I rely on Farming Chapter 8

“Brother Wan, thank you, but if I have a chance, I still want to test it and let myself completely die.” Jiang Ning’s family knows their own affairs and is destined to live up to WAN Xin’s kindness.


Wan Xin shook his head and wanted to say something more, but he only frowned to express his disapproval.

The three talked without deliberately avoiding people. When they returned from mining one day, the big guys almost knew Jiang Ning’s idea, and even Hu Li heard it.

Wan Xin had hoped that Hu Li would persuade people. As a result, Hu Li did not express any additional opinions on this.

Over the years, he has seen many young people clamoring for testing, but 99% of them have loud thunder and little rain.

Five thousand credit points is not a small amount. Even if it is smooth and profitable, it will take a year or two to save it.

And in two years, what impulse can’t calm down? Even if the idea still hasn’t changed at that time, will you be willing to take out your hard two-year savings for an ethereal and almost impossible result?

If the answer is yes at that stage, there is no need for others to bother. Everyone has his own ideas. Others should respect them instead of blindly opposing them.

Waving, Jiang Ning said goodbye to the crowd and walked home with more than ten energy stones.

When I passed by Aunt Qian’s house, I happened to be seen by the busy aunt Qian in the yard. She hurriedly chased me out and said, “I thought I’d send it later when I’m free. Now I just saved a trip. Here, this is the frame compiled according to your requirements. Let’s see if there’s anything to change?”

The rattan basket is dense and firm. Jiang Ning is not satisfied as soon as he gets started. He is ready to set a load-bearing frame outside later, which is really a perfect movable planting basin.

“Don’t change it. I’m very satisfied. Thank you, aunt Qian. How many credit points are these?” Jiang Ning said, taking out the energy stone that hasn’t covered the heat yet.

“You child, be ashamed of your aunt. Everyone is a neighbor. You still talk about money. Go, take your things and leave quickly.”

“Aunt Qian, it’s said to calculate the salary. If you like this, how dare I find you again next time?” one yard to one yard. Love is love and things are things. Jiang Ning likes to share clearly, and no one has to suffer.

Seeing Jiang Ning’s insistence, aunt Qian didn’t refuse again. “You’re not in good health and you have a little commitment to support. Otherwise, you owe it first. When you have enough money, you’ll give it back. Then Aunt Qian will never be polite to you.”

Jiang Ning paused. “OK, I’ll write it down first. Thank you, aunt Qian.”

“Thank you for what,” she said, and aunt Qian stuffed several stacked Rattan Baskets into Jiang Ning’s hand. He glanced at it at random and then said, “Er, and the cover. I almost forgot this. It’s a specially made detachable style.”

“Ha?” Leng Leng looked at the rattan cover, and Jiang Ning took a smoke from the corner of her mouth. Aunt Qian thought what she needed was a storage box.

Holding full of rattan products, until the door, Jiang Ning couldn’t help laughing. Don’t say, it’s really similar just looking at the shape.

“Elder sister?” there was a running sound in the yard immediately. Across the door, Jiang Cheng asked hesitantly.

“Open the door quickly. I have something in my hand. It’s inconvenient.”


When the door opened, Jiang Cheng glanced at the small head and saw no one. He was immediately excited and excited. “Sister, the vegetable head is growing so fast, so fast, so high,” he said, comparing it with his hands.

“Really?” put down the rattan basket in his hand, and Jiang Ning was ready to have a look.

She also planted many crops at the end of the world, but the effect has never been so good, not even half. I don’t know whether this sudden change is due to her power or the change made by the plants in the world to adapt to the development of nature.

“Is it growing fast? It’s much bigger than that in the morning?”

In addition to going to Aunt Qian’s house, Jiang Cheng didn’t go out all day and kept pestling around to observe the growth of vegetables.

He has never been so close to the growth of natural vegetables. He just thinks everything is amazing. Especially when I think I can eat vegetables when they grow up, I’m looking forward to it.

They walked slowly. Driven by the wind speed, they just squatted down. A tall new cabbage lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Jiang Cheng was startled, stared round and said subconsciously, “I didn’t touch it. I haven’t touched it yet.” although he wanted to touch it very much, he didn’t dare to touch it for fear of being damaged.

“Sister saw it,” she was not blind again, and raised the plant carelessly. Jiang Ning thought and said, “do you want to touch it?”

“Ah?” Jiang Cheng’s eyes were shining, full of interest, but some tangled, “can I touch it? What if it’s broken?” in Jiang Cheng’s cognition, only growers or gifted people like brother Hugo can touch the growing natural vegetables.

“If it’s broken, fry it.” it’s just the most common crop. How can it be so delicate? Jiang Ning simply grabbed Jiang Cheng’s hand and Hengheng touched a vegetable leaf.

The cool and moist touch almost surprised Jiang Cheng. There was no bad change in the goodbye vegetable leaves. Immediately, it was like finding a toy, touching and shrinking back, touching and shrinking back. A simple game was fun for one person.

Jiang Ning looked, shook his head, said hello, and was ready to dig some soil outside for transplantation.

She also hopes to rely on this cabbage to blossom and seed, so that soon there will be a lot of cabbage, which will be endless after a few rounds.

It’s exciting to think about it!

However, we still have to inquire about the planter, and I don’t know when Hu Guo will come back from vacation.

With the power supply, the cabbage rose rapidly. The next day it reached the normal eating size. On the third day, it began to moss, blossom and seed.

Looking at the hundreds of rapeseed harvested, Jiang Ning was moved by hard work and happiness and the joy of becoming rich overnight. In particular, carrots planted one day later also began to bloom, and this mood increased exponentially.

“Sister, what is this brown one? Can I eat it?”

Since he planted cabbage, Jiang Cheng stayed at home most of the time and came back soon even if he went out. I was curious about the stem suddenly pulled out from the middle of the cabbage and the pods growing behind the flowers.

“This is the seed of Chinese cabbage. With it, we can grow more Chinese cabbage.”

“Wow! Don’t we have a lot of cabbages?”

Looking at the seeds smaller than his fingernail, Jiang Cheng’s eyes lit up, as if he saw the baby.

“Yes, so Xiao Cheng can eat as many natural vegetables as he wants in the future. He doesn’t have to give up or think that his sister will not be enough.”

This brother is good everywhere, but he is always considerate and distressing.

The last time I bought two carrots in zone 01, Jiang Ning intended to buy one for each person. But the little guy ate it and threw it away. Most of the remaining root was stuffed into her pocket at some time until it was found in the mining area.

“Xiao Cheng likes to eat for his sister. Her sister’s mining is very hard. There are bubbles in her palm. It hurts.”

The original owner was weak and ill since childhood and was pampered by his parents. After the parents suddenly left and supported the family for a few days, they couldn’t support the high concentration radiation outside the safety zone, and Jiang Ning took over the body.

Therefore, even if there are powers to recuperate the body, the sequelae of doing hard work with thin skin and tender meat should still exist.

After experiencing the end of the world and bearing the heavy load caused by radiation disease, Jiang Ning didn’t pay attention to this little injury and pain, but at the moment, Jiang Cheng suddenly made his eyes a little sour and swollen.

Reaching out and rubbing the little guy’s head, Jiang Ning said nothing. There will be a steady stream of natural vegetables in the future. She will keep her brother healthy and fat for nothing.

“Go and fetch some water. Just a half bucket. I’ll plant it. In a few days, we may have new cabbage to eat.”

“Well, OK.”

With a cheerful reply, Jiang Cheng left neatly.

Leaving Jiang Ning to look at the little guy’s back, he smiled and moved out of the customized rattan basket from Aunt Qian, began to fill the soil, dig the pit, and then call out the power to stimulate seeds one by one.

Considering the planting frame size and growth cycle, Jiang Ning didn’t dare to plant too much?, Three seeds in a row and six in two rows.

At this time, Jiang Cheng came with water. By washing his hands, Jiang Ning released all the remaining powers in his body into the water, and then poured them evenly around the seeds.

“Is that all right?” seeing that Jiang Ning was busy, Jiang Cheng turned around along the planting frame and asked curiously.

“It should be calculated. I don’t know very well. There are too few useful materials that can be found on the Star Internet. However, it doesn’t matter if we fail. We still have many seeds. We can try again if we don’t succeed at one time.”

The original owner has not touched planting. No, it should be said that most ordinary people in the world have not touched planting.

Jiang Ning didn’t say enough. She always remembered her personal design.

She can be gifted in planting, or she can be lucky to hit the wrong side many times, but she can’t be omniscient. Even if Jiang Cheng is still young and has an ultra thick filter for her, Jiang Ning doesn’t want to show a trace of possible handle.

She cherishes and enjoys everything now.

“I’m sure I can succeed! My sister is so powerful, how can I fail?” Jiang Ning was uncertain, but Jiang Cheng affirmed, tilted his head and said firmly.

“Then I’ll borrow Xiao Chengji’s words. I usually trouble Xiao Chengji to take care of it and water it sooner or later.”

“Like just now… Well, Xiao Cheng will.”

After these days of contact, Jiang Cheng did not respect natural crops at the beginning, and he had a lot of courage. It shouldn’t be difficult to see my sister watering just now, right?

“Sister, when will brother Hu come back from vacation? Will sister be a planter when he comes back?”

It’s no secret that Jiang Ning wants to test the ability. Jiang Cheng went out these two days. Many aunts are asking. They want Jiang Cheng to persuade Jiang Ning. Don’t let people get hit and lose money at that time.

However, Jiang Cheng didn’t say a word to Jiang Ning. He firmly believed that his sister was a grower. Otherwise, how could he grow natural vegetables.

Moreover, he still remembers what his sister said. When he becomes a grower, he can plant openly so that everyone can eat natural vegetables. He also has the ability to hire powerful people through the mercenary network for close protection.

“I don’t know. I asked Uncle Hu. Brother Hu’s vacation is irregular. It may be soon or for a period of time. Wait first.”

“OK,” said Jiang Cheng, a little disappointed.

After waiting for more than ten days, the cabbages and carrots in the planting frame matured for two or three crops, and the nuts came back.

Jiang Ning came home from mining and couldn’t wait to hear the news. Thinking that Hu Li might have a lot to say to his newly reunited son, he just got through the meal point.

“Xiao Ning is here? You Hu Shugang and Guo talked about you. Come in quickly,” aunt Hu said warmly as always.

It may be that Hu Guo came out of the family and experienced the changes after Hu Guo was hired by the 07 District cultivation park. Aunt Hu supports what Jiang Ning wants to test. If they are detected as capable or gifted, their life will be completely different. They will follow in all 16 ways.

“Xiao Ning is here. Sit down. My father told me about you. What do you want to know?” there are only Hu Guo, Hu Li and Hu vegetable in the living room.

“Brother Hu.”

Jiang Ning opened his mouth and called people. While sitting down, he quickly looked at Hu Guo.

Because there is no need to go out of the safety zone to mine, although Hu Guo’s skin is a little black like everyone, it looks very healthy without a trace of disease and sallow. The clothes on the body should be work clothes, which doesn’t match the 16 branches of extreme poverty, but as long as you speak and act, the sense of familiarity comes back.

Jiang Ning was a little relieved. The memory of the original owner is quite reliable. Although Hu Guo walked out of the sixteen branches, he is still the same person and has not changed.

“Brother Hu, how do capable people judge? Like the plantation you stay in, how can you become a planter? Or a gifted person?”

This question is very white. At first glance, you can see that it was asked by people who don’t understand anything. Hu Guo didn’t dislike it. He patiently replied, “this mainly depends on the level of perception, and there will be a comprehensive detection by professional measuring instruments. For example, growers have to be super strong in the perception of plant affinity.”

“As for a gifted person like me, I can only say that his perception is slightly better than that of ordinary people, but there are still insurmountable gullies for those with distance ability.” although he faces the pursuit and envy of everyone every time he goes home, Hu Guo has self-knowledge and knows his own insignificance if he has seen more powerful ones.

“If someone can plant natural fruits and vegetables, is it a grower? Will there be a situation where the machine can’t detect the perception or the perception is very low?” Jiang Ning is most worried about this. She’s not sure what the difference between the power and the perception of the mainstream in the world is.

“How can it be planted? It must surpass ordinary people in terms of plant affinity. How can there be no perception or low perception,” Hu Guo has never encountered this situation and it is difficult to imagine this situation.

“I’ve been at home these two days. If you are interested in capable people, you can come and log in to the star network with my optical brain and account. The above description of capable people is very detailed and should be easier to understand than what I said.”

“Thank you so much for coming,” Jiang Ning was overjoyed. In fact, she also had this idea in her heart, but it involved privacy and had no good intention to put it forward. Unexpectedly, Hu Guo said it first.


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