I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time Chapter 40

Yan Zhun received no response from this contract in the past few days, and he didn’t say anything. Until two weeks later, he received a call from his mother asking him how to add back the blacked person in WeChat.

It was the weekend when the call came, and Yan Zhun was still sleeping at the base. His first reaction after answering the call was to look around him, empty and no one.

Yan Zhun’s black guy has never been released again. He closed his eyes again: “I don’t know, I’ll check it for you.”

“Okay.” Mother Yan said, “Your father blacked you out. After studying for a long time, I didn’t find the button to add it back.”

There was a faint voice from Father Yan: “I asked you to go online to check for me, what do you call him!!”

Yanzhun: “…”

I haven’t replied for so long, it turned out to be blacked out.

Yan Zhun felt speechless at first, and couldn’t help but laugh shortly after a few seconds.

Mother Yan also laughed, and then asked, “Have you considered it seriously?”

Yan Zhun said, “Yeah.”

“What about the school?”

“I can handle it.”

Father Yan didn’t know what he said in the distance, so Yan Zhun couldn’t hear clearly. A few seconds later, Mother Yan said gently: “This is not a trivial matter after all. You can make time to go home. Let’s talk more carefully.”

Yan Zhun simply washed, and when he went downstairs, he saw Pei Ran sitting in his seat and playing games, as if he was in a double row with Lin Xuhuan.

He talked to the coach about his intentions that day, and the two discussed in depth. There is still a contract short.

Although things that were not booked in black and white would not count, the training room had a new computer on the day of the talk. Yan Zhun has not formally joined the training, but occasionally plays four rows with the team members.

He pushed open the door of the training room, Lin Xuhuan was knocked to the ground by someone, yelling that there was an open **** on the opposite side, and Pei Ran quickly shot the enemy.

How can Pei Ran have Zhu Xian’s ability, he can’t even see the enemy from this angle. When Yu Guang saw Yan Zhun coming in, he hurriedly said, “Hide yourself, I will let Yan Zhun come to fight…”

Pei Ran just thought of getting up to let her position, her back was gently pressed.

Yan Zhun leaned down and held his mouse as he had taught him to press a gun before, but he got closer this time and Pei Ran smelled the mint after he washed.

Yan Zhun asked: “Location.”

Lin Xuhuan also froze for a moment, and soon recovered: “After 75 trees, I have beaten him to a disability. I should be fighting medicine.”

Yanzhun fired his shot calmly and took away the old god. He was about to let go of the mouse when he suddenly found something.

The game character he controls, although he wears the same outfit Pei Ran originally used, has an ID on his head.

“Believer111.” Yan Zhun said again.

Pei Ranying: “Yes.”

Yan Zhun lowered his head and laughed, his voice was dumb as he had just woke up, and he knowingly asked, “What does it mean in English?”

“…” Pei Ran was quiet for a few seconds, “to be your fan.”

Yan Zhun said: “Then you are my first fan, give you some personal benefits.”

“Grass… ah no, I didn’t mean to scold you, brother,” Lin Xuhuan next to him couldn’t bear it, “Can you help me first, I beg you.”

Pei Ran woke up late today and was caught by Lin Xuhuan when he went downstairs to pour water, and grabbed him to make up the double row without saying a word.

Yanzhun casually pulled a chair and sat next to Pei Ran, watching him play while awake, until the phone rang briefly.

[Mimi: Hello classmate, Mimi recently gave birth to a baby~ The colors are very beautiful, the cat father is a fat orange, you should have graduated? If you are interested, you can take one back and raise it. 】

Yan Zhun opened the picture and glanced at it. There were several kittens with their eyes closed.

Mimi was a stray cat that he had raised for several months before. He said that raising is not accurate. His dad was allergic to cat hair. The base was too small at that time. He never brought the cat home, but he would bring it every day after school. Some food. Later, the cat fell ill, he took it to the hospital and helped him find an adoptive family.

Yan Zhun suddenly remembered that the first time he saw Pei Ran, it was also because of the little cat.

He went to feed the cat as usual that day, and he saw Pei Ran squatting on the ground as soon as he turned the corner, feeding him ham.

The ham sausage was placed on the ground, Pei Ran squatted down, separated from the cat by a distance, with one hand stretched out in the air, trying to not touch it, it looked a little funny.

Seeing that the cat was being fed, Yan Zhun turned around to leave, and saw Pei Ran taking out a pack of wet wipes from his bag.

Touch the cat, wipe your hands, touch again, wipe again…

Withdrawing his thoughts, Yan Zhun lowered his head, typing slowly.

[Quick: No, my boyfriend has a habit of cleanliness and can’t keep it. 】

Every time near the end of the term, time flies quickly. On the winter vacation day, the first snow of the year fell across the city, and the world became white overnight.

But no one in the base has the heart to appreciate the snow, and a few people either bow their heads in training or use their phones to scan Weibo.

Today, TZG officially announced the new freeman and new commander in the team-“TZG-GOD”. And said that he will officially play in the opening game the day after tomorrow.

As the No. 1 team in China, the sudden change of command position is undoubtedly a major event, not to mention the change of a new player who is not well-known. The circle was blown up, and the official announcement Weibo was full of question marks.

The scene was so exciting that Lin Xuhuan and others were distracted. Only Yan Zhun was the person who drove the training ground to practice guns until the phone rang.

“You have actually signed a contract with that club?! Have you put me and your mother in your eyes?” The Yan father who just received the game ticket from his son was half-dead, “You dare to send it to me? ticket!”

Yan Zhun said, “My mother agreed.”

“…” Yan father said, “I didn’t agree!”

Yan Zhun said: “It’s almost done. You have let people read the contract several times.”

Father Yan said: “Of course you must sign these carefully! Any mistake or omission will lead to very serious consequences…”

“Will you come for tomorrow’s game?” Yan Zhun interrupted him, “There are too many seats in the venue, it is difficult to find. If you come, I will ask you to come and pick you up.”

There was silence on the other side for half a minute.

“Let’s talk about it!” As soon as the words fell, the phone hung up.

Yan Zhun threw the phone aside, got up with the water glass, and was grabbed by Lin Xuhuan.

“Brother, those people on Weibo are all nonsense, don’t be angry.” Lin Xuhuan said.

When Yan Zhun used to play e-sports, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hadn’t risen yet. He only played a few small games in Internet cafes. He didn’t even have game videos, so naturally not many people recognized him. Later, when “GOD111” appeared in the Asian server rankings, it was speculated that it was forced.

As a result, under the Weibo accounts of TZG official blog and Yan Zhungang, not only black fans clamored for pills, but even the fans of the team complained, saying that it is better to let the second team or the youth trainees.

Yan Zhun asked, “What is so angry about me?”

Lin Xuhuan said, “Is it really angry?” There were some comments, and he couldn’t help but curse after reading them.

With a cry, Yan Zhun took his clothes out of his hands: “It’s enough to hit them.”

Yanzhun went to the pantry to pour a glass of water, and was not in a hurry to go back for training, but took out his mobile phone and walked to the balcony.

Pei Ran finished the exam last week, and now he is out of town to participate in an art exhibition with his parents.

The phone message stayed last night, Pei Ran sent him a screenshot of the ticket, and then a prompt to hang up the video.

[Fine: Little fan. 】

[Pei Ran: I’m here]

Yan Zhun didn’t know what he was going to say, he was not good at small talk. He just wanted to find Pei Ran when his hands were empty.

For a moment, he rushed out a sentence: I am snowing.

Before the news could be sent out, the phone buzzed twice.

[Pei Ran: [Picture]]

[Pei Ran: It’s snowing today. 】

Yan Zhun repeatedly clicked on the snow scene picture, looked down for a while, and long press to save it to the album.

[Quick: Well, me too]

[Fine: I miss you, Teacher Pei]

Game day the next day.

Yan Zhun woke up early in the morning and saw an extra message on his mobile phone, which had been sent two hours ago.

[Pei Ran: … the route I booked has been cancelled]

Yan Zhun went back quickly until he finished washing and changing his clothes without getting a reply. The call was still busy.

This directly led to his entire face being black when he got into the car and headed to the stadium.

The TZG club car arrived at the scene. There were many team fans waiting under the car. One was to cheer the team, and the other was to see the new commander.

The car stopped, the first three old team members got out of the car and waved to the fans in a good mood. Before the fans could respond, they saw another boy getting off the car.

He is wearing TZG’s black and red team uniform and a low baseball cap. He is taller than the other players. Standing among a few people is like a celebrity who has strayed into an otaku party——

The new freeman walked very fast, and it took only a few seconds from getting off the car to entering the stadium. During this period, he looked down at his phone and his expression was even worse than those fans who were dissatisfied with the team’s arrangements to protest.

Fans: “…”

At the backstage of the game, Yan Zhun checked it again, and Pei Ran’s flight was indeed cancelled.

“Okay, put your phone away first.” The coach said, “There are some changes in the tactics in the first game. I will tell you more about it.”

Almost every game will make some pre-match adjustments, the coach was fascinated, and incidentally gave the big guys a blow, until the staff came in to remind them to enter the field and then stopped talking.

Yan Zhun zips up his uniform and hands the phone to the coach before going out: “If Pei Ran calls, you should answer it for me first.”

“I see.” The coach said, “Your parents are here, in the third row.”


Strictly crossing the aisle, and just about to step onto the arena, suddenly, as if sensing something, he turned his head and looked in the direction of the safety exit.

Immediately afterwards, he paused.

Lin Xuhuan, standing in front of him, only heard one sentence: “Come back in two minutes.”

Pei Ran was wearing a white down jacket and was still panting slightly. He was stopped by the security exit from the safety exit. He was about to make a call with his mobile phone when he was held by his wrist.

Yan Zhun greeted the security and led Pei Ran away.

Time was limited, so Yanzhun brought people into an empty grocery room nearby.

“Why didn’t the news come back?”

Seeing that he had caught up, Pei Ran lightly breathed a sigh of relief: “I was on the high-speed rail before, and there was no signal, and the phone ran out of power in the middle of the journey. I still need to find the charging cable borrowed by the taxi driver.

Yan Zhun asked: “There are still tickets for the high-speed rail?”

It’s winter vacation, and it’s close to the Spring Festival. Tickets are difficult to book.

“Yes,” Pei Ran said, “Standing ticket.”

Yan Zhun’s throat rolled, this grocery room was closest to the stadium, and the voice of the audience rang outside the door, and the voice of commentary could be heard.

The game is still ten minutes away, and the commentary begins to introduce today’s participating teams.

Pei Ran heard that they had reached Yan Zhun.

“TZG’s new player GOD? I have heard about it. It is said that this guy had played in TZG youth training a few years ago, but he retired early, so fewer people know about it.”

“I was in line with him when I was playing games. He was very strong, very strong.”

“Are the TZG players yet to enter the stadium? Oh, that’s not right, don’t HUAN players like to enter the stadium early and interact with the camera…”

Pei Ran listened quietly for a while, his heart beating a little faster inexplicably.

He found that he liked to hear other people exaggerate.

“They are talking about you.” Pei Ran said, “you should enter the venue.”

Yan Zhun said, “I’m not ready yet.”

He raised his hand, rubbed Pei Ran’s messy hair even more, and reminded in a low voice: “Teacher Pei, give me a BUFF.”

The utility room was a little cramped, and it was almost full when the two boys stood.

Pei Ran blinked a few times quickly and said yes.

A bunch of golden stage lights were accidentally thrown into the windows of the grocery room. The commentator was still chatting about “GOD111” and other teams entered the arena one by one.

Pei Ran took a step forward, raised his head slightly, and kissed his strict lips amidst the noise.

-End of text-



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