Live Streaming in Infinite Escape Chapter 183

While Wu Cang was not paying attention, Jian Yuntai shook off his hand and quickly got up and ran to the campfire.

Jane didn’t want to follow Cang LAN closely.

Wu Cang was shocked: “!”

He was so angry that his face flushed. He wanted to get close but didn’t dare to get close. Finally, he could only yell: “come out, come out!”

“I don’t… I won’t come out!”

Jian Yuntai imitated him.

audacious in the extreme! Shameless! You’re dying! Wu Cang couldn’t shout out a word. The noble ancestor said “step back”, and he immediately squatted aside in panic.

Jian Yuntai stretched out his head and looked at him. Seeing that Wu Cang didn’t mean to come up, he leisurely sat on the edge of the shallow pond.

Pat your pants and your sleeves.

“What can I do for you?”

The ancestor is noble and noble. How could he ask you for something? Wu Cang thought angrily.

Jiuzhong LAN Han asked with a smile, “how do you know I want to find you?”

Wu Cang was shocked again: “?!”

He completely gave up the idea of blowing away Jian Yuntai, straightened his mind, and listened with hesitation.

Jian Yuntai pointed to the grilled fish and said, “the last time you ate the grilled fish, I didn’t think you moved at all. You certainly didn’t like to eat. You have to roast what you don’t like, which means you want to use this as a bait to lure people who like to eat.”

Nine heavy LAN slanted his eyes: “you know it’s bait, but you’re still here.”

Jian Yuntai shrugged and said with a smile, “those who wish take the bait.”

They looked at each other quietly in the moonlight. Under the hazy shadow of the moon, their hair temples seemed to be plated with a layer of brilliant silver edge, like the second before the butterfly danced.

A roasted fish with burnt outside and tender inside blocked Jian Yuntai’s sight. At the same time, there was jiuchonglan’s light laughter. When talking, he was in a good mood and bent his eyes.


The bullet screen in the live broadcast room refreshed rapidly, and the audience shouted excitedly in front of the screen:

“How can I see this scene! Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

“Shuo ~ suck! They seem to be a perfect match. I’ll announce that I’m going to stand in this pair of CP. what if one loves the other hhhhh”

“Laugh to death. The drug addict is late but arrives.”

“I suggest you be careful to stand CP. the ancestor is the first person in the mackerel family to break off love and love, and he can’t divide. Moreover, we are bold and have an engagement. These two people are absolutely impossible. Don’t stand such an obvious CP!”

“What? Be aesthetics is more fragrant!!!”

“Step into the sinkhole and make the storm more violent! Paper towels have been prepared in advance!”

Some people were happy and others were sad. The audience stayed away and ate to death. Wu Cang was so anxious that the shark’s tail peeled.

He was like a wax statue being burned by a fire, and the whole fish was photographed on the black reef. Through the faint moonlight, it seemed that we could see his mouth open.

When have you ever seen the ancestor so gentle?

Jiuchonglan is a fierce shark!

“Hum, our ancestors are in a good temper now. If they had been put a thousand years ago…” Wu Cang drew a circle with resentment on one side and read it in pieces.

Jian Yuntai nibbled at the grilled fish, picked up a small stone from the ground, bent his finger and bounced it on the black Cang head, “are you scolding me?”

Wu Cang was shocked: “of course not!”

Jian Yuntai took a funny look at him. Just now, he swaggered and pushed him into the water. As a result, as soon as he saw jiuchonglan, he immediately became a baby fish.

The ship of lily of the valley has docked.

The girl in the wedding dress looked weak, and the knights on both sides held umbrellas for her to resist the breeze. Carefully, she went down the ship steps. Lily of the valley raised her hand to let the Knights lean back, and then went straight to jiuchonglan and Jian Yuntai.

She took up her skirt and performed a good-looking court etiquette. She hung her head and said, “thank Lord jiuchonglan for agreeing to let me see him.”

Jiuchonglan made a faint ‘um’ sound, with no expression.

Generally speaking, the dialogue can only continue after you come and go. Even if it’s a scene, you have to answer the other party. You can’t go on until you answer.

Lily of the valley didn’t know what to do. Jian Yuntai waved and said, “go quickly, it’s in the grottoes over there.”

Lily of the valley looked at him gratefully and thanked him for his rescue.

When he left, he looked back for several times. The knight carefully asked, “Your Highness, is there anything wrong?”

Lily of the valley shook her head slightly and said with a smile, “no, I just saw them talking happily. I thought Lord jiuchonglan was a very easy person to get along with. After meeting, I found that it was not the case. The authority of adults made people feel difficult to breathe, but the demeanor when raising their hands and feet was particularly admirable.”

The knights were relieved, looked back curiously and doubted one after another.

How was the conversation?

According to the legend, the distinguished ancestor of the mackerel, how could he have a good talk with a human being?

Your highness must be confused.



After eating a whole string of roast fish, Jian Yuntai remembered and asked, “what can I do for you?”

Jiuchonglan: “wise people don’t fall in love.”

Jian Yuntai asked patiently, “what’s the matter?”

Jiuchonglan said in a deep voice, “you said this to me before, but now you are willing to go into love by yourself.”

After a pause, he asked seriously, “why?”

Jian Yuntai: “I don’t remember what I said to you. Even if I said it, it must not be true.”

“Then now… You are sincere.”

Jiuchonglan carefully studied Jian Yuntai’s look, as if he wanted to distinguish something from his look. After a long time, he was lost and asked, “are you sincere to her?”

“Who?” Jian Yuntai looked up blankly.

Jiuzhong LAN gently replied, “that child.”

Jian Yuntai was more confused: “which child?”

After eavesdropping for a long time, Wu Cang finally couldn’t help reminding: “Queen of Quan Xianguo! Queen of roses, aren’t you just engaged to her? How do I feel that you have no impression of her? Do you two really love each other?”

Jian Yuntai: ”

He almost forgot.

In the past two days, his mind has been on lily of the valley and Cuibai. He has been so busy for them that he has forgotten his engagement.

Jian Yuntai moved his fingertips, turned the engagement ring on his ring finger and said, “this problem seems to have nothing to do with you.”

Wu Cang read: “you pretend to be a shark and get engaged to her, and you say it has nothing to do with us.”

Jian Yuntai picked up a stone and threw it at him. He said without a word, “there are so many people in the mackerel family. You can count them best.”

Bang! The stone hit black Cang in the head. Black Cang was wronged. Baba hugged his head and said, “it was. Rose, does she know you’re pretending to be a shark? If she doesn’t know, you’re called cheating marriage, cheating marriage!”

“She knows.” Jian Yuntai didn’t want to take on such a serious word as “cheating marriage”. He casually said, “a wise man doesn’t fall in love, but I’m not a wise man, so I can only say so.”

Jiuchonglan slowly lowered his eyelashes and didn’t answer.

On the other hand, Wu Cang knew it all over his face and suddenly realized it. Generally, he said, “ah, it’s true. I see! You two want to pass the song secretly, so you came up with such a way to fake a shark. If the ancestor wasn’t kind-hearted, he would expose you on the spot the day before yesterday. At that time, your dream of love with rose will be ruined.”

What a mess.

Just as Jian Yuntai wanted to refute, there was a sudden change not far away, and the lily of the valley gave a short ‘ah’.

It’s like falling unintentionally.

In Jian Yuntai’s eyes, she is a glass man to the letter. She may die if she falls gently. Jian Yuntai immediately straightened up and looked at it from a distance.

“Why hasn’t she gone in yet?” Jian Yuntai frowned slightly.

Wu Cangliang said, “Cuibai has sealed the cave entrance and won’t let anyone in.”

Does Yuntai know he’s outside

Wu Cang: “yes, it’s blocking the lily of the valley.”

Jian Yuntai: ”

Looking over there again, lily of the valley didn’t seem to want to give up and reached out to touch the water curtain in front of her. Her eyes were slightly red and said, “let me go in and have a look at you at last, OK?”

There was silence in the grottoes, only the sound of water.

“I know it’s impossible between us, just want you to see me in my wedding dress. In the future, when you’re in the mackerel, I’ll never see you at sunrise and sunset in the Duke’s palace… I’m here to say goodbye to you.”

“…” still did not respond.

The audience in the live broadcast room also sighed repeatedly:

“Alas… Cuibai is afraid that seeing the lily of the valley will shake and divide. What’s the big secret of the chimaera? Why do you have to suppress your nature when you clearly have love.”

“It’s terrible. I seem to have seen my CP future 55555555”

“That’s not as good as hahaha… Jiuchonglan is the first person to break his love, and he won’t want to divide himself. Although I also want to stand a white haired beauty attack, this attack is close to God, but God just doesn’t have little love.”

“Cuibai may not only want to cut off her own thoughts, but also the thoughts of lily of the valley. Now she is more ruthless. Lily of the valley won’t think about him day and night and think about him every day after she gets married. Only by forgetting can she live a new life.”

“We understand, but Lily of the Valley may not understand.”

“Lily of the valley knows, too. Look at her expression.”

Jian Yuntai has been looking at the direction of lily of the valley, so the camera in the live studio can also be brought to lily of the valley.

The expression on her face at this time… Is quite complex.

After closing your eyes deeply, bear the tears in your eyes. When the bell orchid said, “happy life, I wish you happiness and happiness. When the bell orchid’s mouth is bent, I wish you happiness and happiness for a long time.”

The simplest blessing is the most appropriate blessing.

No more words, she is no longer qualified to say.

Lily of the valley raised her sleeve to wipe away her tears, smiled and said, “little tail, no one will sprinkle fish on the cliff in the future. You have to hunt by yourself. Don’t say anything about being lazy.”

After that, she turned around step by step and returned to the ship. The breeze sent a gentle sigh into the grottoes and waited for the sound of the ship engine to go away! WOW! The water curtain in front of the grottoes fell slowly.

There was a soft sob in the cave.

Almost inaudible.

Jian Yuntai held a harpoon and choked for a long time. “Have they forgotten something?”

Wu Cang: “what?”

Jian Yuntai: “forget me…”

There’s someone else on the island! A living person, he even said hello when he came. How can he leave when the sail is raised?!

Jian Yuntai got up immediately. Now he may be able to catch up with the ship. But soon he sat down and stared at the grilled fish in front of him.

“How interesting…” he pretended to refuse, and his hands didn’t stop at all.

Take the grilled fish and eat it.

A dull smile came from around. When Jian Yuntai looked up, jiuchonglan was a fairy face again. The Silver Purple scales and white hair on the shark’s tail reflected the brilliance of the cold moon.

Jian Yuntai picked up the stone and smashed it again. “Did you laugh?”

Wu Cang: “?”

Angry, Wu Cang finally swam over with courage and said sullenly, “if the ancestor’s temper had not changed, it would be you – your ten lives are not enough to live tonight.”

Jian Yuntai looked at jiuchonglan suspiciously and asked, “did you have a bad temper before?”

Jiuzhong LAN nodded: “very bad.”

“How bad is it?”

“…” silence.

Wucang was a good Mermaid. She scratched her ears and cheeks like a monkey and said seriously: “you were born late. Naturally, you haven’t seen the divine power of our ancestor thousands of years ago! Raising your hand is turning clouds and rain, and all creatures on the seabed can be washed to the shore, so you can only climb back painstakingly…”

“Poof -” Jian Yuntai shut up and smiled.

Black anger: “do you think I’m joking with you? What I said is true!”

Jian Yuntai: “I didn’t say you were joking. It’s your description… It sounds a little funny.”

Wu Cang looked at him angrily, shook his head and sighed, “it seems that the people on the shore have changed. When I told these stories to children, they were all afraid of shivering. What’s like you? A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.”

Jian Yuntai immediately looked at jiuchonglan, pointed to wucang from a distance, and solemnly said, “no wonder your reputation on the shore is so ugly. It must be he who spread rumors everywhere!”

Wucang’s scalp nearly exploded and immediately denied: “I didn’t spread rumors. No, I mean I didn’t spread rumors. It’s not right! I mean…” before he finished, he saw jiuchonglan’s smile on his lips, as if he was in a good mood.

Wu Cang breathed a sigh of relief. He once again sighed in his heart that Jian Yuntai’s newborn calf was not afraid of tigers. He also sighed that Jian Yuntai was blessed with a great life. He was even impartial when his ancestor was in a good mood every time.

It’s really good luck in eight lives.

“When will you leave here?” Asked Wu Cang.

Jian Yun did not lift his head: “after eating the roast fish.”

Wu Cang was relieved. It seemed that the man would leave their noble and awe inspiring ancestor in an hour.


Jian Yuntai is like a machine without emotion, or a machine that works as a flow worker line. One grilled fish after another has no meaning of satiety at all.

The more you eat, the better you get. Praise sweetly while eating.

“Too fragrant, too powerful.”

“Why didn’t I think roast fish was so delicious before? I must have eaten too many desserts in the palace.”

“I’ll bring you some next time. It’s also a pain to let you taste what eating is.”

Wu Cang: ”

He looked up at the sky and looked at the ancestor with a faint smile on his lips.

This his mother… It’s going to be dawn!

In a few hours.

A copy prompt sound sounds on the ear side:

[mainline updated!]

[I’m sorry to inform the player that you failed to complete the main task Step4: help Cuibai differentiate]

[at dawn, when Lily of the valley got married, Cuibai remained undifferentiated.]

[Step4, failed.]

Jian Yuntai’s complexion remained unchanged, but he paused slightly when eating roast fish, and his reaction was particularly calm.

Jiuchonglan keenly caught such a tiny difference and asked softly, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Jian Yuntai shook his head and looked at the cave where Cuibai was located. All he could do was done. He had expected that task 4 would fail, so there was no accident.

It’s just a reward for losing 15 days of survival, which is nothing to him at present.

He still has a lot of time.

Now the more uncomfortable point is that the failure of task 4 will directly lead to the subsequent plot entering the rebel route – that is, the route of 100% mortality, as Lin Fuxue said.

This is a nightmare level challenge.

What is rebellion?

Who would rebel?

Jian Yuntai looked at the sea level from a distance. There were rolling waves surging up one after another, pointing to the sky and then falling down. The waves were reintroduced into the deep sea, and the golden light at sunrise drove away the hazy fog on the island.

The wind cooled and the sea looked like a piece of blue paper.

This is the calm before the storm.

When the sun was completely hanging in the sky, a ship came quickly in the distance. He could see the front of the ship. The fat man’s face was red and kept waving to this side.

The gold beside him was also eager to jump up and down. It seemed that he wanted to jump into the sea and swim over quickly.

Cha Huafeng was right behind him, his face as heavy as water.

Seeing the fat man in a hurry, Jian Yuntai actually doesn’t feel much. He likes to exaggerate his little things. But seeing Cha Huafeng’s same expression, Jian Yuntai’s heart sank bit by bit.

He had a bad hunch.

At this time, it is inevitable to think of rose. At the family dinner yesterday, Rose told Lily of the valley not to hit the stone with an egg. What else did she say to do it again.

Rose’s reaction was abnormal.

She seemed to have foreseen something in advance. It was clear that she had cried in advance before it happened.

Although this metaphor is not appropriate, the word can only come out of Jian Yuntai’s mind when he thinks of yesterday’s rose.


“Who are those two?” Wu Cang looked up at the direction of the ship and asked curiously, “do you know?”

“Friend.” Jian Yuntai answered briefly.

Jian Yuntai sat down again, stared at the grilled fish in front of him, suddenly crossed his hands behind his head, pillowed on the reef and said, “if only he could stay here forever.”

Wu Cang: “you think beautifully.”

Jian Yuntai said with a smile, “your ancestor hasn’t spoken yet. You’re talking again.”

Wu Cang: “the ancestor is not good at arguing with others. As a king, I can’t resign. I’m his microphone!”

Jian Yuntai looked at jiuchonglan, “isn’t it?”

Jiuchonglan shook his head: “No.”

“Ah -” Jian Yuntai nodded with satisfaction, looked at the black Cang with a cracked face on one side, picked up a small stone and smashed it into the black Cang’s head, “look, the ancestors of your family have spoken, and you are not his microphone at all.”

Wu Cang was furious: “don’t always hit me on the head with a stone! My mother said she would beat people stupid!”

Jian Yuntai smashed him again and said, “your mother must not have told you that you are already stupid.”

Wu Cang ran around with his head in his arms. “Ancestor, help me! Help me! Human beings are too bad. They cheat people and their hearts. They always bully people!”

Jian Yuntai threw a stone and said jokingly, “you said I lied. When did I lie?”

Wu Cang looked at jiuchonglan, who was smiling at the corner of his eyes. Unexpectedly, he found that when he was in deep water, the immortal figure with no little love seemed to be in a better mood.

“……!” He doesn’t understand!

Just about to argue with Jian Yuntai with high morale, I suddenly saw the smile on the latter’s face converge, and the cool and calm color of his eyes gradually appeared, which was not in line with his age. It was cold and frightening.

It seems that he is not the same person who just quarreled with him.

Black Cang immediately forgot what he was going to say, even the resentment in his heart.

He shrunk his head and didn’t speak any more.

The ship was close to the sea, a few meters away, but the fat man jumped directly into the sea. I swam all the way. When I was in a hurry, I ran a little staggered.

When he came to the front, the fat man gasped on his knees and looked at jiuchonglan with hesitation.

“Well, Hello, ancestor.”

He straightened his back and made a funny salute.

Jiuchonglan’s attitude was unexpectedly gentle and nodded.

“…” Wu Cang was shocked. It was clear that jiuchonglan was still indifferent to lily of the valley just now. How did he become better when he came to this fat man?!

It shouldn’t have anything to do with Jian Yuntai.

Because of the phrase “friend” in his mouth?

Wu Cang shook his head and thought that he must be stupid. He could think of such a ridiculous explanation.

Sure enough! Or because the ancestor was in a good mood!

But why is he in a good mood today?

Wu Cang doesn’t understand.

On the other side, after the fat man finished the ceremony, he stopped talking and looked at Jian Yuntai.

Jian Yuntai clearly said, “just say it.”

There’s no need to avoid jiuchonglan.

The fat man then opened his mouth and said anxiously, “there was an accident at the wedding! Now the kingdom is in a mess, all playing…” the word “home” stuck in his mouth, and the fat man changed his mouth: “all illegitimate children are running for their lives now!”

“What happened?”

Jian Yuntai has made full psychological preparation. No matter what happens, he won’t have any waves in his heart.

The fat man’s speech was really confused. He couldn’t understand it for a long time in a hurry. He cried out to Jin Jin.

Finally, Cha Huafeng, who came a little late, made it clear in a few words.

Her face had never been so bad, and her voice was a little dry when she spoke. “At the wedding banquet, lily of the valley hid a knife in her sleeve. If she failed to assassinate the grand duke, she was stabbed. She was thrown into the burning wedding room, and the grand duke ordered no one to save. The young master went in and saved them, and they were burned together, and their bodies were terrible.”

“…” Jian Yuntai raised his face with his pupils shrinking.

More terrible things are still to come. Cha Huafeng closed her eyes and said: “the grand duke’s Regent’s dream is completely broken, so she simply rose up and sounded the horn of rebellion. The Rose Queen finally has a reason to attack him publicly – according to the law, murder the first heir to the throne, all the people are accomplices to the rebellion, and all the children become sinners of the kingdom together, and kill them all.”

There was a dead silence.

The fat man finally regained his mind, turned pale, looked at Jian Yuntai and wailed, “it’s over. There’s sea in all directions. Where can we hide?”

The author has something to say: Wu Cang is relieved: he can finally send away the goblin! Fortunately, the ancestor was not distracted by the goblins.

After the fat man brought the news

Wu Cang (screaming): don’t hide behind adults! Stop! Stop! It’s even worse to hide in your arms!

Goblin ear back: what? What do you say?


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