Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 10

The people chosen by Duke Wen for his grandson are naturally not bad. Zhang Shiquan was experienced and meticulous. It really took only one day to sort out all the accounts.

“I have classified the account books.” Zhang Shiquan is confident, “if you don’t trust me, you can check it again. But it’s not Zhang’s boast. Zhang hasn’t made any mistakes in accounting for more than 30 years.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “thank you.”

“Awesome, steward Zhang.” Lu Wancheng raised his eyes and motioned. The flower dew on one side came forward to give Zhang Shiquan a reward prepared in advance – a bag of heavy silver. “This matter should have follow-up. Please stay in Nan’an Hou’s house for the time being.”

Zhang Shiquan bowed and said, “but at the order of the little marquis.”

As soon as Zhang Shiquan left, Lu Wancheng’s straight back immediately withered, lying on the table and looking at Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu looked through the sorted account book and said, “if you have something to say.”

“I said leave it to me, but you still don’t believe me.”

The tone was a bit of a complaint.

Unfortunately, this set is useless to Lin Qingyu: “you really didn’t deal with it. You asked someone to deal with it.”

“What’s the difference?”

“You can’t always rely on others.”

“Why not? I gave silver. It’s a win-win situation.”

“Do you want others to help you when you are too lazy to eat, sleep, marry and have children?”

“You said having children?” Lu Wancheng pretended to be lost in thought. “Well… It would be great if I didn’t have to move myself.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand what Lu Wancheng was talking about. When he understood, he suddenly got up and his face was hot: “I didn’t mean that!”

Lu Wancheng smiled and said, “what do you mean?”

He just wanted to say that some things must be done by himself, and only disciples would think of other places.

Lin Qingyu looked down at the apprentice sitting on the table and said for a long time, “you are hopeless.”

In a twinkling of an eye, it was the day of Liang’s audit.

Liang got up early in the morning and dressed up in the mirror as usual. Mammy Liu wrapped her hair in a bun behind her.

The pain of pulling on the scalp, Liang exclaimed: “what’s the matter with you? After a month’s hard work in the garden, you can’t comb your head?”

“Madam, forgive me, madam.” mammy Liu nodded and bowed, lowered her head to wipe tears, and looked at Liang’s face with her remaining light. “I don’t hide from her that I’m nearly 60, and I can’t stand the pain. I took a broom for a month and a jade comb for my wife. I’m afraid I’ll dirty my wife’s things.”

Liang held his temples and said in a deep voice, “you are my confidant. Punishing you is not giving me face. I wronged you today…” Liang’s mouth recalled, “just look.”

Lu Niantao came early to say hello to Liang. Please don’t leave after an. Stay with Liang. But several people waited until the tea was cold, and there was no Lin Qingyu.

Mother Liu raised her neck and looked out: “is it not that Shaojun is guilty and won’t even invite Ann? It’s too ugly. The male wife from a small family just doesn’t understand the rules.”

“Sister Liu, be careful.” Lu Niantao said calmly, “wait. If you can’t wait, send someone to ask.”

Before he finished, a notice came from outside: “young master, young gentleman is coming.”

Lu Niantao was surprised: “brother is here too?”

Mother Liu glanced: “I must have come to ask for the young gentleman.”

Somehow, Liang’s heart was a little empty. If in the past, it was just a sick seedling, she coaxed and held it, borrowed Chongxi to find him a male wife, so that he could not stay, and finally waited patiently for him to swallow his breath. But since Lin Qingyu married in, the sick seedling’s body is better day by day, and even gets out of bed. His temperament has changed a lot. It must have something to do with the drugs Lin Qingyu matches.

She was so depressed that she didn’t sleep well for several days. Once upon a time, what she said about Lu Wancheng was what she said. Who would have expected Lu Wancheng to protect that man’s wife who couldn’t sell goods in her stomach like this.

She has lived most of her life and has never seen any Chongxi really flush people well. She didn’t believe this, so she begged people everywhere for marriage. Lin showed deep mother son love in front of the marquis. If she had known this, she should have been cruel and sent Lu Wancheng away early.

Seeing Liang’s ugly face, Lu Niantao called, “mother?”

Liang frowned: “I may not be able to hold Lu Wancheng now.”

Lu Niantao said with a smile, “don’t worry, mother. My father is a reasonable man. As long as’ reason ‘is on your side, you have nothing to fear.”

Mammy Liu clapped her hands: “the second lady said this to the hearts of slaves and maidservants. You are kind to cultivate Shaojun. Shaojun has no ability and can’t fix the account book. Is it reasonable?”

Liang cheered up: “what you said is reasonable. I have nothing to fear.”

While they were talking, Lin Qingyu pushed the landing, and Wancheng came in. Liang smiled: “coming.”

Lu Niantao got up and saluted: “brother, sister-in-law.”

Lin Qingyu nodded and said nothing, while Lu Wancheng was under low pressure: “HMM.”

Liang and Lu Niantao looked at each other and wondered where Lu Wancheng’s anger came from. Only Lin Qingyu knows that Lu Wancheng’s anger is getting up. Mammy Liu didn’t see it so carefully, and the yin-yang strange way: “young gentleman is coming. Let your wife wait.”

“I stayed in bed and he got up late.” Lu Wancheng looked up and said carelessly, “what’s the matter with you?”

Looking at Shanglu Wancheng’s eyes, Mammy Liu winced and looked like she had been bullied: “slaves don’t dare.”

Lu Niantao asked with concern, “isn’t brother already able to get off the ground? Why are you in a wheelchair again?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “he is too sleepy to go.”

Lu Wancheng retorted, “it’s the blue wind Pavilion. It’s too far from here.”

In the final analysis, it is a word “lazy”.

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to waste time with Liang and others. Without waiting for Liang’s opening, he cut directly into the subject: “Huan Tong.”

Huan Tong presented the ledger to Liang: “our young master has sorted out all the ledger. Please have a look at it.”

Liang’s face was not obvious, and he was suspicious inside. The boy is so righteous. Did Lin Qingyu really finish the account for a month on the third day? The servants of Lanfeng Pavilion clearly said that Lin Qingyu was reading and dispensing medicine as usual these three days. Where did he have time to sort out the account books?

Like her, Mammy Liu whispered, “look, madam. Just look.”

Liang opened her account book. Every page she turned, she would feel more depressed. Half Ben looked down, his heart was already cool, but he had to smile on his face: “this account is done in good order and covers all aspects. It is worthy of Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu said, “madam, I’m flattered.”

As soon as mammy Liu’s face changed, she almost wanted to say “how is it possible”. Fortunately, she was stopped by Liang’s eyes and changed her way: “otherwise, madam, take a closer look?”

Liang is a man who knows accounts. She has been in charge of the family for nearly 20 years. At a glance, she knows that the couple are prepared. Just because the book is so neat and clean, even the accountant of Hou’s house may not be able to do it.

How could it be… No one in the blue wind Pavilion knows how they did it.

Liang’s a burst of irritability, also lost a good face to mother Liu: “I don’t look carefully, then you come and see?”

Lu Niantao thought for a long time and said with a smile, “I heard that sister-in-law was the first time to contact the housekeeper. She can do it so perfectly. Mother, you can trust sister-in-law with the affairs of the house in the future.”

“That’s reasonable.” Lu Wancheng smiled subtly. “After my mother handed over all the things, she can enjoy peace and happiness.”

Lu Niantao said, “my eldest brother and sister-in-law are really filial. Speaking, my eldest sister-in-law has the ability to remember everything in this account book?”

Liang’s eyes lit up, looked at his daughter with appreciation, and then said, “in that case, I’m going to test Qingyu.”

Lu Wancheng picked his eyebrows and was about to get up, but Lin Qingyu pressed his shoulder: “Qingyu?”

Lin Qingyu said, “let her take the exam.”

Liang opened the account book and asked, “how many door shops do we have in Beijing?”

“Twenty six. Three banks, three restaurants, two tea shops, two silk shops and two porcelain shops…”

“Who was the Chuang Tzu with the best harvest last month?”

“Shuyang village, 20 miles away from the suburbs of Beijing.”

Liang’s tone was impatient: “Hou’s house is in Xuzhou…”

“There are five silk cloth shops, with a total loss of 1300 Liang last month.” Lin Qingyu said carelessly, “if I remember correctly, my wife’s ancestral home is Xuzhou.”

Liang slowly put down the account book and forced out a smile: “I really remember correctly.”

Seeing that mother Liu couldn’t hold a fart for a long time, Huan Tong wanted to exchange a happy look with the little marquis. Their young master can recite the obscure medical skills backwards again, and the mere account book is nothing. “Feather door book”, Liang really has a big face.

But the young Marquis didn’t look at him at all, but looked at his young master quietly, with a smile in his eyes and a faint light, as if with some pride.

Lin Qingyu said, “madam, what else do you want to ask?”

Liang’s strong spirit: “no, No.”

Lu Wancheng said to Lin Qingyu, “go back first. I still have something to say to my mother.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at Liang’s family, then gathered his eyes and left with Huan Tong.

Lu Niantao got up and said with a smile, “I’ll see my sister-in-law off.”

In addition to the servants in the hall, only Lu Wancheng and Liang are left. Liang took up the tea to hide his uneasiness: “what else does Wancheng have to say?”

Lu Wancheng raised his hand: “I want to stand and talk to my mother. Can my mother help me?”

Liang shuddered and said, “why not? You grew up in your mother’s arms when you were a child.” she went forward and helped Lu Wancheng up. They stood face to face. She only went to Lu Wancheng’s shoulder and had the illusion of being oppressed.

“Actually, mother, don’t worry.” Lu Wancheng said slowly, “I’m suffering from a terminal disease, and Hua Tuo’s reincarnation is also ineffective. Qingyu’s medical books are not for me, and the medicine is not prepared for me – even if it is, he can’t save me.”

Liang’s eyes dodged everywhere: “you child, what are you talking about?”

Lu Wancheng smiled: “I don’t have much time. I have less than half a year left. I just want to eat and drink and see the beauty.” he approached Liang slowly, “can you? Mother.”

Liang was forced to retreat until he couldn’t retreat. He sat down and held the corner of the table. His lips were pale and trembled: “I…”

“What’s the little Marquis doing?” mother Liu wanted to stop her. “Madam is the mistress of the family. How can the little Marquis be so unruly!”

When Lu Wancheng looked back, there was a trace of hostility between his eyebrows and eyes: “let you talk.”

Mother Liu’s leg softened and was nailed in place. It seemed that she was choked and dared not even breathe. In addition to her, the other servants stood quietly aside. Unexpectedly, no one dared to come forward and help the housewife.

The hall was as silent as death.

After a long time, Lu Wancheng turned back to Liang and said with a smile, “mother, you haven’t answered me yet.”

Liang looked frightened and twisted, and a vague voice came out of his throat: “can… Can.”

Lu Wancheng bent his lips and smiled, “thank you, mother.”

Not long after Lin Qingyu returned to the blue wind Pavilion, Lu Wancheng also came back. He looked tired and coughed several times.

Since the weather got warmer, Lu Wancheng’s cough has obviously improved a lot. Why did he cough again. Lu Wancheng himself didn’t think so: “maybe he just talked too much.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what did you say to liang?”

“Nothing. Just let her be more comfortable.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t ask, “give me your hand and I’ll see your pulse.”

Lu Wan stretched out his hand, yawned and said, “Dr. Lin…”


Lu Wancheng rubbed his eyes with the back of his other hand: “sleepy.”

Lin Qingyu was speechless for a while: “how old are you? You still say overlapping words.”

“That’s all right.” Lu Wancheng changed his mouth and said, “the spring breeze is warm and sleepy. I want to go to bed for a while.”

The author has something to say:

The great beauty is indifferent: you’re too lazy to move.

The little Marquis spits blood: I move! Can’t I move!


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