Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 104

While waiting for Lin Qingyu to come, Jiang Xing has been writing. He wrote a lot and wanted to show Lin Qingyu each one. He was so anxious that he was in a hurry. He was careless and didn’t hold it firmly in his hand. Less than half of the rice paper slipped from his hand.

The cold wind suddenly opened the window, blowing rice paper all over the sky. When the wind was moving, Lin Qingyu looked up and watched them fly down slowly. In a trance, he seemed to see several familiar figures, and vaguely heard someone talking to him.

That’s Lu Wancheng’s figure and Gu Fuzhou’s voice. When the wind stopped, both of them disappeared, leaving only the youth in front of him in his world.

It’s Jiang Xing.

It’s really him.

Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou are dead, but Jiang Xing is still alive.

Jiang woke up to see Lin Qingyu smile, and finally tears came from his red eyes. In this way, he laughed and cried, laughing all the time with tears, crazy, intertwined with love and resentment.

However, Lin Qingyu is still so beautiful. Even if beauty is crazy, it is enough to make people swing their souls at a glance.

But he didn’t want to appreciate Lin Qingyu’s beauty when he was crazy. He likes watching Lin Qingyu poison, watching Lin Qingyu do bad things, and watching Lin Qingyu’s expression under him. But what he likes most is that Lin Qingyu is always happy.

Jiang Xing remembers that he wrote many words to comfort Lin Qingyu. He flipped through a few pages and didn’t find it. He didn’t find it at all.

What else to turn at this time.

Jiang Xing threw the remaining paper on the table, came to Lin Qingyu, and called his name: “Qing, Yu.”

As soon as he approached, Lin Qingyu lost his strength in both legs and knelt down.

Jiang Xing instinctively hugged him and blurted out: “Qingyu!”

Lin Qingyu’s body can’t support the mood of sadness and joy. He is on the verge of collapse. He closes his eyes and sleeps in Jiang Xing’s arms.

Jiang Xing’s face turned white and tried to call people, but he practiced his voice for too short. He only practiced the word “Qingyu”. Now he can’t say anything else. Jiang Xing takes Lin Qingyu to bed and breaks a willow leaf bottle.

Xu Junyuan, who guarded the door for the young couple, heard the news and immediately came in. He saw Lin Qingyu lying in bed with his eyes closed. Before Jiang woke up to write, he said, “I’ll go to the imperial doctor.”

When the doctor came, the Empress Dowager was also disturbed. She thought something had happened to the emperor. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingyu fainted in the emperor’s bedroom. She saw that her son gave up the Dragon bed to Lin Qingyu and kept close to the bed. It was inevitable that she felt something strange in her heart.

That’s a dragon bed. Let’s not say the identity of Lin Qingyu’s minister. Lin Qingyu is Gu Fuzhou’s wife in the end. So… It seems inappropriate.

The Empress Dowager whispered, “the emperor doesn’t like Qingyu in general.”

Mother Xiujiao said, “Lord Lin looks good and treats the emperor like a brother. The emperor will naturally like him.”

If it’s really just a brother, it’s nothing. Just

Xu Junyuan interrupted the Empress Dowager’s thoughts with a voice: “how’s doctor Chu, Lord Lin?”

“Lord Lin is fine for the time being. It’s just that he has a weak pulse, which is a sign of attacking the heart.” Chu Zhengde said, “Lord Lin has experienced a series of great joys and sorrows?”

Xu Jun was willing to say, “I don’t know.”

It’s more than joy and sorrow.

Jiang Xing realized again what he had brought to Lin Qingyu. Not only Lin Qingyu, but also he experienced great joy and sorrow in a short time. Although he almost didn’t hold on, he at least kept a little sober.

But Lin Qingyu couldn’t stand it. The one left may be the most painful.

Put himself in a position. If he received the bad news of Lin Qingyu and the good news of his resurrection in one day, he would probably go crazy even if he didn’t die. I’m afraid he couldn’t last until he heard the good news.

So, his baby is really powerful and strong.

At least much better than him.

Chu Zhengde said, “I will prescribe some calming medicine for Lord Lin. when Lord Lin wakes up, he must rest for a period of time. He must not be too happy and worried.”

The Empress Dowager frowned. The emperor has just ascended the throne and is waiting for Lin Qingyu to stabilize the previous dynasty and preside over the overall situation. Lin Qingyu was ill at a bad time, so she had to spend more time. “Laifu, clean up the side hall of Xingqing palace and let Lord Lin stay temporarily. When he wakes up, send him back to the general’s house.”

Sitting by the bed, Jiang Xing stretched out his hand and silently pulled the quilt covering Lin Qingyu.

The Empress Dowager saw his little move and asked, “the emperor doesn’t want Lord Lin to go?”

Jiang woke up and nodded.

For the first time, the queen mother got a response from her son. She was surprised and happy. She hurriedly said, “do you see? The Emperor… The emperor is talking to the mourning family!”

Mother Xiujiao nodded tearfully, “go back to the empress dowager, the maidservant is watching. The emperor is really getting better.”

Xu Junyuan said with a smile, “since the emperor likes to stay with Lord Lin, the Empress Dowager might as well let Lord Lin accompany the emperor. Maybe the emperor can get better faster.”

The Empress Dowager almost cried with joy: “OK, OK, let Lord Lin stay in Xingqing palace for a while.”

She didn’t know it was against the rules. If those speech officials knew it, they would have to make some trouble. But who makes her Li’er mentally incomplete and lack of personnel will only react to Lin Qingyu alone. As long as Li’er’s ecstasy can be cured and she can call her “mother”, she has nothing to ask for.

Lin Qingyu slept for a day. There are many palace people waiting on him. Jiang Xing doesn’t have much to do. After waiting for someone to go away, Jiang woke up and touched his little hand and face. He felt a little dissatisfied, so he went to hold Lin Qingyu across the quilt. After holding for a while, he was not satisfied again.

Lin Qingyu seemed very cold and frowned in his sleep.

When mother Xiujiao brought the medicine in, she saw the scene when Jiang Xing opened the brocade quilt and was about to go to bed.

Mother Xiujiao patiently explained to him, “emperor, I know you may not understand it now. But Lord Lin has a husband. His husband is general Gu and is fighting in the northwest. You can pull hands with him, but you can’t sleep with him.”

Jiang Xing:… Oh.

When Lin Qingyu woke up, he opened his eyes for a while and saw the man by the bed. Wearing a waist tied Dragon Robe and a jade crown, the boy saw him wake up. He was relieved and shouted, “Qingyu.”

After waking up for a day, Jiang can barely speak Lin Qingyu’s name fluently. He can only write the rest.

You’re awake

Xiao Li? No, it’s

Reason and memory gradually returned. Lin Qingyu suddenly sat up and grabbed the boy like a drowning man holding a driftwood: “… Jiang wakes up.”

His voice was so hoarse that he could hardly make a sound.

Jiang Xing let him grasp it and said with his mouth: it’s me, baby.

Lin Qingyu’s fingers tightened and his eyes opened sour, as if he thought of something terrible. “I thought…” his lips moved slightly. “I thought you were dead.”

Jiang Xing’s eyes drooped, spread out his palm and wrote: [I’m sorry.]

When he finished writing, Lin Qingyu’s tears fell. “You lied to me… Lied to me that it was just a dream. You know that only when your soul is in a dream can I see your true appearance. You know…”

He knows. But he went anyway.

He just wanted to see Lin Qingyu again before he left.

“You wrote me a letter of guarantee.” Lin Qingyu said incoherently, and no longer looked calm in the past. “You said you would come back. You promised me you would be fine. I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve been waiting for you… You promised me, Jiang Xing. If you really die…”

Jiang Xing’s heart will be broken by Lin Qingyu’s cry. But he couldn’t say a word except Lin Qingyu’s name. But even if he can speak, he can say something.

Said he didn’t want to die, said he tried his best to live?

What’s the use? He didn’t do it after all.

Jiang woke up and closed his eyes, forcing himself not to think about how Gu Fuzhou died. Remembering the instructions of the imperial doctor, he couldn’t let Lin Qingyu’s mood fluctuate too much, so he held people in his arms and stroked Lin Qingyu’s long hair.

Lin Qingyu put his cheek close to Jiang Xing’s chest, listened to his heartbeat and smiled sadly: “why do you torture me like this… Just because I love you? Just because you know, I won’t die anyway.”

Jiang Xing’s Adam’s apple rolled, and the light in his eyes was covered with a layer of fog.

“But even I can’t stand it.” Lin Qingyu murmured in bewilderment, “I can’t stand…”

Jiang woke up and kissed him. Kiss his eyebrows, kiss his eyes, kiss his lips. When his lips touched, Lin Qingyu slowly closed his eyes.

Jiang Xing’s kiss is also wet. When the two separated, Lin Qingyu saw the boy’s wet eyelashes.

Lin Qingyu wants to cry again. He was also tired of his tears, but he couldn’t help it. He can only drill into Jiangxing’s arms and stick closer to Jiangxing.

Comforted by Jiang Xing, Lin Qingyu gradually calmed down. Jiang Xing put him in his arms and showed him relaxed words.

[Xu Jun would like to say that my loss of voice is only temporary. Just get used to it slowly.]

Alas, this body has no abdominal muscles

[but the tongue is not small at last. What do you think, baby?]

[is it more comfortable to kiss me or Gu Fuzhou?]

Lin Qingyu suddenly asked, “you… How did Gu Fuzhou die?”

Jiang Xing’s answer was very simple: [died in the war. But we won the war in the end.]

Lin Qingyu was stunned and asked softly, “does it hurt?”

[no pain, I died quickly. I didn’t feel anything and didn’t feel pain, so I was gone.]

This traditional Chinese character is too troublesome to write. When Lin Qingyu gets better, he wants to find a time to teach Lin Qingyu to recognize simplified characters.

Fragile Lin Qingyu is particularly easy to cheat. He believes whatever Jiang Xing says. “That’s good.” Lin Qingyu’s reaction was a lot slow. After a while, he asked, “then, how can you wake up in Xiao Li’s body?”

Seeing that the ink in the inkstone had bottomed out, Jiang woke up and wanted to change it. When he moved, Lin Qingyu opened his eyes in horror, “where are you going?”

Jiang woke up with a smile and pointed to the inkstone.

Lin Qingyu understood what he meant and asked, “when will you come back?”

Jiang woke up and stopped walking, holding Lin Qingyu tighter.

Lin Qingyu lowered his head slowly and said quietly for a moment, “I’m sorry, I know I’m not normal now.” he looked at his hands and said helplessly, “but I… I can’t control it.”

He didn’t want to be what he was now, but he didn’t know how to let go of the time when Jiang woke up, even if there was only one hour.

Jiang Xing wrote with the only ink left:

[no control.]

I like being stuck by you


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