Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 116

Laifu hurriedly packed the emperor’s luggage for leaving the palace. The Empress Dowager wanted to follow the emperor to the general’s house, but she was worried about her identity, so she ordered Xu Jun to go with him.

After playing with the mud, Jiang Xing’s hands were washed by little pine nuts. At the mercy of others, he changed into a regular suit, and then he was helped into the carriage by Laifu. When they didn’t pay attention, Jiang Xing’s dull and lax eyes suddenly coagulated, which happened to be seen by Xu Junyuan. Xu Jun was willing to understand and said, “the emperor and I can take the same carriage.”

On the way to the general’s house, Laifu and xiaosongzi are driving outside. Xu Junyuan and Jiang Xing are sitting inside. The sound of horse hoofs was enough to drown out the deliberate conversation between the two.

“The emperor has too much faith in Weichen.” Xu Jun is willing to say reluctantly, “if you don’t tell Weichen in advance, aren’t you afraid that Weichen will tell the truth with the Empress Dowager?”

Jiang Xing said, “don’t you always stand on my side? Moreover, even if you tell the Empress Dowager the truth, the Empress Dowager may not believe you.”

Xu Junyuan pretended to sigh: “the emperor’s wisdom is all used in how to marry Lin Xiang. If the emperor can do the same in court and politics, it will be a blessing for Dayu.”

“I’ll have to wait until I marry him back.” Jiang xingman said carelessly, “but I’m still curious. Why do you always help us?”

Xu Junyuan said frankly, “because childe Jiang’s destiny is the Lord of the world and the ninth five year old. Since I’m lucky to see the secret of heaven, I naturally want to help childe Jiang. Maybe when the emperor Longyan is happy, he can order to repair the Changsheng temple – really, the Zen room where I shut up and practice is still smaller.”

Jiang woke up and sniffed, “that’s it?”

“That’s it.” Xu Jun is willing to smile. “The emperor doesn’t have to look up to the micro minister. In the final analysis, the micro minister is just a man of practice.”

Jiang Xing smiled, too lazy to talk to Xu Jun. This nonsense will be believed by a fool. For five years, Xu Junyuan hasn’t changed at all. After all, he is a Riddler.

In any case, his goal was achieved. A few days ago, the Empress Dowager tried every means to stop him from sticking to his wife. Today, she took the initiative to send him to his wife’s house. It was worth his playing with the mud and almost piled up a Xingqing palace.

After the news of Lin Qingyu’s illness spread, many officials handed in famous posts. When they thought of visiting the family, they were blocked back, and the gifts sent to the family were returned one by one.

When the emperor’s car stopped at the gate of the general’s house, he was preparing a nest for two small insects to spend the winter.

I don’t know if he was influenced by Jiang Xing. He even liked this leisurely day. There is no need to go to the court, worry about state affairs, or meet all kinds of officials in officialdom. When you have nothing to do, it’s much more interesting to read medical books and match medicinal materials, occasionally discuss Gu with the southern miracle doctor, or go to the imperial medical department to teach students than to be the first and auxiliary prime minister.

After a few days’ rest, he also had a new view on the word “salted fish”. “Salted fish” well is not idle, but not forced by external forces. All time can be controlled by itself. Jiang Xing’s hobby is playing and sleeping. As long as he is not allowed to play and sleep, he will be tired; His hobby is medicine. If he is asked to abandon his medical skills and worry about other things, he will also be tired.

In this way, he also wants to be a salted fish. Unfortunately, there must be someone between him and Jiang Xing to worry about “external forces”, and the rest can concentrate on the salted fish.

“Qingyu.” Lin’s mother came in with a bowl of bird’s nest. “Come on, mother has just stewed it. Try it.”

Lin’s mother heard that her eldest son was ill and went to visit the general’s house. After Lu Wancheng’s death, Lin Qingyu was seriously ill. Seeing general Gu’s death approaching, she was really worried.

Fortunately, Lin Qingyu just feels the wind and cold occasionally, which is far from being in bed. Lin’s mother doesn’t know why Lin Qingyu lied that he was seriously ill, but he must have some deep meaning. She and her husband have never interfered in the decision-making of their eldest son.

Lin Qingyu smiled lightly: “thank you, mother.”

Lin’s mother is now the mother of the prime minister. She also has a high command, but her life is the same as usual. She always wants to do something for her son. Some things should be told to your family in advance.

Lin Qingyu took two drinks and said, “mother.”

When Lin’s mother heard Lin Qingyu’s expression, she knew he had something to say. She said softly, “what’s the matter.”

Lin Qingyu pondered his words: “I… Want to be the last kiss again.”

Lin’s mother was stunned. Thinking of the reason why Lin Qingyu married the second time, she said nervously, “is there anyone who wants to force you?” Lin Qingyu smiled and shook her head: “No. this time, I’m completely voluntary.”

Not because of the edict, nor because he wanted to hide from those who coveted him. He is sincere and wants to get married with Jiang Xing again.

Lin’s mother was surprised and puzzled. The eldest son’s temperament, she knows very well that outsiders are cold hearted and gentle, which will only be left to those who care. Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou were obviously in his mind. How did the new one squeeze out the two predecessors and let him say the word “completely voluntary”.

But when she looked at Lin Qingyu’s casual tenderness, her heart softened. She still didn’t ask much, but said, “since it’s your wish, I don’t think Lord Lu Xiaohou and general Gu will mind.” she saw their respect for Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “indeed.”

When the mother and son were talking, they heard Huan Tong’s voice outside: “madam, the emperor is coming!”

Lin’s mother was surprised: “how could the emperor come to the general’s house?”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “who knows. Go and have a look.”

Lin Qingyu took a large family to meet him at the door. Seeing Jiang awake, he coughed softly and knelt down to salute. His voice was weak: “see the emperor, my minister.”

In an instant, Jiang Xing’s gray eyes reappeared brilliance, which made Lin Qingyu laugh – he lamented that his acting skills were inferior.

“Brother prime minister,” in front of the crowd, Jiang Xing hugged Lin Qingyu’s waist and smiled, “I’ve caught you.”

Lin Qingyu tried to look surprised: “emperor?”

Everyone looked at each other, but Xu Jun was willing to sigh: “this is the will of heaven.”

Seeing this, Laifu quickly sent someone back to the palace to report to the Empress Dowager. After hearing this, the Empress Dowager had mixed feelings in her heart. The national master is right. Lin Qingyu is the emperor’s only antidote. At noon, she sighed: “the emperor is fine. I can’t take care of anything else.”

She really did this time. As long as the ecstasy doesn’t recur, let the emperor stick to whoever he wants.

Later, the Empress Dowager sent a message to the general’s house to let Lin Qingyu move into the palace to recuperate, but Lin Qingyu declined on the grounds that “foreign ministers are not allowed to stay in the palace”. The Empress Dowager doesn’t know why Lin Qingyu stayed in the palace for two days. What’s the purpose of moving out of this palace rule at this time. Lin Qingyu doesn’t want to enter the palace, and the emperor can’t leave him. That can only let the emperor go to the general’s house more. Isn’t it worse.

A few days later, the news of the emperor’s frequent visit to the general’s house spread like wildfire. Many people who complained about Lin Qingyu suddenly realized that it was not the prime minister’s arrogation, but the son of heaven was pestering the minister’s wife.

At this time, Jiang woke up at general Gu’s house, with his head resting on the thigh of his “minister’s wife”, listening to Xiao Songzi’s gossip in Beijing, and said, “it’s almost time for the next step.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Xiao Songzi, please invite childe Shen.”

Xiao Songzi answered and heard the emperor ask him, “how did you find childe Shen before?”

Xiao Songzi said, “if you go back to the emperor, childe Shen has set up a courtyard in the capital. Slaves usually send people there to find him.”

Jiang Xing had a whim: “Qingyu, are you bored after you have been raised in the house for so long? Do you want to go out for a walk? Just visit your friends.”

Good friend… Shen Huaizhi is really their good friend.

Lin Qingyu nodded and ordered yuan Yinbei to visit his friends.

They changed their clothes and went out in a carriage. The other courtyard Shen Huai knew was remote, and it took half an hour to ride a horse. At the place, Jiang Xingxian got out of the carriage first, turned and stretched out his hand. Lin Qingyu took his men’s car and looked at the house in front of him.

This is a simple and sparse house, like a place where slightly affluent people will live. Keeping away from the crowd is also in line with Shen Huai’s reticent nature.

Little Songzi was about to come forward and knock on the door when he heard a desperate and crazy voice inside:

“I’ve lost everything for you. I’ve been trapped in this ghost place for two years. I just want to see you, but you won’t give me a straight eye! That’s all. Where do you want to go? Shen Huaizhi, what do you think I am? A guard dog for you!”

Lin Qingyu and Jiang Xing looked at each other, and the expressions on their faces were unspeakable.

“Stop talking,” Shen Huai said calmly. “Someone is coming.”

When the words fell, the house became quiet. Not long after, the door was opened. Shen Huaizhi saw several people and was not surprised: “my subordinates, see the emperor, Prime Minister.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “why do you know it’s us?”

Shen Huai knew, “the gear sound of the emperor’s carriage is different from that of the carriage next to him – Emperor, Lin Xiang, please come inside.”

They walked into the yard and saw no one except Shen Huaizhi. Shen Huaizhi invited them into the hall, made a pot of tea and said, “there is only coarse tea here. Lin Xiang may not be used to it.”

Lin Qingyu took the tea lamp and passed it with the lid. “Just now, I heard someone say you’re going. Where are you going?”

Jiang Xing said casually, “where else can he go? He wants to go back to the northwest.”

Shen Huaizhi pursed his lips: “after general Gu left, the military general was ordered to guard the northwest. I should be able to help him when I go back.”

Lin Qingyu thought deeply: “I wanted you to rebuild the heavenly prison gate, but if you insist on going…”

Shen Huaizhi was stunned: “… Rebuild the heavenly prison gate?”

“Although Xie min and Tianji camp are only loyal to the son of heaven, I can’t trust them before the change of Xi Rong palace. I hope Tianyu gate can compete with it or even replace it after it is rebuilt.”

Jiang Xing joked, “it’s your duty to recast the glory of heaven prison.”

Lin Qingyu said suddenly, Shen Huaizhi was not ready. He thought for a while and hesitated: “emperor, Lin Xiang, can you allow your subordinates to consider it for a few days?”

“Of course. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go or stay.” Lin Qingyu said, “you don’t have to consider anyone.”

Jiang woke up and said, “by the way, we have one more thing to ask you this time.”

On Gu Fuzhou’s death day, the palace invited the eminent monk of Changsheng temple to chant scriptures and pray for Gu Fuzhou to comfort the dead. With the permission of the empress dowager, Wu Zhan, Duke Wu, Shen Huaizhi, Li Chan and others came to the temple to observe the ceremony and burn incense for Gu Fuzhou.

Lin Qingyu is Gu Fuzhou’s wife and his only family. He can’t come on such an important day because of illness. Afterwards, Li Chan suggested that they go to the general’s house to see the prime minister. When he goes alone, Lin Xiang should not see him, but with so many confidants together, Lin Xiang may give some face.

Shen Huaizhi looked up at the flying snow and said in a deep voice: “today, a year ago, the general was also on such a snowy day…”

They were all heavy hearted and speechless.

Shen Huaizhi said, “yesterday, I dreamed of the general again. The general asked Lin Xiang whether he had a good year. He didn’t want to see Lin Xiang miss him and die alone.”

Wu Zhan was so excited that he casually pointed to himself and said, “I, I also dreamed! The general asked us to go to the capital of Xixia and fry meat and drink wine with the tongue of Xixia king!”

Shen Huai knew that he didn’t know what to say after finishing the script prepared in advance. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “er… My dream is very real, like a dream.”

“My dream is more real.” a big man in Wu Zhan reddened his eyes again. “The general must have come back to see me…”

The Duke of Wu seemed to feel that Shen Huaizhi’s dream was more like a dream. He said, “a year has passed, and Lin Xiangxiao’s period has passed. It’s time for us to fulfill our last wish to help Zhou.”


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