Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 114

At night, the son of heaven gave a big banquet at the calyx building. The emperor sits on the throne, with the prime minister and Empress Dowager on the left and right, and the group of bureaucrats and princes and nobles on both sides of the hall. After the first royal wine, the actors enter, the silk and bamboo dance and the beauty dance. This dance is as graceful as a startling goose and as gentle as a dragon. Some people look at it with bright eyes and full of interest. The head dancer was the maid carefully selected by the Empress Dowager to serve in Xingqing palace.

From time to time, the Empress Dowager glanced at the emperor and saw that the other party was more interested in eating than dancing. What interested him most was undoubtedly the prime minister sitting on his left.

Lin Qingyu is very drunk. After a few drinks, he is slightly drunk. He was already beautiful. When he was slightly drunk, he was cold and faded, and his face was more handsome and beautiful. His slender eyelashes were hanging, his cheeks were light red, and there was some spring at the end of his eyes for no reason.

Most importantly, he was wearing a crane official suit. Such a great beauty is a prime minister.

Not only the emperor, but also many officials couldn’t help looking at the prime minister frequently, especially Li Chan, the minister in charge of the Ministry of war, who hardly took his eyes away from the prime minister. These people probably think that the high prime minister is more worth watching than actors.

The Empress Dowager was in a delicate mood, smiled and said, “the emperor can recover so quickly. Qingyu, you can’t help it.”

After drinking the wine, Lin Qingyu’s reaction was slower: “the Empress Dowager said it. This is what the minister should do.”

“The AI family is different. You are polite. In the final analysis, they are all a family. If the late Cheng is still there, the emperor will call you ‘cousin’.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “let him call.”

Before the Empress Dowager could react, Jiang woke up and skillfully called out, “sister-in-law.”

The Empress Dowager is a little confused. Sitting not far away, Shen Huaizhi, who had a strong ear, heard this sound and almost gushed a mouthful of wine.

At the end of the song, Lin Qingyu and Jiang Xing left together under the Empress Dowager’s complex eyes and returned to Xingqing palace.

Both of them were drunk. Jiang Xing sent the palace man away, sat on the Dragon bed, and impatiently tore open the buckle on the Dragon Robe: “it’s over at last.”

Lin Qingyu asked him, “why did you send little pine nuts away? Who will wait on you to bed when he’s gone?”

“I’ll just serve myself.” Jiang Xing lay on the bed, fed with one hand and looked at Lin Qingyu with a smile. “My cousin is so beautiful. Everyone was looking at you during the dinner.”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “do they dare?”

“They dare not, so they are secretly looking at you.” Jiang Xing smiled. “Only I can look at you openly.”

Lin Qingyu sat down at the bedside: “don’t lie in bed. Go take a bath and change clothes first.”

“I’m so tired. I don’t want to move.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand: “you just stood for a while today. How are you tired?”

“It has nothing to do with standing and sitting. Some people are as tired as dogs when they sit four or five hours a day. Socializing, supporting the scene and pretending are all consuming things.”

“Then you should have a rest early.”

Jiang Xing was very tangled: “but I want it.”

Lin Qingyu was speechless: “you said you were tired.”

Jiang woke up with a flash of light and joked, “we can… Do it with our mind. Pretend we did something, so we won’t be tired and can solve our desires. What do you think?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Jiang Xing closed his eyes and said, “I sat up, raised my hand, untied the jade belt around your waist, took off your prime minister’s official clothes, and then…”

Lin Qingyu held back a smile: “OK, it’s OK. I’m here.”

“You’re here?” Jiang Xing said in surprise. “I just took off your official clothes. I haven’t even…”

“Well, I will soon.” Lin Qingyu said perfunctorily, “go to bed as soon as you arrive. I have to go to bed early tomorrow.”

“But I don’t think it’s enough.” Jiang Xing complained. “I’m not happy at all.”

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “you’re tired yourself. I don’t want to. Who do you blame?”

Jiang Xing struggled and said, “forget it, just be tired.” as he said, he sat up with his hands on both sides of Lin Qingyu, “who can’t help me.”

Lin Qingyu blocked his lips and said coolly, “if you are so reluctant, I will feel that I am forcing you.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “I’m not reluctant. I just hope you can take the initiative.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “I’m not active enough? When…”

Jiang Xing knows that Lin Qingyu wants to mention that he refused him when he was Gu Fuzhou. He decided not to let Lin Qingyu turn over his old account.

The aroma of wine lingers between lips and teeth, which makes people more drunk.

After kissing for a while, Lin Qingyu pushed Jiang away and woke up. He turned his head and seemed to be a little shy: “I ordered someone to prepare a soup bath. Do you want to take a dip, just wake up and get tired.”

Jiang woke up with surprise and joy, and his fatigue cleared away: “it turns out that baby can play so well…”

Lin Qingyu lost his expression for a moment: “are you going or not?”

“Go,” Jiang Xing turned over and got out of bed. His movements were clean and neat. “I can’t wait to run.”

The imperial palace is no better than the palace. There is no natural warm bath. People can only dig a bath in the bath room and fill the pool with hot water. When they arrived, everything was ready. The water vapor is dense and hazy, like a fairyland, and the bright red petals are floating on the pool surface.

Listening to Jiang Xing laughing at him again, Lin Qingyu asked Xiao Songzi, “who told you to put flowers.”

Xiao Songzi thought: “you didn’t say not to let go. Slaves came according to the style of the imperial concubine’s soup bath.” he wanted to follow the Queen’s rules, but he thought it was too much, so he changed to the imperial concubine’s rules.

“I think it’s good.” Jiang Xing patted Xiao Songzi on the shoulder. “I’ll reward you later. Let’s go down first.”

After Xiao Songzi left, Jiang Xingxian tried the water temperature by hand, and then said, “please first, imperial concubine Lin?”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows: “it turns out that in the emperor’s heart, I’m just a imperial concubine.”

“I’m a stereotype. I said it first, but the queen is always dignified and dignified, and the imperial concubine is charming and charming. Tonight, Aiqing will be my imperial concubine Lin first, and tomorrow morning, she will be my queen Lin again. When can you be more gentle, that’s imperial concubine Lin…”

… it’s a stereotype. Lin Qingyu untied his crown, took off his official robe, left only a layer of lining, and slowly stepped into the pool. He didn’t hear Jiang Xing’s voice. Looking back, he saw the other party still standing in place and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Jiang Xing said, “can’t you afford to play? You still wear clothes in the hot spring.”

Lin Qingyu said, “paotangquan has to wear clothes. Don’t you think people don’t wear clothes in paotangquan in your hometown?”

Jiang Xing said without hesitation, “don’t wear it.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly surprised and his impression of Jiang Xing’s hometown had changed. He used to think that most of the people in Jiang Xing’s hometown were reserved, but he didn’t expect to have an unrestrained side.

Jiang Xing followed the tradition of his hometown and went into the water naked. The pool was not deep, just to his chest. He sat down opposite Lin Qingyu, immersed himself in warm water, and most of the wine disappeared.

“Qingyu, look at me.” Jiang Xing took a deep breath and sank into the water, leaving only a cluster of short hair on his head.

Lin Qingyu said, “Jiang Xing?”

Suddenly, the water splashed, and the boy came out from under the water. He wiped his face and said, “I was just playing the game of holding my breath. I could hold it for a long time before.”

Jiang Xing’s short hair has been left for half a year. It has reached the position of the clavicle. It swings like a dog, and water droplets splash on Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu couldn’t help but stop: “how boring you used to be.”

Jiang Xing narrowed his eyes and said carelessly, “I used to be very boring. I didn’t have much interest in doing anything. So I want to thank you for letting me find something that I can enjoy.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what can make you enjoy it?” even when it comes to love, Jiang Xing, like him, can only say he likes it, but he is not addicted to it.

“Liking you is the only thing I won’t feel tired.”

Just as Lin Qingyu was about to be moved, he heard Jiang wake up and said, “Oh, except sleeping.”


Jiang Xing confessed again: “like you and sleep is the only thing. No matter how long I do it, I won’t feel tired.”

Lin Qingyu was angry and funny: “thank you for your love.”

Jiang Xing probably felt that his advertisement was ridiculous. He lowered his head and smiled. He rowed his hands in the water and sighed, “Qingyu, I’m an adult again.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “congratulations.”

Jiang Xing saw that Lin Qingyu was in a good mood. He couldn’t help dying and asked, “the Empress Dowager asked that maid in charge of the dance today. Aren’t you jealous?”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes: “the emperor thinks, who is better looking, me and her.”

“Of course it’s you.”

“That’s right.” Lin Qingyu’s breath is hot. “If the emperor doesn’t let me sleep and covet others, isn’t there an eye disease?”

Lin Qingyu’s face was flushed by the steam. It was a different and staggering beauty – even with a dangerous smell. It was like a demon. It seemed that he would be trapped in it if he looked more than once and could not come out again.

After waking up for a long time, Jiang’s voice became low: “I like you so confident.”

The spray shook, and Lin Qingyu saw Jiang Xingxing coming towards him. The water drops slipped from the tip of the boy’s hair in front of his forehead, fresh and flexible, full of infinite vitality.

Then he was picked up by the boy.

When pushed to the pool, Lin Qingyu raised his hand around Jiang Xing’s neck and asked, “are you not tired? Can you hold me?”

Jiang Xing thought a little, half true and half false: “I’m tired to death, but I’m willing to work hard.”


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