I rely on Farming Chapter 3

The shock in my heart is beyond words.

Jiang Ning stared blankly at the pleasing green on the palm of his hand, and it took a while before he came back to his senses.

“Sister?” Jiang Cheng said at the right time.

“Okay,” Jiang Ning loosened Jiang Cheng’s clothes if he withdrew his abilities nonchalantly. “Don’t pick up those vegetable leaves in the future. Sister raises you, and the bag raises you to be fat and fat. If you want to eat natural fruits and vegetables, you can eat natural fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables.” The

abilities returned, Jiang Ning was full of confidence, and the faint worries that had been lingering in his heart completely dissipated.

Jiang Cheng couldn’t imagine what Jiang Ning’s pie was like, but that didn’t prevent him from listening happily. He clapped his little hands and enthusiastically followed: “Then I will raise my sister too, and raise my sister to be fat, and I will give my sister the energy stones I will dig in the future.”

Tong Yan said innocently, but plainly poked his heart.

Jiang Ning smiled, and couldn’t help touching Jiang Cheng’s round head: “Okay, sister waits.”

“Yeah,” Jiang Cheng replied heavily, and Jiang Cheng pushed his head up and gently rubbed Jiang Cheng. Ning’s palm.

These days, his sister is very indifferent to him, and he thought that his sister didn’t like him. But it turns out that my sister has always had him in her heart, otherwise she would not care about him, and promised to give him many natural ingredients to eat.

“Sister is really nice,” tilted his head, Jiang Cheng looked at Jiang Ning reliantly.

I don’t know if he recognizes this younger brother in his heart. For a while, Jiang Ning can see the word cute from this sallow, thin face.

Coughing uncomfortably, Jiang Ning drank the remaining vegetable soup in the bowl in one breath, and changed the subject: “It’s late, go and rest.”

“Oh,” Jiang Cheng is very obedient, although he still wants to spend more time with his sister. I stayed for a while, but still obediently said: “Then I will go to bed after I wash the pots and bowls, and my sister will go to bed early, good night.”

After speaking, he jogged out.

Looking at Jiang Cheng, whose back was full of happiness, the corner of Jiang Ning’s mouth bends unconsciously. Lying on the bed again, the pain in the internal organs has also alleviated a lot.

Actually, the world is pretty good too, isn’t it?

In addition to its effects on plants, wood abilities also have certain healing effects.

Under the dual effects of running abilities and natural ingredients over and over again, Jiang Ning could clearly feel the changes in this body-the pain that was already numb was easing day by day.

The sun began to sunset, and finally, when the fourth day came, the pain fell to a level that she could ignore.

At the moment, Jiang Ning could not wait to announce that he would go out of the safe area to mine.

This decision was well thought out. One is to better understand the world; the other is that she is short of money, very lacking.

After experiencing the rush to escape in the last days, what Jiang Ning thinks about most is the life of worry-free, leisurely life. But this new home is not only very poor, but also owes a lot of foreign debts.

Although the creditor has a good heart and didn’t come to the door to force the debt, he must be conscious of his life.

Moreover, this kind of cheap nutrient solution with stale vegetables, other people Jiang Ning did not know, but she was absolutely fed up with it, and she had to change what she said.

She has already drafted a plan and plans to buy seeds for planting after she has accumulated a certain amount of principal through mining. Given the value of natural ingredients in this world, what good life will be unsuccessful then?

Although the ideal is full, but the first step was blocked by Xiaodou Ding Jiangcheng.

“Sister, don’t go, your health is still not well, the doctor said you should take a good rest,” took Jiang Ning’s arm, Jiang Cheng responded with a great deal, “I can go pick vegetable leaves, it’s easy to pick, Xiao Cheng Don’t be afraid.”

These days, his sister has been holding him and not letting him go. Jiang Cheng has been anxious long ago, as if he had missed a hundred million.

Although the process of picking up the leaves was a little unpleasant, as long as you think about how to make your sister’s body recover as soon as possible, Jiang Cheng feels very happy and worthwhile.

“Give me peace of mind to stay at home. No 16 lanes are allowed.” Jiang Ning drew his arm out. Jiang Ning ordered, and then explained after a pause, “Sister’s body knows that she will not make fun of her body. Today is going out to explore. If you can’t take it anymore, Gan Ming Tie Ding will lie down at home with peace of mind.”


Jiang Cheng still wanted to object, but was forcibly interrupted before he could say anything. “It’s nothing, the sister is an adult. A little bit of an inch? You are still young, just obedient.”

After speaking, Jiang Ning went straight out of her small courtyard without giving Jiang Cheng a chance to speak again. She was going to find Hu Li.

There are only two buses in the entire 16 branch road, one of which is owned by Hu Li. The original owner used to go out to mine, and most of them sat in a huli car. Everyone moved together, and they also had a caring for each other.

“Naughty! Your body is the most important thing. When you are better, when can you not dig the mine?” As soon as Jiang Ning explained his intention, Hu Li frowned and solemnly refused.

After a while, I sighed and asked, “Is there a shortage of natural ingredients? There are too many people injured in the past few days, and no supplies are available. You can wait a few days. There is half a cabbage, I will ask your aunt to give it to you later.”

“Uncle, it’s not a matter of natural ingredients. I really feel that my health is much better, so I want to go out mining with the big guy,” see Hu Li Misunderstanding, Jiang Ning quickly explained, and also bounced twice to prove that what he said was true.

“How is this possible?” Hu Li’s eyes widened.

At that time, Jiang Ning was seriously ill and was the doctor he had hired, who knew exactly what was going on. How can the radiation that goes deep inside recover so quickly? Even if you take natural ingredients as a nutrient solution, you can’t do that at this speed.

Looking up and down Jiang Ning, Hu Li didn’t believe it intellectually, but he had to believe the facts. Looking at his face again, although he is not healthy and ruddy, he is definitely not hooked with paleness, at least mining is possible.

Although he couldn’t figure it out, Hu Li nodded and agreed: “If there is any discomfort then, say in advance, don’t hold on until the end is getting worse.”

“Uncle, I know, don’t worry,” Jiang Ning nodded and promised.

Soon, more and more people came, and the bus was filled up one by one, reaching the scheduled departure point.

The Nine Districts are located at the outermost periphery of the safe zone. Given their geographic location, they are outside the safe zone as long as they cross a zone.

Amid the roar of the bus, Jiang Ning felt the difference between the safe zone and the outside as soon as he exited the access door.

The sky is full of loess desertification, and some places are even barren and exposed to the surface. The scattered plants are even more bizarre, and the leaves on them are not the usual green or yellow, but similar to the dark black after the death of a poison.

Of course, the biggest and most serious difference is radiation concentration. Almost instantly, Jiang Ning’s body protested, and the internal organs spread pain from the inside to the outside

. Jiang Ning hurriedly accelerated the operation of the power. When the body pain was relieved, the bus had slowly stopped, and a group of people reached the mining area.

“A group of three, don’t divide each group too much, pay attention to always be vigilant, and report when encountering a dangerous communicator…” After

everyone got out of the car, Hu Li began to arrange in an orderly manner. He swept his eyes around, and finally stopped on Jiang Ning, “When you are with me, say it in time if your body can’t stand it.”

“Thank you, Uncle Hu.” Knowing that Hu Li is taking care of himself, Jiang Ning nodded and responded. , Walked behind him a few steps.

The mine is divided into four parts: outer, middle, inner and abyss. The further you go in, the higher the purity of the energy stone essence contained, but the risks that come with it also increase exponentially.

Jiang Ning and his party arrived at the periphery.

Among them, there are neither capable people nor powerful weapons and equipment, and even the relatively safe periphery is not easy.

After all, there is no shortage of the word’accident’ at all times. Just like last week, they encountered two second-level mutant dogs, and a team of people suffered heavy losses. If it weren’t for the powerful energy gun at the critical moment, they would have lost their lives.

Energy stones are wrapped in ore, and digging them out is not a simple task.

Jiang Ning has Hu Li on the left and Hu Shu on the right, separated by three to four meters. After quietly observing their movements and combining them with memory, Jiang Ning began to take out tools to mine.

Repeated percussion, dull and boring.

During the whole morning, over three hours, Jiang Ning dug out six primary energy stones, worth sixty credits. At noon, I drank a nutrient solution, rested for half an hour, and then resumed mining.

Just when Jiang Ning thought it would continue like this until the return journey, a panicked voice suddenly came from the communicator.

Hu Li moved very quickly, after distinguishing his direction, he rushed over with the energy gun in three or two strokes.

Hu Shu followed closely behind.

Jiang Ning thought for a while and followed along, otherwise she would be left here alone, who knows what she will encounter.

The two are not far apart, and they will be there in three or four minutes.

I saw that a dozen mutant chickens were flapping their wings and attacking people.

Different chickens are docile, and this mutant chicken that has experienced natural survival of the fittest is fierce. Sharp beaks, sharp claws, spouting muscles, and powerful wings all represent their great fighting power, and they are one of the most difficult species to deal with among the first-class alien beasts.

The group of three who was the first to be attacked by the mutant chicken, one of them was pecked out of a hole in the thigh, and the blood was dripping.

The radiation concentration outside the safe zone exceeds the standard. When there is a trauma, the radiation is easily absorbed into the body through the wound, which will cause great damage to the body.

In this short time, the flesh around the wound of the wounded has a faint blackening trend.

Jiang Ning took a look, and silently took out half of the leftover radish from his pocket and handed it over. This is what Jiang Chengsai had for her lunch before she left, but everyone drank the nutrient solution, and she didn’t want to specialize until now.

“Eh? Thanks,” the wounded was taken aback, and then smashed the radish unambiguously, dripping juice on the wound, and swallowing the scum.

The whole set of actions went smoothly, until it was over, Jiang Ning came back to his senses in a daze. Looking blankly at the empty pockets, her mind was complicated for a while, and she couldn’t believe that she had such an enthusiastic moment.

“Xiao Ning, be careful!”

Hu Shu’s reminder suddenly heard from his ears. As soon as Jiang Ning raised his eyes, he saw a mutant chicken pounce on her. Suddenly, his feet were faster than his brain, and he kicked it quickly when he lifted his legs.

The heart of the mutant chicken was all caught in the fragrance of the radish juice, and one of them was kicked innocently. Suddenly, flapping wings, groaning angrily at Jiang Ning.

Jiang Ning was not afraid of the zombies, how could he be afraid of the first-level mutant chickens, hesitated without hesitation, and rushed up with the dagger in the first place.

Unfortunately, she overestimated herself and underestimated the enemy, and she was at a disadvantage in one round.

Just roll over, avoiding the sharp claws of the mutant chicken. When it rushes forward again, Jiang Ning instinctively uses the ability to counterattack with the help of the plant at hand.

It’s just…

watching the helper·vines turn into ashes in a daze, Jiang Ning’s eyes widened, and the whole person’s three views split apart.

She just wanted to use vines to tie up the mutant chicken, how could she make her like a corpse powder? Oh, no, feeling the ability of not decreasing but increasing in his body, Jiang Ning even suspected it was the Dafa of Absorbing Stars.

“What’s going on during the battle? Don’t let it go,” Hu Li rushed over in time, and after the long knife forced back the mutant chicken’s attack, he turned around and reprimanded.

“Yes,” Jiang Ning received the training and returned his attention back to his eyes after taking back the shock from the bottom of his heart.

At this time, other teams also rushed over. Many people are powerful, and under the siege of the big guys, the mutant chicken flocks are quickly wiped out.

Seeing all the fallen mutant chickens, everyone looked at each other, and they were more joyful while they were relieved. A mutant chicken is worth a lot of credits, which is an extra bonus.

As for a vine not far away that most of it disappeared, no one noticed it, but Jiang Ning couldn’t help but look back at it twice.

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