I rely on Farming Chapter 5

Whether or not, it is far away from her now. At present, the most important thing is to improve the quality of life.

The next day, Jiang Ning continued to punch in the mining business.

When forming a team freely, as she guessed, Hu Li chose the team member who had just recovered from being bitten by a mutant dog. Jiang Ning had already prepared, and there was nothing to lose at this time. He naturally integrated into Wanxin’s group.

“Are you okay with your leg injury?” Jiang Ning asked. With the amount of blood she bled yesterday, she thought the other party would rest for a day or two.

“This injury is nothing. There have been more serious injuries before,” waved Wan Xin carelessly.

“Jiang Ning, right? My name is Tang Jin,” a tall, thin man nearby suddenly answered.

He didn’t dig with the team yesterday. This is the first time he officially said hello to Jiang Ning. “Don’t listen to him. I don’t know who made the wolf howl last evening. It made people around think something had happened.”

When his face was uncovered, WAN Xin kicked Tang Jin angrily. “Asshole, you don’t talk. No one treats you as a mute.”

“Long mouth doesn’t speak, just like you. Do you know how to eat?” avoiding Wan Xin’s legs, Tang Jin turned to Jiang Ning and said, “go and dig. I know that the hardness of the ore at several points is relatively low. Let’s dig there.”

“Thanks,” the hardness is low, which means that the efficiency can be improved. The first time he formed a team, the other party selflessly said such a shortcut. Jiang Ning was very grateful.

“Thank you, everyone is a teammate.” listening to Wanxin means that he wants to form a team for a long time. Although Tang Jin doesn’t know Jiang Ning, he will not be stingy with Wanxin’s vision.

After a long time of contact, Jiang Ning did not continue to be polite, and the three began to look for and mine.

Knocking and grinding again and again is very boring. Jiang Ning doesn’t know that his mind is scattered. Seeing the inky saplings growing in the cracks, I couldn’t help but stretch out my hand and mobilize my powers.

In an instant, like the vines of yesterday, the saplings began to turn into ashes inch by inch from the contact. Then, as if absorbed something, the amount of power in the body increased slightly.

Even if there was an experience, Jiang Ning was still surprised. Subconsciously looked left and right and saw that Wan Xin and Tang Jin were concentrating on mining.

However, he carefully did not try again, but drew his attention back to the mining industry.

For five days in a row, Jiang Ning’s hands were almost wasted, and he finally saved about 700 credit points.

She decided to take a day off, buy seeds in division 01, and then try planting.

Although there is the harmony of powers, this body is still very weak and needs the long-term nourishment of natural ingredients. With her mining with the team, she acquiesced that her body was improving and recovering, and the previous assistance from Zhidao, aunt Hu and others stopped.

Jiang Ning didn’t feel pity. Everyone tightened their belts to live. No one is easier than anyone. It really makes her so grateful all the time.

It’s rare to sleep in. Jiang Ning is refreshed. When he came out of the room, he was in a better mood after watching the clean room and listening to Jiang Cheng’s chirping sister.

“Elder sister went shopping in division 01. Do you want to join us?” Jiang Ning asked when she was about to leave.

Children have jobs in their eyes. They often take the initiative to help their neighbors after they finish their own work. Compared with the little princess and Emperor held in the palm of a family in the past, Jiang Ning only felt distressed.

Such a sensible and clever brother deserves the best. She has limited ability and can’t provide extra, but it’s OK to take people to relax a little.

“Go to division 01?” Jiang Cheng opened his eyes and bright black eyes. “What you want to go, what you want to go, my sister is very nice.”

“Flatterer, wouldn’t it be better not to take you?” ordered Jiang Cheng’s round head, and Jiang Ning smiled and stared.

“All right, sister. Anyway, she is the best in the world.” let Jiang Ning nod her head and Jiang Cheng is very clever. “Sister, let’s go quickly. Oh, by the way, I have to tell Aunt Qian that I can’t help her frame today.”

“Pressure frame?”

“Well, aunt Qian is weaving a frame with rattan these days. I’ll press it. She can go up a lot faster.”

“Is that tired?”

“I’m not tired,” Jiang Cheng shook his head. “Aunt Qian is so powerful that I can make whatever shape of frame I want. I’m a little stupid. Aunt Qian taught me several times and still didn’t learn.”

“What’s the matter? My sister can’t do it. Do you think my sister is stupid? Some people specialize in art. Some people are good at this and others are good at that. You’re just not good at framing. Even uncle Hu and brother Hu have many things they’re not good at. Xiao Cheng can focus on what he’s good at in the future.”

“Really?” Hu Li and Hu vegetable were the most powerful people in Jiang Cheng’s eyes. Just thinking about it, some lost hearts jumped again.

“Of course it’s true. When did my sister cheat you?” Jiang Ning pretended not to have a good airway.

“Hee hee,” Jiang chengsec counseled and giggled.

From zone 08 to zone 01, there are two modes of transportation: Express direct and bus transfer. Jiang Ning’s pocket is clean except for the 700 credit points earned by mining. Naturally, he is reluctant to give up this additional expenditure.

Standing in the crowded and smelling bus compartment, Jiang Ning looked down at Jiang Cheng next to him. It was hard to imagine how he spent his time on the road last time.

A corner of his heart was soft to prevent Jiang Cheng from being squeezed by others. Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and half hugged it and took it to his side.

It seemed that Jiang Cheng raised his head and smiled sweetly. That smile could melt all the cold in an instant.

Suddenly, Jiang Ning felt that everything around him became tolerable.

It was two hours after they got off the third bus. After taking a big breath of fresh air for several times, Jiang Ning began to look at zone 01.

Although it is located in the same nine districts, division 01 is more lively and prosperous than division 08.

“Sister, what do you want to buy? Xiaocheng will show you the way,” Jiang Cheng asked after looking around.

“Do you know the way?” Jiang Ning didn’t believe it. In my memory, whether it is the original owner or Jiang Cheng, there are only a few times to zone 01.

“Er,” Jiang Cheng blushed and unconsciously pointed his hands at his fingers, “Xiao Cheng can ask people. No matter where his sister goes, she can ask the way.”

He couldn’t help smiling. Jiang Ning nodded, “OK, let Xiaocheng lead his sister today. My sister is going to buy the seeds of natural fruits and vegetables.”

Children also need opportunities to show themselves, so that they can have a greater sense of participation and pride.

Sure enough, hearing this, Jiang Cheng’s eyes lit up a few degrees. After a meeting, he scratched his head and asked suspiciously, “seeds? Does my sister want to plant them? But there is no plantation in our family, and only a planter can plant them.”

Natural ingredients are expensive, not only because they are the only way to treat radiation, but also because of the high cost. Whether it is the lease of the cultivation garden, or seeds and labor, it is not cheap.

“My sister knows. Don’t worry.”

Jiang Ning is very confident in her wood power. What she can live and stand on in the last world is her power.

Of course, in this situation, she doesn’t know what she can do except planting. Why can’t you dig a mine all your life? For only five days, she has been holding on for a lifetime? Just think about Jiang Ning and tremble.

“Oh, let’s go to the office of the planting Association. There are seed sellers across from the natural fruit and vegetable store. I remember the road last time I went.”

Jiang Cheng frowned, but looking at his sister’s happy and confident appearance when talking about planting, he didn’t object. Try it. Maybe my sister can plant it. Even if she can’t, it doesn’t matter.

Jiang Cheng had a good memory. He hardly asked anyone, so he took Jiang Ning to the office of the planting Association.

“Sister, that’s it. It can buy seeds.” looking at the building more beautiful than the natural fruit and vegetable store opposite, Jiang Cheng unconsciously stopped and his voice dropped.

Jiang Ning looked up, took Jiang Cheng and prepared to go in. “We’re not afraid. We’re here to buy things. We’re customers.”

“I’m not afraid,” said Jiang Cheng in a louder voice, holding Jiang Ning nervously in his small hand.

I know how to save face. Jiang Ning looked down and didn’t say more.

Compared with the people coming and going in the natural fruit and vegetable store opposite, it is a little cold here. There are only five or six staff, but it looks very tall.

The whole space is divided into three parts: seed display area, seedling display area and rest area occupying many areas.

Looking around for a week, Jiang Ning went straight to the seed area. Just as he approached, he was stopped by the staff nearby: “Hello, no people are allowed to watch here.”

The speaker’s tone is very polite, but the content and look on his face are not the same, with high contempt.

“We’re here to buy seeds, not idle people,” said Jiang Ning, who was just about to open his mouth. Jiang Cheng, who had been snuggling up to her side, suddenly stood up and opened his hands to block the front.

Is she protected by a child? Jiang Ning is a little stunned. This feeling is… Strange, but damn charming.

“Buy seeds?” the staff spoke slowly and looked up and down at the two people. “What seeds can you buy? We sell at least ten seeds here, with a cheap 50 credit points. There is no upper limit for the price. There are hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of seeds. You…”

I didn’t say enough, but I expressed my meaning ten percent.

Jiang Cheng quickly calculated the credit point with his head and melon seeds. For a moment, he was at a loss. His small body firmly clubbed in front of him.

“Hum, this is your attitude to open the door and do business?” he rubbed Jiang Cheng’s round head, and Jiang Ning pulled people back to him. “We dare to enter the store. That credit point must be enough. I’m afraid you don’t have the seeds we are satisfied with. That’s bad.”

“What a big breath, we…”

Before the staff finished, Jiang Ning strongly interrupted, “I’m not interested in your history. Just sell the seeds. Introduce your seeds to me. Well, start with the most expensive one.”


“Why? You don’t need pre job training? Or you can’t? The recruitment standard of the planting association is too low. If the staff of this planting Association Office in our ninth district are not professional, it doesn’t delay the planting industry in the whole ninth district. What’s the job number? It affects the major events in the whole district, and everyone has the responsibility to reflect upward.”

“You…” the staff was mad, but they had to admit the tough attitude of Shang Jiang Ning and the hidden threat in his words and introduce them obediently.

Although Jiang Ning fought back, he did want to know more about the seeds of the world and listened very carefully.


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