ning’s idea. The domestic animal is so cute. How can you let others raise it for you.

“No,” Jiang Ning shook his head. Thinking of the time when I was a child in my hometown in the countryside, the chicken and duck excreta in that place refused with a disgusting face.

“I’ll help you raise it. I promise you it’s fat and strong. It’s all meat,” WAN Xin volunteered excitedly. At the same time, he secretly decided to search the Internet for how to raise domestic animals later.

Tang Jin and Hu Shisheng, fearing that they might miss the first opportunity, followed closely and made their positions clear one by one,

Jiang Ning wanted someone to take over. He kept nodding. When he was satisfied, he continued his topic and said to Hu Li, “I plan to deepen cooperation with Jia Jincheng. They have a wide range of ways and know many people. Don’t worry that they won’t accept when the supply is saturated.”

“What about the other road leaders?” Hu Li frowned. He trusted his acquaintances more than strangers. Moreover, just after signing the contract, the transaction was interrupted once, and the impact was not good.

“Business as usual. The economic strength of each branch is there. We can list their demand first, and then supply the rest to Jia Jincheng.”

This time, the planting area of each household is only half of the planting land. After a few days, Jiang Ning didn’t feel any discomfort. She planned to persuade Hu Li to mention the planting area of each household to one planting land when planting the next batch, and then increase it by half and half.

Suddenly remembering the eyes of Jia Jincheng and Xiao Lian when they saw the planting land, Jiang Ning thought and said, “Uncle Hu, I want to ask brother Hu to come back for help. Don’t worry, I will never treat brother Hu badly, nor will I give up the burden halfway. In the future, I dare not say that our branch road will become the richest Branch Road, but it must be the richest Branch Road in our nine districts.”

It is undeniable that many of her ideas are also deeply influenced by her previous life, and she lacks an effective understanding of many common sense in the world.

For example, she knows that the plantation can grow, but she doesn’t know that the land in the yard can’t grow anything. Whether this statement is true or false is not mentioned. Today, Jia Jincheng did not continue to ask questions. If he asked questions, Jiang Ning felt that his performance must be very bad.

She needs someone to remind her all the time.

Hu Guo is the only suitable candidate Jiang Ning can think of for the time being. He is a gifted person. He worked in the cultivation garden of District 7 very early. He is the most knowledgeable person in the whole 16 branches. The most important thing is that he is uncle Hu’s son and deserves Jiang Ning’s trust.

“You child, why are you so outspoken? You can stay in the branch road as soon as you are a planter. Why can’t he stay? Don’t worry, I’ll contact Guo later and ask him to resign and come back as soon as possible.”

As initially said, as long as Jiang Ning needed it, he called Hu Guo back. Hu Li didn’t hesitate at this time.

“Thank you, uncle Hu,” said Jiang Ning in a sincere tone, “but I’d better contact brother Hu.” in this way, if the other party prefers to stay in zone 7 for development, Jiang Ning won’t force it. She needs someone who really stays.

“That’s OK. If you have any ideas, you can directly tell him that he knows more than me,” Hu Li still trusts his eldest son.

On the other hand, after setting the suspension car to automatic driving, Jia Jincheng looked back at Xiao Lian, to be exact, at Xiao Lian’s pocket and asked, “is there anything special about this soil?”

Xiao Lian’s small movements at that time were clearly seen by him, and even deliberately covered up one or two.

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