I rely on Farming Chapter 7

On this thought, Jiang Ning suddenly felt that some were busy next.

In fact, it is true that even with the help of powers, farming has never been a light matter.

However, these are future arrangements. You can take your time one by one. Now, it’s getting dark. What the tired body needs more is rest.

Interrupting Jiang Cheng’s question that he might have to ask about the exit, Jiang Ning pinched his cheek and said, “go and have a rest. I have to help my sister tomorrow. In the future, you will be a small laborer at home.”

“If anything happens to my sister, just leave it to Xiaocheng. Xiaocheng will try his best,” Jiang Cheng was immediately taken away. The eyes are bright, the feeling of being needed and valued is great, and the whole body is full of power.

“OK, then you can’t complain, be tired or be lazy,” Jiang Ning smiled.

“Xiaocheng won’t be lazy. Aunt Hu said Xiaocheng is the most diligent and the most popular child in the branch road.”

It’s really popular! Even she, a person who doesn’t like children, unconsciously accepted and recognized it. Jiang Ning nodded, “then go to have a rest as soon as possible, and my sister will have a rest.”

“Well, good night, sister,” tooted his mouth. Jiang Cheng was very considerate and clever.

This night, Jiang Ning slept soundly and had a beautiful dream.

In her dream, she became the owner of the big manor. She planted fruits and vegetables on a large area of barren land around the ninth district. Everyone can eat whatever they want, and they don’t have to risk their lives to go out of the safety zone to mine.

When he woke up, Jiang Ning had some aftertaste and some loss.

There are so many fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables. In her dream, she just watched Jiang Cheng eat and lose one. She didn’t have time to eat one, so she lost it, all of it.

He stayed in bed for a while, and Jiang Chengcai got up.

Just out of the door, I heard Jiang Cheng’s cheerful voice, “sister, the vegetable roots really grow leaf buds, really grow.”

Jiang Cheng was so excited that he couldn’t help himself. If he didn’t know that his sister was sleeping, he would rush in at the moment of discovery.

His wife was really surprised. He didn’t expect what his sister said to come true, and the effect was so immediate. Thinking of the vegetable roots eaten during this period of time, I was very upset. What a waste.

“Sister, why didn’t you tell us earlier, so that we can eat more Chinese cabbage,” Jiang Cheng couldn’t help but suck and slip away when he recalled the fried Chinese cabbage last night.

“Quite greedy, you,” Jiang Ning pinched Jiang Cheng’s face angrily.

She would say that she just thought of it yesterday. Previously, she was fixed in her mind and planned how to save money to buy seeds.

Jiang Cheng giggled and pulled Jiang Ning’s hand, “sister, let’s go to see the vegetable roots. The new leaf buds grow very energetic, green and beautiful.”

The vegetable root is placed on the windowsill of the kitchen room, a few steps away, and it will arrive soon.

Looking at the new leaves with head, long fingers and rolled together in the middle, Jiang Ning flashed a trace of surprise in her eyes, which grew much faster than she expected. According to this trend, she can grow into a normal head in two or three days and can eat.

Although I don’t know why the power effect has such a big deviation, the result is obviously good. Jiang Ning doesn’t bother to spend time to tangle, but carefully observes the vegetable roots in front of him.

The roots below have been very dense. In order to grow better, this time is actually more suitable for transplanting into the soil. However, Jiang Ning’s eyes swept in every corner, and he didn’t find a utensil that could replace the flowerpot for a time.

“Xiao Cheng, I have some pictures. You’ll ask aunt Qian to frame them according to the drawings and try to make them as dense as possible. I’ll give them when sister Gong Qian comes back,” Jiang Ning thought.

“Hmm? OK,” Jiang Cheng was stunned and nodded.

Then he asked expectantly, “sister, you haven’t said whether the newly grown leaf buds are very energetic and beautiful.”

Also thinking about her evaluation, Jiang Ning shook his head reluctantly and agreed, “it’s very green and beautiful.”

“Hee hee, it was planted by my sister. My sister is really powerful.” I looked at Jiang Ning admiringly. Jiang Cheng’s excitement hasn’t slowed down yet. “Sister, if you can plant, is that a grower?”

Jiang Cheng’s specific concept of the planter is very vague. He knows that he can grow natural crops. He is a very powerful and powerful person. In his eyes, his sister met both. It must be the planter.


This is too far away from the original owner’s life, and the information that Xingwang can find is also limited. Jiang Ning doesn’t know how the planter in this world grows it or whether he uses his powers like her.

“My sister can grow vegetables. Don’t talk about it for the time being. Wait until she says when she can say it, you know?” Jiang Ning quickly reminded me that children like to show off.

“Ah? Can’t Aunt Hu, aunt Qian and aunt Wei say it?” Jiang Cheng flattened his mouth. He also wanted to tell everyone this way, so that everyone can eat Chinese cabbage.

“No,” Jiang Ning refused without thinking. “Don’t tell anyone!”

Although the neighbors are very kind and take good care of their siblings, Jiang Ning doesn’t want to have a heart test before he has no self-protection ability.

“Sister knows what Xiaocheng thinks and always remembers aunt Hu’s help to us, but planting is a big thing. If others know that sister will plant, they will do bad things to us.”

“No, if someone dares to do bad things, uncle Hu will catch them and beat them, just like last time.”

Still a child.

Jiang Ning didn’t dislike the trouble and patiently explained, “but what if the bad guys are more powerful than uncle Hu? If you tell others and others tell others, many people will know and can’t keep the secret. Then there will be bad guys coming to trouble my sister.”

The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.

If she is the only one who has succeeded in planting, how can people be calm? I don’t know. I think she hides and tucks in, and deliberately doesn’t say it all.

Unless she can prove to be a grower. Only the things planted by the planter are natural and unobtrusive, and no one wants to compete.

On this thought, Jiang Ning was more eager to know what was going on with the growers in the world. Why can’t everyone plant crops, only through the hands of the planter? Can she pretend to be a grower without being found?

“Why should bad people be so bad? Can’t they stop doing bad things?” Jiang Cheng was depressed. “Then we have to be so sneaky all the time. It’s hard.”

“Of course not. I’ll think of a way first. I’m sure it won’t go on like this all the time,” Jiang Ning said.

Really, Jiang Ning couldn’t stand it first. Her goal is to enjoy life, not to be enjoyed by life, and then live a lifetime.

“Well, Xiao Cheng didn’t say anything about it. Sister, hurry up and think of a way first.” the excitement dropped by half. Jiang Cheng hung his little head and looked sad.

“Well,” he rubbed Jiang Cheng’s head, and Jiang Ning bit open a nutrient solution and drank it up. “That sister will go mining first. You’ll be good at home.”

“Xiao Cheng knows, my sister can rest assured.”

Nodded, and there was really nothing to worry about. Jiang Ning went back to his room to clean up and went out.

By the time we got to the assembly point, most of them had almost arrived. Wan Xin saw her and waved his hand greatly. “Why is it so late today?”

“I went to division 01 yesterday. I was very excited.”

He replied vaguely. Jiang Ning then asked tentatively, “do you know how to become a planter? I saw a planter recruiting a planter at a high price yesterday. You said it would be nice if we could become a planter.”

“Why are you thinking about capable people? Those are far away from us. Don’t you think it’s a sin for yourself? People’s aptitude and talent are destined to be good. It’s useless to think more.”

Competent person? Jiang Ning raised his eyes. It seems that the planter and the capable are inclusive.

“How can this man recruit a planter in the ninth district?” Tang Jin said suspiciously. “They have become planters. Who still stays in the ninth district? At least they have to go to the third district.”

Why is there only one natural fruit and vegetable store in the whole nine districts? In the final analysis, it is not poor and can’t keep the growers. Only the planting association with a large business and no shortage of growers can be controlled.

“Who knows, I passed by and listened to it. I don’t know the details,” Jiang Ning shook his head and pulled back to the topic again. “Brother Tang, do you know what performance characteristics capable people have? My brother and I haven’t tested yet.”

Not only Jiang Ning’s sister and brother, in fact, most of the 16 roads have not been tested.

The proportion of capable people is too low, and there may not be one in 10000 people, and the detection fee of 5000 credit points is not a light expenditure for them. Over time, fewer and fewer people want to test.

“They have keen senses and excellent physique. It is said that people with ability can feel that they are different from ordinary people without testing. Specifically, you can wait for Hugo to come back and ask him. He should know more.” for the sake of peace of mind, the discussion section on people with ability on the star online is not open to ordinary people. Hu Guo, as a gifted person, although his talent level is not high, he is also different from ordinary people, so he has the qualification to be admitted.

“OK,” Jiang Ning didn’t ask any more questions, knowing that he couldn’t find more information.

“Shit, you don’t really want to test. What about 5000 credit points? You want to drift like this?” it’s not Wan Xin who underestimates Jiang Ning. It’s really that the other party’s physique and ability are too far away.

“Tang Jin, it’s true that you know she has such a mind. How can you say so much.” there is hope before there is disappointment. Thinking of Jiang Ning’s loss of money and disillusionment of his dream, WAN Xin has a big head.

“Instead of thinking about it all the time, it’s better to get to the point and make it clear,” Tang Jin disagreed with Wan Xin’s psychology of escape.


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