I rely on Farming Chapter 23

Turnip cabbage is the most in demand vegetable on the market, but again, the price is the cheapest and the profit point is the lowest.

Therefore, for the newly increased planting area of ​​each household, Jiang Ning did not plan to plant radish and cabbage, but instead planted tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet potatoes.

The pricing of natural fruits and vegetables is generally higher than that of vegetables. Tomatoes and cucumbers, as intermediate products, have good profit margins and a large target customer base, which are suitable for them temporarily.

As for the sweet potatoes, they are additionally planted in consideration of the rations of domestic animals.

Compared with what Jiang Ning had seen before, this world’s domestic beast? It’s not just that it’s getting bigger, it also doubled its appetite. It doesn’t just eat or eat every day.

If the radish tassels and sweet potato vines that are not the staple food contain very little radiation resistance factor, it is a waste to leave them, and they cannot be sold. Everyone really does not want to serve these big stomach kings.

However, watching the domestic animal gaining weight day by day, the excitement and sense of accomplishment in my heart can’t deceive people.

This is all meat, let alone the lower three districts, even the middle third districts don’t necessarily make everyone able to eat meat. It is said that meat not only tastes super invincible, but the effect of resisting radiation is not worse than that of natural fruits and vegetables, and it can quickly restore physical strength.

Although they don’t have to go out mining every day, they don’t have that much physical requirement, but who wouldn’t be greedy for a bite of meat? Jiang Ning has said that when these domestic animals are released, they will give benefits to everyone.

“Do you understand everything? If you have any doubts, you can ask me or Brother Hu,” After all, it is to add a new category. Jiang Ning thought about it or held a meeting to popularize the habits of these vegetables.

“Do you understand? If you have doubts, you can ask me or brother Hu,” after all, Jiang Ning thought about adding new varieties, and held a meeting to popularize the habits of these vegetables.

“Ming Bai -” the intermittent voice sounded. Jiang Ning looked around. Seeing that no one asked questions, he handed the home to Hu Li and sat back in the audience.

Jiang Ning nodded. Hu Li repressed his excitement and said, “I have submitted the branch road planning scheme to the above. No accident, we will also usher in a big change.”

The branch road planning was implemented by 3222 star a few years ago. At present, the upper three districts and the middle three districts have all been implemented. From the pictures circulated on the Internet, the effect is also very good. The branch road after unified planning is clean and tidy, which is pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately, the lower three districts are too poor to implement the government order at all, and it is unrealistic to rely solely on the above financial allocation. They have been delayed until now, and there is almost no movement.

But this time, the application submitted by Hu Li indicated that they had built their own credit point, which should be easy to pass. As soon as they pass, they can build their ideal branch road.

“Although Xiaoning proposed to sponsor the branch road planning, Branch Road 16 is the branch road of all of us, and everyone should contribute. In addition, Xiaoning has made the greatest contribution. I suggest that she decide the specific planning scheme. Do you have any comments?”

There must be no opinion, that is

“Road chief, how many credit points do each family have? It’s too high. I’m afraid I can’t get together,” said the speaker, with his head bowed.

District 9 is the poorest District, and the lower districts are poorer from the inside to the outside. Their 08 division is better than 09 division, but they are also precarious and their pockets are cleaner than their faces.

Although this period of time is stained with the light of Jiang Ning and has some savings in his hand, it is a drop in the bucket for the reconstruction of the whole branch road.

“There is no specific standard. Everyone depends on their own situation. If they are capable, they will give more points, and if they are difficult, they will give less points. Today’s main thing is to give a notice so that everyone can be prepared. It will take some time. Moreover, the transformation must be carried out slowly, and it can’t be achieved overnight.”

Hu Li had planned to wait until the matter was confirmed before announcing it, but he was too excited and wanted to let the whole Taoist branch have a new expectation, which was revealed in advance.

“It’s OK. You can harvest more seedlings in the field. Everyone should be relaxed.”

During this period of time, the large expenses of natural fruits and vegetables were reduced, and the income was almost pure. I believe that soon, their pockets will be more bulging, and they will be able to do more.

Thinking that their branch road will become the only one in division 08, or even the only one in the whole nine districts, the pride in the hearts of all people arises spontaneously and is full of power for the future.

After finishing the two major events, the meeting is basically over. There are some trivial things in the back, which can be completed in more than ten minutes.

Leaving the Hu family, Jiang Ning was about to open the door of his courtyard when he saw Jiang Cheng coming out of it.

“Sister, there are two people from the planting Association at home,” said Jiang Cheng with a nervous face and looked back. “It’s fierce and asked Xiaocheng a lot of questions, but don’t worry, sister. Xiaocheng didn’t tell the truth.”

Smelling the speech, Jiang Ning smiled and touched Jiang Cheng’s round head. “Go to Xiaoan’s house and play for a while. These two sisters will entertain.”

Although I don’t know what the planting association is looking for her, Jiang Ning subconsciously doesn’t want Jiang Cheng to join in. I glanced at the planting land on both sides. Fortunately, Hugo reminded me that a fence with a height of more than one person has been built on both sides, otherwise it will be another thing.

“Xiao Cheng doesn’t want to go out,” Jiang Cheng shook his head. He wants to stay to protect his sister.

“Good, my sister is an adult. We have to talk about adults, but children can’t listen,” said Jiang Ning, with a stiff face and pretending to be serious.

Jiang Cheng tooted his mouth, obviously expressing his displeasure.

Jiang Ning just wanted to say a few more words. As a result, the child didn’t know what he thought. He nodded obediently, and then trotted out without waiting for Jiang Ning to speak.

Reluctantly looking at the back of leaving, Jiang Ning shook his head and didn’t want to think any more. He just continued to go inside to prepare whether someone would come. Incidentally, just in case, I sent a message to Jia Jincheng.

“Are you Jiang Ning? Planter?” seeing Jiang Ning coming in, one of them looked up and down and stood high.

There is also a strict distinction between growers, especially the planting Association. In addition to qualification, they also pay attention to qualification.

Although I don’t know why the director asked them to recruit people to join the club, looking at Jiang Ning’s thin appearance and the chaotic environment around him, the speakers didn’t think Jiang Ning had much ability and couldn’t decide where to take the favor. The director said it casually.

Think about it. What’s the value of a grower from zone 08? It just has a higher status among ordinary people.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“This is the application form of the planting Association. If you fill it out, you will be a member of the association. Remember to report to the association on time and memorize these rules,” said the other man, taking out the paper and manual from his arms.

Uh huh???

What is this operation? Jiang Ning was stunned, but he still had to refuse, “sorry, I don’t want to join the planting Association for the time being?”


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