I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time Chapter 41

Outside high school, be careful.


In the scorching summer, cicadas sang noisily, fans buzzed overhead, and the falling wind was hot.

The sharp end bell broke the sultry atmosphere. The moment the teacher left, the classroom finally had a little vitality.

Strictly close the textbook, take out the phone from the drawer and return to Lin Xuhuan’s news. As soon as he typed two words, he turned around at the front desk and continued to discuss the topic of the last break with him.

“If you don’t come this game, we won’t be able to play in the class match when we reach the third year of high school. You can think carefully.” The front table said.

Yan Zhun looked down at the news. It was too hot and his tone was lazy: “I can’t fight.”

“Don’t.” The front table said, “Our class is not good at playing games, so let’s go, if the day after tomorrow wins, I will take you half a month’s breakfast!”

Breakfast is not much, but the school cafeteria in summer is really tossing. Only those young students who fall in love with each other are willing to sweat for each other.

Yan Zhun threw the phone back into the drawer, raised his right hand and put it on the table, and explained lightly: “I hurt my hand, I really can’t call it.”

He had a smash in his wrist two days ago. It was not serious, but he still felt sore when moving.

“…All right.” The front table said helplessly, “Then we will find another one.”

Yan Zhun made a low “um” and threw all the textbooks into the drawer and lay down to sleep.

This kind of weather is destined to only close your eyes and calm your mind. The two front desks are constantly discussing, and the content is passed on verbatim.

“How many shifts shall we play in the first game?”

“Class three.”

“Damn, the third class is very good basketball, what’s the name of their class… Luo or something.”

“Luo Qingshan, that flat head.”

“It’s him. I heard that he had a fight with the boys in our next class when he was a freshman. He can’t play dirty balls, right?”

“No, I played with him. I played fiercely. I didn’t dare to guard him anyway.”

Speaking of this, the boy’s voice paused for two seconds, and then his voice lowered and said mysteriously, “But I know something.”

“what’s up?”

“He seems to be gay.”


“There is a boy in their class. The boy won a prize in a painting competition on behalf of the school last time. When the flag was raised, he was praised by the principal for a long time, called Pei Ran.”

“…It’s disgusting, really fake.”

“Really! I saw them holding hands. I held them for a while on the second floor of the school library last Wednesday… Okay, I didn’t actually feel sick when I watched them.”

“Wow, don’t you have that tendency too…”


The dull knock interrupted the conversation.

Both were startled, and then looked back together.

Yan Zhun raised his head slightly, his arms covered only his eyes. For some reason, his eyelids were half drooping, and his mood seemed much worse than before.

The front desk thought he was too loud and woke him up, and subconsciously wanted to apologize.

Yan Zhun asked: “When is the game?”

The front table was taken aback: “Huh?”

“Isn’t it a class match?”

“Yes…” The front table finally reacted, “At four o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, the school basketball court… Are you coming? Didn’t you hurt your hand?”

“It will be almost done by that day.” After speaking, he looked at the other person strictly, and his voice added a bit of coolness to the sultry classroom, “I want to sleep, can my voice be lower?”

After Yan Zhun went back on his stomach again, the two sitting in front looked at each other for a while, and both closed their mouths.

The grade competition organized by the school is much larger than the usual small competitions.

On the 38th degree day, the boys were warming up in their ball uniforms, and two classmates stood next to them to cheer up.

The referee is a physical education teacher. After a whistle blows, all players enter the field.

The eyes of all the students were almost at the same place.

Luo Qingshan, wearing a loose jersey, looked at the person standing in front of him: “Brother, are you strict? This seems to be my first time playing with you?”

Yan Zhun let out an “um”, lowered his head and moved his wrist.

Luo Qingshan said: “I don’t know how to play the game. If it hurts you, don’t care. If you can’t stand it, I will replace you on the bench.”

Yan Zhun finally glanced at him and said, “You too.”

Luo Qingshan had heard of Yan Zhun and had seen him before, but when he really stood face to face, he realized that Yan Zhun was a little taller than him.

But it doesn’t matter, like this kind of game otaku, there may be one or two that look okay occasionally, but the actual sports are not good.

——His idea gradually fell apart five minutes after the start of the game.

When Yan Zhun broke through him again to score, the rest of Luo Qingshan’s team temporarily called a timeout.

The rest areas of the two teams were very close, and Yanzhun wiped off his sweat at will, and heard teasing from the next door.

“What’s the matter with you, you have been strictly approved several times, and you have no motivation to fight without Pei Ran?”

Luo Qingshan panted heavily, took the water from the girl, took a big gulp, and went down the steps: “Yes, why is his teacher still not letting go? It’s really hard.”

After the timeout, the players return to their respective positions.

As soon as Luo Qingshan got his seat, he was patted on the shoulder: “Pei Ran is here, play hard. If you can’t make a shot, pass the ball to me.”

Yan Zhun raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his chin, and looked at the audience opposite.

The scorching sun was high, and the enthusiasm of the audience could not stand the hot weather.

The girls are either small fans or small fans, with black hair blowing messy; the boys are not elegant, either the trouser legs are rolled to the knees, or the belly is exposed.

Pei Ran was standing in the crowd with his schoolbags, his clothes neat, clean and fresh, looking at Luo Qingshan quietly.

His expression was much calmer than those around him, and he looked a little cold and behaved.

When Luo Qingshan wanted to blow a kiss to Pei Ran, the whistle sounded. He ran quickly and said with a grin: “Brother, my wife is here. Give me some face and ask you to smoke later.”

The game started too fast, and he was not sure at the beginning whether he heard this sentence.

It wasn’t until Yan Zhun’s expression on his face remained constant and he scored ten points in one breath on his face, that Luo Qingshan suffocated his breath and thought that the brother was a little confused.

“Yan Zhun, it’s okay, we’ve been pulling them for almost twenty minutes.” When the front table passed by, he heard Yan Zhun’s gasping, and couldn’t help saying, “Don’t you have a pain in your hands? You are still fighting like this? Or you can rest. In a moment, let’s be on the bench, it’s the last few minutes anyway.”

Yan Zhun said: “I can fight.”

This score was something that no one had expected. After hitting the back, Luo Qingshan’s class basically gave up.

The whistle sounded at the end of the game, Yanzhun stopped running, and picked up the corner of his clothes to wipe the sweat from his eyelashes.

The girls were not talking loudly, so they couldn’t hear them, but Pei Ran, who was standing in the crowd, could hear them clearly.

“The boy in Class 8 is so handsome, and he is good at playing.”

“Did you know? In the first year of high school, many senior sisters went to see him at the door of the class. There were girls in our class who wrote love letters to him…”

“Ah! Who wrote to him? What is his name?”

“It looks like, Yan…”

“Hey-get out of Class 3!” A loud shout in the distance interrupted the conversation between the two.

A few girls raised their heads when they heard the sound, they saw the basketball hitting them straight-a classmate from the next class was too excited to win the game, and shot a super long three-pointer on a whim.

Unexpectedly, the ball was thrown too far, not only didn’t even touch the backboard, but also lost to the audience.

The basketball was in Pei Ran’s direction. Behind him stood onlookers watching classmates, and in front was the girl waiting to send water to the players. It was too late to hide.

Pei Ran raised his hand to block, only to hear a dull “bang” and the ball was intercepted by the boy who arrived in time.

The basketball hit the wrist hard and then rolled to the ground. Yan Zhun frowned, endured the discomfort of his wrist, bent over to pick up the ball, and threw it back to the court.

The person in front of Pei Ran has already avoided, and the boy from Class 8 who had been discussed by the girls for a long time stood in front of him with his back to him, and he could even hear the low and rapid gasp of the other party.

Pei Ran slowly put his hands down, and just about to say “thank you”, Luo Qingshan who was rushed to blocked all sight.

Luo Qingshan inserted between the two, panting with exhaustion, drank the water in Pei Ran’s hand and drank it. After drinking, he turned around and said, “If you don’t lose three points, don’t lose it! You **** almost hit someone!”

The classmate was so scared to apologize again and again.

Luo Qingshan said, “I will never finish with you when I hit him!”

Pei Ran called out his name: “Don’t do this, it’s just a mistake, it didn’t happen.”

Luo Qingshan said a few more words before giving up, and took Pei Ran’s hand to rest on the bench next to him.

Luo Qingshan chatted with his classmates for a few words, then turned around and saw Pei Ran opened his schoolbag and took out a bottle of unopened water.

Just two steps out of Pei Ran, Luo Qingshan grabbed his clothes.

“Where are you going, baby?”

Others heard “baby” and looked unnaturally. Pei Ran lowered his eyes and explained: “A classmate from Class 8 helped me block the ball. I gave him a bottle of water to thank him.”

Luo Qingshan yanked harder, his eyes widened and said: “He just won your boyfriend. Do you want to give him water? You are not allowed to send it.”


“And fortunately, I ran fast just now, otherwise he will hit you.”

Actually no, the man stopped very steadily. Pei Ran thought to himself.

Seeing his silence, Luo Qingshan directly drew the water out of his hand, unscrewed it and took a sip, then smiled: “I have drunk it now and can’t deliver it… Let’s go and eat the Japanese food next door. ?”

Before leaving the court, Pei Ran glanced back.

The boy did not join the eighth class in the carnival, he was still standing under the rebound, silently bowing his head and wiping sweat, as if he had no joy in winning. The setting sun gently covered the ground, pulling his shadow very long.

Later in college, Luo Qingshan couldn’t help but look back on the basketball game after discovering that Yan Zhun was his roommate.

“My legs were uncomfortable in that game, otherwise you will lose. If you don’t believe me, you will fight me again next time.”

Yan Zhun said, “Oh.”

“By the way, you helped my baby block the ball that time…” At this point, Luo Qingshan coughed twice, “I don’t know if you remember, Pei Ran, who was in my class before, is my boyfriend. ”

Yanzhun paused: “Remember.”

Luo Qingshan didn’t notice these few seconds of silence. He said, “I’ll explain to you in advance. If he comes to the bedroom to find me in the future, don’t mind too much. In fact, he came once a few days ago and you were wearing The headset is playing games. Seeing you there, he was embarrassed to come in.”

“Really.” Yan Zhun said, “you can come in next time, I don’t mind.”

With the approval of the roommate, Luo Qingshan brought Pei Ran to the dormitory in the afternoon.

When Pei Ran came, Yan Zhun was smoking on the balcony.

He leaned against the wall and looked down at the game. He only wore a pair of headphones. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he took a subconscious look and had a face-to-face with Pei Ran.

Pei Ran was startled first, and then nodded at him vigilantly and politely.

Yan Zhun recovered quickly, nodded blankly and responded, then turned around and pinched the cigarette and threw it into the trash can next to it.

He heard Pei Ran pushing open the door of their dormitory and closing it gently.

Luo Qingshan yelled “Baby” at the door. Yan Zhun stared at the extinguished cigarette **** for a while, took out the cigarette case and took out a new one, lit it in his mouth and turned and walked downstairs to the dormitory.

He didn’t remember me. Yan Zhun thought.


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