Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 102

Swaying red candles, lingering ink fragrance, hazy gauze, and Lin Qingyu who had been crying all night… All disappeared. But physically, there are still feelings in dreams. He still seems to be held tightly by Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu is begging him not to go; Still scolding him and asking him why he lied to him again.

After a moment’s absence, Jiang sat up awake, looked down at the position of his chest, raised his hand tremblingly and covered it.

His heart beat fast and forcefully, again and again, without the embarrassment of heavy and poisonous body, nor the pain of a thousand arrows through his heart.

He’s not dead. He’s still alive. Different from the previous two times, his new body is not different, and even has an unspeakable sense of belonging. It’s like… It’s like he’s back in his own body.

The joy of the rest of life is only a very short moment. Jiang woke up too late to think about the reason why he came back from death again. He went to bed barefoot and looked at everything around him.

Please, it must be Dayu and the world with Lin Qingyu. Please.

A terrible thought flashed through his mind. What if not? If not, is it possible for him to die again?

Beside the bed were dozing eunuchs, exquisite palace lanterns, soft carpets, room columns engraved with nine claw dragon patterns, and black and gold dragon robes hanging – he knew this Dragon Robe. Only the Dragon robes of emperor Dayu were so black and gold.

Jiang Xing’s limbs seem numb. Before this moment, he could not imagine that one day he would have such a strong feeling of lost and recovered.

He was dressed like a Xiao.

It doesn’t matter. Anyone can dress as long as he’s still here.

Jiang woke up and subconsciously raised his hand to cover his eyes. Tears spilled from his fingers. He wanted to wipe away his tears, but more and more. There were fuzzy ghosts in his vision, which made him wonder whether this new body could support such strong emotions.

It can’t hold. Normal people can’t hold it.

Fuck, there’s nothing like that. He really thought he was going to die. He thought he would never see Lin Qingyu again. He… He slept with Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu has been crying, shit.

It’s not the time for his legs to get numb. He must go back to Lin Qingyu as soon as possible. Lin Qingyu is still waiting for him.

Lin Qingyu in the dream is in the hall of diligent administration in the imperial palace. At present, he should be in Xiao Yu’s bedroom. The two places are not far apart.

When Jiang Xing rushed out of the bedroom hall, he only wore a close fitting bedroom clothes. The cold wind was biting, and his feet stepped on the cold steps. He couldn’t feel cold at all.

A palace maid came up to him. He didn’t have time to stop and didn’t want to stop.

It was almost time for the emperor to get up. Mother Xiujiao carried hot water and was ready to serve the emperor in the morning. Before she could step into the bedroom hall, she saw the emperor rush out from inside. Her face was no longer an ordinary empty and numb expression, but an eagerness that could not wait. Ordinary people are not as anxious as he is even if they want to survive and run for their lives.

Mother Xiujiao was stunned. When the little emperor was about to fly past her, she reacted: “emperor, emperor?! come on, come on! The emperor is good. He seems crazy!”

When she shouted, all the maids on duty, eunuchs and guards in Xingqing palace jumped out from all directions. Jiang Xing was blocked by several guards. He opened his mouth and wanted them to go away, but he found that he couldn’t say a word. He tried again, but he couldn’t make a sound.

… when did Xiao Yu become mute?

“Emperor!” mother Xiujiao rushed over with a basin. Seeing Jiang Xing’s red feet, she hurried, “why did you run out by yourself?!”

She took care of the emperor for a long time and knew that although the emperor was mentally incomplete, he was an obedient child. He is so slow in everything that he can’t run so fast.

Yu Guang glanced at his reflection on the water, and Jiang Xing’s heart almost stopped.

This is not Xiao Yu’s face. It seems… It seems to be his own face.

As like as two peas in the reflection, the young hair is scattered, with tears in his eyes, and at least seven or eight points similar to his original face, and the two or three points are not the same as hairstyles and past habits.

The emperor of Dayu is Xiao Yu, and his body is obviously not Xiao Yu’s.

Fear spread from the cold soles of the feet to the whole body. He has never seen any of these palace maids and eunuchs, and the face of the guard is also strange.

Who the hell is he?

Is he still in Dayu, but not in Lin Qingyu’s time and space?

In despair, he finally heard a familiar voice: “what’s the matter? What’s the matter with the emperor!”

“Father-in-law song!” mother Xiujiao rushed to the doctor, “the emperor has become something wrong. Father-in-law, go find Lord Lin quickly!”

Xiao Songzi was worried: “it’s no use looking for Lord Lin. Lord Lin can’t cure the emperor’s loss of soul. You should ask a national teacher.”

A eunuch said, “the national master is busy praying for the northwest war these two days. He lives in Yanfu hall. I’ll invite him right away!”

So he dressed as Xiao Li?

At this time, no matter how well he cultivated himself, he couldn’t help but swear: I fuck your mother, you’ll kill me.

Jiang Xing pushed away mother Xiujiao and xiaosongzi, pushed away all the eunuchs and maids in the way, and rushed out of the crowd recklessly. Although the guard can stop him, he is now the son of heaven. Looking at his desperate appearance, who dares to stop him. If they hurt the dragon’s body, they can have several heads to cut off by the Empress Dowager. They can only chase after and protect.

“Emperor, Emperor –!”

I don’t know who shouted, “come on, go to Ci’an palace and report to the Empress Dowager!”

Jiang Xing has lived for three lifetimes. He has never run so fast. Soon there are residual shadows in the surrounding scenery, and there is a smell of blood in his mouth. The gate of the hall of diligence is getting closer and closer to him——

Baby, don’t cry. Your eyes are going to cry. Your husband will come soon.

The eunuch on duty in the hall of diligence felt only a gust of wind, and an unidentified object flew in, followed by a large group of people in Xingqing palace. I didn’t know about this battle. I thought Xixia had hit the capital and broken the gate of the imperial palace.

As like as two peas in a dream, the pavilion is decorated with the same seal.

But what about his wife? Where’s his older wife!

There is neither the main hall nor the side hall. I haven’t searched everywhere. Did Lin Qingyu really do something stupid… It’s impossible. His baby won’t do anything related to the word “stupid”.

Mother Xiujiao saw that he seemed to be looking for something and asked, “emperor, what do you want?”

After Jiang Xing’s two crossings, he naturally knows the necessity of maintaining the human setup. But now he is so angry that he has long put aside the maintenance of human facilities. Seeing a pen and paper on the table, he ran forward without hesitation, picked up the pen and was about to write——

With a flash of inspiration, Xiao Songzi carefully tried, “emperor, do you want Lord Lin?”

As we all know, the new emperor will only have a special reaction to one person – he will only smile at Lord Lin.

Jiang Xing nodded abruptly. Without his writing, Xiao Songzi said, “Lord Lin has gone out of the palace. It must be a review of the house.”

Jiang Xing lowered his head again and dipped the tip of his pen in ink. A drop of sweat slipped from his forehead and fainted on the paper.

“You see,” mother Xiujiao trembled, “does the emperor want to write?”

Everyone was stunned. They were about to go around and have a look. A voice said, “the national teacher is coming!”

Jiang woke up and looked at the door.

Ci’an palace and Yanfu Palace are not too far from the hall of diligence. Xu Junyuan was suddenly called. He didn’t have to dress up and change clothes. Naturally, he came faster than the Empress Dowager. His face slightly changed when he looked at Shangjiang and said, “just have me here, and the others will step back.”

Mother Xiujiao said: “but, the emperor, he…”

“You can’t do anything if you stay,” Xu Junyuan smiled meaningfully. “Only I can cure the emperor’s disease. If the Empress Dowager comes, remember to pass it on first.”

Mother Xiujiao and xiaosongzi looked at each other and retired with a group of palace maids and eunuchs. There are only Jiang Xing and Xu Junyuan left in the hall of diligent administration.

Xu Jun was willing to salute and politely said, “who is your excellency?”

Jiang Xing wrote two words with flying dragons and Phoenix: [Jiang Xing.]

Xu Jun was willing to be surprised and meditate for a moment. He couldn’t help sighing, “I see.”

[what do you mean?]

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “Prince Jiang’s soul has returned to his old body, and the soul and body agree. Here, Xu said ‘Congratulations’ to Prince Jiang.”

Why can’t I speak

Xu Jun wished to say, “don’t worry, young master Jiang. You’re not dumb. It’s just that this body hasn’t spoken for 17 years. It always takes some time to get used to it.”

Jiang Xing stopped worrying about it: [take me out of the palace to the general’s house.]

Xu Jun is willing to show a difficult face: “I’m afraid it’s a little difficult.”


Xu Jun is willing to not understand this symbol, but he can also guess what Jiang Xing wants to express: “the Empress Dowager is coming soon. Does childe Jiang think she will let you out of the palace?”

Jiang Xing thought a little calmly. Empress Dowager Wen loves her son as much as her life. Obviously, she will not let her son leave the palace and run around under such circumstances.

[then bring Qingyu.]

After Jiang Xing finished writing, he added: [tell him first that I’m not dead.]

“That’s OK.” Xu Junyuan mused, “but your words are groundless. What evidence can Mr. Jiang have to prove that you’re not dead?”

Jiang Xing raised his pen to meditate. He has too much to say to Lin Qingyu, but this is not the time to talk nonsense. If he wastes one second less here, Lin Qingyu can be sad for one second less.

Let Lin Qingyu know that he is not dead. Other love words can be kept and said slowly in the future.

Fortunately, they have a future again.

[odd changes and even changes remain unchanged, and the symbols look at the quadrant – Jiang Xing.]

Jiang Xing wrote.


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