I rely on Farming Chapter 6

From high price seeds to medium and high price to medium price, the staff held their breath and gritted their teeth to introduce them one by one.

Jiang Ning nodded, asked questions and meditated sometimes. He could not see the lack of knowledge and small family spirit in the lower area. On the contrary, his poor clothes had a layer of texture.

At first, another staff member on the sidelines wanted to laugh at Jiang Ning’s ignorance, but when he listened, his face turned white and hurried back.

Be obedient and listen. From these questions, we can see that they know a lot about natural plants, and even some angles they don’t know after professional training.

What does that mean?

It means that nine times out of ten the other party is a planter, and the level is not low. To say the least, if not, it’s also very close to the planter, otherwise I wouldn’t know so much.

Although I don’t understand why this person should go out in a stall, there are many people with quirks in this world. Who knows what they think, just know not to offend.

Their profession bluffs those outsiders who don’t know anything. In fact, in the planting Association, it is equivalent to doing chores at the bottom. A word from the growers can determine their future.

The staff member who faced Jiang Ning knew later and finally reacted. Suddenly, a cold sweat came out. If you want more good sleep, you will have more good sleep. You don’t dare to neglect it any more.

Jiang Ning didn’t pay attention to the change of other people’s attitudes. He got the news he wanted. He knew that the plant species in the world were similar to what he knew. He was in a good mood at the same time.

However, a seed of 50 credit points is still too expensive, which greatly exceeds her budget.

“Thank you for your hospitality. These seeds are still not full enough. I hope they will be better next time,” said Jiang Ning. Jiang Ning calmly took Jiang Cheng and prepared to leave.

The staff quietly breathed a sigh of relief and wished Jiang Ning could leave immediately. As for those who ridicule each other that they can’t afford anything, they dare not think about it. Who doesn’t know that all the planters are rich.

“Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute…”

As soon as she walked out of the office of the planting Association, a voice came from behind. Jiang Ning looked back and saw a pudgy young man running towards her.

“Hello, my name is Jia Jincheng. Is that the planter? I just rented a plantation and want to ask a planter for technical guidance. Do you have time?” Jia Jincheng said quickly.

“Hmm?” he looked up and down at the man in front of him. Jiang Ning was moved by each other’s proposal. This technology is more promising and economical than mining.

However, after hesitation and hesitation, Jiang Ning firmly refused: “sorry, I have other arrangements next, I’m afraid I can’t spare my free time.”

“Eh?” Jia Jincheng didn’t expect that the other party would refuse. He looked vaguely on Jiang Cheng’s sleeve, which was about to grind out the thread, and soon spoke freely. “When the master is free, you can contact me at any time. We’ve always been short of growers, and it’s easy to say what treatment. This is my business card.”

Silver gilt shading card, you can see that it is not short of money.

In line with the idea of knowing more people and finding more ways, Jiang Ning didn’t refuse this time. He took the card and said, “thank you for your kindness. If I’m free, I’ll contact you.”

“I hope to have a chance to cooperate,” Jia Jincheng bowed slightly and made a gesture of leaving.

Jiang Ning smiled and nodded, looking at each other’s back. After a meeting, he bowed his head and said to Jiang Cheng, “let’s go and buy some natural vegetables across the street.”

“Don’t you buy seeds?” Jiang Cheng was stunned. He didn’t come back until this time. Then, the worship in his eyes almost blinded people, “sister, you’re great. The clerk was afraid of you just now.”

Although I don’t know why the clerk’s attitude is different, it doesn’t prevent Jiang Cheng from reaching a conclusion that his sister is the most powerful.

Jiang Ning was seen floating, touched Jiang Cheng’s round head, and didn’t explain that the other party was frightened by the content of his brain supplement.

In this world, growers have a high status. Especially in the planting Association, it is completely at the top of the food chain and can crush most non growers.

While talking, they went to the natural fruit and vegetable store opposite.

Jiang Cheng put away his star eyes, pulled Jiang Ning and whispered, “sister, there is an uncle here who is very fierce, very fierce, but we will be fine if we ignore him.”

Jiang Ning was afraid of his last experience, but when he thought of his sister, he had a lot of courage.

“They bully you?” Jiang Ning’s voice was unknowingly cold. As she got along, she became more and more like a sister.

“No,” Jiang Cheng subconsciously shook his head and said again when his sister didn’t believe it. “There’s an uncle. He looks fierce, but he secretly reminds Xiao Cheng.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Cheng suddenly remembered Jiang Zhao.

She pursed her lips and looked at the alley on the other side. Until I saw nothing, I looked back disappointed.

At this point, it is still a long time before the damaged natural fruits and vegetables are treated. Jiang Zhao should not have come yet. The last time he agreed to meet the next day, he broke the appointment. He didn’t know whether the other party was still angry. Jiang Cheng was a little distressed.

“What do you think? Don’t be afraid if you have a sister,” Jiang Ning said. Jiang Ning encouraged Jiang Cheng and began to look at the fruit and vegetable store.

As the only natural food store in the whole nine districts, there must be enough noodles. It not only covers a large area, but also has a very rich variety. If Jiang Ning hadn’t been firm enough, he would have thought he was going back to the supermarket selling area before the end of the world.

With only 700 credit points in hand, Jiang Ning had to reserve some to buy nutrients. Jiang Ning glanced at the price card with a clear purpose to go to the area where she could afford to spend.

Three hundred credit points for a Chinese cabbage, two hundred and fifty credit points for a catty of small vegetables, and one hundred credit points for a carrot

Looking at the three digit starting prices in the cheapest areas, Jiang Ning once again deeply realized the high cost of natural fruits and vegetables in the world. It’s no wonder that every time Jiang Cheng cooks, he measures one leaf and one leaf. Ordinary people can’t stand the price.

“Sister, it’s cheap to buy over there,” Jiang Cheng said, pointing to the other side when he saw that Jiang Ning was going to buy a boutique area.

Jiang Ning looked sideways and shook his head. “Sister, there are other intentions to buy this one. I’ll tell you when I get back.”

Seeds can’t be bought for the time being, but there is not only one way to plant seeds. You can also use waste vegetable roots for regeneration.

Vegetables such as cabbage, celery, leek and carrot can use their roots to cultivate new plants. In this way, we can not only get natural ingredients, but also save seed money, and kill two birds with one stone.

Although he didn’t know what the intention was, Jiang Cheng trusted his sister unconditionally and didn’t object when he heard the speech.

Carefully selected a cabbage and two carrots, and then came out, 500 credit points were gone. Jiang Ning is a little distressed, but these are necessities that he can’t save if he wants to.

There are also nutrients that can’t be saved. After spending 150 credit points to buy 30, Jiang Ning has only 44 credit points left. That’s it. I’ll have to deduct another six credit points for taking the bus later.

Looking at the empty pocket, Jiang Ning has a rare headache for money. She has never been so poor!

Originally, I planned to take Jiang Chengduo to zone 01. Now? What mood is there? I just want to go back quickly.

Xu Shi felt that he was too poor. Out of compensation psychology, Jiang Ning picked up the whole cabbage as soon as he got home, and then fried it with nutrition focusing on taste.

Not to mention, the natural vegetables in the boutique area are different from those at the next level. The taste is sweet and crisp, which makes people want to eat a second bite after one bite.

After waving, Jiang Ning asked Jiang Cheng to come forward, “come on, taste it and see how it tastes.”

Cabbage has enough weight. One fried cabbage can have a whole plate. Looking at the crystal clear vegetable leaves, Jiang Cheng couldn’t help but open his mouth and took over his sister’s feeding.

“Oh, eat well,” said Jiang Cheng, with one mouthful of chewing, staring in disbelief.

His eyes were slightly moist and he really cried because he was so big that he had never eaten such delicious natural vegetables, which were 100 times better than boiled vegetables.

Jiang Ning was angry and smiling at once. He took out his bowl and pulled out half of it. “Look at your promise. A plate of fried cabbage will taste like this. If you encounter more delicious food in the future, do you have to flood the golden mountain?”

“That’s delicious,” Jiang Cheng said in a small voice, embarrassed.

Seeing that his sister was going to give him the allocated cabbage, Jiang Cheng hurriedly carried his hands behind him and shook his head quickly, “Xiao Cheng can eat one mouthful and taste the taste. The rest of his sister will eat, and his sister will have to raise her body.”

“Let you eat it, and we will have more cabbage in the future. We don’t lack this,” Jiang Ning firmly stuffed the dishes and chopsticks into Jiang Cheng’s hand, and Jiang Ning pointed to the vegetable root next to him. “See this? My sister will plant it later, and new vegetable leaves will grow in a few days.”

“Ha?” Jiang Cheng didn’t know how to react. Even if it believes in her sister unconditionally, it’s ridiculous and absurd.

Although he is not a planter and has no planting talent, he still has basic knowledge. If you can grow cabbage in this way, the whole 16 channels, oh no, the whole star should do so.

Jiang Ning didn’t explain much. No amount of explanation is as convincing as what he saw with his own eyes.

After eating fried cabbage, Jiang Ning took out a shallow bowl, poured in a small amount of water, and then put in the vegetable roots conditioned by power.

“That’s all right?” Jiang Cheng’s attention never left Jiang Ning. Seeing that he even put bowls and vegetable roots on the windowsill, he couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Well, come on,” Jiang Ning thought as he returned. Later, he had to change his aunt Qian to help make up some planting frames, which would be more convenient in the future.

And soil. We have to dig some soil back.

The yard at home is quite large and can be used at this stage.


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