Live Streaming in Infinite Escape Chapter 184

Jian Yuntai was quiet for a long time before he asked in a deep voice.

“How about other illegitimate children?”

“All gone!” The fat man patted his little heart in fear and said, “fortunately, I’ve been waiting for you on the bank. I didn’t go back to the Duke’s house at all last night. The Duke’s manor was directly burned. The fire stabbed and stabbed up. Have you seen the flame of more than 60 meters? The people inside were burned to paste!”

In fact, fat people are a little euphemistic.

The Duke’s palace is full of stumps, some hanging on the withered trunk, some turned into thick blood. The fierce flame rubbed up, and the whole manor became a big fireball after another. In the light of the fire, you can still see the figure struggling, struggling to run in the direction of the gate, and then fell.

Never got up again.

The death was extremely tragic.

Cha Huafeng felt creepy when he thought of it.

However, there is another good news. Players who can enter the level B copy naturally have two brushes. They even used the props to save their lives yesterday. Many people were seriously injured and climbed out of the sea of fire. The queen of roses assigned Cha Huafeng to look at the Duke’s house and kill one when they came out.

Fortunately, it’s Cha Huafeng. Fortunately, it’s Cha Huafeng.

Cha Huafeng doesn’t release water anymore. She releases the sea in the morning and releases wave after wave of players.

As long as she could climb out of the sea of fire with her ability, she regarded it as invisible and assigned the knights to other places. Even at this end of the sea, even with a few words, you can imagine the tragedy of the Duke’s house at dawn.


Only terrible can describe the scene at that time.

Cha Huafeng is smart, but she is not cruel. She always keeps the empathy she needs most as a person. Thinking of the early morning, she said with tears in her eyes, “I have…” she has tried her best to release all players, but the fire is too fierce. She has no way and no position to go in and save people.

Many players did not live to see the sun today.

They died in a sea of fire.

Cha Huafeng raised her hand to wipe her tears and tried not to be too unprofessional. After enduring for a few seconds, she said with red eyes, “it is expected that more than half of the people will die.”

More than 30 players were buried in the sea of fire.

Rao and Jian Yuntai all have a stiff complexion. Obviously, the hunting time of level B replica has been turned on.

If you take one wrong step, you will die without a place to bury.

Task 4 is a clear and terrible dividing point. It was a small fight before, but now it is walking on thin ice.

“Are you illegitimate children very familiar?” Wu Cang spoke carefully and asked curiously.

Jian Yuntai didn’t answer him.

The fat man was wet all over and sat down on the ground. He wiped his face and said, “I haven’t seen many familiar things. But… But I’ve come to this step.”

The world has been distorted for three years. Those who can get a B-level copy must have suffered a lot. The simple thirty may be just a cold number, but it is like a late blade for these desperate people.

Maybe this knife will be cut on them in the future, and maybe they will become cold numbers in other populations.

The crisis goes hand in hand.

Jian Yuntai doesn’t feel much about other people’s life and death. He cares about another thing.

“Where’s Lin Fuxue?”

Cha Huafeng’s tears burst out again when she just pressed down. She closed her eyes and tried to keep the voice steady. She said, “I didn’t see him escape.”

They have known each other since childhood, and their former friends are likely to be buried in the sea of fire. Cha Huafeng is exhausted for this.

Seeing her like this, Jian Yuntai comforted, “Lin Fuxue sneaked out last night and may not have gone back at all.”

Cha Huafeng was stunned and asked in surprise, “really?”

“The fat man saw it with his own eyes.” Jian Yuntai asked again, “have you seen Xu Qingqing and Shang Kai?”

Cha Huafeng shook her head: “I didn’t see it either.” She looked forward and asked, “did Qingqing sneak out last night?”

After getting a positive answer, Cha Huafeng’s state is much better than that just now. At least the brain has resumed operation.

“In a word, I can’t go back to the Kingdom now, and I don’t know where the others are hiding.” It should be all over the kingdom. Cha Huafeng said in a deep voice, “all the portraits of the fugitive illegitimate children have been posted in front of the palace, and now they are all being pursued and killed. It is no longer safe there, and more casualties are expected today.”

Jian Yuntai looked at the fat man and reminded him, “stay here and don’t go back to the Kingdom these days.”

The fat man waved his hand, frowned and said, “no, I can’t pass if you let me pass. When you go back at this time, it’s not running to the toilet when you have no goods in your stomach – looking for death!”

He asked Jian Yuntai again, “what about you?”

“He’s not wanted. The portrait on the wall of the Kingdom doesn’t have him.” Cha Huafeng thought and said, “maybe it’s because of pretending to be a shark. Now everyone’s impression of you is a pure blood shark. Naturally, it’s impossible to think you’re the illegitimate son of the grand duke.”

Jian Yuntai got a gold medal of no death.

There’s nothing to be happy about.

In the past, countless people disguised as mackerels married the queen of roses, and those people ended up with no good end.

While we were talking, waves suddenly appeared on the sea behind us.

Jian Yuntai immediately turned around and looked back. He saw that jiuchonglan summoned the sea god pearl. His speed was too fast. Jian Yuntai didn’t see the expression on his face at all. He saw the Silver Purple shark tail moving slightly in the water mist.

Then he swam into the grottoes.

“Not good.” Wu Cang also suddenly changed his complexion and hurriedly swam over. He hated iron and steel and read, “I didn’t see you last night. Now I regret it!”

He swam quickly to the grottoes.

The three looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

The cave environment is still the same as yesterday. In the silence, only the sound of gurgling water can be heard. The waterfall hangs from top to bottom, and the flying stream constantly hits the rubble.

And bursts of painful wailing.

This cypress sound.

As soon as Jian Yun stepped in front of the platform, the water splashed in front of him. He stopped the fat man behind him with one hand and was about to raise his arm to block his eyes. Suddenly, the spray stayed in place out of thin air, as if it was resisted by an invisible barrier.

It was jiuchonglan who raised his hand to stop the water, so as to avoid the end of the three people.

Bang bang! With a loud noise, Cuibai rolled down directly above the waterfall and curled up in pain.

“Ah ah…”

He rolled back and forth in the water, and the scales on the shark’s tail were no longer shiny and crisp like curled caramel.

Look up.

Silver Purple light suddenly appeared, shrouded in misty water vapor, shining on the whole cave like the newborn sun. Jiuchonglan’s palm held the hanging Poseidon pearl. He didn’t rush close to Cuibai, but just hung his eyes lightly.

Looking down at Cuibai.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” The fat man poked the anxious black Cang in front of him and asked, “he was just fine. Why did he suddenly do that?”

Wu Cang stared at the other side and replied absently, “where there is water, the chimaeras can hear voices from a distance. Cuibai must have heard what you just said – the lily of the valley has died. The chimaeras only love one person in their life. If their lover dies, we will not hesitate to follow.”

“Fuck, you mackerels are really… Er, special.” The fat man stopped and asked, “is he still saved?”

Wu Cang turned pale and shook his head slowly.

Cha Huafeng suddenly realized, “that’s why the chimaeras don’t advocate people to be with humans. After all, compared with the chimaeras, human life is too short.”

Wu Cang corrected: “it’s not non advocacy, it’s prohibition.”

The fat man asked again, “all people are like this?”

Wu Cang was annoyed and said, “why do you have so many questions? The mackerel has broken his love. It’s meaningless to ask these questions. Cuibai and cangsheng are just special cases.” After a pause, he stressed again, “there can be no next special case!”

This is also a disguised default.

Cuibai’s cries of pain grew louder and louder. He curled himself into a ball. When the shark’s tail was folded, those green scales seemed to be scraped off alive. After a while, the shallow pond was floating with glittering green light.

It’s like green grass.

Green generally represents vitality, but at this moment, the green light of the shallow pond shows that the vitality is pulled away bit by bit, and Cuibai is about to die.

“Do you regret it now?” Nine heavy LAN drooped his eyes, and his voice was just like him. He had always been calm and indifferent.

Cuibai’s shark tail was in great pain. He gasped and hissed, “ancestor, you won’t understand.”


Nine heavy LAN cool thin curved lips, “stupid.”

The cypress fell back on the gravel, his wide eyes gradually became listless, and the shark’s tail turned into wisps of light. He murmured, “I don’t regret falling in love with her, and I won’t regret making that choice last night. The only thing I hate…”

He was born a man.

With a rustle, his figure turned into dazzling light, hovered and wandered in the grottoes, and finally merged into the Poseidon pearl. The cracks on the Poseidon bead closed slowly, and the spider web like cracks finally improved.

The light is too dazzling.

In front of Jian Yuntai’s eyes, there was even a blind spot for a long time, but he couldn’t see anything.

A white light.

He heard Wu Cang cry and scolded with a crying voice: “stupid! Who calls you so stupid! You refuse to divide before you die. Since you think so for the sake of the ethnic group, don’t fall in love with her at the beginning and seek your own death!”

The sound was so low that ordinary people couldn’t hear it. For example, fat people and cha Huafeng, a less evolved sneaky species, can only hear buzzing to themselves.

Listen, Jane, it’s probably a cloud platform.

But he doesn’t understand what these words mean.

What is meant by refusing to differentiate before death? Is it for the sake of ethnic groups?

Think about it carefully. When Cuibai was incorporated into Poseidon beads, the cracks on Poseidon beads did improve significantly.

It seems that the mackerel do have a huge secret.

[mainline updated!]

When the normal sunlight has not been restored in the grottoes, the copy electronic sound suddenly sounds.

Jian Yuntai frowned and listened attentively.

[step5: kill the grand duke]

[in this copy, there are six key NPCs in the main plot, namely queen rose, grand duke, Cuibai, lily of the valley, little young master and cangsheng.]

[warning! Warning!]

[Step4 failed to help Cuibai differentiate, and Cuibai, lily of the valley and the young master died. If you reach the rebellious plot route, you have entered the rebellious plot route!]

The last mission is the main mission. Only the player who kills the Duke can get the reward

[20 day survival time for this task.]

Now there are three key NPCs alive, namely rose, grand duke and cangsheng.

It seems that as long as the grand duke can be killed, the copy will determine that the rose camp will win and the royal power is stable. At that time, the copy will end.

Well, it’s speed.

Except for Jian Yuntai, all players participating in this copy have become wanted prisoners and fled wounded. The sooner you kill the grand duke, the greater the hope of a copy alive.

Otherwise, it will only consume you to death.

“The grand duke rose up early in the morning in an attempt to rebel. But his self defense force was no better than the Royal Knights. He had been allowed to show off his power before, just because Rosa had no suitable reason to use force to deal with him.”

Cha Huafeng whispered, “the moment the grand duke manor caught fire, he had already run away and is still absconding.”

Jian Yuntai pondered, “we have to find him as soon as possible.”

Cha Huafeng shook his head and sighed, “it’s not that simple. Although the last round of copy didn’t go through the current rebel plot, the big Duke was forced to abscond in the end, but we players were not involved by him at that time.”

After a pause, she said, “guess how long he ran?”

Jian Yuntai raised his eyebrows and guessed conservatively, “two or three days.”

Cha Huafeng said, “ha!” He sighed and said, “then you really look up to the members of the live broadcast team of luntuan construction. Until the end of the copy, no one found the grand duke. He died himself and may have been killed by the aborigines of the copy.”

In short, no one in the last round of copies completed task five.

Up to now, Cha Huafeng doesn’t know how the Great Duke died. He feels at a loss when he thinks of it.

That’s more than two or three days.

The longer you drag on, the higher the death rate of players will be.

Just when Jian Yuntai thought of this, Wu Cang suddenly took his tail to drive the three people away, “get out, get out.”

Jian Yuntai stepped back.

Before leaving the grottoes, he finally turned his head and looked at jiuchonglan. From this perspective, he could not see the expression of the latter, but only the long white hair hanging slightly.

As beautiful as the bright Milky way.

Jiuchonglan looked down at the sea god pearl from beginning to end, and fingertips stroked the crack on it bit by bit.

What is he thinking?

Jian Yuntai doesn’t know.

Just out of the cave, Wu Cang said, “the ancestor needs a quiet space. You can’t go in and disturb him anymore. But I’m sorry that you’re in a special situation now. You’re welcome to give the island to you!”

The fat man put in his pocket and said, “do you have anything to eat?”

Wu Cang: “do you want me to prepare food for you? Dream, there are fruit trees on the island. Pick them yourself.”

The fat man was relieved to hear that there was food.

He has no problem starving for a few days. If Jian Yuntai goes hungry, he will die.

The fat man had seen the scene of Jian Yuntai’s “falling ill” before. When he thought of it, he thought… It can only be said that his memory is still fresh.

After driving the three away, Wu Cang swam back to the grottoes and conscientiously guarded in front of the grottoes.

At this distance, he should not be able to hear the conversation.

Cha Huafeng is not a wanted criminal. She is not going to stay on the island for a long time. After thinking about it, she said, “I’m going to watch in the kingdom. If I save the players, I’ll send them secretly.”


Jian Yuntai asked, “how many ghosts are there in the copy?”

Cha Huafeng shook her head blankly. “I don’t know. You and I didn’t enter the same batch of copies.”

She soon understood Jian Yuntai’s intention, sighed and said: “the injuries suffered in the copy can only be cured by Lingshen, and this time they are still burned. Severe burns will make people unable to move. Even if some people escaped yesterday, they are estimated to be today… In short, it’s better to find Lingshen first.”

“Three.” The fat man suddenly opened his mouth.

The other two people looked at him one after another. The fat man climbed up the tree, opened a coconut, jumped down and said, “have you forgotten? Before the copy was opened, I set up a stall in the camp to play chess. Many people here have played chess with me. Lingshen is a gang. On the first day of entering the copy, I found that there are three Lingshen.”

Lingshen is really easy to identify.

Generally speaking, when entering the advanced copy, Lingshen will form gangs. The gangs mentioned here are not derogatory words, but simple descriptions. Their physical resistance to pressure is low, and they can’t defend themselves against killing in case of danger. They can only find a few demon sneakers, spirit sneakers, or even sneakers to escort themselves. The price is to treat these people free of charge in the copy.

Therefore, there are always many people around Lingshen, and Lingshen itself will prepare many strange props.

Escape, protection.

Anyway, it’s like a turtle shell.

The fat man drank coconut milk and said, “as long as one of the three spirits can survive, the burns of other players are not a big problem and can be cured in minutes. The worst thing is that if none of them survive, then…”

He shook his head and didn’t go on.

Then you can only wait to die in the copy.

Jian Yuntai: “you are very careful.”

The fat man threw away the coconut shell and said, “what else? Don’t underestimate the fat man. I’m sneaky.”

Jian Yuntai: “sneaky who can be killed with one punch?”

The fat man said nothing: “… You’re not sneaky yourself.”

Bang! His coconut shell was thrown from a low cliff, below which was the sea. However, it was obvious that the coconut shell hit the real object, accompanied by a ‘ouch’.

A very faint scream.

Cha Huafeng had planned to get on the boat and leave. At the sound, the whole person stood upside down.

Who is eavesdropping under the cliff?!

Jian Yuntai asked them to take a few steps back. He stooped down to look at them for a while and looked back and said, “Jin Jin, go down and catch these two people.”

Jin Jin responded with a loud voice and went down to catch people.

Cha Huafeng looked alert, “who’s down there?”

Jian Yuntai shook his head and looked a little strange.

Cha Huafeng’s doubts were soon answered. Jin Jin took clothes in his mouth and threw them up on the sea. The vigilance on Cha Huafeng’s face suddenly disappeared completely, and he shouted excitedly, “Fuxue!”

She ran up like a gust of wind, red eyes and patted Lin Fuxue on the shoulder, “just live, just live!”

“If you shoot again, you’ll die…” Lin Fuxue groaned Chanted.

Cha Huafeng quickly stopped and opened Lin Fuxue’s clothes to check the injury. Jian Yuntai came to Shang Kai and was a little unable to start for a while.

Seriously injured.

And they’re all burns.

The fat man squatted next to Shang Kai and said, “I thought someone squatted down to eavesdrop. You two are hurt – it’s estimated that you can’t make a sound even if you want to ask for help. It’s really difficult for you to swim here.”

They both stayed with Shang Kai for a reason.

Shang Kai is more seriously injured.

Lin Fuxue only had a small burn on his waist and abdomen, while Shang Kai had a large burn on his chest, which was bloody from his neck to his side face, and the wound was still stained with dark dust.

It’s like facing the explosion.

Xu Qingyun asked softly, “where’s the eyebrow?”

Shang Kai was badly injured, took a weak breath and said, “what, Xu Qingqing, I, cough… How do I know.”

Jian Yuntai frowned more tightly.

But the fat man said that the three of them left the Duke’s manor together. It’s unreasonable to have burns on their bodies.

Unless they went back last night.

Cha Huafeng asked anxiously, “didn’t Qingqing come with you? What’s the matter? Jian Yuntai said that you had left the Duke manor last night. Why did you run back?”

Lin Fuxue’s face was so pale that he couldn’t speak.

Shang Kai was more able to bear the pain than him. He reluctantly propped up his body and said blankly, “what’s the meaning of ‘running back’ again? We didn’t leave there at all yesterday. I picked up Lin Fuxue halfway from the sea of fire. He was already dizzy when I met him.”

“…” silence.

Lin Fuxue seems to have carried the first wave of severe pain. Cold sweat seeps from his forehead. When he closes his eyes, he can’t bear it. “When I came out of the sea of fire, I didn’t see Xu Qingqing.”

Their burns confirmed the truth of what they said.

And their faces were very confused. Lin Fuxue asked, “why do you think Xu Qingqing is with me?”

Cha Huafeng said, “what Jian Yuntai said.”

Lin Fuxue didn’t care about this. Just now he heard the conversation of several people, closed his eyes deeply and said, “the three spirits you said have all died in the sea of fire.”

Cha Huafeng was hit and fell to the ground. Her face was whiter than Lin Fuxue. She kept shaking her head and muttering: “how could this happen… Your injuries and those of other players…”

The voices of these conversations seemed to come from far away, separated by a hazy dense.

Make your head heavy, your feet light, and your eyes black.

Jian Yuntai’s face was stiff and his heart was cold when he pursed his lips.

Just last night, the fat man said, “Xu Qingqing follows Shang Kai, and Shang Kai follows Lin Fuxue.” the three left the Duke manor together. But now Shang Kai and Lin Fuxue have the same words, saying that they have not left the Duke manor at all.

And I didn’t see Xu Qingqing at all.

This is a contradiction.

Originally, I wanted to see who would be injured. If Lin Fuxue or Xu Qingqing were injured, it could prove that Shang Kai was the person of the shrine. If Shang Kai dies, it can also prove that Xu Qingqing is protecting Lin Fuxue. She knows the inside story about the shrine.

Now all these expectations are broken.

Why did the fat man lead him to doubt Shang Kai?

Even if a thousand or ten thousand people in his heart don’t want to open the terrible window screen, Jian Yuntai inevitably turns his attention to the fat man.

After opening his mouth, Jian Yuntai couldn’t say anything. He just felt that the cold blood was transported to all parts of his body along the heart, and then rushed straight to the brain.

Like a basin of cold water pouring head-on.

Maybe Jian Yuntai’s gaze is too long, or maybe his eyes are too difficult. If the fat man looks back, he looks puzzled and asks, “what’s the matter with you?”

The author has something to say: have you ever played werewolf killing

Guess who the wolf is! The front has been paved a lot. When you look back after the whole copy is written, you will find it obvious. After a look, no one has guessed it all right.


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