Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 100

As soon as Wu Youyuan arrived with the ambush, Xixia immediately collapsed into an army. In other words, Xixia had no fighting spirit at the moment Gu Fuzhou fell. When the goal is achieved, Xixia immediately withdraws its troops. Dayu’s iron cavalry chased after him, killing each one with red eyes. They captured the main general alive and slaughtered all the soldiers.

One night later, there was a river of blood in the valley. At the same time, Shi Pei hung on the wall of Yongliang. So far, Yongliang, the northwest fortress, finally returned to Dayu.

In the last war, Dayu recaptured Yongliang City, drove Xixia to the north of the border, killed tens of thousands of enemies, and the price was only 3000 iron cavalry. This was a great victory, but the northwest military camp did not see the joy of victory at all.

In the howling cold wind, white flags were hung, paper money was scattered, and the fire reflected everyone’s pale and sad face. Wu You knelt in front of Gu Fuzhou’s spirit for a day and a night. He didn’t eat a meal or drink a mouthful of water. He clenched the saber around his waist and his eyes were bloodshot. In addition to self blame, grief and anger, he was more murderous. If Shi Pei hadn’t stopped him, he wished he could catch up with the capital of Xixia, destroy a country, and worship the dead of the great general with the head of the emperor of Xixia.

From now on, this will be what he wants in his life.

Shen Huaizhi changed his armor and walked into the tent in strong clothes. He looked at Gu Fuzhou’s holy throne, his Adam’s apple rolled and endured three incense sticks. Shi Pei handed him an urgent report and said in a dumb voice, “thank you, brother Shen.”

The snow blocked the way back to Beijing, and the fastest cavalry in the army was no faster than Shen Huaizhi. It will be half a month before Shen Huaizhi returns to the capital with the war report and Gu Fuzhou’s death.

What was said in the latest Memorial about the northwest on the qinzhengdian dragon case was also half a month ago. According to the memorials, the city defense of Yongliang is strong, the enemy can’t hold out, and the northwest army can’t attack for a long time; The grain road from Guangyang to Yongliang was blocked by heavy snow. Food and grass were in urgent need, and the morale of the army was gradually chaotic.

The Dragon chair beside the Dragon table was removed and replaced by a master chair. Xiao Songzi walked into the hall with tea and saw Lin Qingyu sitting on it, supporting his forehead with his hands, and his thick feather like long eyelashes cast a green shadow on his eyelids.

Xiao Songzi thought Lin Qingyu was asleep and deliberately put his feet very gently. After the emperor’s “sudden illness”, he has been recuperating in his bedroom and will go to the hall of diligence in the future. Now Lin Qingyu has become half the master of the hall of diligence. He was ordered by the emperor to review the memorials here, receive princes and ministers, and discuss national affairs. It is not the first auxiliary, but the first auxiliary.

Lin Qingyu is so brazen and reckless that it’s not too much to call him a “forest thief” by holding the emperor to order the princes. But at the sight of the imperial forest army in the palace and the ubiquitous cavalry camp, everyone dared to be angry. Yan Guan can’t see the emperor, so he can only go to see the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager said, “it’s a good thing that Doctor Lin can share the sorrow for the mourning family when the mourning family is old and it’s often powerful to listen to politics behind the curtain.”

“Lord Ke Lin has always been just a imperial doctor. It’s a shame for me that a imperial doctor can sit in the court and rule the government and order the officials. I’ve never heard of it!”

“You remind AI Jia,” said the Empress Dowager lightly. “In your opinion, what official position should AI Jia give him?”


Since Cui Lian returned to his hometown, the position of prime minister has been vacant. Some people say that before long, Lin Qingyu will no longer be a doctor Lin, and all civil and military officials will call him “Lin Xiang”.

There must always be a gradual process. It’s exaggerated from the imperial doctor to the prime minister. The imperial court always wants to face. Finally, the Empress Dowager gave Lin Qingyu a position as the third grade Taichang Temple Qing.

When Xiao Songzi put the tea light on the table, Lin Qingyu opened his eyes. Xiao Songzi thought he woke up Lin Qingyu, so he knelt down and pleaded guilty: “the slave should die. It disturbed Lord Lin’s sleep.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s none of your business. I’ve always slept. Get up.”

Lin Qingyu has nightmares for days, and his spirit is inevitably poor. In order not to have nightmares, he has not slept for three nights and only takes a nap in the daytime. After a few days, Lin Qingyu lost a circle, and his face became thinner and thinner. He drank the tea from Xiao Songzi and asked, “is there any news in the northwest?”

This is the third time Lin Qingyu has asked in a day. Xiao Songzi shook his head and said, “Lord Lin, the northwest memorial has just arrived. It shouldn’t be so fast.”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “but he used to write me a letter on two or three days.”

“Didn’t you say that the northwest is at a critical juncture? General Gu must be too busy.”

No matter how busy you are, you can’t help returning his letter.

A eunuch came in and said, “Lord Lin, the emperor asks you to come over.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I see.”

After the palace coup in the hall of diligent administration, Xiao Yu was placed under house arrest in his bedroom. At the beginning, after Xiao Yu didn’t stop for a day, he wanted to see him every day. After seeing him, he just asked Xi Rong about his situation and begged him to let Xi Rong live. Later, he gave Xiao Xiao some medicine, and Xiao Xiao was quiet for some time.

To be fair, he treated Xiao Yu well. Instead of killing him, he offered him to the palace. In addition to no freedom, Xiao Yu is still the emperor who ignores the government.

When he arrived at the emperor’s bedroom, Lin Qingyu saw Xiao Yu standing at the table with dishevelled hair and a pen in his hand. It seemed that he had just finished writing something.

Lin Qingyu said, “Your Majesty.”

“Here you are.” Xiao Yu’s eyes are empty. “Take it, my abdication edict.”

Two eunuchs put up a chair. Lin Qingyu sat down and asked, “what does the emperor mean?”

Xiao Yu said numbly, “isn’t this what you want?”

Lin Qingyu tidied up his clothes and said, “if I want this, why wait until now.”

“I beg you to take it away!” Xiao Yu suddenly became hysterical. “I don’t want to be an emperor at all. Why do you force it on me?”

If he hadn’t been the emperor, he must still be in the palace with ah Rong. The biggest worry every day is what to eat next. If he had not been the emperor, they would not have cared about the northwest, let alone today.

Lin Qingyu pushed him to this position. Everything is Lin Qingyu’s fault.

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “I gave it to you? Have I forced you from beginning to end?”

Xiao Yu’s lips trembled: “you found me and said…”

Lin Qingyu interrupted: “I’m looking for Xi Rong, and it’s Xi Rong who conspired with me. Dare you ask the emperor, did I once tell you about the struggle for reserve?”

Xiao Yu was shocked and looked up in a daze.

“You were not promoted to the throne by me. You were promoted to the throne by your ah Rong.” Lin Qingyu said cruelly, “you deserve what you get today. On that day, as long as one of you said ‘no’ to me, you won’t be able to sit on the throne.”

Xiao Ying opened his eyes and listened to his words for a little: “it’s not like this. If it weren’t for you, ah Rong and I would be fine.”

Lin Qingyu is too lazy to waste time on him. “Now that the emperor has decided to abdicate,” he gave Xiao Songzi his eyes, and Xiao Songzi came forward to put away the edict, “then I will take it. However, I said earlier, whether you are the emperor or not, you can’t save Xi Rong.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes filled with tears: “you let me see him and let me accompany him…”

Lin Qingyu hissed coldly, and the answer he gave was self-evident.

“If you want to kill him, can’t you even agree to this request?”

“No.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “my husband and I are still far apart. Why should you?”

Xiao Ying was imprisoned in Jinyang garden by Lin Qingyu after he asked to abdicate. He will never get it. So far, Xiao Li, the king of Huai, was the only one left in the blood of the former Emperor. Several old princes who were far away in the fief played frequently, saying that they wanted to greet the Empress Dowager in the capital. People know what they want.

At this time, the unfathomable national teacher put forward the theory of celestial phenomena: the tail resides in the nine stars, the legitimate son is in the right place, the soul can return to the old body, and unify the rivers and mountains.

Dayu said that many old ministers valued the purity of blood. According to the national teacher, the loss of soul after the king of Huai ascended the throne may be cured, and the voice of opposition was half as low. Most importantly, their opposition is useless. Lin Qingyu is a member of the army. In the previous dynasty, Empress Dowager Wen was mostly a member of the army. Unless her son sat on the throne, Empress Dowager Wen could abolish one or another.

In today’s situation, it is fortunate that Jiangshan can still be surnamed Xiao.

On the day Xiao Li ascended the throne, Lin Qingyu personally put on Miandiao for him. The 17-year-old boy was obediently at his mercy, with delicate eyebrows and eyes behind the jade Diao. The mian Diao was heavy and heavy. Xiao Li kept trying to take it down, but Lin Qingyu stopped him: “don’t move.”

Xiao Li obediently put down his hand.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Qingyu finally didn’t have to kneel at this ceremony. He took Xiao Li’s hand, walked past the officials, stepped over the long steps, and walked step by step to the Zichen hall, step by step to the peak of power.

He stood on the Ming hall, looked down at all living beings, looked at all civil and military officials, princes and ministers bowed their heads and shouted “long live my emperor”. On his side, the emperor in black dragon robes sat on the Dragon chair, looking dull and expressionless. Only when I look at him occasionally will I burst into a beautiful smile.

After Xiao Li ascended the throne, he moved from Ci’an palace to Xingqing palace. After leaving his mother, the boy with only three or four years old mind was served by mother Xiujiao and fell asleep in the bedroom.

After Lin Qingyu finished the throne ceremony, there were still a lot of things waiting for him to deal with in the hall of diligence. Late at night, the hall of diligent administration was brightly lit. After midnight, the memorials on the desk are still piled up. Sleepiness came. Lin Qingyu was trying to prescribe a refreshing Decoction for himself. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him: “how did Dr. Lin fall asleep here?”

Lin Qingyu was suddenly stunned, slowly turned around and looked at a pair of bright eyes. Those eyes are smiling, and there is an obvious layer of lying silkworm at present.

——Is it a dream?

Under the palace lanterns, the young man has a handsome face and bright eyes. He looks like a breeze and bright moon. Compared with the meeting three years ago, he is a little more colorful and restrained. He has clean short hair, loose short sleeved clothes and strange symbols printed on his head; The lower body is wearing black trousers, without the shelter of clothes, and the two legs look very straight and slender.

This is his second meeting with a teenager.

The boy came towards him, sat on the Dragon table, looked down and smiled at him: “long time no see, Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu opened his lips: “… Jiang Xing?”

Jiang woke up and raised his mouth, “you really knew my name long ago.”

The heart seems to be pinched. Lin Qingyu refuses to think about the sudden pain. He ducked his head like an escape, didn’t go to see the boy, and mumbled, “why… Why did I dream of you?”

Jiang Xing picked up his cheek and said with a smile, “of course it’s because you miss me, baby.”

Lin Qingyu looked up at Jiang Xing and looked at him motionless. His eyes were not red, and he could not feel any sour feeling in his eyes. Lin Qingyu didn’t know when a line of clear tears slipped from the corner of her eyes to Jiang Xing’s hand.


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