Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 108

When Shen Huai’s anger subsided, the night became thicker. Lin Qingyu and Jiang Xing are separated by scattered memorials.

Feeling the Yin cold on Lin Qingyu, Jiang woke up a little flustered. He made Lin Qingyu uncomfortable again. He was not afraid that Lin Qingyu would be angry with him, but he was afraid that he could not coax him well.

Jiang Xingzheng was worried about how to coax. Mother Xiujiao came in to remind Lin Qingyu: “Lord Lin, the emperor should go to bed.”

It is a bad rule for kings and ministers to live in Xingqing palace. If they sleep in the same palace again, the Empress Dowager will not agree. These days, Lin Qingyu lives in the side hall, only a few steps away from the emperor’s bedroom. But he still doesn’t think it’s enough. When I can’t sleep, after waking up in my dream, I will go to the main hall to have a look, just to confirm that Jiang Xing is still there.

At the moment, he didn’t want to let Jiang wake up and blurted out: “don’t go.”

Mother Xiujiao was frightened by Lin Qingyu’s cold tone. Lord Lin is not a good person to meet. When his husband is newly bereaved, he must be in a bad mood. Who dares to provoke him at this time.

Jiang woke up and said in a slow voice, “step back first.”

Mother Xiujiao was stunned: when did the emperor speak so like an adult man, and even have the temperament of often occupying a high position. She didn’t have time to think more and bowed back.

Jiang Xing looked at Lin Qingyu carefully and said coldly, “Jiang Xing, you are really a big liar. How much do you have to hide from me?”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “now it’s time to play me?”

Jiang Xing stopped Lin Qingyu’s waist and took him to his arms with a smile: “I’ll speak for you first, so that you can have a rest.”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “you said… Soon.”

“It’s really fast. Thousands of arrows pierce the heart. Isn’t it fast?” Jiang woke up half true and half false. “Seriously, I think this method of death is very happy. It’s much better than dying slowly.”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and held his fingers tightly: “you just made a mistake.”


“I won’t call you a liar.”

Jiang Xing suddenly said, “yes, you should scold ‘animals’.”

Lin Qingyu said word by word, “wake up, big fool.”

Jiang Xing smiled and said, “baby, don’t be angry?” it was much better than he expected.

Lin Qingyu shook his head, “I can’t move anymore.” he lowered his head, leaned against Jiang Xing’s shoulder, and his voice trembled. “Why do you always have to suffer like that? When Lu Wancheng was like this, Gu Fuzhou couldn’t escape.”

Jiang Xing smiled: “I’m also curious why it’s always me.” he said casually, “I don’t seem to have done anything harmful.”

Lin Qingyu’s shoulders and back froze, and his eyes widened in horror. Holding him, Jiang woke up the first time to find his difference and looked down at him: “what’s the matter?”

Lin Qingyu calmed his breath, and the sticky River woke up more tightly: “… It’s all right. Can you not go tonight?”

Jiang Xing took Lin Qingyu in his arms and walked to the bed. He said positively, “general Gu died on the battlefield. Mrs. Gu lost her love and was heartbroken. Let me comfort her.”

Lin Qingyu buried his head in his neck and smiled: “thank you, your majesty.”

Jiang Xing slept with Lin Qingyu. After he fell asleep, he quietly returned to the main hall and painfully returned to his cold quilt from Wenxiang soft jade.

He has to find a way to sleep with Lin Qingyu openly. That is, they are just sleeping now. After love, he has to put on his pants and leave. That’s too miserable. It’s proper scum male behavior. More importantly, it’s tiring to run back and forth night after night.

The news of Gu Fuzhou’s death spread in the capital. All over the city, from civil and military officials to ordinary people, sighed with regret. In the barracks, burly men cried and swollen their eyes. When Duke Wu heard the bad news, he burst into tears and cried out that the sky had no eyes; Wu Zhan was also overwhelmed with grief. He had white hair on his temples and no longer saw his old high spirits. Even some officials who did not like to attend to Fuzhou had to make a face and shed a few tears hypocritically.

It is said that after the new emperor ascended the throne, he gradually became familiar with personnel. After learning the news of Gu Fuzhou’s death, if he lost a brother, he would not hesitate to cut off his hair as a sacrifice and let him enjoy the imperial temple to comfort Gu Fuzhou’s spirit in heaven.

Lin Qingyu is Gu Fuzhou’s survivor and the only remaining owner of the general’s house. He has to go back to the house to handle the funeral ceremony. But he was dressed in mourning clothes, plain chimera, white clothes were better than snow, and the ribbons tied to his hair were white, spotless and as clear as ice jade.

Jiang woke up with bright eyes and said with a smile, “where is this beautiful little widow? Come and give me a hug.”

Although Lin Qingyu doesn’t care about secular human relations, it’s too much for him to wear mourning clothes and make out with men again. “Don’t make trouble.” Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll go back to the mansion, you…”

Jiang woke up and said, “I’m waiting for you in the palace. I’m not going anywhere.”

Lin Qingyu nodded. After taking two steps, he was still worried and hurriedly turned back: “do you want to look back at the house and see the small insects? They are already very big.”

Jiang woke up with a lazy smile: “OK.”

Lin Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief and invited Xiao Songzi to change clothes for Jiang Xing: “if the Empress Dowager asks, he will say that the emperor has fallen asleep and it is inconvenient to see anyone.”

Jiang Xing changed into an ordinary rich childe. His short hair was so eye-catching that Lin Qingyu put a hooded fur on him. No one in Gu’s family has seen Xiao Li, so they should not recognize him.

When they got on the carriage, Jiang Xing joked, “is it feasible for you to let Xiao Songzi cover up for us. He is’ Xiao Songzi ‘.”

Lin Qingyu said, “he is very tight in front of me. He is a trustworthy person.”

Jiang Xing’s smile disappeared: “this…”

Outside the general’s house, Yuan Yin waited early with Huan Tong, Hua Lu, Zhang Shiquan and others. Looking far away, a desolate white. Jiang Xing looked at the word “Gu Fu” with white flags hanging on the door. He felt as if he were separated from the world.

Since Jiang Xing dreamed at Gu Fuzhou’s first seven hours, Lin Qingyu has never returned to Gu’s house. Yuan Yin is a capable. After receiving the news, he set up a mourning hall and prepared all this. “Madam, you’re back.”

Huan Tong hung his eyes and said, “young master, has the general really… Really gone? He’s so powerful that he can’t say nothing… Have they made a mistake?”

Lin Qingyu said noncommittally, “don’t stand here. Go in.”

Yuan Yin was stunned when he saw the young man behind Lin Qingyu and asked, “madam, who is this?”

“Don’t worry, just let him follow me.”

Gu Fuzhou’s body has not yet arrived in Beijing, and an endless stream of people have come to Gu’s house to offer condolences, most of them were Gu Fuzhou’s former subordinates, and Lin Qingyu had to bother to receive it. Jiang Xing was hidden in the side hall by Lin Qingyu. Across a curtain, he was sleepy listening to the sound of sobs until a loud voice sounded.

“It’s me! I killed the general! If I hadn’t forced the general to take command of the northwest that day, why would the general be so! General, general, what can Dayu do without you… I have become Dayu’s eternal sinner…”

Yuan Yin looked at Wu Zhan wailing. He was out of control and asked Lin Qingyu, “madam, do you want to persuade general Wu?”

Lin Qingyu knelt in front of Gu Fuzhou’s spirit and said, “it doesn’t hurt. Let him cry.”

When Wu Zhan howled in the dark, many people came again and again. Zhang Shiquan reported to Lin Qingyu one by one: “madam, Lord li of the military department is coming.”

Li Chan is the only adult surnamed Li in the military headquarters. Jiang Xing heard Lin Qingyu talk about Li Chan. Lin Qingyu rated him as “a person who can use both inside and outside”, which is much higher than Xiao Songzi’s evaluation – it’s fucking “both inside and outside”.

Jiang Xing lifts the curtain of the door and just sees Li Chan walking into the mourning hall. His appearance is clear and meaningful. He has the character of a scholar. He is really a young talent.

Li Chan held incense and worshipped three times in front of Gu Fuzhou’s spirit. Then he went to Lin Qingyu: “Lord Lin.”

Lin Qingyu nodded to Li Chan: “Lord Li.”

Li Chan couldn’t help reaching out and wanted to touch the thin shoulder. I saw that I was about to touch it, and my hand hung down again. After all, he didn’t have so much courage. He only dared to comfort him with words: “people can’t come back from death. I hope Lord Lin will be sad and change.”

Jiang woke up with a low smile, put down the curtain, sat back and continued to feel sleepy.

Hua Lu and Huan Tong knelt in front of the brazier and burned paper money. The former muttered, “young master, how can you be so calm.”

Huan Tong said, “you forget, when the young Marquis went, the young master was also very calm, but his heart must be worse than anyone.”

Hua Lu shook her head and said, “it’s different.” she could feel the subtle differences, but she couldn’t tell the difference.

After sunset, the guests gradually dispersed. According to the custom of Dayu, Lin Qingyu will keep a vigil for his late husband for three days.

Seeing that Lin Qingyu has sent all the servants away, Jiang Xing comes out of the side hall yawning. Lin Qingyu glanced sideways at him: “do you want to give yourself a fragrance?”

“No.” Jiang Xing leaned over from behind and hugged Lin Qingyu. “Qingyu, I’m sleepy.”

Lin Qingyu said, “go back to your room first.”

Jiang woke up sleepy and said, “you accompany me.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Gu Fuzhou’s holy throne and took away Jiang xinghuan’s hand around his waist: “the emperor is very kind, and Wei Chen is very frightened. However, I am still filial piety for general Gu.”

Jiang Xing closed his eyes and smiled. “If Aiqing said this, I wouldn’t be sleepy – how do you want to be filial to general Gu?”

“At least you can’t sleep with the emperor in Gu’s house.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jiang woke up with bright eyes, as if brewing bad water. “We secretly don’t let others find out.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

“So, do you want to have an affair with me – Mrs. Gu?” “Mrs. Gu” rose with an ambiguous smile at the end.

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “your body is not 18 years old.”

Jiang woke up and said: “… Huh?”

“I remember you said that in your hometown, there are many restrictions on men under the age of 18. They can’t marry and don’t advocate making friends with others.” Lin Qingyu paused. “In addition, you said that it’s illegal to sleep with fools in your hometown.”

Jiang Xing repudiated: “did I say that?”

Lin Qingyu said, “will I remember wrong?”

“But I’m not stupid anymore. Besides, I’m in Dayu now. Why should I follow the tradition of my hometown? Here, people who marry early can have two children at the age of 17. Wait, don’t you really have to wait until my body is 18 years old to make love with me? It’s rare for me to find something that is willing to move and not tired. How can you attack my enthusiasm so much.”

Seeing Jiang Xing’s sad face, Lin Qingyu couldn’t help smiling. He smiled in mourning clothes, which made Jiang awake for a while. His heart was unbearable, and he bowed his head to kiss him.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand to block his lips: “don’t be here.”

Jiang Xing grabbed his hand and said, “yes.”

When he kissed Lin Qingyu, his heart was suddenly raised and his body trembled. The candle is dark, and Jiang Xing is too close. Lin Qingyu can’t see his face clearly, but can only see the vague outline.

Lin Qingyu flashed the word “absurd” in his mind. He put his hand on Jiang Xing’s chest, but he couldn’t push it away.

Jiang Xing felt his strength and smiled: “baby, I’m so nervous – is it because your late husband is watching?”

Lin Qingyu’s lips were blocked by Jiang Xing before he could refute. He has never been pedantic. Since he can’t escape, he might as well enjoy it at ease. Lin Qingyu closed his eyes and the surrounding mourning halls disappeared, leaving only a gentle and warm touch and the clean and natural breath of the youth.

Suddenly, a slight noise came from the dark corner.

Jiang Xing slowly lifted his eyes, followed the sound and saw only a figure leaving in a hurry. He could not see the man’s face, but his back alone had probably counted in his heart.

With this person’s skill, he can still leave traces, which shows how scared he is.

Lin Qingyu was so soft that he couldn’t hear anything. Because of his bad breath, a soft whisper overflowed between his lips and teeth.

This murmur made Jiang wake up and breathe. He immediately left the matter behind, lowered his eyes and kissed the mourning beauty in his arms.


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