I rely on Farming Chapter 9

For two days, Jiang Ning absorbed the information related to the capable like a sponge.

According to perception, the world divides people into capable people, ordinary people, and gifted people in the transition between the two.

Then, according to the perception direction, those with ability can be divided into four categories: individual soldier, mecha division, pharmacist and planter, and those with talent are military soldier, mechanic, doctor and agriculture and forestry division.

As for perception, Jiang Ning’s understanding is somewhat similar to spiritual power, but it is different from spiritual power and covers a wider range.

After looking through the four categories of capable people again, especially the entries and introductions of growers, Jiang Ning put down his light brain and sincerely said, “thank you, brother Hu.”

“You’re welcome. I made many detours with the help of others. But -”

Speaking later, Hugo’s face was suddenly serious, “whether it’s capable or gifted, he will have a subtle feeling. You’ve also seen those omens. I suggest that you test them when you’re obviously sure. After all, 5000 credit points are still too heavy for families like us.”

“I know. Don’t worry, brother Hu. I won’t be reckless.”

Say goodbye to Hu Guo and go to Jiang Ning’s house.

Testing must be testing. Only by understanding this can she plan for the future. Otherwise, it is a no □□.

It’s just that money, money, is really a grinding goblin.

For a long time, looking at the cabbage and carrots in the planting basin, Jiang Ningcai turned his eyes and made up his mind.

The next day, after talking to WAN Xin and Tang Jin about mining, Jiang Ning packed all the natural vegetables at home into a space folding bag, and then went out of 16 roads alone.

To be on the safe side, Jiang Ning did not choose to sell in zone 01. Instead, I found a corner in zone 01 to cover up for myself. After ensuring that it is not difficult for acquaintances to recognize at a glance, I took the bus directly to zone 05 with relatively good public security to look for candidates.

“Aunt, do you need natural vegetables? Something happened in my family and I need credit. Now I’m selling the natural vegetables I hoarded before at a discount.”

“Hmm?” the middle-aged woman looked at Jiang Ning suspiciously.

Everyone needs natural vegetables. In interstellar and energy stones, they are generally hard currency, and few people will resell them at a discount.

“I just bought it a few days ago. Look, it’s still tender,” Jiang Ning continued, taking out a cabbage and a carrot. “Cabbage 250 credit points and radish 80 credit points. Do you want some?”

“You vegetable…” the middle-aged woman was a little excited, but she hesitated.

“Auntie, my vegetables have won the first-class goods. Look at their size. Is it a whole circle larger than ordinary ones? I dare say that as long as you buy them, you will never regret or suffer losses. If it weren’t for something at home, it would be impossible to resell them at this price.”

“Well, a cabbage, a carrot, 300 credit points. If you sell it, I’ll buy more.”

“No, no, it’s too bad. The family is still waiting for credit,” said Jiang Ning with a embarrassed face. “The minimum is 320. If not, I can only spend more time and ask others.”

“Hey, everyone has business and quantity. 320 is 320. I’ll buy two cabbages and two carrots,” the middle-aged woman quickly stopped Jiang Ning.

She was going to buy natural vegetables. Now how can she miss it when she meets resale? It’s nearly 80 points cheaper than what she bought in the fruit and vegetable store.

After earning 640 yuan in one breath, Jiang Ning suppressed his excitement and began trading. Then he wandered around and re selected potential customers.


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