I rely on Farming Chapter 22

Xiao Lian did not conceal the discovery of the soil, and immediately sent it to the marshal in the form of an encrypted file.

When he received the news, Fu Sheng had just finished the military inspection. After thinking about it, he asked the soldiers behind him, “Is there an extra box of natural fruits and vegetables that Jincheng transported this time? Bring it.”

“There is a box, Jia. The colonel also asked someone to leave a special message, saying that it was for the marshal,” he said, and Han Zhen took out the fruits and vegetables from the fresh-keeping box, and handed them to Fu Sheng.

The red tomatoes and the green cucumbers make one’s index finger open just by looking at it.

Thinking of what Xiao Lian said earlier, Fu Sheng picked up a tomato and bit it down. The sweet and sour and plump juice instantly occupied the mouth, coupled with the soft flesh, Fu Sheng swallowed it before he even had time to savor it.

The taste is really good, especially now that the materials are scarce, this is a good addition.

“You also try one? Give the rest to the logistics team. Next time I will give everyone a meal.” After talking to Han Zhen, Fu Sheng began to take a second bite. This time he eats slowly, and he releases a little bit of experience.

Natural fruits and vegetables grown by senior growers are very resistant to radiation. The effect of specific refinement cannot be analyzed by simple instrument detection. It needs to be experienced by high-sensitivity people slowly.

Fu Sheng perceives 3S, and any subtle changes in his body cannot escape his perception measurement when he concentrates.

After most of the tomatoes went down, Fu Shengneng could clearly feel the radiating hairspring melted in the bones and blood dissipate, making his body more relaxed. At the same time, another change was quietly rising, but before he could continue to experience it, the emergency bugle sounded suddenly. Regardless of anything else, Fu Sheng swallowed the remaining tomatoes in three or two mouthfuls, hurriedly returned a message and got up to go out.

Since the narrow victory of the last World War, the border situation has not been alleviated, but also become more and more tense. From the news these days, it can be seen that the Zerg are likely to resist and launch another big action.

[strengthen protection and strive for our use]

After receiving the Marshal’s reply, Xiao Lian was more decisive, and his arrangement for Jiang Ning also came to mind. Such planting talent is an opportunity, which can’t be missed.

As the protagonist of the discussion, Jiang Ning doesn’t know that she has been “arranged”. At the moment, she is valiantly leading people to the express point to collect all kinds of domestic animal cubs that have just been notified of arrival.

The living body cannot be put into the container with space rules. At this time, the human advantage appears. One person has two packing boxes, one on the left and one on the right. It looks frightening from a distance.

When he was about to get home, Jiang Ning kept an eye on WAN Xin and others who helped him. “Who wants to raise these domestic animals? Or give them points here, so as not to mention them later. It’s troublesome.”

“What’s the trouble? Even if I keep carrying it, I’m happy.”

Domestic animal, a lively domestic animal. As long as you think about it, WAN Xin is excited and bubbling with excitement. How can he give up.

“How do you divide it here? If you accidentally run out, you have to bother to find some.” Hu vegetable followed, “why don’t you come to my house? My yard is wide, and I happen to be a domestic animal to help keep registration, so that you can check it later.”

Speaking of the second half of the sentence, Hu vegetable’s ears are a little red, obviously with a little selfish.

But it was agreed by all. The yard of the Hu family is really large. In the past, everyone tacitly discussed anything in the Hu family. At this time, it is natural to get used to it.

Jiang Ning had no problem, only looked at Hu vegetables sympathetically. She bought a lot of domestic animal cubs. If they were all released in the yard, it would be a headache to think about the scene.

Hu vegetable didn’t notice Jiang Ning’s eyes. He was looking through the vent at the cub with a soft voice inside. Thinking that these little things would be the first to settle in his house, the whole person was so excited that he wanted to take one step at a time.

The Hu family is not far from the Jiang family, and a group of people will arrive soon.

“Mom, clean up the yard quickly. The cubs are here,” Hu vegetable shouted as he pushed open the yard door.

“It’s already been cleaned up. I’ll clean up as soon as you say to go out and get the cubs.”

Aunt Hu walked out as she spoke. When she saw the packing box in everyone’s hands, her eyes straightened for a moment. She couldn’t help asking, “are there all domestic animals in here?”

“Of course,” WAN Xin said proudly with a strong back. “It’s not a domestic animal. You can still hear the sound.”

Next to Tang Jin, he couldn’t hide his excitement. He couldn’t wait to say, “let’s unpack the packing box quickly. I don’t know if such a small vent is enough. Let’s relax quickly.”

This received a warm response from everyone. For a time, everyone found the tools to get busy.

Compared with other people’s caution, for fear of knocking against the domestic animal cub inside, Jiang Ning’s action is much more rough, which makes people startled and jump.

Aunt Hu was the first to look down. “Xiao Ning, go and have a rest, or look at the seedlings in the planting field. I’ll help you dismantle your box.” if she goes on like this, she will have a heart attack.

“Yes, yes, Xiao Ning, go and see the planting land. We’ll do these rough jobs. We’ll do them,” the others echoed with one voice.

This animal cub is not so delicate. It’s not the kind just born. Jiang Ning looked at the people angrily, when she didn’t see their naked dislike.

Before Jiang Ning responded, aunt Hu grabbed the packing box and opened it a little bit with her back. Jiang Ning glanced at another packing box. Soon, a hand appeared and was quickly hooked away.

Well, she should give herself a holiday.

By the way, tell Jiang Cheng to come over. The child’s interest in domestic animals is no lower than others. Maybe he’s waiting for her to go back.

They are people who are used to working all year round. Although their hands are light, they are not slow at all. After Jiang Ning sent a few messages, all the packing boxes were opened and the lid of the inner box was opened.

Most of them are chicken and duck cubs. There are only a few piglets. As for cattle cubs, they haven’t arrived yet. They will get tomorrow.

The cubs, who had been locked up for nearly a day, were free. They were chirping and flapping their short wings to fly out of the box. They were not afraid of the crowd.

As for the piglets without wings, they didn’t lag behind, and kept arching the edge of the trunk with their nose.

“Ah, how lovely!”

“Hahaha, they are so energetic!”

“Ah, this is going to be a successful prison break. Come on, stop it.”


Looking at a group of adults watching with interest around the small inner box, and occasionally making two child like exclamations, Jiang Ning was speechless at first, and gradually, he was silent.

The smell of household animal excreta in the air seems less difficult to accept. Jiang Ning unknowingly approaches, becomes one of these people, and takes a serious look at the household animal cubs.

It is similar to the ordinary poultry before the end of the world, but it is stronger and more fierce. There is a posture of not hitting the south wall and not turning back in the small grade.

However, any species is cute when it is reduced, so it is very popular as a whole. Jiang Ning said so, not to mention others who have never seen domestic animals with their own eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Ning thought of her furry pets that are popular with most people in the world, especially represented by cats and dogs. If they were here, they didn’t know how popular they would be.

But just think about it. The cost of raising a pet is not small. Even Jiang Ning has to be careful, not to mention the people who are just expected to get out of extreme poverty.

After watching it for a while, Jiang Ningcai asked Hu vegetable and others to start counting and registering, and then labeled each animal cub.

Fifty chicks, fifty ducks and six pigs.

This amount certainly doesn’t need to be raised by the whole Road Gang. Jiang Ning ordered several close families, and the rest will be arranged when Hu Li comes back. It doesn’t matter if you don’t choose it this time. Sign up first, and then fill it slowly when the follow-up funds are in place.

She wants to build 16 roads into a unit integrating planting and maintenance, and no one will be left behind.

Each household keeps ten chickens / ducks or one pig, and chooses the specific type, and then registers it here.

Jiang Ning didn’t plan to raise it, but looking at Jiang Cheng’s eyes, he also led ten chicken cubs.

Just after registration, he was sober and wanted to change his mouth, but the corner of his eye saw Jiang Chengna’s pure joy and swallowed his words. Just keep it. Where else can ten chicks get dirty.

On this thought, Jiang Ning calmly took Jiang Cheng home with satisfaction. The small farmyard was filled with human fireworks because of the addition of ten chicks.

Looking at Jiang Cheng playing with chicks, Jiang Ning enjoyed his inner peace, and then asked, “Xiaocheng, these chicks are what you want to raise, right?”

“Well,” Jiang Cheng nodded and teased the chicken with a radish tassel in his hand.

“After that, you will take care of these chicks.”


Jiang Cheng is happy to take care of such a lovely chick even if his sister doesn’t say. Well, it’s not difficult. He can do it.

“Xiao Cheng is great. After that, remember to clean these excrement frequently and quickly. Well, they will fall on the planting land, which can enrich the land.”

As Jiang Ning’s words fell, the two chicks chirped and contributed a bubble of fertilizer. Jiang Cheng raised his head, with a chapped smile on his face for three seconds. He couldn’t believe it and looked at Jiang Ning – he was still a child!

The child has no privilege. He returns with a big and supportive smile. Jiang Ning turns around and busy with things very ruthlessly.

Although Hu Guo joined and Jiang Ning delegated a lot of things, at the same time, new plans also followed, which is still a long way from a real rest.

Time passed quickly, and another batch of natural vegetables matured in the twinkling of an eye.

Harvest, pack, count and sell!

The joy of harvest permeates everyone’s face. When the credit point is transferred to each account, the atmosphere is burning to the top. Some elderly people can’t help crying with their heads in their arms.

Regardless of the future, only now, they finally bid farewell to the day when they pinned their heads on their belts and began to try to live, not just live.

Looking at the smiling faces with hope, Jiang Ning was also very happy.

The next batch of seeds has been stimulated in advance. This time, each planting land has been expanded to one piece. I believe that 16 roads will be able to change their old appearance and become better and better soon.

At the same time, a survey report appeared on the desk of the head of the nine district planting Association.

Although it’s not clear why the above named this person to join the club, it’s not simple. The person in charge didn’t take it seriously and randomly assigned two people to do things.

The author has something to say: collect “I fix immortals in interstellar live broadcast” in advance


When he woke up, Xiuzhen genius Danyang dressed as a star girl.

He was smart, hardworking and willing to bear hardships since childhood. He was the first person to be admitted by the highest University in the past century.

With the hope of the whole planet, I am bent on learning new knowledge, hoping to return as soon as possible and build a garbage star.

As a result, they were framed by villains because they were too excellent. They not only destroyed their foundation, but also polluted their reputation and dropped out of school.


On the first day of dropping out, Danyang aimed at the hot live broadcasting industry and began to broadcast the four arts of truth cultivation and truth cultivation.

I thought I was a poor man with mental disorder, but I didn’t expect a month later

Audience a: anchor anchor, there is a warm current in my Dantian. Do you want to draw air into the body

Audience B: anchor anchor, can you repeat yesterday’s Avatar? I don’t understand something

Audience C: anchor, anchor


In an instant, the small live studio attracted the attention of all the big people with the potential of tornado,

Xu Shiquan of the army, Xu Gaogao of the government, Xu fame of colleges and universities, Xu interests of businessmen

In the face of all kinds of, Danyang only calmly disclosed the original owner’s experience, and then returned to the garbage star.

Later, the garbage star became the strongest star in the stars, and the people of the garbage star also became people who no one dared to underestimate!


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