Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 113

Jiang Xing’s birthday is in September. This is the first longevity day after he ascended the throne. The Empress Dowager attaches great importance to it and is ready to do it wantonly. Jiang Xing has already passed a rite of passage. That time, he secretly counted the days in his heart and shared his little secret with Lin Qingyu on his 18th birthday. Strictly speaking, this year is his 22nd birthday. Except that he has reached the legal marriage age in his hometown, there is nothing special. In addition, a hard battle has only been fought in the northwest, and the taxes in Jiangnan are being reformed. It is a time when the National Treasury is empty. What Jiang Xing means is that just get together and live.

When the Empress Dowager heard the speech, she said with satisfaction, “the emperor has understood so much and knows how to consider the national economy and the people’s livelihood.” as she said, her eyes filled with tears, “the emperor has really grown up.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Guan Taifu taught well.”

At ordinary times, the vigorous empress dowager mentioned her son, and the whole person twinkled with maternal brilliance. Jiang Xing’s great progress can move her to tears. Like Shen Huaizhi and Xiao Cheng, Xi Rong and Xiao Yu, Xiao Li – or Jiang Xing, who has lost his soul, is the biggest weakness of the Empress Dowager.

It has to be said that Jiang Xing regards the relationship between the six people as the general rule of Huai Bu Zhi jun, which is really clever. Lin Qingyu relied on the principle of six people, one thing and one thing, and made proper use of people’s hearts, so that he and Jiang Xing came to this day step by step.

But people are never satisfied. Once upon a time, the Empress Dowager only hoped that her son could call herself “empress mother”; Later, he hoped that he could read and write like ordinary people. Now, she is thinking that the emperor will take power as soon as possible and become a real emperor.

Although Dayu had no precedent of dementia, he had a young emperor, Yuwen emperor. Emperor Yuwen ascended the throne at the age of seven and came into power at the age of 17. During this period, his immediate mother, Empress Dowager Xiaoen, listened to the government. After emperor Yuwen grew up, Empress Dowager Xiaoen refused to return power until emperor Yuwen got married. The officials were angry, and Empress Dowager Xiaoen had to compromise.

Considering this, the Empress Dowager said, “the emperor is not young. It’s time to select some suitable people for him to enrich the harem.”

Lin Qingyu Qingshen: “the Empress Dowager doesn’t think the emperor is still a child now? In terms of mind, the emperor’s mind is only ten years old.”

The Empress Dowager said, “how can such a thing be calculated according to the age of mind? According to Lin Xiang, a fool all his life can’t get a wife and have children?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I didn’t say that. It’s just that the Empress Dowager has a big job. Can the Empress Dowager have a suitable candidate?”

The Empress Dowager’s selfishness is to kiss each other and let the woman of the Wen family sit in the back. But even in front of Lin Qingyu, she couldn’t make her intention too obvious: “it’s natural to take a long-term view on the matter after the establishment. AI Jia thinks that the emperor can be familiar with personnel first… Qingyu, what do you think?”

She can’t tell Lin Qingyu more about men and women. Just click. Lin Qingyu is a smart man. He can’t understand her.

Lin Qingyu refused to comment: “the Empress Dowager doesn’t have to ask the minister’s opinion. The minister has no opinion.”

The Empress Dowager smiled and said, “in that case, AI family ordered people to prepare.”

A few days later, a group of new people came to Xingqing palace. Most of these people are young and beautiful palace maids, who are fat and thin, and can be selected by you. They were ordered by the Empress Dowager to serve in the inner hall. Jiang Xing acquiesced in the operation, but they were not allowed to serve them personally. They were only allowed to serve tea and pour water.

Mother Xiujiao got the will of the Empress Dowager and found an opportunity to speak in front of Jiang Xing: “emperor, don’t always let Xiao Songzi serve alone. Xiao Songzi will also be tired.” mother Xiujiao coaxed Jiang Xing as a child, “look at the palace maid named Shi Zhen, isn’t it good? Shi Zhen also wants to serve the emperor.”

Jiang Xing shook his head and moved out. Guan Taifu said something. Children, listen to the teacher most. “The teacher said that men and women are different. I can’t let them close.”

Mother Xiujiao explained, “the emperor is the son of heaven. All the people in the world are yours. You don’t have to be different from them.”

Jiang woke up with a naive face: “is the prime minister’s brother also my man?”

Mother Xiujiao was stunned and forced out a smile: “Lin Xiang is different from him. He is the wife of general Gu.”

Jiang Xing’s “tongyanwuji”: “but general Gu is dead.”

Mother Xiujiao was confused and changed the topic and said, “why doesn’t the emperor want them to serve?”

Jiang Xing frowned: “I don’t like their smell. It’s hard to smell it. It’s even harder to be touched by them.”

Mother Xiujiao turned pale and murmured, “how could it be so.”

At this time, a slightly cold voice sounded, “what are you talking about?”

Mother Xiujiao turned back to see Lin Qingyu and quickly bowed to salute: “prime minister.”

Lin Qingyu made a regular ceremony to Jiang Xingxing and said to mother Xiujiao, “this is the time for the emperor to do his homework. Mother came to the hall of diligence, but what’s important.”

“The maidservant was ordered by the Empress Dowager to send some snacks to the emperor.”

It is well known that Lin Qingyu is cold and arrogant, but he is always polite and moderate in front of the Empress Dowager. As the confidant of the empress dowager, mother Xiujiao came into contact with Lin Qingyu’s gentle side. At this moment, she could feel Lin Qingyu’s sight on her, and the pressure of the superior made her almost out of breath. For the first time, she clearly realized that Lin Qingyu’s position as the top of all officials depended not only on face and luck.

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “go back when you arrive. The emperor is nervous about his schoolwork and has no time to chat.”

“… yes.”

As soon as mother Xiujiao left, Jiang woke up, took off her childish mask, smiled and said, “the prime minister is coming.”

Lin Qingyu glanced at the snacks on the table: “mammy is here to teach the emperor how to understand personnel.”

“I don’t need others to teach me.” Jiang woke up yawning, “the prime minister has taught me for a long time.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “I don’t know how to do this. The emperor has no teacher.”

Lin Qingyu was in a bad mood. Jiang Xing expected it. Fortunately, he was ready. He patted his leg and said, “baby, come and sit down.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “don’t sit. The minister is very busy. A pile of memorials are waiting for the minister to see.”

Jiang woke up with a smile: “well, I’ve finished reading it for you.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned: “really?”

“If you don’t believe it, you can check it.”

Lin Qingyu went to the desk and turned over several books. Sure enough, there were blue batches of the cabinet. When Jiang woke up, he yawned and looked like he didn’t sleep enough. Lin Qingyu felt soft and offered to apologize to Jiang Xing: “sorry, I shouldn’t be angry with you. But I…”

“I know you can’t control it. It doesn’t matter. You look so good when you lose your temper.” Jiang Xing took Lin Qingyu’s hand and sat him down on his lap, “Don’t you always want to study Gu Shu, but you don’t have time. I’ve invited Nanjiang miracle doctor back to the capital. You can talk about Gu in the capital with him these days. As for the government affairs, I’ll help you deal with it. I’m not sure. I’ll ask you again.”

Lin Qingyu looked at him quietly.

Jiang Xing asked, “why do you think so of me?”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “I think you really like me.” he knows how tired Jiang Xing is, but every time he gets tired, it’s for him.

Jiang woke up and smiled, “you know.” he raised his hand and touched Lin Qingyu’s cheek with his finger belly, “well, go play and come back early in the evening.”

Lin Qingyu was in a good mood when he could do what he wanted to do: “first, I’ll take the miracle doctor to the general’s house to see the little insects.”

Watching Lin Qingyu show his face, Jiang Xing’s sleepiness subsided a lot. Lin Qingyu, who is persistent in raising Gu, is so cute that he wants to sleep, but he doesn’t have much time.

After Jiang Xing coaxed the big beauty with a small temper, he narrowed a little for a while. When he was ready to pick up his pen and fight again, Xiao Songzi offered new tea: “emperor, drink a cup of tea to refresh yourself.”

Jiang Xing also thought about Lin Qingyu and said, “I hope I coax Qingyu well.”

Xiao Songzi said, “I think Lin Xiang shouldn’t be angry about such a small matter.”

“You don’t know him. He will still be angry. He knows there’s no need to be angry about this, but he can’t help it. He doesn’t say it, but I must coax him.”

Komatsu didn’t understand, but he was shocked: “the emperor is wise.”

In Ci’an palace, mother Xiujiao told the Empress Dowager all about her conversation with the emperor in the hall of diligent administration. The Empress Dowager also felt strange and vaguely guessed something, but she insisted that the emperor was too young to understand these things.

Laifu made a slip of the tongue: “is the Emperor…”

“What is it?”

“Slaves, slaves dare not say.”

The Empress Dowager said irritably, “if you have anything, just say it.”

Laifu said cautiously, “the slave dared to guess whether the emperor was born with broken sleeves or… The kind of broken sleeves that can’t be used to women.”

The Empress Dowager’s eyebrows were cold and said in a harsh voice, “bold! Who allows you to talk nonsense? You don’t think you’re too heavy with your brain?”

Since Dayu opened the dynasty, masculinity has prevailed from time to time. A few years ago, he opened the head of a male wife, and now there are more and more men who marry a male wife. Most of these good masculine people are men and women, but there is indeed a man who is not good at women.

Men are called “broken sleeves” and women are also called “grinding mirrors”. The Empress Dowager thinks of Emperor Wen’s Princess Changle. Even if she becomes a relative, she will sweat and vomit as soon as she shares a room with her husband. For women, she will not have these problems at all.

Laifu quickly knelt down and kowtowed: “slave damn, slave damn.”

The Empress Dowager closed her eyes and said, “wait another two years until the emperor’s mind is more mature.”

Mother Xiujiao thought carefully and said, “the emperor likes beauties. Otherwise, when he was not sensible before, how could he laugh at the sight of Lin Xiang? Lin Xiang has been with the emperor for the past two years. It is reasonable for the emperor not to see other beauties.”

By implication, Lord Lin raised the emperor’s eyes. Ordinary beauties can’t enter his eyes at all. However, looking at Beijing, where can we find someone who can compete with Lin Qingyu in appearance.

The Empress Dowager thought about it and thought that what mother Xiujiao said was somewhat reasonable: “at the beginning, it was because the national teacher said that Lin Xiang could help the emperor recover, and mourning for his family that Lin Xiang let Lin Xiang live in the side hall of Xingqing palace. Now the emperor is almost well, and it’s probably inappropriate for Lin Xiang to live in the prince’s bedroom again. Lin Xiang and the emperor, to be lenient, it’s the relationship between his cousin and his uncle, so we should avoid suspicion.”

Mother Xiujiao echoed, “what the Empress Dowager said is very true.”

The Empress Dowager sighed: “the emperor’s mind is different from others, so it’s urgent. You can only take one step at a time.”

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the son of heaven’s birthday. Although Jiang Xing said that his birthday had survived, after all, it was the first longevity day after the son of heaven ascended the throne, and there still had to be some pomp.

On this day, the palace was decorated with lights, singing and dancing. The maid eunuch was happy with her new clothes, and the embroidered things on the clothes were auspicious. As soon as the auspicious hour arrived, the son of heaven ascended the calyx building and was congratulated by all officials.

Lin Qingyu, the representative of all officials, came with a glass to wish the son of heaven a prosperous future and a boundless life.

Jiang Xingding looked at Lin Qingyu with fixed eyebrows and eyes. His mouth was smiling and his eyes were bright. He raised his glass and said, “today is my birthday, like a new life. Everything in the past is a prelude. The prime minister enjoys the same happiness, the old illness should heal, and everything will be smooth.”

——When the old disease heals, everything goes well.

Lin Qingyu smiled.

Yes, as long as his beloved youth is often accompanied by his side, the old disease that once hurt again will be cured one day.


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