Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 1

Nan’an Hou mansion, wedding night.

After the two Xi Niangs finished their errands, they rushed out of the inner room with the maidservants of the Hou house. Before they went out, they couldn’t wait to steal words and talk.

“I’ve lived most of my life. I’ve never seen such a beautiful man.”

“It’s a pity that I married a sick seedling, alas.”

“What’s a pity that he married the young gentleman of the marquis. If it weren’t for the eight characters of the little Marquis’s birthday, the Marquis and Mrs. hou would be able to see the son sentenced by the wupintai hospital?”

“You’re right. It’s a blessing or a curse. You’ll have to live to know.”


During the conversation, Xi Niang came to the outer room and looked inside before closing the two doors: in a festive red, the newly married young gentleman of Hou’s house, wearing a xipa like a jade carving, sat quietly on the happy bed.

The door closed slowly, and only two people were left in the wedding room.

Everything around him was quiet. Lin Qingyu’s back was finally relaxed after being stiff for a day. He moved slightly, and the tassel falling on his xipa shook with him.

It’s inconvenient to wear a xipa. When a woman marries, her husband should provoke the xipa on her head, and it must be the same for a man to marry.

However, his husband is afraid he can’t do it.

His… “Husband”.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand to take xipa for himself, and his vision finally became wide. He looked around at the gauze curtain in front of him, and the red curtain was warm. Finally, he turned his eyes to the man sleeping on the bed – Lu Wancheng, the little Marquis of Nan’an Marquis house.

Under the candlelight, Lin Qingyu looked at the landing night Cheng expressionless.

Lu Wancheng was dressed in a red suit. His eyebrows were like a distant mountain, his long eyelashes were thick, his cheeks were thin, and his lips were as white as paper. Even if your eyes are closed and sick, you can see that you are born with an excellent appearance.

From today on, this man will be his husband.

Although he was a man, he became the wife of another man – he was the first male wife of Dayu Dynasty to be “married openly”.

It’s ridiculous.

He prepared for the examination of the imperial medical department for three years. If he passes the examination, he will become a medical officer like his father. Even if you don’t enter the palace, you can open a medicine shop in the capital and be an ordinary doctor.

Unfortunately, just as he was preparing to expand his ambitions, the empress of Zhonggong called his father to him and said, “I heard that you have a son who was born on March 11, Chenshi, the year of Guiwei, but it’s true?”

After receiving Lin’s positive reply, the queen asked the emperor to marry the Lin family and betrothed Lin Qingyu to Lu Wancheng, the eldest son of Nan’an Hou.

It is well known to dignitaries in Beijing that Lu Wancheng was ill for many years. When he was born, Nan’an Hou specially invited the imperial doctor to visit him in the house. The imperial doctor once asserted that Lord Lu Xiaohou could not live at the age of a weak crown.

This year, Lu Wancheng is already 19, and his body is getting worse day by day. Seeing that he was dying and his time was approaching, the Marquis of Nan’an had no other way. He wrote a letter to ask for help from the national teacher of Dayu Dynasty, who was said to know ghosts and gods all over the world. The reply from the national master to him was only one line, the eight characters of his birthday, which was: March 11, the year of Guiwei, Chenshi.

Disobeying the emperor’s order is a capital crime. Lin Qingyu’s death is not a pity, but he wants to protect his elderly parents and younger brother. In this way, he became Lu Wancheng’s Chongxi male wife.

More than ten years of hard study in the cold window has become a joke.

At this moment, the hour of the sea has passed, and the maid outside the door said, “young gentleman, it’s time to serve the little marquis to go to bed.”

Lin Qingyu clenched his fingers at his sleeping husband – asking him to serve Lu Wancheng? Are you kidding.

The rules of gaomen’s marriage have always been cumbersome. Although it was a rush to rejoice, Nan’an Hou’s house also sent his aunt to Lin’s house to teach Lin Qingyu’s so-called “way of man and wife”. Before his wedding, he washed his whole body up and down, inside and outside, and even smeared something like ointment.

Lin Qingyu is a bad man. He has never been so humiliated. If he hadn’t saved dozens of Lin family, he would have died with Lu Wancheng.

Seeing that there was no movement in the happy room, the maid urged again: “young gentleman, go to bed.”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and suppressed the rising malice. He blew out the candle, leaving only a red candle in front of the bed. Lu Wancheng was still lying outside the quilt in Jinfan’s wedding clothes. I’m afraid it would be uncomfortable to sleep like this.

But what’s his business? He wished Lu Wancheng would never wake up.

Lin Qingyu walked to the bedside and his sight fell on Lu Wancheng’s hand crossed on his chest.

The Lin family is a medical family. Lin Qingyu studied medicine with his father since childhood. When he was a teenager, he traveled away from home to study, visited famous teachers, and his medical skills far exceeded those of his peers. Just looking at Lu Wancheng’s face, he knew that Lu Wancheng was terminally ill and must have a chronic disease.

In order to confirm this, Lin Qingyu condescended to explore the pulse for the sick seedling. Lu Wancheng’s wrist was frighteningly cold, as if he had been fished out of cold water.

As he guessed, Lu Wancheng’s vitality is exhausted, and there is a sign of breaking the pulse. Unless the miracle doctor is born again, Lu Wancheng can’t last for half a year at most.

He only endured for half a year. When Lu Wancheng dies, he will be free.

Lin Qingyu involuntarily used force on his hand and left two shallow marks on Lu Wancheng’s wrist.

Suddenly, the pale fingertip moved.

Lin Qingyu instinctively let go. Lu Wancheng’s hand fell back to bed. His eyes rolled under his eyes, and his long eyelashes trembled slightly.

Is Lu Wancheng waking up?

Lin Qingyu’s expression was dignified, and his eyes stared at the landing night Cheng without blinking. In his knife like eyes, Lu Wancheng slowly opened his eyes.

Lu Wancheng’s eyes were covered with a layer of fog. It seemed that he couldn’t see anything clearly. When the fog in his eyes cleared away, a trace of confusion appeared: “HMM…? Where did the classical beauty come from…”

Oh, apprentice. I’m dying. I don’t forget to call you beauty.

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “you’re awake.”

Lu Wancheng was in a trance for a moment and asked in a dumb voice, “who are you?”

A trace of surprise flashed in Lin Qingyu’s eyes: “don’t you know me?”

It was the first time they met, but as long as Lu Wancheng had a brain and saw his joy, he would understand.

Lu Wancheng shook his head, coughed stiffly twice and said, “although it’s very old-fashioned, I still want to ask: where is this? Why am I here?”

Lin Qingyu: “…” is the sick seedling stupid? Or did Lu Wancheng not know about the marriage?

Before Chongxi, he heard his father mention Lu Wancheng’s illness. It is said that Lu Wancheng has been unconscious for nearly a month. If so, Lu Wancheng is likely to be completely unaware of the marriage.

Lin Qingyu’s face eased a little: “my surname is Lin and my name is Qingyu.”

“Lin Qingyu? Lin… Qing… Yu.” Lu Wancheng read his name as if he thought of something, “the beautiful doctor who died in the east palace?”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “what?”

Lu Wancheng looked at him for a moment, stunned, and suddenly struggled to sit up.

Out of the doctor’s habit, Lin Qingyu pressed the disturbed patient back: “what do you want?”

“Mirror.” Lu Wancheng covered his chest with one hand and pointed to the copper mirror on the cabinet with his long hair scattered on a pillow, “cough, give me the mirror.”


Lin Qingyu handed the bronze mirror to Lu Wancheng and asked, “what’s wrong with this mirror?”

When Lu Wancheng saw himself in the mirror, his eyes suddenly widened. His expression seemed to have thousands of words to say. After a long time, he was almost out of breath. At last, he said only one word: “… Fuck.”

The maid of the night watch heard the movement in the happy room, knocked on the door and asked, “young gentleman, but what’s the matter?”

Lin Qingyu looked at Lu Wancheng, who was struck by lightning, and said lightly, “I tell you that the Marquis and his wife are awake.”

The maid immediately sent someone to report to Nan’an Hou and his wife, and then invited a doctor. After a while, the Xi room was full of people. Lin Qingyu stood outside, but looked like an outsider.

Doctor Zhang, who diagnosed Lu Wancheng’s pulse, was not a great doctor, but also a famous doctor in the capital. Doctor Zhang stroked his beard and said in disbelief, “this is the first time I’ve been practicing medicine for decades.”

Mrs. Hou said eagerly, “Dr. Zhang, what is late Cheng…”

“Madam, don’t worry. It’s a good thing that the young Marquis can wake up. That’s the pulse… Yesterday, I also diagnosed the pulse for the young marquis. At that time, the young Marquis’s vitality was exhausted and it was not far from the decline of heaven and man. But now, it seems like a different person.” Doctor Zhang was surprised. “It’s like the help of a God and suddenly injected a vitality into his body.”

Lin Qingyu thought silently. Lu Wancheng suddenly improved, but it was not a reflection. It was something strange. He had never seen a similar case in the medical books.

Madam Hou was stunned and asked, “is his illness better?”

The doctor dared not assert, and thought carefully, “at least there is a glimmer of life.”

“OK, ok…” Mrs. Hou was so excited that she burst into tears. “Evening Cheng, did you hear that? Your illness has taken a turn for the better.”

Lu Wancheng had no special reaction, but said, “I hear you.”

The doctor said again, “madam, the little Marquis woke up and had to rest.”

Mrs. Hou wiped her tears and said, “then mother won’t bother you to rest – where’s Qingyu? Where’s the young gentleman?”

Everyone looked at each other. Lin Qingyu came forward and said, “madam.”

Madam Hou took his hand and said with a smile, “Qingyu, as soon as you married into the Hou house, Wan Cheng’s illness got better. The national master really had a clever plan. You are the Savior of Wan Cheng. We, Wan Cheng, will ask you in the future.”

Lu Wancheng looked up at Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu smiled and said, “madam, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of the little marquis.”

The mammy next to Mrs. Hou joked, “Hey, young gentleman, don’t call me little Marquis like us. You have to call me ‘husband’ -”

Everyone burst into laughter, and no one noticed Lin Qingyu’s hand quietly clenched in his sleeve.

When the crowd dispersed, the peace in the happy room was restored again, and the red candle was about to burn to the end.

Lu Wancheng lay silent in bed, frowning and loosening, as if trying to remember something.

Lin Qingyu didn’t care about him. He stood by the window and looked at the strange moon outside the window. He seemed to be covered with moonlight.

I don’t know how long it was, Lu Wancheng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “man… Oh, no – beauty, come here.”

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “who are you calling?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “is there anyone else here?”

Lin Qingyu turned back. The flickering candlelight dyed a crimson blush on his cheek, and the tear moles in the corners of his eyes were as bright and moving as peonies.

People are beautiful, but they seem to have a bad temper.

Lu Wancheng coughed twice and nodded to Lin Qingyu to sit down. Lin Qingyu only stood by the bed, keeping an arm distance from Lu Wancheng.

“I was just combing my mind.” Lu Wancheng said calmly, without any hurry when he just woke up.

Lin Qingyu said, “what you’re thinking has nothing to do with me.”

“It doesn’t matter. Because what I think is about you.” Lu Wancheng said these words. He was already a little weak and pale. “If I had come a few days earlier, I wouldn’t agree to this marriage and let you marry me to live and die.”

Lin Qingyu looked Numb: “what’s the use of saying this now.”

“It’s true. Now we’re married and don worships. The whole capital knows we’re husband and wife.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “No.”


Lin Qingyu mocked, “we didn’t worship. You’ve been sleeping. I worship with a big cock.”

Lu Wancheng sniffed lightly: “that’s all right. Just don’t worship. You don’t have to take this marriage seriously. I can’t live for half a year, and you’ll be wronged for half a year first. When I die, it’s not too bad for you to go back to Lin mansion with my legacy.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned and said suspiciously, “is there such a good thing?”

“Yes. But how much legacy you can bring home depends on your own ability.” Lu Wancheng leaned back against the soft pillow and said lazily, “I don’t play house fighting because I have a broken body. The water in Nan’an Hou’s house is too deep. I just want to eat and die and be a salted fish.”


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