I rely on Farming Chapter 4

Fearing that the bloody smell would attract other animals, the party didn’t dare to stay much longer. They packed up their things and prepared to go back.

Hu vegetable drove a bus and Hu Li checked the injury.

Except that the unlucky guy accidentally pecked a blood hole in his thigh and was seriously injured, the other three or four people were slightly injured.

“Apply it first,” Hu Li said habitually after taking a bottle of green ointment from his chest, “save some use.”

Green ointment is specially used in the field to prevent the intensification of wound radiation. The effect is beautiful, and the price is also beautiful. If Hu Li had a eldest son who works in a cultivation garden in District 7, he would not be able to afford this precious thing at all.

The injured are well behaved. Even if Hu Li was not around, he only gently wiped some ointment and applied it to the surface of the wound, even the unlucky guy with the most serious injury.

Jiang Ning watched silently.

For a moment, I felt very despicable and thought that these people would dig out a large lump of ointment to cover the wound without Hu Li’s eyes. After all, radiation is the biggest culprit of death in the world. In the face of life danger, human instinct is selfishness.

“Thank you. If it hadn’t been for your leg, I would have hurt more. Oh, by the way, I also want to thank you again for the radish.”

Treasure to put away the ointment, and slightly treated the wound, the unlucky Wanxin limped to Jiang Ning, “I used to see you thin and weak, but I didn’t expect it to be fierce.”

Although his strength was not good, WAN Xin didn’t care. He patted his chest proudly and said, “when mining in the future, you form a team with me. In case of danger, your brother will cover you.”

Jiang Ning: ”

Subconsciously aiming at Wan Xin’s injured thigh, Jiang Ning doesn’t know what to say. It’s really a team. It’s uncertain who is covering who.

“Cough, cough, it’s my carelessness this time. It will never happen again next time.” WAN Xin’s black face is red. He is rarely uncomfortable, but he calms down soon. “How’s my strength? You can ask others. You’ll never deceive you.”

Jiang Ning believed this.

They are all people of sixteen branches. Although they are not familiar with each other, they still have some basic understanding. Wan Xin is strong and famous in the mining team.

However, Jiang Ning thinks he is not bad. She prefers to occupy an equal or active role rather than being covered by others.

“Have a good cooperation next time,” Jiang Ning nodded without rejecting Wan Xin’s kindness, but deliberately increased the volume when talking about the word “cooperation”.

Uncle Hu and his son are good. If you can choose, Jiang Ning naturally wants to form a team with them. But she knew better that Hu Li took extra care of her because she was in poor health. Next time, it might be someone else.

“De? You’re really a fierce girl. Your appearance is too deceptive,” WAN Xin was not stupid. Naturally, he understood the implied meaning of Jiang Ning’s words and immediately smiled more vividly.

For people like them who live outside the security zone, dependence is the most important. Even if their strength is weak, they have to have a strong heart. Originally, WAN Xin invited people with a grateful attitude, but now he really had the idea of deep friendship.

Jiang Ning smiles.

It’s not just what you say, but what you do. When they form a team, she believes there will be more opportunities to get to know each other.

In the familiar roar, Hu vegetable came in a bus, and then the party got on the bus under the command of Hu Li.

As the bus started again, it was farther and farther away from the mining area, and there was only one black spot left in the end.

The tense atmosphere seemed to open a gap. Everyone felt relaxed and began to discuss the harvest of the trip.

The market price of mutant chickens is about 150 credit points, and 11 are more than 1600 credit points. Although it doesn’t spread much on everyone’s head, as long as you think it’s exotic, it’s as happy as picking it up in vain.

There is a special exotic animal acquisition point near the entrance of the safety zone, and the price given is also fair. When the bus passed, Hu Li got off with two people and came up again. All three looked good.

“The boss’s son detected that he was capable. Today, the store was very happy. Our goods not only didn’t wipe the odd part, but also added 1700 credit points,” Hu Li’s steady voice with lightness and irrecoverable envy.

Capable person!

When one awakens to power, it is to ascend to heaven step by step.

Not only can they directly enter the Preparatory School of zone 1, but those with excellent performance can also be admitted by the major military academies of the central star. At that time, it will really start a completely different life.

“Uncle Hu, how and where should those with ability be tested?” Jiang Ning asked curiously.

There is little information about the capable person in memory.

Of course, this is also related to those who do not have much ability in District 9. Like their sixteen branches, there is none. Hu Li’s eldest son Hu Guo has three points of planting talent, so he is already a promising person in their field. What’s more, I don’t dare to think about it.

“Oh, let’s not think about it. The one-time test fee is 5000 credit points. If you don’t eat or drink, what’s the income for two months? What’s wrong with that money?” WAN Xin next to him patted Jiang Ning on the shoulder.

When he was a child, he also felt that he was gifted and different from ordinary people, but he was much beaten by the society, so he slowly accepted the reality. Those capable people, ah, are gorgeous dreams, which are beyond expectation. As people in the lower District, they still live better with their feet on the ground.

Hu Li didn’t answer Jiang Ning’s question.

The dream of capable people is very beautiful, but it is poisonous. It is easy to disturb people’s hearts. It is regarded as a spiritual sustenance, followed by impracticality.

Following Wan Xin’s words, Hu Li turned the topic and said, “well, don’t be idle. Come and discuss how to distribute it. We’re almost at the door.”

At any time, distribution is a major event, which can mobilize everyone’s emotions.

In an instant, the ripples just brought by the capable person dissipated quickly. No one continued to wonder except Jiang Ning.

These are too far away from them, far from the credit points in their hands.

Hu Li had great prestige in the sixteen branch road. He distributed the credit points obtained from selling mutant chickens in two or three times.

In addition to the extra subsidies for the injured according to the condition of the injury, the rest are distributed according to their work – whoever gives more power and kills more mutant chickens will have more credit points.

Jiang Ning was lucky to participate in the distribution because of his kick out, and got ten credit points.

It doesn’t sound like an attractive figure, but I’m very happy to think that I can dig out a primary energy stone after working hard for less than half an hour, that is, it’s worth ten credit points.

When I got home, it was still early.

As soon as he entered the yard, he saw Jiang Cheng sweeping with a broom. The little man is not much higher than the broom, and his little face is sweating, which makes people feel sad.

Seeing Jiang Ning, Jiang Cheng brightened his eyes, put down his broom and trotted over, “sister!”

The voice was clear and crisp, with attachment. Jiang Ning heard a trace of sweetness. Because of the high concentration of radiation outside the safety zone, the heavy body seemed to be much lighter, and the arm that was sour when knocking the ore was strong again.

“Sister, are you thirsty? I’ll pour you water. And are you hungry? I’ll cook vegetable soup. Today, aunt Hu sent half a cabbage.” she looked up and down to make sure that her sister was still in good health. Jiang Cheng instantly turned into a hardworking little bee and began to be busy.

Jiang Ning didn’t stop and watched quietly.

She has seen many bear children how to be a bear. Then she compares Jiang Cheng. She just thinks how to look and how clever it is. People can’t help but like it.

Dinner is still an old-fashioned mix of nutrients and vegetables.

After eating a piece of vegetables and sandwiching the second piece, Jiang Ning paused and suddenly said to Jiang Cheng, “come on, open your mouth.”

“Hmm?” Jiang Cheng opened his eyes, stopped his sight on the chopsticks in front of him, and turned to Jiang Ning in doubt.

“Open your mouth!” Jiang Ning repeated.

After knowing what Jiang Ning meant, Jiang Cheng quickly shook his head, “natural vegetables are for his sister’s body. Xiao Cheng doesn’t eat. Xiao Cheng’s body is good. It’s enough to drink nutrients.”

“Where’s so much nonsense? Just open your mouth. Hurry up. If you don’t obey, your sister will be angry,” Jiang Ning said fiercely.

Jiang Cheng was still unwilling. He wanted to twist the beginning, but Jiang Ning glared and opened his mouth in an instant.

Different from the taste of nutrients, Jiang Cheng half narrowed his eyes as soon as he tasted it.

Since his parents were accidentally injured and left, his sister fell ill one after another. Jiang Cheng hasn’t tasted natural vegetables for two or three months.

Although there is no need to go out of the safety zone, there is also low concentration radiation in the safety zone. In order not to affect the body, research shows that everyone should eat natural ingredients at least once every half month.

The long repressed body instinctively craved natural vegetables. Jiang Cheng swallowed them directly without chewing twice.

When the reaction came, the little face was embarrassed and looked at Jiang Ning angrily. Afraid that his sister would let him eat natural vegetables again, he hurried out.

Leaning against the outside wall, Jiang Cheng patted his face. While regretting that he had eaten his sister’s natural vegetables, he was happy that his sister gave him the natural vegetables. It’s nice of her.

Jiang Ning shook her head and smiled softly.

I can’t help thinking of Jiang Cheng’s mouth watering look at the natural vegetables when he first came. When he was distressed, he felt how cute he was.

It seems that the top priority is to step up the speed to make money.

Only with money in hand can we live more freely and raise such a lovely brother. We can eat whatever we want.

After calculating today’s income, eleven primary energy stones and ten credit points for mutant chickens, Jiang Ning sighed and felt that there was a heavy task and a long way to go.

However, thinking of smashing the disappeared vines and increasing the power without decreasing, there was more meditation in the bottom of my eyes.

Although I don’t know what caused it, it has disadvantages and advantages. At least I found a way to improve my ability.

I just don’t know how to divide the capable people in this world. Can she count like this?


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