Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 105

But one day, Lin Qingyu seemed to have changed. Who would have thought that not long ago, the power minister who led the new emperor to the throne was curled up in the arms of the new emperor with a pale face, and his slightly messy long hair blocked his side face, like a nesting bird.

Jiang Xing can see that Lin Qingyu is trying to return to normal. But Lin Qingyu is so stimulated that he can recover. Jiang Xing can only accompany him all the time and coax him patiently, so as to take him out of the shadow gradually.

Xu Junyuan, the only one who knew Jiang Xing’s identity except Lin Qingyu, was forced to stay in the palace just to create more opportunities for the young couple to be alone. If they have nothing to do, they have to give them a wind. The national teacher of a great country was called by Jiang Xing as a eunuch. This is also a matter of no choice. Otherwise, if others see general Gu’s wife lingering with the new emperor on the Dragon bed, it will be a bloody storm.

Lin Qingyu drank the medicine for two days and was accompanied by Jiang Xing. His mood temporarily stabilized, but his spirit was still in a trance occasionally. Sometimes he couldn’t even remember whether he was dreaming or in this world. Listening to others talk to him, his voice was always like something across the floor, as if the speaker was in the water.

Lin Qingyu knows that this is a side effect of tranquilizer. If you drink too much, you will be sleepy. If you sleep too much, you will have more dreams.

After getting better, Lin Qingyu told him the news that Jiang woke up in the northwest. How did he deal with Xi Rong and Xiao Yu, and how did he help Xiao Li to the top. He said it slowly and clearly. He just stopped for a long time when talking about the palace change. Then he opened his mouth, with a confused calm on his face and asked: “what did I say just now?”

Jiang Xing wrote patiently, “you have received a secret letter from Xixia.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “after that, I went to the palace.”

Jiang Xing wrote: [is Xi Rong dead?]

Lin Qingyu shook his head: “I want to save his life and sacrifice the flag when you triumph.”

Jiang Xing’s eyes were cold: [no, I’m afraid I’ll dirty my handsome flag.]

Lin Qingyu was stunned and opened the quilt to get out of bed: “then I’ll take his life now and don’t dirty your handsome flag.”

Jiang Xing’s chest was blocked hard, and he called out “baby” with a smile. He burned the words he had written before on the candlelight, spread out a stack of rice paper again, and wrote: [don’t talk about him first, let’s talk about something important.]

Lin Qingyu looked at him carefully and asked, “what did you say?”

[Qingyu, although it’s in a dream, we can count it as a round house.]

Why don’t we make an offer again? What do you think

After Jiang Xing finished writing, he waited nervously and eagerly for Lin Qingyu’s answer. He almost couldn’t resist changing his pen. In order not to make Lin Qingyu angry, he stubbornly overcame his instinct.

Lin Qingyu thought and said, “it seems… It hurts.”

Jiang Xing:

Lin Qingyu frowned: “but it’s good to think of you.”

Jiang Xing smiled at the corners of his mouth and wrote in a fluttering manner: [I feel very good too, baby. It’s very comfortable inside. I like it very much]

Lin Qingyu looked at the “obscene language” full of paper, and her cheeks turned a little red. What Lin Qingyu doesn’t know is that Jiang Xing’s face is also hot. The appearance of a 17-year-old boy, with meat words written on his hands, is no less shy and nervous than him.

Unfortunately, at that time, both Jiang Xing and Lin Qingyu made love with a desperate mood. No matter how much physical pleasure they had, it was always covered with a layer of gray.

But it doesn’t matter. He believes he and Lin Qingyu can come out.

Lin Qingyu collected the words written by Jiang Xing and whispered, “you can’t be seen by others.” he was about to light the paper, his wrist was suddenly held, and then Jiang Xing came together.

Jiang Xing is going to kiss him.

Lin Qingyu’s pupil reflected Xiao Li’s face. It was too late to close his eyes like last time. His body froze uncontrollably, and his face deflected from the kiss.

Jiang Xing let him go. He felt a little wronged. He picked up his pen and slowly drew one on the paper: [?]

[no kiss?]

Lin Qingyu calmed down: “I don’t seem to be used to your current body.”

Hmm? But this body is the most similar to mine

“I know.” Lin Qingyu is a little distressed, “but I know Xiao Li.”

Before Jiang Xing became Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou, he had never seen these two people. He could easily accept that Jiang Xing had their appearance. But he knew Xiao Li. He not only knew him, but also often stayed with Xiao Li this year. Xiao Li would smile at him. He fed Xiao Li something to eat and personally put a high-profile Diao symbolizing the emperor on Xiao Li. For him, Xiao Li really existed.

Jiang Xing understood what Lin Qingyu wanted to express and wrote: [Xu Junyuan said that wearing Xiao Li’s body is “the soul returns to the old body”. You can think of Xiao Li and me as a person. For some reason, my soul wandered outside and came back now.]

Lin Qingyu looked at him: “if you come back, won’t you go again?”


Seeing Jiang Xing’s affirmation, Lin Qingyu pressed down his uneasiness and impatience and smiled: “I’ll adapt as soon as possible. You kiss again, I won’t hide.”

Jiang Xing smiled and kissed Lin Qingyu’s lips, but there was a bit of haze in his eyes.

Lin Qingyu said he couldn’t control it, but he was still trying to control it. As everyone knows, the great beauty who is quiet and doesn’t cry is more distressing than when she breaks down.

After three days of cultivation, Lin Qingyu seems to have recovered. In recent days, the Empress Dowager alone has been unable to listen to politics. When she learned that Lin Qingyu was almost well, she beat around the Bush and said, “Qingyu, you should get better quickly. There are many things waiting for you to decide.”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “thank the Empress Dowager for her care.”

The Empress Dowager sighed: “there is no news in the northwest. I don’t know how Gu Fuzhou fought in the battle of Yongliang.”

Lin Qingyu’s face suddenly changed, and his breathing became urgent. With Lin Qingyu’s current state, where did you hear this. In order to stop the Empress Dowager from going on, Jiang Xing said, “empress mother.”

The Empress Dowager was stunned and thought she had heard wrong: “… Li’er?”

Jiang woke up and called, “empress mother.”

“Did the emperor speak?” the Empress Dowager was so excited that tears fell. Where was the dignified and graceful manner in the past, “the emperor called the mourning family ‘the empress mother’!”

Mother Xiujiao also choked: “this is the first word the emperor said. The emperor really thinks of you!”

The Empress Dowager could not help but fell on Jiang Xing’s shoulder in pain: “Li’er, you are really better… The Empress Dowager finally, finally waited for this day.”

Jiang Xing can’t pretend to be stupid all his life, nor can he suddenly become a normal person, which is inseparable from the gradual process. This day he called his mother. Next year he can recite poetry and do some math problems in three or five years.

[but I think it’s good to pretend to be stupid.] Jiang Xing told Lin Qingyu, [anyway, I’m too lazy to talk to others except you.]

Jiang Xing’s “mother” made the Empress Dowager cry until she was short of breath. The next day, she couldn’t even go to the morning. Lin Qingyu put on his official clothes and sat in front of the bronze mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror without expression. His boredom rushed up out of guard.

Before Jiang woke up, he immediately closed his eyes.

——Don’t think about it. Jiang Xing has come back. You are so worried about gain and loss, crying. What’s the difference between you and Xiao Yu and others. Do you want to be the kind of person you despise most.

But is Jiang Xingxing really back? Could it be? He’s dreaming again. When I wake up, Jiang wakes up and has to go.

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes and saw through the bronze mirror that the emperor was helping him tidy up his official hat behind him. He quietly picked up the hairpin on the table and slowly stabbed it into the palm with a sharp head.

Pain… Not a dream, great.

Before Lin Qingyu could breathe a sigh of relief, Jiang Xing grabbed the hairpin in his hand.


Lin Qingyu paused and said, “emperor.”

Jiang Xing’s eyebrows wrinkled and relaxed. He smiled and said, “I’m Jiang Xing. Don’t, don’t forget.”

After a few days of hard practice, he gradually regained the feeling of speaking and was able to say short sentences.

Lin Qingyu held his lips and said, “I remember. Jiang Xing is the emperor now. It’s right for me to call you the emperor.”

Jiang Xing looks down to check the wound on Lin Qingyu’s palm. Fortunately, he found it in time. He just broke the skin and didn’t bleed. Lin Qingyu disapproved and said, “it doesn’t hurt. Just rub some medicine.”

Lin Qingyu called Xiao Songzi to bring the medicine box and calmly filled the medicine for himself. Jiang Xing looked at him thoughtfully for a while, but he didn’t help him. Suddenly, Jiang Xing raised his hand to take off the jade crown on his head, picked up the scissors on one side and cut off his long hair without hesitation.

The green silk fell on the ground one by one. In a moment, the boy changed from long hair to short hair.

Lin Qingyu sat in a daze and said, “Jiang wakes up…?”

Jiang Xingwan smiled: “yes, baby.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you… Why did you make yourself like this?”

Jiang Xing made his hair messy and uneven, as if it were eaten by a dog. Fortunately, he has such a face. Even with such messy hair, he is still handsome and elated.

It’s as like as two peas in the dream.

He saw with his own eyes that “Xiao Li” with long hair had completely turned into Jiang Xing with short hair.

He still remembered the feeling that Jiang’s short hair swept over his eyelashes when he woke up and bowed his head.

Jiang Xing tried to talk, but he forgot how to say that word. He had no choice but to write and hold up: [it’s more handsome.]

After several days of trance, Lin Qingyu finally had a sense of reality, and the voice in his ear became clear.

Jiang Xing knelt down on one knee in front of Lin Qingyu and looked up at him: “Qingyu, it’s me, Jiang Xing.”

Lin Qingyu involuntarily stretched out his hand and picked up Jiang Xing’s face, like relief, like trust, like sigh: “you’re really back.”

Jiang woke up with difficulty and said, “I’ve been back for several days.”

The fog in Lin Qingyu’s eyes gradually dissipated and reappeared Qingming. He made a sudden effort in his hand, severely pinched Jiang Xing’s chin, and his eyes were fierce: “you still know to come back!”

Jiang woke up without pain, but frowned: “baby, be light.”

At this time, the voice of Xiao Songzi came from outside: “Lord Lin, Lord Li, they are still waiting to discuss business with you in the hall of diligence.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes darkened, looked around and pulled a cloth strip from the curtain. Jiang Xing was very conscious, even excited, and took the initiative to stretch out his hands: “here you are.”

Lin Qingyu tied Jiang Xing’s hands with a cloth strip: “go to the bed and wait for me with a quilt. Don’t go anywhere until I come back.”

And such a good thing?

Jiang woke up and nodded happily.


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