Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 111

You can’t see things in the dark, but Jiang Xing can imagine Lin Qingyu’s expression now. He got up and lit the lamp. The light shone through the gauze curtain and made a warm light yellow on the Dragon bed.

Jiang Xing sat down with his legs apart on the bed, took Lin Qingyu out of the quilt and looked at each other’s face carefully. As expected, he was as confused and helpless as he imagined. He put Lin Qingyu on his lap, surrounded him from behind and said, “of course, you can like me as much as you want. I can’t wait, can you?”

Lin Qingyu looked down and said, “if God rewards me, the way is to make the people I love suffer…”

“If so, why does God give me a chance to come back from the dead? Does it not smell good to let me die completely?”

Jiang Xing said something reasonable, but Lin Qingyu was still worried. He was afraid to say, “maybe if I’m a little worse, they’ll really take you away.”

“They? Who?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Qingyu murmured, “they can’t help me, so they bully you. Because they know that this is the best way to torture me.”

“You have to think from a different angle. They just sent me back again and again because they were reluctant to see you tortured. Last time they sent me to the northwest, you were sad and sad for half a year; this time they directly let me go back to the city immediately after I died and find you as soon as I woke up.” Jiang woke up like the beginning of a dream. “God, Qingyu, you are the lucky beauty favored by God!”

Lin Qingyu asked, “why do they care about me?”

Jiang Xing pretended to think: “probably because you were successful in finding the antidote to the epidemic a few years ago?”

Lin Qingyu shook his head: “that’s not my own credit.”

“You’ve done well enough,” Jiang Xing told him. “Better than many people.”

Lin Qingyu smiled as if he had been coaxed better.

Jiang Xing breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he relaxed, he began to feel sleepy again: “and the national teacher said that Xiao Li’s body is my essence in Dayu. The first two don’t fit me, and the soul is not the body, so naturally it won’t last long. If you want to return to your body, you have to die twice more. What does this have to do with you?”

After thinking for a long time, Lin Qingyu made up his mind: “anyway, I will do less bad things in the future.”

“No, baby. You can do whatever you want. If you want to change yourself when you fall in love with me, I’ll be a scum man again.”

Jiang Xingtai knows Lin Qingyu very well. Lin Qingyu’s malice will never happen for no reason. He doesn’t need Lin Qingyu to suppress his instinct, but needs fools to take care of themselves and don’t provoke his wife.

Lin Qingyu looked back at him and asked, “if other people come to provoke you and me in the future, can I still do bad things to them?”

“It must be OK. You can do anything bad to them.” Jiang Xing put his chin on Lin Qingyu’s shoulder and narrowed his eyes. “I’m a sick child. Lu Wancheng is fashionable and can deal with the aftermath for you. Now I’m a 95 year old. Don’t you just wave? Baby, don’t worry. I’ll carry it.”

Lin Qingyu laughed: “I’m a power minister. You’re a puppet monarch. What can you carry for me?”

Jiang Xing tried to overcome his sleepiness and patiently explained: “Xiao Yu, a fool sitting on the Dragon chair, can make Cui Lian, Tianji camp and others loyal to him, not to mention me. As long as you sit in this position, you can do too many things.”

Jiang Xing always has the ability to make people feel at ease. Lin Qingyu was calm and said, “it’s not early. I’ll go back to the side hall to sleep.”

Jiang woke up so sleepy that he fell into the bed with Lin Qingyu: “come, what are you going to do?”

Lin Qingyu hesitated: “if tomorrow is seen by the eunuch waiting for you to get up…”

“It’s all right. Now the only person who closely serves me is Xiao Songzi.”

Lin Qingyu was selfish and didn’t want to separate from Jiang Xing. Hearing what he said, he found a comfortable position in his arms and curled up to sleep.

The next day, Xiao Songzi went into the temple to serve as usual. He was surprised to find that the emperor had risen. What shocked him even more was that there was a figure behind the bed curtain.


Jiang Xing raised his finger and said, “shh.”

Xiao Songzi covered his mouth, stared and shook his head, indicating that he didn’t see anything. When they came to the outer hall, Jiang woke up and asked, “yesterday, Lord Lin presided over general Gu’s funeral. Where did he go?”

Xiao Songzi said, “Lord Lin took Duke Wu, general Shi and other military officials and Prince Shen to Dali temple.”

Take generals and Shen Huaizhi to Dali temple. It should be for the food and grass in the south of the Yangtze River. Therefore, it took him so much effort to make Lin Qingyu return to normal. Xi Rong’s words stimulated Lin Qingyu to sleep in the middle of the night and threw himself into arms for comfort?


Jiang Xing put on his Dragon Robe and said, “go and call Shen Huaizhi.”

Shen Huaizhi hasn’t arrived yet. Xu Jun is willing to come to see him first. He came to ask Jiang Xing to resign.

“Now that the emperor has trusted people around him, I don’t think he needs ministers anymore. The noise in the palace is not conducive to practice. Ministers still want to go back to Changsheng temple and concentrate on praying for Dayu and the emperor.”

Jiang woke up and said, “you’re just in time. I ask you, according to you, I’m using my own body now, and the soul shouldn’t run around anymore?”

Xu Jun was willing to nod his head and said, “if you return to the emperor, it should be so.”

That’s what Jiang Xing said to Lin Qingyu, but Lin Qingyu still bothers others. Psychological problems can sometimes rely on foreign objects to give Lin Qingyu a sustenance, which may have some effects.

“Do you have anything like ‘dinghun Jade’?”

“Fixed soul jade”? “Xu Junyuan said strangely,” what is that? ”

So it’s gone. Jiang woke up and glanced up and down at Xu Junyuan. His eyes stopped on the jade pendant tied around his waist: “that’s it.”

At this time, Xiao Songzi brought Shen Huaizhi: “emperor, here comes childe Shen.”

Shen Huaizhi has known the true identity of the emperor for some time. After digesting for so long, he could barely combine Gu Fuzhou he knew with the young emperor in front of him. This is also due to the fact that Jiang Xing’s character is too distinctive, especially when he doesn’t deliberately hide it, it gives people the feeling that it’s hard to find another in the world.

Shen Huaizhi was about to kneel down and salute when he heard the emperor say, “you don’t have to be polite in front of me. I heard that Lord Lin took you to Dali Temple yesterday.”

Shen Huai nodded: “yes.”

“Did he say how to deal with Xi Rong?”

“Lord Lin said to give it to us. General Wu meant to let him taste Dayu’s torture.”

Jiang Xing disagreed: “Xi Rong can stand even palace and water punishment. What else is it? It’s the best policy to attack people like him.”

Shen Huaizhi asked, “what’s the emperor’s opinion?”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “you can’t talk about it, but you can refer to it. For example, take Xi Rong to Jinyang garden and give –” Jiang woke up and killed himself. ”

Xu Jun would like to wonder: “why Jinyang garden.”

Jiang woke up and said, “the scenery there is good.”

Xu Jun was surprised when he wanted to understand. This is not like childe Jiang’s style, but more like what Lin Qingyu will do.

I think Mr. Jiang is gradually adapting to his new identity.

The so-called respect of the ninth five year plan, life and death in the world, is all in his mind.

Hearing the news in the hall, Jiang Xing waved them back.

Lin Qingyu was tying his hair. Seeing Jiang waking up, he asked, “it’s early morning. Why don’t you call me up.”

Jiang Xing said, “I just woke up, too. Let me show you something.”


Jiang woke up and spread his hand. A jade pendant with a palace sash hung down: “this is the legendary soul fixing jade.”

Lin Qingyu was suspicious: “‘dinghun Jade ‘?”

“With this jade, my soul will firmly adhere to this body, and I won’t fly full of Dayu any more.” Jiang Xing made it up in disorder. “According to Xu Junyuan, this jade is a spiritual stone on the top of Kunlun mountain. It has been moistened by the aura of heaven and earth and has become essence…”

Lin Qingyu: ”

As soon as he mentioned the matter last night, Xu Junyuan took the initiative to send the things. There was no such coincidence. But Jiang Xing tried so hard to appease him, and he didn’t want to disappoint Jiang Xing.

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “so, I’m relieved.”

A few days later, news came from Jinyang garden that Xi Rongkang did not comply with the order and refused to hang himself in the garden. After half an hour, Shi Pei closed his throat with a sword. Blood flowed from his mouth and neck and infiltrated the earth. Even the peach blossoms in the garden seemed to be charming.

It is said that before he died, he had only one request: “ah Yu, don’t look.”

On the second day after Xi Rong’s death, Xiao Yu went crazy. The description of “Crazy” may not be accurate. He doesn’t quarrel or make noise, and he doesn’t have any extreme actions. He just loses his luster in his eyes and is at the mercy of others without saying a word. Like Xiao Li in the past, there was only a delicate body left.

When Lin Qingyu learned about it, he asked Xiao Songzi to send Xiao Yu a bottle of medicine. Jiang Xing asked him, “is Lord Lin going to do bad things or good things?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “the emperor might as well guess.”

In March, the grass grows and the Orioles fly, and the flowers bloom in spring. This long winter has finally passed.

Under the tireless instruction of the empress dowager, although the holy master still doesn’t speak much, he has spoken more and more fluently.

If an ordinary prince can speak, he must begin to learn to read, followed by four books and five classics and historical strategies. The Empress Dowager devotes herself to the cultivation of the emperor and rarely cares about the affairs of the imperial government. Lin Qingyu is left alone with his confidant dragging the lazy emperor’s rivers and mountains forward. Finally, she is pushed to the position of prime minister.

Lin Qingyu has never been admitted to fame. He was born as a doctor. He can become the first of all officials at this age. Some people say that he stepped on two dead husbands to get to where he is today; Some people say that he is very skillful. I don’t know what kind of ecstasy he gave to the Empress Dowager; Others disagreed and insisted that Lin Qingyu relied on a face.

However, no matter how ugly these people say in private, they should respectfully call him “forest appearance” on the surface.

On this day, Lin Qingyu accidentally passed by Tai hospital and saw many new faces. These people are all new medical officials. Several of them look at their age when they entered the palace. They are in full bloom and high spirited.

A medical officer frowned and thought on the road. He didn’t know what he was thinking. There was no response when the acupuncture bag fell to the ground. Lin Qingyu bent down to pick it up and said, “stay.”

The medical officer turned his head when he heard the sound. The purpose was a crane embroidered on the indigo official dress, and then up was a beautiful and fierce face with a gorgeous crown.

The medical officer was stunned. He heard the eunuch cough twice before he calmed down. He hurriedly knelt down: “go down and see the prime minister.”

In this palace, only one person can wear official clothes embroidered with cranes and have such a face.

Lin Qingyu looked at the acupuncture bag for a while and returned it. The medical officer was flattered, took it with trembling, blushed and said, “thank you, Prime Minister.”

Lin Qingyu lost his mind for a moment and said, “go and be busy.”

Sure enough, compared with government affairs, he still prefers the art of treating Gu. Unfortunately, since Xiao Ying became king, he has little time to do what he likes.

When Lin Qingyu returned to Xingqing palace, he saw a mountain of memorials piled up on the table. He was inexplicably tired. He forced himself to open one of the letters, which was a folded letter handed by Wu Youyuan from the northwest. According to the memorial, the northwest army successfully won a big city in Xixia. This is the first city in the southeast of Xixia, with tens of thousands of people. They didn’t want to hurt the soldiers and civilians, but the soldiers in Xixia secretly colluded with the civilians, which brought a lot of trouble to the Northwest Garrison.

Wu Youyuan was proficient in the art of war and quickly grew into a general after Gu Fuzhou’s death. However, he knew nothing about the way of governing the country. He could easily capture a city, but he didn’t know how to govern a city.

Lin Qingyu picked up his pen and was about to review it. A voice came from outside: “the emperor returns to the Palace -”

Jiang Xing waved back the others and complained, “just freed from Ci’an Palace – what are you doing?”

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “what else can I do?”

Jiang Xing keenly noticed that Lin Qingyu’s tone was filled with resentment. He walked behind Lin Qingyu and said politely, “prime minister, it’s hard. Let me pinch your shoulder?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t stop Jiang Xing. Jiang Xing gave him just the right strength to pinch his shoulder, which alleviated a little fatigue. After a while, he said, “my legs are sour.”

Jiang Xing pushed away the memorial, made a small space on the table and took Lin Qingyu up to serve him.

Waiting and waiting, Jiang woke up and touched the beauty Prime Minister up and down. Lin Qingyu’s official clothes were also crumpled. Jiang Xing, who is still a young man, is inevitably confused. He politely asks, “Qingyu, are you free to be taken advantage of by me?”

Lin Qingyu was not busy with business. He stretched out his hand and asked, “how do you want to occupy it?”

Jiang woke up and breathed tightly. He said with a smile, “prime minister, you make me better.” Lin Qingyu regretted: “but I still have a pile of memorials to read.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll help you later.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t believe it: “will you see it?”

Jiang Xing was absent-minded and said, “I can try.”

After sitting in the court, Lin Qingyu holds a pen every day and has a thin cocoon on his finger belly. Jiang woke up and asked, “Qingyu, the ointment you gave me last time…”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes: “I look like the person who carries this thing with me. You didn’t want it last time. It’s gone now. It’s out of date.”

Jiang woke up and smiled, “don’t take it with you. I’ll take it with me in the future. Even if I don’t have it, I’ll play something else this time.” he said, lowering his head to him again.

Lin Qingyu’s eyes widened and his voice trembled: “you…”

He didn’t know where to put his hand, and accidentally touched a memorial on one side. The piled up memorials suddenly fell down and scattered on the ground.

Jiang woke up and went to bed with Lin Qingyu. The lotus account is warm and the fragrance overflows.

When Lin Qingyu came down from the Dragon bed, it was already late. Afterwards, he was pestered by Jiang Xing to sleep, and the day passed. Thinking of the pile of things waiting for him to deal with, Lin Qingyu regretted that he shouldn’t have left his business undone and had sex with the “dizzy king” in the daytime. Tonight, I’m afraid I’ll stay up for half the night.

When Lin Qingyu returned to the table, he saw that the memorials that had fallen on the ground were picked up and placed neatly on the table.

When he and Jiang Xing were in the same palace, the palace people dared not enter without permission – so, did Jiang Xing clean up?

Lin Qingyu opened Wu Youyuan’s memorials and wrote four words in his handwriting: divide and rule.

He looked thoughtfully at someone who had died in bed.

Jiang woke up salted fish for so long. It’s time to drag him up and do something serious.


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