Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 103

When Xu Jun was willing to put away Jiang Xing’s handwriting, a notice came from outside: “the Empress Dowager has arrived -”

Xu Jun was willing to say, “young master Jiang… No, now it’s time to respectfully call young master Jiang ‘Your Majesty’.”

The words “you talk a lot of nonsense” were written on Jiang Xing’s face.

“I know your majesty is worried, but in order not to make the Empress Dowager suspicious and cause unnecessary trouble, please be patient.”

This is to remind him not to break Xiao Li’s personal design too soon. Jiang woke up, nodded, pointed to the door, motioned to Xu Jun to stop the ink and run.

Xu Junyuan said again, “don’t worry, your majesty. I will send your Majesty’s’ letter from home ‘to Lord Lin as soon as possible.”

As soon as Xu Junyi’s voice fell, the Empress Dowager hurriedly trotted in with the help of Laifu: “Li Er -!”

It may be a little difficult to pretend to be a god of war general, but it’s a person who can pretend to be stupid. Jiang Xing put away the expression on his face, lowered his head and didn’t speak. He was almost half successful.

Holding Jiang Xing’s hand, the Empress Dowager found that he was terribly cold: “go and bring the charcoal basin – what’s the matter? Well, how did the emperor come to the hall of diligence?”

Mother Xiujiao told the Empress Dowager exactly what had happened. After listening to Jiang Xing, she wished she could borrow her mouth. Fortunately, when she finished, Xiao Songzi added, “the emperor seems to be looking for Lord Lin.”

The Empress Dowager hurriedly said, “please invite Lord Lin into the palace!”

Good. He can always trust Komatsu.

Xu Jun was willing to know that the Empress Dowager would not let him go for the time being. He woke up with a look at Jiang and said, “Wei minister, I will arrange someone to go now.”

The Empress Dowager ordered the mammies to take Jiang Xing to bathe and change clothes, and then turned to Xu Junyuan: “national teacher, emperor, is this…?”

Xu Junyuan explained, “it’s a good thing that the emperor can respond to the outside world. It’s better to be emotional than not to be emotional.”

The Empress Dowager was overjoyed: “the national teacher meant that the emperor’s ecstasy was about to begin to improve?”

Xu Jun is willing to say with a smile: “the tail resides in the nine stars, the legitimate son is upright, the soul can return to the old body, and unify the rivers and mountains”. The words of the Empress Dowager and the micro minister are really the income of the minister’s observation of heaven. ”

The Empress Dowager was too excited to restrain herself: “I’ve been looking forward to this day for so many years…”

After bathing, Jiang Xing changed into a new Dragon Robe. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at the boy in the mirror. Xiao Li looks so much like himself, but he seems shorter and thinner than he was when he was 17. Maybe it’s because he played with more mud before.

The Empress Dowager still wanted to accompany her son, but Jiang woke up and went to sleep after bathing. The Empress Dowager is old in the end. With such a toss, it is difficult to hide her fatigue on her face. Xu Jun was willing to advise: “the minister will guard his Majesty in Xingqing palace. The Empress Dowager’s Phoenix body is important. Why don’t you go back to Ci’an Palace first?”

“No,” said the empress dowager, “Ai Jia will have a rest in the side hall. If the emperor wakes up, you will inform AI Jia immediately.”

As soon as the Empress Dowager left, Xu Junyuan dismissed other palace maids and eunuchs for an excuse. Jiang Xing immediately opened the quilt and sat up. He can finally think about how to coax Lin Qingyu later. He couldn’t speak for the time being, so he had to write down everything he wanted to say.

He wrote in a disorderly way. He wrote whatever he thought. He forgot that there was no punctuation in Dayu, let alone logic. He worried that the characters were too small for Lin Qingyu to see clearly, so he wrote them quite large. A piece of rice paper was only enough for him to write a sentence.

Xu Junyuan said that his loss of voice was only temporary, because the body had not opened its mouth, so it could not adapt in a short time. If so, can he speak through trial and practice?

The officer with words in the palace rushed to the general’s house and explained his intention to Yuan Yin. Yuan Yin said, “wait a minute, father-in-law. I’ll tell my wife now.”

Half an hour ago, Lin Qingyu returned to the general’s house. Over the past year, it is common for Lin Qingyu to return to his house late at night. Yuan Yin is not surprised. As usual, he welcomed Lin Qingyu into the house and asked Lin Qingyu if he wanted to have a night snack. Lin Qingyu nodded and said yes.

All this is no different from usual.

When Huan Tong sent her to the midnight snack, he looked at Lin Qingyu calmly rummaging through the boxes and asked, “young master, what are you looking for?”

“The box.” Lin Qingyu’s tone is as usual, “there’s a ring. Where’s the letter box?”

“Oh, it’s here.” Huan Tong always thinks there’s something strange. He didn’t have time to think more and handed the brocade box to Lin Qingyu. When Lin Qingyu meets her, a chill climbs on Huan Tong’s back.

He knows why this strange feeling is — his young master never forgets it. How can he not even remember where such important things are put.

Lin Qingyu’s action of opening the brocade box is still slow and calm. When he finally found what he was looking for, he smiled and said, “look, he promised me.”

Huan Tong was frightened and said, “young master?”

“He wrote me a guarantee.” Lin Qingyu said firmly, “he won’t lie to me.”

Huan Tong was more and more flustered: “young master, what are you talking about?”

Lin Qingyu seemed unable to hear what he said, or he deliberately avoided everything in this world and immersed himself in another vain world: “it’s just a dream… It’s just a dream.” his look suddenly became cruel and twisted, but his face was still strange and exquisite, “how dare he deceive me!”

In the brocade box, in addition to the guarantee, there is also a proposal ring given to him by Jiang Xing, as well as every family letter he has written to him in the past year.

Lin Qingyu picked up the top one. In the letter, Jiang Xing said wrongfully that he was so hungry that he didn’t have enough to eat. He said that he wanted to eat plum blossom cake made by his mother-in-law. At the end of the letter, Jiang Xing told him to eat well and sleep well.

Eat… Jiang Xing wants him to eat well.

Lin Qingyu went to the table and picked up the cakes on the plate and stuffed them into his mouth. Before swallowing one, he stuffed the other in. Huan Tong hurriedly stopped him: “young master!”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were red, but he couldn’t shed tears. His tears have dried up in his dream.

As soon as Yuan Yin entered the house, he saw the scene in front of him. He was as well-informed as he was startled: “madam?”

Lin Qingyu strongly swallowed the things in his mouth, gently rubbed his belly around the corners of his mouth, and said as if nothing had happened: “how.”

Yuan Yin dared not look at Lin Qingyu directly any more. He bowed his head and said, “people from the palace, please come into the palace and face the saint. The internal official also brought a letter.”

Hearing the word “letter”, Lin Qingyu shook slightly, and was supported by Huan Tong.

What do the people in the palace want to tell him… About the northwest?

Lin Qingyu heard himself say, “bring it.”

When the letter was handed over to him, he suddenly felt sick and wanted to vomit. He even had an impulse to tear up the letter. But just in case, just in case it’s Jiang Xing’s letter.

Lin Qingyu opened the letter with trembling eyelashes.

A line of the familiar typeface came into view: a sentence he had recited countless times, and name engraved in bottom of the his heart.

In the confused and turbid memory, a voice sounded in his mind: “we can agree on a code. If I don’t die and wear it on others, we will recognize each other by this code, okay?”

Lin Qingyu’s face showed an abnormal daze and shock. His calm and frightening breath became rapid again, like burning, which made him completely unconscious.

Yuan Yinyou said, “madam?”

“Prepare… Prepare the car.” Lin Qingyu was like in a dream, his eyes were not very clear, and he said in a trance, “I want to enter the palace.”

… is that you.

If it were you, it must be you… Please, it must be.

The carriage can only stop at the gate of the palace. Lin Qingyu stepped on his clothes for the first time in his life. If there are no special circumstances, do not walk quickly in the palace. But he doesn’t care.

Like the Shangyuan festival that year, he struggled through the crowded crowd and rushed into Jiang Xing’s arms.

——What did Dr. Lin run for.

——When I come to see you, I naturally have to run.

He watched the magnificent palace getting closer and closer to him.

He heard a “Lord Lin is coming”, and he came to the emperor’s bedroom.

The boy in Black Dragon Robe looked at him. The young man’s originally gray and dead face glowed again. His eyes were as bright as stars, as if he could speak, hiding endless anger and infatuation love.

The eyes of the young man and the eyes of Jiang Xing in the dream gradually merge. At this moment, Lin Qingyu felt that he had been fished out of the cold and deep lake.

When the two people looked at each other, the boy struggled to jump out of his mouth with two words: “Qing and Yu.”

These are the only two words he can say.

Lin Qingyu stared at him in amazement.

Jiang Xing wanted to speak again, but he couldn’t make a sound again. He could only take out the words written in advance and lift them up to Lin Qingyu one after another:

[Qingyu! Qingyu!!!]

[I’m Jiang Xing!!!]

[I’m back!!!]

[I’m not a scum man!!!]

[I didn’t sleep, you ran!!!]

[I miss you very much…]

[I like you so much…]

I love you


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