Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 115

Half an hour later, the water stopped, and a dragon robe embroidered with Tuan dragon covered Lin Qingyu’s body. Then he was carried out of the bath by Jiang Xing.

Lin Qingyu thought Jiang Xing was going to take him back to Xingqing palace. Although he is not a person who sticks to small rules, he doesn’t want to be held back by Jiang Xing in his Dragon Robe. If he is seen by others, what will it be. “Put me down. I can go by myself.”

Jiang Xing didn’t answer. Lin Qingyu stared into his eyes.

Jiang Xing’s eyes are no longer bright, not even gentle, but only some things belonging to adult men.

——Yes, after all, I’m an adult again. The 22-year-old heart and the 18-year-old body are inexplicably exciting.

He also likes such a dream. Lin Qingyu took the initiative to get up and gently bit the mole on Jiang Xing’s Adam’s apple.

Jiang Xing’s Adam’s apple rolled and his breath became heavier and heavier. The next moment, Lin Qingyu bumped his back against the screen and made a crash, but he didn’t feel any pain – Jiang Xing put his hand behind him.

Lin Qingyu’s half wet long hair poured down, and the Dragon Robe slipped from his shoulder, loose and like boundless spring.

Jiang Xing couldn’t help but say, “Qingyu, you look so good. You look so good in a dragon robe.”

Lin Qingyu raised his eyes and smiled, “what don’t look good on me?”

Jiang woke up and breathed steeply. He didn’t say more. He said concisely: “hold on to me.”

After midnight, Lin Qingyu returned to the Dragon bed and insisted on going to bed when his hair was dry: “wet hair is easy to catch cold when going to bed. In the long run, he may have head disease.”

Jiang Xing yawns to brush Lin Qingyu’s hair. His hair is short and easy to dry. Lin Qingyu’s long hair has to be wiped for a long time. In order to prevent himself from sleeping, Jiang Xing and Lin Qingyu talked about business: “Qingyu, you saw the performance of the Empress Dowager at the banquet today. She should have begun to taboo me sticking to you all day. It’s estimated that some actions will be taken soon. I think it’s time for us to prepare for the rain.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “how do you plan?”

“I have a general plan now.”

Jiang Xing informs Lin Qingyu of his ideas. Lin Qingyu listens carefully and puts forward detailed supplement and improvement suggestions from time to time.

Finally, Lin Qingyu said, “the Empress Dowager is kind to you. You have to deceive her?”

Jiang Xingqi said, “you’ve really changed. It’s not like your style to cheat someone and worry about that.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I didn’t have a choice before. Now I want to be a good man.”

“You are really a ‘good man’.” Jiang woke up and thought of one thing. “I heard that Xiao Yu’s madness has recovered, but he suddenly lost his memory and forgot the past. Is this your handwriting?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I just tried a magic trick taught by the southern miracle doctor on him. It’s not good. He’s lucky. If he had bad luck, he would have gone to accompany Xi Rong.”

Jiang Xing smiled and didn’t expose the rare soft hearted villain beauty. He doesn’t know that Lin Qingyu is willing to show a trace of pity for these insignificant lives for him.

Jiang Xing turned the topic back to the Empress Dowager: “anyway, this is the simplest and most convenient way I can think of. Besides, I’m not cheating her.”

“How to say.”

Jiang Xing said seriously, “if you insist that I separate from you, I will really go crazy.”

Lin Qingyu thought for a moment and said, “OK. Let her worry once. I don’t care about her forcing me to marry Lu Wancheng with a decree.”

Jiang woke up not surprised and said with a smile, “you really remember your revenge. You still remember what happened five years ago.”

Thinking of five years ago, Lin Qingyu smiled: “five years… We have done bad things together again.”

It used to be in Nan’an Hou’s house, then in the general’s house, and now in the imperial palace.

Jiang Xing disagreed: “I want to marry my wife home. It’s a bad thing.” Jiang Xing thought it was almost wiped. He took away his towel and touched Lin Qingyu’s hair. “Why is it still a little wet.”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s hard to do a lot of hair.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “I can’t sleep anyway. Just keep doing things.”

Lin Qingyu: “…” how can this man look tired to death?

At this moment, if someone stands in the hall, he can see two figures behind the curtain of the Dragon bed. The man with long hair sat in the arms of the man with short hair. The speed of shadow movement was not fast, but the back waist of the man with long hair stretched into an attractive arc. Finally, he fell limply on the chest of the man with short hair.

When things were done, Lin Qingyu’s long hair finally dried up. The two lay in a quilt, sleeping facing each other, staring at each other.

Jiang Xing’s eyes fixed on Lin Qingyu’s face for a moment and asked, “Qingyu, don’t you want to sleep?”

Lin Qingyu said, “OK.”

“Are you tired?”

Lin Qingyu said warily, “what do you want?”

“When I watch others’ love in the script, chenghuan will faint or can’t get out of bed.” Jiang Xing is somewhat frustrated. “Why can you talk to me well?”

Lin Qingyu was puzzled: “the script is the script, and the reality is the reality. People are not so easy to faint. If they really lose consciousness, the problem will be very big.”

However, although he was not dizzy, he was really tired. His whole body seemed to be scattered, and his voice was hoarse. In contrast, someone keeps saying that he is tired, but his spirit is much better than him.

Jiang Xing picked his eyebrow: “so, it’s not my problem? It’s the script that misled me?”

“HMM.” Lin Qingyu raised his hand laboriously, touched Jiang Xing’s short hair and said lazily, “the emperor is already great. I like it very much.”

Jiang woke up with a smile: “I can do it again, baby, come back next time.”

Lin Qingyu said with a smile, “yes.”

The first snow soon fell in the capital after winter. Jiang Xing always pays attention to Lin Qingyu’s mood. Lin Qingyu, everything is as usual, at least it seems so. But when Gu Fuzhou was about to celebrate the festival, Lin Qingyu suddenly fell ill.

Lin Qingyu’s illness is threatening. The people who report to the palace say that he has reached the point of lying in bed. He can’t go to the court or sit in the court to manage politics. The emperor couldn’t see the prime minister in Xingqing palace. He ran to Ci’an palace to find someone: “empress mother, where’s the prime minister’s brother?”

The Empress Dowager patiently explained to the emperor, “Lin Xiangsheng is ill and is recuperating in the general’s house.”

“Can I go to the general’s house to see him?”

“The emperor is the son of heaven and wants to live in the palace.” the Empress Dowager comforted, “don’t worry, the emperor will come back when Lin Xiang gets well.”

She doesn’t want Lin Qingyu to get sick. However, Lin Qingyu’s illness can just make him separate from the emperor for a period of time, which also goes with her heart.

The emperor was stunned and his eyes dimmed, as if they had lost their luster. The Empress Dowager suddenly sank when she saw him like this – the emperor’s eyes were somewhat similar to when he lost his soul. On closer inspection, it seems that she was wrong.

The Empress Dowager thought she was thinking too much. Who would have thought that the emperor could not see the prime minister? She was depressed and speechless all day. Later, she didn’t say a word. Doctor Xuan came to see, but he couldn’t see why.

A terrible thought rose in her mind – did the emperor’s ecstasy relapse again?

The Empress Dowager quickly asked someone to invite the national teacher. Who wants Xu Jun to leave the capital years ago and come back in a few days. The Empress Dowager watched the emperor become more and more dead and anxious, but she had no choice but to wait.

Upon returning to the capital, Xu Jun was eagerly invited into the palace by Laifu. At a glance, he saw childe Jiang squatting on the ground playing with mud.

Xu Jun was willing to open childe Jiang’s eyes and looked. Before he could stop, the Empress Dowager couldn’t help asking, “what happened to him, Emperor.”

Xu Jun was willing to consider and said, “the emperor’s current symptoms are indeed somewhat similar to the original loss of soul.”

The Empress Dowager said anxiously, “but the emperor’s ecstasy has been cured!”

“Dare you ask the Empress Dowager if the forest appearance is not in the palace these days?”

The Empress Dowager didn’t understand: “Lin Xiang’s confirmed illness is in the house, but what does it have to do with the emperor’s ecstasy?”

“Lin Xiang is the first person who can make the emperor react and is very important to the emperor’s loss of soul. That’s why I suggest you let Lin Xiang always accompany the emperor. The three souls and six souls of people are mysterious, and I can’t see the whole picture. Maybe Lin Xiang is the only antidote for the emperor.”

The Empress Dowager could not accept: “Lin Qingyu was once the wife of Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou. Now he is the Prime Minister of a dynasty. How can he often accompany the emperor in the palace?”

Xu Jun was willing to sigh and said, “empress dowager, with all due respect, when the emperor lost his soul, you said that if the emperor could call you ’empress mother’, you would be satisfied. Now the emperor’s mind has gradually returned to ordinary people, which is an unexpected joy. The Emperor likes to stay with Lin Xiang. Why did you stop him? Do you prefer to see the emperor’s former appearance than his happy Lin Xiang?”

What it used to be?

No, I can’t… her Li’er finally recovered to the current level. She can’t return to her stupidity, as if she were living in another world.

The Empress Dowager sat down, stunned for a long time, Fang returned to her mind: “come on, go to the forest, please come back!”

Laifu reminded her, “empress dowager, Lin Xiang is still ill.”

“Then take the emperor to the general’s house.” the Empress Dowager urged, “come on!”


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