Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 110

When Gu Fuzhou was buried, he carried the coffin in a roller whale cart. Shi Pei, Wu Zhan and others escorted him all the way to the imperial mausoleum and buried him at the mouth of the imperial mausoleum. It is a metaphor for sleeping with the king after his death. Later, Lin Qingyu personally sent the memorial tablet set up for Gu Fuzhou two years ago to the Taimiao temple to enjoy the incense of later generations forever.

On this day, all the officials above the fifth grade in the court entered the palace and sent Gu Fuzhou on his last trip. After the temple ceremony, Shi Pei, Wu Guogong, Wu Zhan and Shen Huaizhi left the palace together. Gu Fuzhou was the closest to them before he died. Now they reunited at Gu Fuzhou’s funeral ceremony and naturally talked about the last wish of the great general.

“The general wants Lord Lin to remarry?” Wu Zhan was surprised. “Brother Shen, are you sure you heard right?”

Shen Huai is not good at lying. In order to tell the lie well, he didn’t practice less in private, but when he really lied, his expression was still a little uncomfortable: “I’m sure.”

Fortunately, Shi Pei believed his words: “the general is very affectionate to Lord Lin. I’m not surprised that he will say such words.”

Shen Huaizhi nodded seriously, “yes.”

Wu Zhan couldn’t understand: “if I die, I certainly hope my mother-in-law will keep me for the rest of my life. I must be angry to think that another man can hold her after I die and my son will call the man’s father.”

Shi Pei sighed, “the general is not you. Lord Lin is cold and doesn’t want to associate with others. He doesn’t even have a good friend who can drink at the same table. The general is afraid that after he leaves, Lord Lin will die alone.”

Shen Huaizhi quickly echoed: “the general also said that if Lord Lin really died alone, he would not die in peace.”

Duke Wu said in a rough voice: “it’s easy to do. My family is used to helping others as matchmakers. I asked her to find out if there is a suitable family for Lord Lin in Beijing – will Lord Lin marry or marry this time?”

Shi Pei smiled bitterly: “it’s too early for the Duke of the state to say this now. Before the bones of the great general are cold, you’ll make arrangements to find relatives for Lord Lin. if it’s spread, what will others think of Lord Lin? At least, we’ll wait until Lord Lin’s filial piety period is over.”

After the news of Gu Fuzhou’s death spread to the capital, rumors about Lin Qingyu’s unknown Kefu became rampant again. Lin Qingyu is delighted to marry Lu Wancheng. Although Lu Wancheng has lived an extra year, the Lu family almost fell into ruin. Later, he remarried Gu Fuzhou. After only two years, he defeated the invincible general.

Lin Qingyu’s temperament is cool, but his appearance is bright and beautiful, close to the demon. Such a beauty, even if she did nothing, could attract countless rumors just by one face, not to mention that he had two real dead husbands, but he could control the power and be the same head and assistant. It is very absurd to say that he blames the family and the army, and the next time it will be the country. Dayu is afraid to die in the hands of his “demon minister”. Just because of Lin Qingyu’s power, no one dares to talk openly.

The Duke of Wu just wanted Gu Fuzhou to die in peace. He forgot these for a moment and patted his head and said, “look at my brain. It’s old.”

Shen Huaizhi thought and tried: “it’s not urgent. But the Duke can take advantage of this year to find a suitable candidate for big Lin.”

Wu Zhan still felt awkward and had no good way: “I don’t think anyone in the court is worthy of Lord Lin except the general.”

Several people were talking, and a voice sounded behind them: “generals.”

Wu stood back and said, “Oh, Lord Li.”

Li Chan saluted several people one by one and said, “I heard it below. Childe Shen said that general Gu wanted Lord Lin to remarry?”

“Yes.” Wu Zhan scratched his head. “I don’t know what he thinks, alas.”

Li Chan’s heart moved, raised a vague hope, and then despised his despicability. “What general Wu said is very true. No one is worthy of Lord Lin except general Gu.”

Shen Huai knew that he wanted to talk and stopped: “in fact…”

“Lord Guo, general Shi, general Wu and son Shen, please stay.” Xiao Songzi trotted all the way and caught up with several people, “Lord Lin, please go to Dali temple.”

Shi Pei asked, “Dali temple? What did Lord Lin ask us to do there?”

Shen Huaizhi shook his head and said he didn’t know.

Wu Zhan said, “I know, I know, it should be for that.”

Li Chan couldn’t help asking, “don’t I have to go?”

Xiao Songzi said with a smile, “no, Lord Lin only invited these four adults.”

When the four arrived at Dali temple, Lin Qingyu was already there waiting for them.

“I said that I would give an account to the northwest soldiers about the robbery of grain and grass in the south of the Yangtze River.” Lin Qingyu said, “it’s time for general Gu to settle down.”

Several people looked at each other. Shi Pei said, “Lord Lin means that the grain and grass were robbed by Xixia that day. There is another secret?”

Wu Zhan said: “at that time, we were afraid to disturb your military morale, so we didn’t tell you. Here’s the thing…”

The four followed Lin Qingyu to a water prison. Waterboarding is one of Dayu’s torture. There is a reservoir on the upper layer of the water prison. Once it is operated, the people in the prison will suffer from drowning. When he reaches the limit, he will give him a glimmer of life. So repeatedly, life is better than death.

Xi Rong’s lower body was soaked in the water, his whole body was wet, his long hair stuck to his pale and swollen face, heard footsteps, narrowed his eyes, and looked at him hard. For a moment, he thought he had an illusion: “Lin Qingyu…?”

Shi Pei is half a Confucian general with a gentle temperament. At this time, he wants to split his eyes. He wants to break Xi Rong’s body: “it’s you, a eunuch… We have no food and grass, so we have to attack the city by force. It’s you, general Gu…”

Lin Qingyu said, “general Shi.”

Lin Qingyu stopped it too late. Xi Rong had guessed something and said happily, “is Gu Fuzhou dead or disabled?”

Wu Zhan roared: “dog castration party, what’s your face to mention the name of general gu!”

Xi Rong smiled. He could see a trace of tenderness and beauty in the past on his face: “I mentioned, what does Lord Lin want to do with me? In addition to palace punishment and water punishment, what else have I never received.”

Lin Qingyu said, “listen to the Secretary of Dali temple, you still refuse to plead guilty.”

“The winner is the king and the loser is the Kou. I have nothing to say.” Xi Rong said calmly, “but I never think I’m wrong.”

The Duke of Wu was so angry that his beard trembled: “when death comes, you have to talk back!”

“Lin Qingyu despises the emperor, relies on the military power in his husband’s hand, covers the sky, calls the wind and rain, and treats the emperor as nothing. What’s wrong with me to eradicate the treachery for the emperor?”

Shi Pei trembled and said, “just because you colluded with Xixia, tens of thousands of soldiers died under Yongliang City, do you still think you are right?”

Xi Rong seemed to hear a joke: “Lin Qingyu was right in seeking power. I just did the same thing as him. Why was there a mistake? Even if there was a mistake, it was my mistake. Once I miscalculated, I lost everything.”

Wu Station denounced: “one report for another, dog castration party, this is your retribution!”

“Retribution? Ah.” Xi Rong looked at Lin Qingyu and sneered, “if there is retribution in the world, why can Lord Lin stand here safely? Lord Lin’s blood may not be less than mine.”

Shen Huaizhi frowned: “nonsense.”

“Lord Lin knows better than anyone whether it’s nonsense.” Xi Rong smiled cruelly, “Liang family, the crazy devil in Nan’an Marquis mansion, Lu qiaosong who died miserably, Lu Niantao in the cold palace, Chen Guifei and former crown prince Xiao Cheng… Which is not planted in your hands? Even these people standing next to you, how much sincerity do you have for them, but you are willing to look at them more just because they are available, right?”

Lin Qingyu looked at him expressionless.

“Lin Qingyu, you are cold-blooded and selfish. What do you think is better than me? We are just the same kind of people. If I want retribution, you must be indispensable. You see, Gu Fuzhou will die. All the retribution you should suffer is on the people you love. Lu Wancheng, Gu Fuzhou… Next Who would it be? ”

Shen Huaizhi looked at Lin Qingyu and saw no waves and waves in each other’s eyes. He didn’t seem to take Xi Rong’s words seriously.

Wu Zhan spat: “it’s really cheap for the dog castration party to die. He should live in the water prison all his life. He can’t survive or die!”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “this person is at your disposal. There are still things in the palace. I’m sorry not to accompany you.”

Shen Huai knew, “Lord Lin?”

Lin Qingyu left the prison as if he hadn’t heard him, leaving several people looking at each other.

Xi Rong slowly closed his eyes and said with a low smile, “what you fear most is this. You also have weakness. It’s a pity…”

Unfortunately, Lin Qingyu’s soft rib is also the hardest thing in the world. The soft rib will protect Lin Qingyu and become the armor to protect Lin Qingyu. Others’ soft rib is just a drag.

Lin Qingyu returned to the palace and had dinner with Jiang Xing. After that, he reviewed the memorials as usual. Jiang Xing vaguely noticed that his mood was not right. He asked him that he was OK. He also asked Jiang Xing to go to bed early and don’t bother him to read the memorials.

In the middle of the night, Jiang woke up to drink water. Leng Buding saw a beauty sitting by the bed and said vaguely, “Qingyu?”

“It’s me.” Lin Qingyu opened the quilt, took the initiative to get into bed and drilled into Jiang Xinghuai.

When Jiang Xing was flattered, he didn’t forget to tease: “the beautiful little widow didn’t sleep in the middle of the night and came to climb my bed?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t laugh and whispered, “Jiang wakes up.”

“Alas, I knew you had a problem, and you said it was okay.” Jiang Xing pulled up the quilt, covered Lin Qingyu’s shoulder, and tried to resist sleepiness. “Come on, baby, who provoked you?”

Lin Qingyu opened his eyes and asked, “do you believe that one report is also one report?”

Jiang Xing simply said, “don’t believe it if you don’t believe it.”

“But what if there is? Because I’ve done all my evil things, I just… Let you suffer from severe poison and thousands of arrows pierce your heart?” Lin Qingyu said helplessly in his eyes. “Although I hate the world, I like you – can’t I?”


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