I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time Chapter 42

Recently, the team that will represent the domestic competition in the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Global Invitational finally officially announced that tzg, as the first domestic team, successfully won the invitation for the international tournament next month. As soon as the team lineup came out, there was a big splash.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the e-sports area has been less popular than moba-type games because of the low level of game viewing. During this time, the degree of discussion has remained high, and there is no other reason——

tzg just won a big event last month. In the last round of the game, the new captain of the tzg team, who has been in office for less than a season, tzg-god successfully ate the chicken with a super record of 11 kills. His first-view kill video Circulated on the Internet, all players have to give a thumbs up and sigh “cool”.

The players discussed lively everywhere, and the tzg players arrived in Germany last week, where the global tournament is held, and have been training for six consecutive days.

tzg just finished a training game, and the members returned to the training room to rest.

The two large sofas in the training room were asleep at this time, and the room was only a few steps away, and nobody wanted to get up and move. E-sports teenagers usually have chaos in their work and rest. After coming over, they cooperated with the competition to shoot promotional videos and promotional photos for a few days. During training, some people couldn’t help but yawn.

The only awake team member in the room sat in his seat, playing with his mobile phone in a leisurely manner.

Yanzhun is reading his boyfriend’s Weibo.

Yanzhun’s Weibo account is registered by the coach. In just a few months, there have been nearly a million fans, which is faster than those of the little stars, but he has less than ten people who follow him, except for the team, teammates and sponsors. Only a small painter with tens of thousands of fans left.

Before Yan Zhun returned to the game, Pei Ran posted his paintings. After Yan Zhun became famous in World War I, many onlookers came to his Weibo. Now there are more than 7,000 comments under the painting, and all kinds of speculations.

Pei Ran asked “what should I do” and “how should I answer” several times on the phone last night, his tone was confused, and Yanzhun couldn’t help but smile.

Today, Pei Ran has a new Weibo on his homepage.

[Fei Yuyi: I liked God very much before he played the game. I painted the tzg uniform because I happened to be receiving a private fan post from a certain member of the tzg team. I don’t know any team insider, just fans, don’t guess, thank you. God’s concern about me may be hand skating. I hope you will stop him in the comment area. I am a male, not a female fan… Thanks again, I will not accept the draft. 】

“I saw a fan set up a Weibo fan station for you. There are more than 100,000 fans. Would you like to pay attention?” Afraid to interrupt other people’s rest, the coach lowered his voice beside him and said, “Yes, not many Players are treated like this.”

“No.” Yan Zhun scratched the screen without raising his head. “Just a game, what fans do you want?”

“I don’t know the good for being in the blessing.” Vigo laughed angrily and shook his cell phone. “Some time ago fans were still unfair for me, saying that no one can take my place, and persuaded me to go back and fight. Now… …All told me to recuperate and wish me a happy retirement.”

The coach nodded: “Society is so cruel.”

Yan Zhun didn’t listen to the cross talk between them. He read the first sentence of Pei Ran’s Weibo several times. He originally wanted to comment, but finally clicked to forward it.

[Tzg-god: Thank you non-teacher for loving me. I also like the teacher’s paintings very much. 】

That night, when the two were videoing, Pei Ran frowned and said tangledly: “You typed two more spaces.”

“Hands shaking.” The captain, who had just played 11 kills in a single game, gave a perfunctory reason. Yanzhun wiped his face and hung the towel, “When will you come?”

Pei Ran’s passport has expired and is currently being reissued.

“Tickets for next Tuesday.” Pei Ran guiltyly turned off the Weibo message prompt, “Delete that Weibo.”

The coach talked to them that the team is not opposed to being in love, but does not approve of coming out publicly. After all, the consequences are unknown, and the team feels that it cannot take this risk.

Yan Zhun said: “I can’t promote the painter I like?”

Pei Ran wanted to laugh a little, and sternly called him: “Yan Zhun.”

“I won’t.” Yan Zhun looked down at him and couldn’t help but cut a few photos. “Next week is coming, you can delete it yourself.”

On the day Pei Ranfei Cologne, the Pubg Global Invitational officially kicked off.

When Pei Ran arrived at the hotel, the tzg team had already set off. He left his luggage at the left-behind staff and rushed to the stadium.

The coach arranged for him in the front row, but he still couldn’t see the players’ faces, so he had to rely on the big screen. He just took his seat, and the players started playing.

Pei Ran was also sitting next to a Chinese, a few Chinese girls, and their screams startled Pei Ran when the camera was given to Yan Punctual.

After the camera was cut, the surroundings finally became quieter. Pei Ran took out his mobile phone and sent a message to the coach to inform him of the arrival, so that the other party could be relieved.

“Ahhhhhhhh! I got God’s WeChat ID!!!”

Pei Ran paused with her fingertips and couldn’t help but tilt her head slightly to look at the girl next to her.

The lighting for the audience was not enough. He couldn’t see her face clearly. He only knew that the other party’s behavior and gestures exuded the fragrance of girls.

“Really?! How did you get it!?”

“Shhh… I bought it from the tzg staff.”

“Great!!! Have you added it?”

“I will add it after the game is over.” The girl couldn’t help but smile, “I asked, God has no girlfriend.”

“I am optimistic about you, sister, hurry up and put the most beautiful photo on your profile picture.”

Pei Ran silently put the phone in his pocket.

The girls talked excitedly for a long time before stopping. When the game was about to start, the people around Pei Ran finally gave him a look.

“Ah, compatriot!” The girl curled her eyes, “Are you also an overseas student?”

Pei Ran shook his head: “Just to watch the game.”

“Wow, I really like a fan. I went abroad to watch the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game?” the girl said, “Which team are you a fan? Tzg or wwp? Or which member’s fan?”

Pei Ran was quiet for a while.

The girl understood: “Do you like foreign teams? My friends too…”

“No.” The stage lights turned on and Pei Ran subconsciously looked forward.

Feeling that Pei Ran didn’t want to chat very much, the girl pursed her lips and nodded, just about to withdraw her gaze.

“…I like tzg’s god.” Pei Ran turned his head and smiled at her, “I am his fan.”

In this opening game, tzg played very beautifully. Although only the chicken **** (second place) was eaten, the team had 14 heads in total, which allowed tzg to open the kill list and others on the first day. The gap between the teams.

The tzg players stepped down amidst the sound of boiling.

Lin Xuhuan stretched his waist: “Tsk, when I entered the finals, I wanted to say what the delicious chicken interview should say.”

“Stop talking about this,” the coach said, “you still think you are not scolded enough by netizens?”

“It’s okay, they are all used to my rubbish.”

The coach rolled his eyes silently. When he turned his head and wanted to say something, he saw that Yan Zhun behind him had already put on a down jacket and tightened the zipper to block the uniform.

The coach stopped him: “Don’t leave in a hurry, they haven’t discussed where to eat dinner.”

“I’m not going anymore, you eat.” Yan Zhun lowered his hat, put on a mask, and put on his peripheral bag.

The coach instantly understood: “I’ll ask Pei Ran to come in, let’s eat together.”

“I’ll take him back to the hotel.” Yan Zhun said.

Everyone started gossiping at the first glance.

Although knowing that Yan Zhun has a sense of measure, the coach patted his shoulders to remind him: “Now I’m still playing the game, be temperate.”

Lin Xuhuan sat close, with good ears, and immediately said, “It’s okay, the hotel is very soundproofed. I tried it.”

Yan Zhun picked up the pillow casually, leaving Lin Xuhuan’s face neither lightly nor heavy: “Go.”

In March, the temperature in Cologne was almost below zero, Pei Ran stood in a corner of the stadium hall, bowed his head and tinkered with his mobile phone.

The backpack was suddenly pulled slightly, Pei Ran looked back and saw the familiar black brim.

Yanzhun covered it very tightly, and his voice passed through the mask, low and deep: “Have you waited for a long time?”

“No, I just came out.” Pei Ran just finished speaking when the phone rang.

He originally planned to go back to the hotel by himself, so he called the car in advance, and now the car arrived.

Pei Ran said: “…I didn’t have time to cancel.”

“Just right.” Yan Zhun put on the mask he hung on his left ear, “Go back to the hotel.”

Back in the car, Yan Zhun’s cell phone kept ringing, he didn’t move, let it ring.

He trained into the night last night and got up to play a game without sleeping for a few hours. From waking up to just now, his spirits have been tight, and his shoulders finally relaxed when he got into the car with Pei Ran.

The back seat of the car was wide, but the two chose to sit shoulder-to-shoulder, holding hands naturally under the thick sleeves.

Before Pei Ran asked, Yan Zhun moved forward, sitting shorter, and leaning his head on Pei Ran’s shoulder.

“I didn’t sleep well last night.” His voice was low.

Pei Ran subconsciously wanted to choose a position that would make Yan Zhun feel comfortable: “Then you sleep for a while, and I will call you when I get there.”

When he arrived at the hotel, Yan Zhun fell asleep. Pei Ran asked the staff to take the luggage, and simply packed up and took a shower. There were no direct flights to Cologne all over the city. After the plane landed on the train for two hours, he felt uncomfortable without washing.

When Yan Zhun was still asleep when he came out, Pei Ran decided to wait for him to wake up before calling the hotel service. As soon as he pressed the “Do Not Disturb” button, he heard a muffled sentence from the bed: “Isn’t cleaned up yet?”

“Okay.” Pei Ran was taken aback, “I thought you were asleep, do you want to have dinner?”

“I don’t want to eat,” Yan Zhun opened his eyes, “Come here.”

Pei Ran was hugged as a pillow as soon as she lay on the bed.

Yan Zhun said: “I haven’t taken a shower yet, but the clothes inside have been blocked by the uniforms. It’s not dirty. Do you dislike it?”

Pei Ran let him hold and said, “I don’t dislike it.”

Yan Zhun became more serious, lowered his head and buried his face in his neck, smelling the smell of shower gel on his body.

He hasn’t seen Pei Ran for almost two weeks.

On the table, the precise cell phone kept vibrating.

Pei Ran asked: “Would you like to tell the coach that we are at the hotel?”

“It’s not a kid.”

Pei Ran had to truthfully say: “…My neck is itchy.”

Yan Zhun paused for two seconds, grinned, and his nose hit Pei Ran’s neck, making it more itchy.

Yan Zhun sat up slowly, picked up the phone and handed it to Pei Ran.

Pei Ran looked at him blankly: “?”

“Not to delete Weibo?”

Pei Ran only remembered about Weibo. The exact mobile phone was running on the WeChat interface, and there were already ten messages from the coach.

“You can reply to the message first,” Pei Ran glanced at the bottom of the screen and quickly moved away, “…it seems like there are still friends applying.”

Yan Zhun lay back, responded to the message under Pei Ran’s nose, and then clicked on the friend application.

[Mea request to add you as a friend, additional message: qaq! ~】

[Mea request to add you as a friend, additional message: god, please pass it, please~~]

Yanzhun’s private WeChat account never gave it to others casually. He stared at the verification message for a few seconds before realizing that he was a fan.

Yan Zhun frowned, and when he was about to refuse, he found that the person next to him was looking straight at his phone.

“I never gave the fans WeChat.”

Pei Ran was taken aback, and then said: “I know.”

He briefly talked about what happened at the game today.

After speaking, Pei Ran hesitated for a moment, or said: “Actually…you can also add fans.”

Lin Xuhuan and the others have added a few fans more or less. They are all diehard fans who will smash the Rockets crazy during the live broadcast.

Pei Ran thought, as long as you don’t talk too hot.

Don’t add too much.

Yanzhun interrupted his thoughts: “How did you answer?”

Pei Ran was stunned: “What?”

“She asked which player you like, how do you answer?”

Pei Ran said: “I said I like god.”


Yan Zhun originally wanted to tease him, but forgot that Pei Ran had been honest, asking what to answer and what to answer.

Yanzhun refused the friend request and said: “If you don’t add it, adding one fan is enough, and you can’t cope with more.”

Pei Ran blurted out and asked: “Added one?”

Yan Zhun said with an “um”: “A painter, who paints very well, and he confessed to me on Weibo.”

Pei Ran: “…”

“But he won’t let me upload him on Weibo, do you think he’s about to turn off fans.”

Pei Ran’s ears were red, and she was speechless for a while: “He didn’t.”

Yan Zhun said, “I can’t tell you. He doesn’t seem to want to get involved with me.”

As soon as Yan Zhun’s voice fell, he was kissed on his lips.

Pei Ran: “Did you say that.”

After the role-playing was over, Yan Zhunteng pressed his forehead with his hand, and kissed back gently and hard.

In the face of lovers separated for dozens of days, a touch can cause sparks. Yan Zhun kissed for a while, then looked up restrained and said, “Don’t steal my kiss during this time, I can’t help it.”

Yan Zhun has a bottom line in this regard. He will not go too far during the game. He may have to go to a meeting with the coach later.

Pei Ran squeezed the water from his mouth, oh.

A few seconds later, Pei Ran added seriously, “But you can kiss me.”

Yanzhun: “.”

Sometimes he really suspects that Pei Ran was deliberate.

After lying down for half an hour, Yan Zhun called for room service, and the hotel soon delivered dinner.

Afraid that Pei Ran might feel dirty, she rinsed the tableware and chopsticks provided by the hotel. Pei Ran was on the phone when he came out, he was peeling shrimps while wearing gloves, and the phone was turned on.

“You can go to the church square when you have time. There are many street painters.” The female voice on the phone was soothing.

Hearing that Pei Ran was on the phone with his family, Yan Zhun sat aside in silence without interrupting.

The mother and son chatted for a while, and finally there was a tendency to hang up.

“Are you living with Yan Zhun now?” Mother Pei asked suddenly.

Yan Zhun was taken aback, turned his head to look at him, his expression was rarely dull.

Pei Ran let out an “um”.

“He should be very busy during this time, you should reopen a room.” Mother Pei said.

Pei Ran: “I will discuss with him.”

After hanging up the phone, Pei Ran turned his head and saw Yan Zhun’s expression in surprise. He explained: “Some time ago she found out that I was always watching you, so I told her. Do you mind?”

Of course Yan Zhun didn’t mind, but after learning about it, his sleepiness disappeared, and he even felt a little nervous.

This caused Pei Ran to still look at the ceiling after falling asleep.

In a moment, Yan Zhun got up quietly, put on a coat casually, and walked to the balcony with his phone.

He turned out the WeChat ID that was added a while ago.

[Fine: Dad, what are you doing?]

Without a response, he sent another message to his mother.

[Mom: We just woke up. Wait, he is slow to type]

[Strictly discipline yourself: What are you doing? 】

[Quick: I miss you, I want to chat with you]

[Fine: How are you doing well recently]

Father Yan pushed his glasses and squinted at the words on the phone screen. He only felt that these flattery were traps.

[Strictly discipline yourself: I am much better if you are not here. 】

[Quick: Well, I recently discovered something, I want to tell you more about it]

[Strictly discipline yourself: wait a minute. 】

[Fine: I found out that I seem to like men]

After sending this sentence, Yanzhun gave his dad a message Do Not Disturb, then opened the travel app and booked the hotel on the day the game ended, and booked it for a week. After the software issued the order, he turned back to the house.

Yan Zhun had been standing outside for a long time, feeling a little bit cold on his body.

A hand protruded from the bedding and touched the back of his hand. Pei Ran was awakened by the coolness and half-opened his eyes in a daze.

Before Yan Zhun had time to say anything, Pei Ran stuck to his side, then reached out and hugged him, and divided his quilt in half.

“…Are you cold?” Pei Ran muffled, half-awake and said, “Come closer, I’m warm.”

Yanzhun said “OK”. After only half a minute, Pei Ran’s breathing became steady again.

As night enveloped the town, a few pieces of snowflakes slowly fell and melted as soon as they touched the world.

Cologne fell into a romantic snowy night, the city fell asleep, lovers hugged and fell asleep. :,,,



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