Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 112

The Empress Dowager is still teaching Jiang Xing the most basic reading and writing. Lin Qingyu has a “grand” plan.

This day, while Jiang woke up and took a nap, Lin Qingyu went to Ci’an palace to greet the Empress Dowager. The Empress Dowager was enjoying a poem copied by Jiang Xing. When she saw him coming, she smiled and said, “Qingyu, come and have a look. The emperor’s words are so good and powerful.”

Lin Qingyu glanced. Jiang Xing obviously deliberately wrote mellow and childish characters. Only the Empress Dowager would feel powerful. “Empress dowager, since the emperor can read and write, it’s time to ask an imperial teacher to teach the emperor.”

The Empress Dowager hesitated and said, “the emperor is still young. It’s OK to stay with the AI family and be taught by the AI family.”

“I’m afraid you can’t teach him some things.”

The Empress Dowager couldn’t hide her heartache: “but the Emperor… He’s still a child.”

Lin Qingyu reminded her, “the emperor will be eighteen at the end of the year.” I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that Xiao Li and Jiang Xing’s birthday is on the same day.

“You can’t say that.” the Empress Dowager scolded. “Although the emperor is almost eighteen, his mind is like a child of seven or eight years old.”

“I went to school when the prince was five years old. The emperor is already seven or eight years old. If you indulge, do you want others to keep the country for him all his life?”

Lin Qingyu’s words are more serious. The Empress Dowager’s face is not very good-looking, but Li is this reason. The sooner the emperor wants to be in power, the better. After deliberation, the Empress Dowager said, “do you have a candidate for emperor and teacher?”

Lin Qingyu soon found the right person. Guan Zhongkai wrote poetry at the age of three and recited Fu at the age of five. He was admitted as a scholar at a young age. Later, he won three yuan in a row and won the gold list. During the reign of the former Emperor, he was in charge of military aircraft and held important positions in the Ministry of officials and the Ministry of household. He returned home five years ago and is now 65 years old.

This person is Li Chan’s mentor. Li Chan recommends him to Lin Qingyu. Lin Xiang sent a handwritten letter in which he sincerely and humbly invited Guan Lao back to the capital to take the post of Taifu.

The day before Jiang woke up, he was still in the Empress Dowager’s office. He could easily write a few words to cope with the past. The next day, there was an emperor teacher who knew both ancient and modern times.

Lin Qingyu said, “from now on, the emperor doesn’t have to go to Ci’an palace to study and write. The emperor will learn as much as Prince Dayu learns.”

Guan Taifu’s hair is relaxed and graceful. He has a fairy like demeanor. He also does everyone’s ceremony: “minister, Guan Zhongkai, see your majesty.”

Jiang Xing had a bad premonition, but he returned the gift with great face. After all, respecting teachers and respecting the way is something engraved in his bones in any era. Then he turned to Lin Qingyu and said in the childish tone of a seven-year-old child, “brother prime minister, please come here.”

Lin Qingyu was pulled aside by Jiang Xing: “how.”

Jiang Xing asked in a low voice, “how did Prince Dayu learn?

“Go to the study to preview your lessons at noon every day, and officially start the class at Mao until noon.”

Hearing the word “Yin Shi”, Jiang woke up and almost didn’t come up: “no… Qingyu, I’m still growing up. If I don’t get enough sleep, I won’t be tall.”

Lin Qingyu looked up at him: “in the afternoon, princes usually have riding and shooting lessons. But you’ve practiced riding and shooting almost in your last life, and you can avoid it in this life.”

“Can I play that afternoon?”

Lin Qingyu said cruelly, “continue to study in the study in the afternoon.”

Jiang woke up and smiled: “do you want me to go back to senior three?”

Jiang Xing and Lin Qingyu mentioned his studies in his hometown. Lin Qingyu knew something about it: “the emperor thinks too much. How many days off do you have every month when you are in senior three?”

Jiang woke up and said, “eight days.”

Lin Qingyu smiled and said, “the prince has only two days off every year. One day is the first day of the new year and the other is the prince’s birthday.”

Jiang woke up and suffocated: “the cattle in the field don’t plough so much. I’m the son of heaven. Why should I suffer like this?”

“Because you are the son of heaven, you have to learn more than others.”

“But I just want to be a waste son of heaven.”

“What about your country?” Lin Qingyu despised coldly. “You want to count on me all your life. Soft rice is so delicious?”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “it’s quite delicious.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at the knife, and Jiang Xing changed his mouth and said, “Qingyu, have you ever heard the saying ‘governing by inaction, conforming to nature’? I think…”

Lin Qingyu said, “you study in the daytime and still have time to play in the evening.”

“Will you play with me?”

“If you are not busy, you will.”

Jiang woke up with a sigh and compromised: “all right.”

Whether Jiang Xing wants it or not, his cold window study began when he was 17 years old and 21 years old. He learned some basics in his hometown, but he was only limited to occasionally reciting two poems to tease his wife. The level of written language can be seen and used, which is no better than the native Dayu talent. Guan Zhongkai is undoubtedly a good teacher, but he uses a monotonous voice in class The voice kept talking, and Jiang woke up drowsy.

Lin Qingyu didn’t arrange for Jiang Xing to accompany him. He was the only student in the study. He had tried hard to keep from falling asleep, but sometimes it was really beyond the control of normal people.

Fortunately, he is the son of heaven, not the prince. Without his father and Emperor asking about his homework, his mother will only indulge him. His wife asks occasionally, and he can take Lin Qingyu’s attention away by doing something.

After learning this for three months, Lin Qingyu proposed to take Jiang Xing to the court together. Jiang Xing was lack of interest and looked dispensable: “it doesn’t matter whether I go or not. Anyway, it has you.”

Lin Qingyu has already seen through Jiang Xing. This man has always been so interested in things he is not interested in. As long as he knows it, he has the responsibility to do it. No matter how lazy he is, he will do it well in the end. It is the same with marching and fighting, as well as governing the country.

It’s a pity that Jiang Xing doesn’t seem to be interested in anything except sleeping and sleeping.

Lin Qingyu said, “listen, too. It’s beneficial and harmless.”

“OK, listen to your wife during the day.”

Lin Qingyu vaguely felt wrong and asked, “what about that night?”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “listen at night.”

Lin Qingyu: “…” began to talk nonsense again.

Jiang Xing was woken up early in the morning. Ren Yigan waited for trouble. After wearing his clothes, he was helped to the chariot and came to the Jinluan Hall of the previous dynasty.

He sat at the top of the Jinluan hall and looked at the officials through the bead curtain on the mian Diao. After emperor Chu Xi abdicated, the officials of the former dynasty changed their blood. Lin Qingyu and the Empress Dowager suppressed some old officials and promoted many new people, including young talents like Li Chan. However, Lin Qingyu is still the most outstanding and eye-catching one, which can not even be described as standing out from the crowd.

Lin Qingyu was calm, indifferent, unsmiling and imposing in the early morning. He was just two people when he was in his arms. Jiang Xingxing seldom felt sleepy while appreciating the beauty and listening to the deliberations of the ministers.

When the dynasty was dispersed, the young emperor who didn’t say a few words suddenly said, “prime minister, are you tired standing?”

Lin Qingyu said, “back to the emperor, I’m not tired.”

“But I feel tired for you.” Jiang Xingduan is innocent and ignorant of the world. “The prime minister will sit and go to court in the future.”

For a moment, the hall was silent. Lin Qingyu raised his eyes, looked at Jiang awake, knelt down and saluted: “I kowtow to the emperor.”

After this day, there will be a Taishi chair on the Jinluan hall. People know that the Taishi chair Lin Xiang sat in before the emperor took office is the real dragon chair.

After going down the court, Lin Qingyu was empty. Please come to Guan Zhongkai and ask Jiang Xing about his homework: “Guan Taifu, how has the emperor learned recently?”

Guan Zhongkai looked puzzled: “this…”

Lin Qingyu said, “but it doesn’t hurt to say it.”

Guan Zhongkai shook his head: “to tell the prime minister, the emperor doesn’t pay attention to his homework. If he pays attention to it, the emperor only spends five points on it at most. But his article is not too bad. He answers every question and makes no mistake… I really don’t know how to advise.”

Lin Qingyu raised his lips: “the emperor has always been so.”

“I think the emperor is gifted. If he can focus on his studies, he will not lose the first Prince of that year.”

Lin Qingyu mused, “I know.”

After entering the summer, Lin Qingyu suddenly became busy. Except that Jiang Xing could see him in the morning, he couldn’t see anyone else. At first, he didn’t panic. He thought that Lin Qingyu would go to Xingqing palace to sleep in the evening anyway. Who thought he was waiting in bed and fell asleep, but Lin Qingyu hadn’t come yet. After asking Xiao Songzi, he knew that Lin Qingyu was still working in the hall of government and didn’t seem to have finished his business.

Jiang Xing sleeps alone. He puts on his clothes and comes to the hall of diligence. Sure enough, he sees Lin Qingyu working overtime alone. It seems that there are endless books and endless official documents. The hard-working silhouette falls by the window, which makes him tired and distressed.

——When did his wife become a social animal.

Jiang woke up and went in and said, “Qingyu, are you still busy?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t lift his head and said “um” coldly.

Jiang Xing opened his chair and sat down: “I’ll accompany you.”

“No, you can play.”

Jiang Xing frowned: “I don’t play – we haven’t seen each other for ten hours. Don’t you miss me?”

Yes, why not.

Jiang Xing won’t know. He has to work harder to restrain himself from looking for him.

“It’s OK.” Lin Qingyu said, “stay if you want, but don’t quarrel with me.”

Jiang woke up to see Lin Qingyu with fatigue between his eyebrows and eyes and asked, “Qingyu, how much do you have to see? Shall I help you?”

Lin Qingyu’s smile flashed in his eyes: “no, you don’t understand.”

Jiang Xing smiled and said, “please forgive my modesty. But I think I’m ok. I can understand some.”

“Your current focus should be on your studies. When Guan Taifu says you can do it, it’s not too late for you to share my worries.”

Jiang woke up suddenly and said in a slow voice, “Lin Xiang is changing his way to play persuasion with me.”

Lin Qingyu’s face was indifferent: “is the emperor willing to study hard?”

Jiang Xing sighed: “I’m really not interested, but for you… OK. Xiao Songzi, bring me the game theory I haven’t finished reading today.”

In the hot summer, it’s getting muggy. After the thunder, it’s pouring rain.

Outside the window is the pattering rain. Jiang Xing and Lin Qingyu sit together and share a palace lantern. One reads and one manages politics. Their arms touch each other from time to time.

Jiang woke up tired and looked up to see the person he liked.

In a moment of trance and inexplicable palpitation, he seemed to really return to his seventeen years old.

He couldn’t help shouting, “Qingyu.”

“Hmm?” as soon as Lin Qingyu raised his head, his lips were kissed.

The two had no idea how many times they had made love, but Jiang Xing always came out of nowhere, making people blush and heartbeat, and I didn’t know how he did it.

Because of his face?

Lin Qingyu thought wildly, and his tone was calm: “kiss and kiss, aren’t you tired of it.”

After thinking carefully, Jiang Xing replied, “it’s very tired.”

Lin Qingyu hid a knife in his eyes: “say it again?”

“I’m too tired of falling in love. Why don’t we get married early?” Jiang Xing said with a smile. “I’m going to be 22 years old soon. I can get a license in my hometown.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned. Jiang woke up and returned to Xiao Li’s body for some time, but he never thought about it.

Different from the previous two times, Jiang Xing is now the son of heaven. Even if Dayu’s male wives are increasing day by day, it will not be his turn to marry a male wife. His wife is the queen of Muyi’s world. Even if he can be a man, he can’t be a man who has been widowed twice.

Lin Qingyu is very satisfied with the current situation. As long as he can be with Jiang Xing, his position doesn’t matter to him. Of course, he won’t let Jiang Xing make others queen. It’s a big deal to give Jiang Xing another shot.

Lin Qingyu smiled and shook his head: “you are the king, I am the minister, how to get married?”

Jiang Xing smiled and bowed his head to continue reading: “use your brain, there will always be a way.”


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