Live Streaming in Infinite Escape Chapter 185

As a last resort, Jian Yuntai still didn’t want to easily suspect the fat man. He looked at Lin Fuxue and asked, “you said you walked through a rebellion plot line before. Did you know that the Duke manor will catch fire in the morning? If you know, why don’t you inform the players to evacuate in advance?”

His tone was somewhat aggressive.

Before Lin Fuxue could speak, Cha Huafeng frowned and said, “if he knew in advance, how could he be so badly hurt.”

Jian Yuntai ignored her and still stared at Lin Fuxue.

“I don’t know.” Lin Fuxue’s face turned pale slightly, but the look on his face didn’t seem to be faking. He said weakly, “that was a long time ago. At that time, I didn’t even pass the task and didn’t participate in the follow-up plot. Several days after I landed, the Knights of the Kingdom were all searching for players. I didn’t even know what happened in the kingdom. I just heard the main task remind me to enter the rebel plot.”

He was the only one who survived that copy.

It was the highest mortality rate.

Lin Fuxue coughed twice, then calmed down and continued: “I only know that there will be changes in the morning, but I don’t know what the specific changes are, let alone that the grand duke manor will catch fire. Moreover, I have entered this copy too many times, and every time I go to it, it’s a little different. I remember a lot of the plot.”

Jian Yuntai frowned at Lin Fuxue.

Think in your heart.

This remark needs to be seen by different people. If it is put on the hacker Bai and the fat man, it’s no surprise that they have a different story. If you put it on Yuxingcao and cha Huafeng, it is impossible to remember the wrong plot with their learning hegemony.

Similarly… Lin Fuxue.

Up to now, Jian Yuntai and Lin Fuxue have only known each other for a few days, and he can’t find out the character and reliability of the latter.

Thinking of this, Jian Yuntai glanced at Cha Huafeng.

Cha Huafeng and Lin Fuxue are more familiar. At this time, Cha Huafeng is also helpless. He scolded and said, “you can remember such important things. I really don’t know how you survived these three years.”

“It’s the blessing of the goddess of luck.”

Lin Fuxue smiled, coughed and said, “I don’t know why. Every time I get to the end of the copy, the holy things will fall on my hand with Yin and Yang.”

The holy thing is the real death free gold medal.

Since Cha Huafeng is used to it, Jian Yuntai has nothing to say. He can only put aside his doubts for the time being.

Shang Kai was seriously injured and fell into a severe coma after just saying a few words. Jian Yuntai checked his injury and said, “if his injury is not treated, he will die.”

Cha Huafeng was stunned: “is it so serious?”

Jian Yuntai nodded and said, “burns are more deadly than ordinary wounds. My former roommate is a spirit. I turned over his medical book and it said that it might cause systemic invasive infection and endanger life at that time.”

The fat man didn’t know that he had just been suspected. He was shocked and asked, “you mean the brick books of Yuxingcao in the living room? Fuck… Isn’t that what we use to pad fried noodles? When did you turn it? I don’t know?”

“When eating fried noodles.” Jian Yuntai answered.

Cha Huafeng was also slightly surprised. “Did you take the book of Yuxingcao to pad fried noodles? He still has to work hard with you.”

Fat man: “he’ll take the mat himself for whatever life he wants.”

“Several…” Lin Fuxue lay on Cha Huafeng’s thigh, weakly raised one hand and said, “can you take care of the injured first? I feel my waist is still bleeding…”

“Oh, OK.”

Cha Huafeng was in a hurry.

It was said to take care of him, but Cha Huafeng had no choice but to tear down a broad leaf and press his waist and abdomen to prevent bleeding. Lin Fuxue turned pale with pain and said, “forget it, you’d better help Shang Kai first. He’s more seriously injured.”

Shang Kai is unconscious.

Just when he didn’t know what to do, a dark and anxious voice came from the low cliff, “Hey – there’s a ship coming over there, like a human knight. You should hide quickly and don’t be caught.”

It took a big turn before it swam near several people. It was stunned and said, “this… Why are there two more people?!”

“Where to hide?” Jian Yuntai carries Shang Kai.

Wu Cang tangled for a few seconds and said unhappily, “it can only be a cave. I’ll hide you only once. When the knight leaves, you’ll move people out. You can’t disturb the ancestors…”

Before the latter words were finished, Jian Yuntai threw Shang Kai on Jin Jin’s back with one hand. He picked up Lin Fuxue again. The latter looked at him with a pale face, as if worried that he would be thrown onto Jin Jin’s back by such violence.

Fortunately, Jian Yuntai’s movements converge a lot.

Lin Fuxue half lay on Jin Jin’s back, apologized and said, “maybe we didn’t notice the pursuit when we ran away, which bothered you. I’m sorry.”

Cha Huafeng comforted: “don’t say that.”

Jin Jin took Shang Kai and Lin Fuxue into the grottoes, and the fat man followed. As soon as they entered the front foot, the engine of the big ship whined, and black smoke was rising near the sea.

“It’s the head of the guard, on my level.”

Cha Huafeng glanced at the boat sign, his face was a little ugly, and said, “this man is usually the most arrogant. He can’t listen to anyone because he is the founder of the three dynasties. He only listens to the queen of roses, and only the queen can hold him down.”

As soon as the voice fell, the ship had docked.

“Who am I, looking at a thin pole from a distance, I can’t even support my armor.” A sinister sound came from above the ship. It sounded like there was no place to vent under the evil fire.

The guard set up the ladder and a man with white temples came down from it. He was in his early sixties, but his mental outlook was excellent, and his face even glowed red.

As soon as he saw Cha Huafeng, his nose was not his nose and his eyes were not his eyes. He laughed and ridiculed and said, “it’s commander cha. Good morning, commander cha.”

Cha Huafeng said expressionless, “good morning, Captain Zhuo.”

Some people, even breathing is very eye-catching. Captain Zhuo looked at her coldly and said sarcastically, “Your Majesty asked you to catch fugitives in the kingdom. The Knights of the Poor Knights searched door to door against the scorching sun. Chadatong leader was at leisure and ran to the island to enjoy himself.”

Cha Huafeng sneered: “don’t you have eyes?”

As soon as the words came out, the guards on the ship were surprised – their captain Zhuo was not very good-natured. Usually, the commander of the investigation was tolerant. What’s the matter today?

“…” Captain Zhuo frowned slowly.

He has long been unhappy with Cha Huafeng. Her Majesty doesn’t know what’s going on. Recently, any major events have been handed over to cha Huafeng. It’s like guarding the shark people, or catching the illegitimate children of the grand duke.

The escort team privately said that her majesty valued Cha Huafeng, and even he, a three dynasty leader, had to step back a little.

Captain Zhuo couldn’t help laughing at this.

How old is cha Huafeng? At most, he was in his early twenties. When he followed the Regent of the former king Dou, Cha Huafeng was probably not born. She was a fart.

Now the little commander who didn’t even have a hair on his head dared to face him, the founder of the three dynasties. Captain Zhuo immediately took advantage of the topic and shouted angrily: “bold! Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this

Originally thought Cha Huafeng would be frightened. Unexpectedly, she also raised the volume and shouted, “bold! You are not polite and ignore Wang Fu here. Who gives you the courage?”

Captain Zhuo: “……”

Captain Zhuo saw Jian Yuntai standing behind Cha Huafeng. His vision was blocked just now, and he didn’t have the patience to see it. At this time, seeing Jian Yuntai, his face looked slightly sluggish, and his fierce momentum suddenly collapsed.

“I’ve seen Mr. Wang!” Captain Zhuo’s attitude was suddenly respectful.

When he saluted, Cha Huafeng looked at Jian Yuntai with a smile and Jian Yuntai raised her eyebrows.

Inexplicably, I feel that I have been pretended by others.

Jian Yuntai was present. Captain Zhuo finally had no spare time to find Cha Huafeng and talked about business.

“Mr. Wang, I came here with the criminal. I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m helpless. My subordinates just saw the criminal enter the grottoes. Please make it convenient for Mr. Wang.”

Captain Zhuo looked at the grottoes.

Jian Yun said calmly, “your subordinates must have read it wrong. I’ve been talking to commander Cha here and haven’t seen any suspicious people.”

Captain Zhuo was stunned and called his subordinates.

The man was in a panic and whispered, “Captain, I can’t read it wrong! I looked through a telescope!”

Captain Zhuo looked at Jian Yuntai again.

Jian Yuntai still said, “he was wrong.”

Captain Zhuo looked hesitant. He looked around his subordinates and Jian Yuntai and said, “it’s better to see some things with your own eyes. Please make it convenient for Lord Wang Fu. If there are no criminals in it, I’ll make amends to you another day.”

He has to go in today.

Jian Yuntai was silent for a few seconds and said, “the cave is the ancestor of the mackerel family. Her Majesty arranged commander Cha to stay here for fear that outsiders would disturb the mackerel family. I didn’t mean to stop you, just…”

He pretended to be hesitant and said, “if you offend your ancestors, who will bear the responsibility at that time?”

Captain Zhuo: ”

Before he could speak, Jian Yuntai stepped back and said, “if you insist on going in, I won’t stop you. In the future, the queen will be accountable, and I will say a few good words for commander Zhuo. I hope her majesty will be lenient.”

Cha Huafeng immediately answered, surprised and said, “if you offend the ancestor of the mackerel, where can you expect her majesty to be angry?”

Jian Yuntai was also surprised: “is that so?”

Cha Huafeng nodded again and again: “of course! Lord jiuchonglan is the most pure shark. It is said that he can call the wind and rain and control the rise and fall of the tide. If he is unhappy, the whole kingdom will be submerged by the sea when a tide rises! Let alone captain Zhuo’s death, even we and the people of the kingdom will suffer with him.”

Jian Yuntai said ‘unexpectedly so cruel’, then stepped back, smiled at captain Zhuo and said, “please.”

Captain Zhuo: “……”

Dozens of members of the convoy behind him looked like dishes and were a little dumbfounded when they looked at each other.

The audience in the live broadcast room laughed loudly:

“Haha, haha, these two people are also a little damaged. They can sing and make peace here. Look, they frighten others.”

“Just now, sister Cha used Jane’s boldness to pretend to be a tiger. It doesn’t work at first sight. These two people directly borrowed jiuchonglan to pretend to be a tiger. They laughed to death. Jiuchonglan can’t ignore you.”

“Jiuchonglan won’t care about these little things. They must know that they just want to cheat the captain of the guard… I have to say that the people in the live broadcast group are very bad hhhh”

“It depends on whether these people can resist fraud.”

Jian Yuntai and cha Huafeng stepped back one step to the left and one step to the right, giving way to the grottoes.

Now the fat man and others are in the grottoes. If captain Zhuo really goes in, they will meet head-on.

At that time, fat people and others will be in danger.

“…….” the island fell into silence for a moment, and the needle almost fell. Far away, it sounds like the waves are rolling up and down.

The silence was too long. The audience laughed and their faces froze.

“Grass, he won’t go in again.”

“Suddenly a little nervous! Ah, ah, ah, fat people, they don’t want to be found. They must hide!”

“Turn around, turn around (pray. JPG)”

The audience’s prayers didn’t help. Captain Zhuo carefully observed the faces of the left and right people – they were calm and couldn’t see anything respectively.

After pondering for a few seconds, he suddenly disdained to smile, “Lord Wang and commander Cha are united and treat me as a fool?”



Jian Yuntai and cha Huafeng exchanged a look, smiled at captain Zhuo and said, “what does that mean?”

Although the surface is calm, Jian Yuntai’s brain is running rapidly, and his heart is a little uncertain.

It shouldn’t work.

Just relying on the fact that “his subordinates see criminals with binoculars”, Captain Zhuo can’t risk angering jiuchonglan and want to go into the grottoes to find someone.

He can’t afford the risk.

So Jian Yuntai couldn’t understand it.

Captain Zhuo looked up at the island in front of him and said with disbelief: “how could the ancestor of the mackerel family be in such a place? It is said that his whereabouts are uncertain. In the early years, people in the royal family paid tribute to the style of the ancestor of the mackerel and wanted to go to the sea to find him. As a result, the sea area within a hundred miles has been searched carefully, and the man has not been found all his life. He ended up with regret.”

After a pause, he continued: “Lord Wang Fu, you’d better be careful in your words and deeds. Don’t easily make fun of the ancestors of the chimaeras.”

Jian Yuntai: ”

He really didn’t expect that the problem would be here… What whereabouts are uncertain? Jian Yuntai has seen the rumored ancestor many times these days. He even spent a night next to the campfire last night.

Just about to speak again, Captain Zhuo doesn’t want to entangle anymore. Directly stride past two people and walk towards the grottoes.

Although the other crew members were worried, they followed in turn.

The barrage in the live broadcast room refreshes quickly:

“Don’t let him in, fat man!”

“And Lin Fuxue. I liked Lin Fuxue three years ago. Help, help, help!”

“How do I feel I’m more anxious than Jane.”

Although Jian Yun doesn’t show up on the table, he has begun to calculate in his heart – even if he suspects the fat man just now, he can’t ignore the danger. He can’t do it even if he dies.

Look up.

The expression on Cha Huafeng’s face was similar to that of him.

One of them was worried about the fat man and the other was worried about Lin Fuxue. They understood each other’s meaning at the moment of sight contact. Jian Yuntai made a move to wipe his neck – kill him.

Cha Huafeng nodded calmly, ready to launch his skills.

Just as they were about to move forward, there was a loud bang in front of them, accompanied by several screams.

I saw big waves rising into the sky and sweeping into the sky.

The originally light brown cliff was suddenly dark by the tide. The scene was like the end of the world. Cha Huafeng was stunned when he was half fired.

She stared at the ferocity in front of her.

The waves are surging.

The tide rolled up captain Zhuo and his party, and there were constant screams and screams. Everyone didn’t know how it happened. They only saw the tide rising hundreds of feet, which was as high as a modern building.

With the overwhelming trend, boom! Boom! It seems that an invisible big hand pressed the spray. Captain Zhuo landed from a high altitude and smashed the ground rock into a spider web like crack. As soon as he got up, cold sea water poured down on his face, bruised and purple his whole face.

The tragic scene lasted for nearly ten minutes. When the waves stopped, wucang swam out of the grottoes, frowned and asked, “who bothered the ancestor to rest!”

“…” Captain Zhuo turned white and couldn’t believe it.

The ancestor of the mackerel is really on this island?!

This, this… How is this possible!

He couldn’t help but believe the scene in front of him. Dozens of crew members fell on the beach in disorder. Commander Zhuo looked left and right and got up in fear and said, “I don’t know your ancestor is here. I didn’t bother you inadvertently. I…”

Cha Huafeng lengbuding mended his knife, “we have just reminded him that he knows that his ancestors, including him, still have to break through.”

Captain Zhuo: “……”

Wu Cang was furious: “human beings full of lies! Damn it!”

The captain almost turned pale today. At this time, another ship came slowly not far away.

“Your Majesty asks to see your ancestor! Please send a message!” A maid stood in the bow and shouted.

Wu Cang frowned and looked at the ship.

Soon, the waitresses held the rose and walked slowly down from the ship.

Before standing firm, Captain Zhuo seemed to see the Savior. He climbed to the corner of Rose’s skirt and said, “Your Majesty, save me, save me!”

“What happened?” Asked the rose, frowning.

Wu Cang snorted coldly and said, “Your Majesty is really a big shelf. In the past, when the mackerel family blessed, which King of the royal family was not respectful and never dared to step behind the Poseidon palace. It’s good to be in your position. Even a small captain dared to go straight to the resting place of the ancestor.”

He added, “knowing that the ancestors would have to rush hard, human beings want to go to war with the mackerel people?”

Zhuo team was shocked when he grew up. He was used to being arrogant and domineering. Who thought he would kick the iron plate today.

He hurriedly explained, “I didn’t know the ancestor was in there! I thought Wang Fu was lying…”

The mouth is faster than the brain. When Captain Zhuo reacts, it’s already late.

It is also a sin to speculate about Wang Fu.

It’s hard to argue!

He is like a plucked chicken, describing a disastrous defeat.

Rose looked at the blood on Jian Yuntai’s shoulder – it was accidentally rubbed when moving Shang Kai. It’s a little blood. If you don’t pay attention, you can hardly see it.

Soon she took back her eyes, and rose looked down and said, “Captain Zhuo broke through the sea temple without order, which is regarded as a great disrespect to the sea god. Breaking into the rest place of Lord jiuchonglan without imperial edict is regarded as a great disrespect to the mackerel family. Maliciously speculating about the king’s husband is regarded as a provocation to the royal family.”

In captain Zhuo’s increasingly stiff and pale face, rose said lightly: “combined punishment for several crimes, dismissal and copying.”

Box! Box! Two.

Captain Zhuo fell and sat on the gravel. Everyone was stupid.

There is no need to impose such a heavy penalty, at least from the law of the Kingdom, it is absolutely impossible to impose such a heavy penalty.

Unless… Unless the queen is angry about his behavior.

Captain Zhuo stared at the grottoes.

What’s the secret there?

Why doesn’t the king’s husband, the mackerel, commander Cha, and even her majesty want him in?!

Before the black Cang could pass through, the water curtain blocking the grottoes fell slowly.

“Come in.” A husky and pleasant male voice.

It was jiuchonglan’s voice, “let your Wang Fu come in.”

Jian Yuntai was slightly surprised. Fat people are still inside!

It’s too late to say too much. Rose’s action is much faster than captain Zhuo. She directly lifted her skirt and walked in. She is a key NPC of the replica. Jian Yuntai can’t kill her. He can only bite his teeth and follow her in.

As soon as they entered, everyone was blocked outside the grottoes.

Black Cang can enter at will.

But before entering, Cha Huafeng grabbed his fish tail, and Wu Cang turned back in shock.

“Why are you pulling my tail? It won’t grow high!”

Cha Huafeng speechless released her hand and whispered, “help me, don’t let the queen find the illegitimate son of the grand duke!”

“Don’t worry.” Wu Cang clapped his chest with righteousness, then threw his tail into the water curtain and slipped into the grottoes.

It looks like a slippery loach. It looks very unreliable.

Cha Huafeng looked at his back and was particularly worried. But she had no other way but to worry. She had to pace anxiously outside waiting for the news.

In the grottoes, there is only a beam of sky light from top to bottom, paving a layer of dense light for the interior of the cave.

Ahead is a shallow pond, and the sea water only reaches the bend of the thigh. Even so, it was inconvenient for rose to walk. After her palace skirt was stained with water, it was too heavy to carry.

Jian Yuntai gave her a hand, lifted her arm with her fingertips, and supported her easily.

“Beware of moss, slippery.”

Rose nodded gratefully, “thank you.”

This is the end of the dialogue. They both staggered their eyes and pretended not to care about looking around in the grottoes.

Looking at it, Jian Yuntai breathed a sigh of relief – he didn’t know where the fat people were hiding. If he hadn’t known in advance that they were inside, Jian Yuntai wondered whether anyone had come in here, but there was no trace at all.

Not even blood.

There is no place for Tibetans in the grottoes. What space props should be used?

Just as Jian Yuntai sighed in his heart, he didn’t expect that the fat man was quite reliable, he snapped——

A drop of blood fell on his wrist.

It was the hand holding the rose that would drop on the rose’s arm a few centimeters away.


Jian Yuntai looked up with a complicated face.

At the top of the grottoes, gold hung upside down on the rocks, claws hooked on the raised rock wall, and a pair of golden red pupils stared round. The kitten has suffered too much. It has Shang Kai who is seriously injured and unconscious in its mouth and Lin Fuxue on its back. The only free paw is still hooked on the fat man’s back collar.

Shang Kai’s body has been dripping blood. The fat man has a dirty face and uses his hands and feet to receive blood.

Make all kinds of difficult postures in the air.

Unfortunately, I missed a few drops.

“!!!” Fat man silent collapse: fuck!



Seeing that a few drops of blood were about to fall on the head of rose, Jian Yuntai quickly pulled a handful of rose. The latter jumped at him with a cry and grabbed the clothes on his chest with both hands.

A few drops of blood fell from behind the back of the rose’s head and silently fell into the shallow pond and integrated with the sea water.

After a moment of silence, rose looked up blankly, “Wang Fu?”

Jian Yuntai looked down at the rose: “……”

Think about the reason, think about the reason why you suddenly pulled her down!

While Jian Yuntai’s brain was running at full speed, the sound of water surging came from the front. The sound of “Ding Dong” is more like the sound of the water coming out of the water.

The cool eyebrows and eyes suddenly coagulated slightly.


There was a dead silence in the cave.

Staring at the two people’s posture for several seconds, jiuchonglan slowly hooked his lips and said, “the queen and the king’s husband are really… Love, comparison, gold and firmness.”

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