Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 101

When Lu Wancheng died, Lin Qingyu didn’t cry; When Jiang woke up, he didn’t cry; When seeing off Gu Fuzhou, he still didn’t cry. Now, after a long separation and reunion, when his soul fell into a dream, he cried.

Everything in the dream is so real. When Jiang wakes up, he can still feel the beating heart in his chest. Open and lonely palaces, memorials on tables, lingering ink fragrance, flickering lights. Lin Qingyu’s tears fell drop by drop, like hitting him in the heart.

He had seen Lin Qingyu with red eyes and tears, but he had never seen him like this. He didn’t frown or choke. He just looked at him and wept silently.

Jiang Xing’s body is full of pain, which is more painful than death due to illness, poison and a thousand arrows through his heart.

It hurt so much that he wanted to cry.

But he can’t. If he cries, who will coax Lin Qingyu. He can’t cry in front of Lin Qingyu. He’s not handsome at all.

Jiang woke up and smiled with tears: “what’s the matter with baby? It’s not easy to see each other. Why did you cry? Don’t you like my original appearance?”

Lin Qingyu looked at him without saying anything. For a long time, he shook his head in the palm of his hand.

Clean and slender fingertips wiped Lin Qingyu’s tears. Jiang woke up and said, “I’m very happy to see you with my original appearance. I hope you can be happy, too.”

The last time we met, he didn’t want to make Lin Qingyu sad.

Lin Qingyu seemed to understand his mind, and seemed to be trying to convince himself. He said, “you come back because I miss you?”

“Yes. The so-called thinking every day and dreaming at night.” Jiang Xing said softly, “if you miss me, you will naturally dream of me.”

… but why didn’t Gu Fuzhou come, it was you.

He once tried so hard to recall Jiang Xing’s appearance, but he couldn’t remember anything. The young man in front of him is so fresh, his figure is reflected in his pupils, the palm of his cheek is warm, and every detail is perfect.

Lin Qingyu never asked that question. It seems that as long as he doesn’t ask and think, it’s just an ordinary dream.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand and touched the young man’s eyebrows with a slight tremor. The boy took his hand and kissed it on his lips.

Lin Qingyu whispered, “you and three years ago, there seems to be no change.”

He coaxed Lin Qingyu. In other words, Lin Qingyu coaxed himself.

Jiang Xing’s throat fretted: “in dreams, people are always young.” he smiled again. “Why, you used to think I was old, but now you think I’m small? Don’t forget, I’m only one year younger than you.”

Lin Qingyu smiled. He laughed in pieces, but it was bright and moving: “you really like your appearance best.”

“Of course. Lu Wancheng is too delicate and Gu Fuzhou is too strong for me.”

“I’ll remember.” Lin Qingyu locked his eyes firmly. “Remember your initial appearance.”

Jiang woke up and said, “no, it’s good to forget.”

“No, not at all!” Lin Qingyu, who finally calmed down, suddenly became very flustered, “I want to remember, I don’t want to forget, don’t let me forget…”

When did Jiang Xing see Lin Qingyu so helpless? He quickly held people in his arms and coaxed them: “I won’t forget. Baby, it’s super powerful.”

“But last time, last time I forgot.” Lin Qingyu put his cheek close to the boy’s chest and tried to endure the surging emotion. Jiang Xing hopes he can be happier. He can’t cry anymore.

Jiang Xing had to cheat him: “that’s because I didn’t stay long enough last time. I’ll stay long this time.”

Lin Qingyu grabbed Jiang Xing’s coat. The touch of the material was soft he had never felt before. The youth’s breath is pure and fresh, completely wrapping him.

No matter whose body Jiang Xing uses, he won’t mind. As long as Jiang wakes up inside, he will be moved and like it. But he also can’t deny that in this world, only Jiang Xing’s face can make him amazing.

Young master Jiang who returns to his body is the complete Jiang Xing.

Lin Qingyu asked, “for a long time… How long?”

Jiang Xing was silent for a moment and said, “we have at least one night to make up for the date we didn’t finish last time.”

Last date?

Lin Qingyu felt a stab in his heart: “a date of 12 hours a day is not a day at least.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “so you remember.”

He remembers, of course he does. That day, he didn’t finish the appointment with Jiang Xing. He thought there were still many opportunities in the future. He thought there was still a lot of time… He really thought so.

“When you come back,” Lin Qingyu insisted, “when you come back from the northwest, I don’t care about anything. I’ll lock you up and watch you all the time. You can’t go anywhere. You can only be with me for 12 hours a day.”

Jiang woke up and turned his head, closed his eyes, and then looked at Lin Qingyu with a smile: “OK. However, baby, think about it first. What do you want to do this night?”

Lin Qingyu buried his head in his chest and didn’t answer.

Jiang woke up and stopped asking. It’s also good to hug each other quietly all night.

I don’t know how long later, Lin Qingyu pushed him away, pointed to a place on his clothes and asked, “what’s this?”

“Huh…?” Jiang Xing looked down at his chest. “This is the school emblem. I’m wearing a school uniform.”

“How can I take off this school uniform?”

Jiang Xingyi was stunned: “Qingyu…?”

Lin Qingyu said firmly, “I want to invite you again.”

Jiang Xing’s heart trembled to speechless.

“Don’t refuse me again.” Lin Qingyu’s voice trembled. “Jiang woke up.”

At the next moment, Lin Qingyu’s vision shook. The boy in thin clothes hugged him and strode towards the bed.

When the boy put him in bed, he remembered that there was no bed in the hall of diligence. Jiang Xing explained, “this is a dream, baby. You can have what you want in your dream.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t want to think about it at all. He took the initiative to get close and dropped a kiss on the corner of Jiang Xing’s mouth.

The kiss seemed to turn on a switch in the boy’s body. He was deeply trapped in the bed, his lips and teeth intertwined, his hairpin was taken off, and his long hair was scattered on the pillow.

If Jiang Xing is still Gu Fuzhou, their green silk should be entangled once. But now Jiang Xing had short hair. When he bowed his head and kissed him, the tip of his hair slightly blocked his eyes.

Jiang Xing’s tongue is not small at all.

Lin Qingyu was wearing heavy official clothes, layer after layer. He raised his hand and stroked the boy’s short hair. His wide sleeves slipped down, revealing two white and thin arms.

In his dream, he won’t feel cold.

The official clothes are retired, but Lin Qingyu can’t do anything about Jiang Xing’s clothes. Jiang woke up and taught him how to take it off. Finally, he asked him, “is it very convenient? It’s much more convenient than Dayu’s clothes.”

Lin Qingyu nodded gently and asked, “can you…?”

Jiang woke up with a smile: “guess.”

In the dream, the night is deep and the candle shadow is red.

The gauze bead curtain hanging by the bed was helplessly grasped by one hand. Suddenly, the hand couldn’t bear to make an effort. The joints of bones scratched white, the bead curtains were torn off, the jade beads splashed, and the sound of ticking echoed in the empty hall.

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. He couldn’t help crying again.

I don’t know whether it’s because of pain or something else.

“Stop crying, baby.” Jiang woke up with a low voice. “If you keep crying, it will make me doubt my own technology and wither.”

“Lie. It’s clearly… Clearly so energetic.”

Jiang Xing smiled, “you found it all.”

Lin Qingyu wants to open his eyes, but his eyes are blocked by one hand. “Don’t look at me,” Jiang Xingwei gasped. “I’m going to be shy.”

Lin Qingyu was almost out of breath. He bent his lips and said, “I can feel you in my body.”

Jiang woke up and breathed. He didn’t speak any more. He just grabbed Lin Qingyu’s hands and let them cling to their shoulders and backs.

In the dream, I don’t know that I am a guest. When I ring, I am greedy and happy.

And after endless tenderness, just the collapse of dreams, what else can be left.

After calming down, Jiang Xing lay on his shoulder and said the first sentence: “I’m sorry.”

Lin Qingyu felt the moisture on his shoulders, and his eyes showed a sense of loss after happiness.

Jiang woke up… Crying?

The man didn’t let him cry, but he cried.

“Qingyu, I’m sorry.” Jiang Xing held him like a child who tried hard but still couldn’t do anything well. He was so wronged that he didn’t know what to do, “I’m sorry…”

Lin Qingyu asked him, “Why are you crying?”

Did the most intimate thing, why would you cry so desperately?

He wanted to push the boy away to see him cry, but he was too tired to push. He could only feel the boy’s tears flowing out and wet his long hair.

When Jiang woke up and cried enough, he got up from him. In addition to his red eyes, he couldn’t see anything strange on his face. He asked Lin Qingyu uneasily, “am I still handsome?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “HMM.”

Jiang woke up and smiled. He hugged him from behind. “Do you want to sleep for a while?”

Lin Qingyu immediately said, “No.”

Jiang woke up and accompanied him, saying love words gently in his ear. Until a glimmer of light appeared in the sky, Jiang Xing looked out of the window: “it seems that the time is almost over.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly froze.

Jiang Xing sighed: “this night has passed so fast.”

Lin Qingyu realized something and deliberately ignored the facts again, cruelly torturing him. “No.” he held the boy tightly and exhausted all his strength, “Jiang Xing, don’t… Don’t leave me again…”

Jiang woke up and touched his hair: “Qingyu, this is just a dream.”

“No… No.” Lin Qingyu’s eyes were wide open. His eyes were full of water vapor. His quiet mask was torn off and showed a crazy state out of control. “You’re lying to me again. Jiang Xing, how many times do you have to lie to me?”

The outline of the boy gradually became blurred: “the last time, Qingyu.”

Finally? Is it the end. No, he wants to stay here with Jiang Xing.

Jiang Xing promised him.

He promised him!

“… Jiang Xing!”

Lin Qingyu woke up from his dream. At dawn, there was no one in the hall of diligence except him.

He sat alone at the table with memorials stacked on the table, and the candles on one side had already burned out.

Lin Qingyu sat quietly with an empty blank on his face. He remembered every word Jiang Xing said and every action he took, but he couldn’t remember Jiang Xing’s appearance.

Lin Qingyu slowly closed his eyes and a drop of clear tears hit the last Memorial sent from the northwest.

At the same time, in Xingqing palace, not far from the hall of diligence, Xiao Li suddenly opened his eyes without any warning.


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