Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 106

After a few days, Lin Qingyu stepped into the hall of diligence again. Lin Qingyu hesitated in front of the door. Xiao Songzi asked, “Lord Lin, but what’s wrong?”

Lin Qingyu cheered up and said, “no, go in.”

As soon as Lin Qingyu Fu entered the hall, several important Ministers sitting drinking tea got up and saluted, and even those higher than his official position saluted him. Lin Qingyu returned to the ceremony and took the lead in asking the Secretary of Dali Temple: “how’s the Xixia work out?”

Xiao Songzi offered Lin Qingyu tea and watched him talk about business in a calm and indifferent tone. His hanging heart finally fell down. Lord Lin was frightened these two days. He couldn’t imagine any great joy and sorrow that would stimulate Lord Lin to be ill in bed. Fortunately, Lord Lin finally survived.

Lin Qingyu missed a few days of early and political discussion. The official business to be discussed is several times that of ordinary days. At first, Lin Qingyu could bear to listen to them. The more he went to the back, the more absent-minded he became. He looked at the door from time to time, as if he was in a hurry to confirm something.

After an hour, Lin Qingyu couldn’t sit still and said, “that’s all for today. The rest will be discussed tomorrow.”

Everyone rushed out, and Li Chan fell last. Lin Qingyu could see that he was deliberately procrastinating. He should have something to say alone with him.

“Lord Li?”

Li Chan said, “Lord Lin, not long after the emperor ascended the throne, the position of chief and auxiliary is suspended, and there are no heads for all officials. My humble opinion is, why don’t lord Lin ascend the throne as early as possible and become a supreme Minister? In this way, Lord Lin’s sitting in the court and managing politics is his duty, so that he won’t be privately said by the official that Lord Lin is in charge of his own affairs, and the world will be arbitrary.”

Lin Qingyu said casually, “it’s not just this thing that Yanguan says about me in private. Let them say it. They only dare to say it in private.”

Li Chan hesitated and said, “but…”

“There’s no need to rush. I’ll make my own plans when the time is ripe.”

Li Chan looked at him for a while and couldn’t help talking about his private affairs: “I heard that Lord Lin is ill these days. Are you… Okay?”

“I’m fine.” Lin Qingyu said, “Lord Li doesn’t have to worry about me.”

Hearing the alienation in Lin Qingyu’s words, Li Chan forced a smile: “it’s okay.”

Lin Qingyu hurried back to Xingqing palace. He asked the eunuch at the door of the dormitory: “is the emperor still inside?”

The eunuch replied, “yes. Half an hour ago, when the Empress Dowager came to visit the emperor, the emperor was sleeping soundly. The Empress Dowager took a look and left.”

Lin Qingyu walked into the bedroom hall. He didn’t see Jiang awake in bed. He only saw a drum.

Probably hearing his approaching footsteps, Jiang Xing got out of the quilt, with the quilt on his head. His messy short hair was pressed by the quilt, sleepy and handsome. He tied a cloth strip to his hand and yawned, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Xiao Li can’t have this temperament. The world is so big that only one Jiang wakes up. He can not only be too lazy to make him point out, but also allow him to indulge willingly.

Lin Qingyu sank his shoulders slightly invisible: “wait for me?”

“Wait for you.” Jiang Xing said again, “I’m hungry.”

Jiang Xing, who doesn’t speak well, has something lovely. Lin Qingyu smiled and asked, “what do you want to eat?”

Jiang Xing frowned and thought, opened Lin Qingyu’s palm and wrote the word “plum blossom” on it.

Lin Qingyu said: “there is no mother-in-law to do, only Shangshi bureau to do, can you?”

Jiang woke up and said, “reluctantly, you can.” then he raised his bound hands and motioned Lin Qingyu to help him untie them.

“I don’t understand.” Lin Qingyu ordered the maid to prepare food across the door. Then he sat down by the bed and said, “I ask you, how did Gu Fuzhou die?”

He asked this question once before. At that time, he was in a trance and was perfunctory after Jiang woke up in a few words. Calm down and think about it. If Jiang xingruo, as promised, only plans strategies and does not go to the battlefield, how can Gu Fuzhou die and Yongliang recover.

Jiang woke up stunned, lowered his hands and sighed: “return to normal Qingyu, fierce.”

When Lin Qingyu left, he didn’t control himself well and tied it a little tight. Jiang Xing’s body is no more resistant to tossing than Gu Fuzhou. He is used to living in dignity, but he has a mark on his wrist after being bound by a cloth strip for an hour. Lin Qingyu rubbed the two light reds and said, “tell the truth and I’ll untie it for you.”

Jiang woke up and said, “it’s so long. I can’t say it.”

Lin Qingyu took a pen and paper and untied the cloth on Jiang Xing’s hand: “then write.”

Jiang Xing knows he can’t escape. Even if he doesn’t write now, Lin Qingyu can still know everything when the news from the northwest comes to the capital.

Jiang Xing took the pen. Lin Qingyu thought he was going to write on the table. Unexpectedly, the man directly lay on the bed and wrote in quilt, like a student who doesn’t work hard at ordinary times and works secretly in bed in the middle of the night.

As soon as Jiang woke up and stopped writing, Lin Qingyu took out the paper. Looking at Lin Qingyu’s ten lines at a glance, his eyebrows closed and his face was frighteningly cold. Jiang Xing had the illusion that he was being checked by the teacher.

“Luring the enemy with your body…” Lin Qingyu laughed, “so you didn’t take your promise to me to heart, childe Jiang.”

Jiang woke up with a smile, like laughing at himself: “wronged.”

“If so, how can you put yourself in danger?”

Jiang Xing could not explain. In retrospect, he also felt that he was too great. If he had to make a new choice now, he might not have done so. But at that time, he spent a year in the northwest and witnessed thousands of brothers die in Yongliang city.

However, it’s no use talking to Lin Qingyu about this. He decided to take the simplest and rough solution. He knelt on the bed, put his hands together and said loudly, “I’m wrong! Next time, don’t dare!”

Lin Qingyu was indifferent and said indifferently, “when you promised me before, I believed it, and then what?”

Jiang Xing was dumb.

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “in the future, I won’t believe you. I will only believe myself.”

He won’t let Jiang Xing leave his control, let alone go anywhere he can’t see. He’s fed up with that feeling.

Jiang Xing smiled and wrote: “the baby should protect me and don’t let me go to war. It’s scary.”

Lin Qingyu calmed down and asked, “were you… Afraid?”

“It’s OK,” Jiang Xing wrote lightly. He opened the brocade quilt and invited Lin Qingyu: “come in and sit down.”

Lin Qingyu hesitated and got into the quilt. The familiar breath immediately surrounded him.

He never felt this breath when he got along with Xiao Li before. This is brought by Jiang Xing. Whether he is Lu Wancheng, Gu Fuzhou or Xiao Li, Jiang Xing’s feeling will never change.

Not long ago, little pine nut brought plum blossom cake. Seeing the emperor’s short hair, Xiao Songzi was frightened: “the emperor, the emperor’s hair…”

Lin Qingyu said, “the emperor is playful and twisted his hair. It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to make a fuss.”

Jiang woke up and looked in the mirror. He couldn’t bear to look straight. He picked up scissors and trimmed them. Finally, his hair didn’t look so terrible. Looking at the short haired boy in the mirror, he couldn’t help feeling: “I think I’ve been myself.”

It has to be said that men’s short hair is refreshing and convenient compared with long hair. If he has the chance, he also wants to try.

Lin Qingyu said, “look up.”

Jiang Xing raised his head for unknown reasons. Lin Qingyu touched his Adam’s apple: “in your dream, there is also a mole here.”

Jiang Xing wondered: [you don’t remember what I looked like in my dream. How can you remember this mole?]

“Because from my point of view, I can always see you here.”

When Jiang woke up and tasted Lin Qingyu’s words, he smiled and said, “hmm? I don’t understand.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “the emperor is still young. When he grows up, he will understand.”

Since Jiang Xing spoke, the Empress Dowager obviously didn’t care about the court as much as before. Most of her energy was focused on Jiang Xing. Every day, she would stay in Xingqing palace for half a day and personally teach Jiang Xing to talk. It seems that Jiang Xing is really regarded as a babbling child.

“Li’er, you are the emperor. You should call yourself ‘I’.” the Empress Dowager said, “come and read ‘I’ after your mother.”

Jiang Xing reluctantly looks at Lin Qingyu and hopes that Lin Qingyu can help him take the Empress Dowager away. Lin Qingyu couldn’t seem to see it and calmly opened a page of the memorial.

The empress dowager, who didn’t get a response from her son, made persistent efforts: “Li’er, say ‘I’…”

Jiang Xing had no choice but to say “I”. The Empress Dowager immediately said happily, “Li’er is great and smart.” this battle seemed as if Jiang Xing had made a masterpiece that had never been before and had never been before, “Qingyu, do you think so?”

Lin Qingyu’s reaction was flat: “HMM.”

Seeing that he was busy with his official business, the Empress Dowager said strangely, “Qingyu, if you want to read the memorials, why don’t you go to the hall of diligence?”

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned and said softly, “I…”

He knew it was bad, but he couldn’t help it.

Jiang woke up and said, “empress mother, I want him to accompany me.”

The Empress Dowager has no principle in front of her talking son: “well, let Qingyu accompany the emperor.” she paused and added, “however, after general Gu comes back, the emperor can’t stick to Qingyu so much.”

When the Empress Dowager Fang spoke of Gu Fuzhou, Xiao Songzi ran in and gasped: “emperor, empress dowager, Lord Lin, the messenger from the northwest is coming!”

The Empress Dowager hurriedly said, “come on, please invite him in!”

Jiang Xingchao looks at Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu seems calm, but his fingertips are a little white.

Fortunately, Lin Qingyu already knows. Otherwise, he really can’t imagine how Lin Qingyu would go crazy when he learned about Gu Fuzhou’s death from the nearby population.

Jiang Xing quietly pulled Lin Qingyu’s sleeve and called out “baby” with his mouth. Lin Qingyu shook his head and indicated that he was fine.

In a moment, Shen Huaizhi came in.

The last time Lin Qingyu saw him, it was last year. Shen Huai knew that he was thin, dark, dusty, and his eyes were full of blood. It can be imagined that he hardly closed his eyes along the way.

Shen Huaizhi knelt down in front of several people and said in a dumb voice, “the great victory in the Northwest has been restored.”

The Empress Dowager breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Gu Fuzhou lived up to the expectations of the people. As soon as the emperor ascended the throne, he calmed the northwest, worthy of the name of his assistant general. Qingyu, you really married a good husband.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “if it’s a great victory, why can’t you see joy on your face?”

Shen Huaizhi raised his head, looked at Lin Qingyu, and choked in his voice: “Doctor Lin, I’m sorry for you. General Gu……” Shen Huaizhi robbed the ground with his head and sobbed, “general Gu, he… He died in the war!”

The Empress Dowager suddenly opened her eyes and sat down. Several palace maids covered their lips with their hands and exclaimed silently; Komatsu admired the general for a long time, and then cried.

The hall echoed with the sobs of little pine nuts. Lin Qingyu looked at Jiang Xing with a complex expression and said, “I see.”

Shen Huaizhi: “…?”

The author has something to say: new emperor: the great general, go safely. I will take good care of the beautiful little widow.


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