Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 117

When Shen Huaizhi and others came to the general’s house, they just saw a sedan car falling at the door of the general’s house. I don’t know which official in the court thought of going with them and called on general Gu on the day of his death.

A big bellied middle-aged man came out of the sedan chair, wearing three grade civilian official clothes. Wu Zhan and Duke Wu stayed in the capital all year round, but they didn’t see him. Li Chan introduced to them: “this man is Qian Xiyuan, an assassin of Liangzhou. He came to Beijing to report on his work at the order of the prime minister. He has just arrived in the capital for only two days.”

Qian Xiyuan saw them and smiled: “it’s Lord Li and some generals. You also came to greet the prime minister?”

Several people exchanged greetings. Shen Huaizhi was stunned when he saw a tall man with a strong face behind Qian Xiyuan. No one else seemed to notice the man. Not long after, Yuan Yin got Lin Qingyu’s consent and invited several people into the house together with Qian Xiyuan.

The man wanted to follow Qian Xiyuan into the house and was stopped by Yuan Yin: “the prime minister invited only a few adults, and the rest waited. Please wait outside the house.”

Qian Xiyuan hurried forward and whispered a few words in Yuan Yin’s ear. Yuan Yin’s expression was stiff. He looked at Qian Xiyuan with more pity: “Lord Qian, wait a minute. I ordered someone to tell the prime minister.”

Wu Zhan noticed the man’s face and exclaimed, “is this man… A little like a general?”

Qian Xiyuan smiled and laughed: “coincidence, coincidence.”

Wu Zhan circled around the man: “it’s really a bit like, but his temperament is too bad.”

Wu Zhan could not see Qian Xiyuan’s intention, but Li Chan knew it, and his face changed slightly. When the servants of the general’s house came back and said that the prime minister would be a man to enter, Li Chan couldn’t bear it and whispered, “absurd.”

It is common for Dayu officials to send one or two beauties in order to please Shangfeng. I didn’t expect that Qian Xiyuan had the courage to offer such a person to Lin Xiang. I don’t know whether he was ingenious or wanted to die.

Wu Zhan asked, “Lord Li, what’s the matter with you?”

Shen Huaizhi explained, “Lord Qian deliberately found a man who looks somewhat similar to the general and wants to offer Lin Xiang as a male pet.”

Li Chan said angrily, “how can these people deserve Lin Xiang? They are quite a man’s pet to Lin Xiang. They all humiliate Lin Xiang.”

Wu Zhan never talked too much: “who deserves it?”

Li Chan froze. For a long time, Fang said, “no one… No one deserves it.” he smiled bitterly and his voice gradually decreased. “Even if people who can stand on the side of the forest, they can’t… Not as good as me.”

Lin Qingyu, to him, is the existence of high mountains and snow tops. He knew he didn’t deserve to walk side by side with Lin Qingyu. He only wanted the people on Lin Qingyu’s side to convince him. Otherwise, how could he be reconciled.

Wu Zhan didn’t recognize the bitterness in Li Chan’s words and said, “what Lord Li said, looking at the capital, how many people can compare with you?”

As soon as the voice fell, a voice sounded behind them:

“What are you Aiqing talking about,” said the young emperor with a smile on his eyebrows and a loose tone, “let me hear it, too?”

No one expected that the emperor would be in the general’s house at this time. After being surprised, several people knelt down together: “please see the Holy One.”

Li Chan hung his eyes, and the black dress hem came into view. The dragon pattern was embroidered with very fine gold silk, exquisite and noble.


Li Chan stood up and saw Lin Qingyu standing behind the emperor. One is brilliant and the other is clean and dusty. The impact of their beauty is too great. The picture standing together makes Li Chan a little confused.

——Golden wind and jade dew, but so.

Jiang Xing glanced at several people one by one and said, “Qian Xiyuan.”

Qian Xiyuan quickly stepped out of the line: “Wei Chen is here.”

“I heard you prepared a good gift for Lin Xiang?”

Qian Xiyuan quickly looked at Lin Qingyu and seemed to expect him to say a few good words for himself: “micro, micro minister…”

Jiang Xing was full of interest: “I’m quite curious. Show me.”

Qian Xiyuan fell down on his knees with a puff of cold sweat and said, “I just don’t want to see the prime minister’s thoughts become ill and depressed, so I dare to find someone to comfort the prime minister without authorization…”

“A comforter.” Jiang woke up with a smile, but there was no smile on his face. “Prime minister, do you need a Comforter?”

Li Chan suddenly realized that I don’t know when, the childishness of the emperor is decreasing little by little, and his words and deeds have become closer and closer to his real age. The emperor is no longer a young man with incomplete mind. He is an adult man and a true 95 year old. At this time, the son of heaven seems to be in a bad mood. The coldness on his body makes him dare not look directly at Tianyan.

But Lin Qingyu is not afraid of him. Lin Qingyu said to the man brought by Qian Xiyuan, “look up.”

The man raised his head in fear. In Lin Qingyu’s view, he couldn’t find anything like Gu Fuzhou on his face. Lin Qingyu said again, “smile.”

A man is just a pig killer. Qian Xiyuan likes him because he looks a little similar to Gu Fuzhou. He came to Shangjing from Liangzhou. Where have he seen such a world. He squeezed out a tough smile and showed his white teeth.

Lin Qingyu only looked at it and looked away: “what did you do before?”

“Small and small people kill pigs.”

“Lord Qian has a heart.” Lin Qingyu said, “Yuan Yin, ask if the kitchen is still short of pigs.”

Jiang Xing raised his eyebrows.

Wu Zhan grinned and thought of the main thing: “emperor, prime minister, we are here to visit the doctor. In other words, the prime minister is not ill in bed. Why does it look like nothing.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’m almost well.”

“I will accompany the prime minister, and the prime minister will be better.” Jiang woke up, “is it all you have to do? Barracks, all the troops are idle?”

Several people looked at each other and said in the same voice, “I’m leaving.”

When he was about to turn around the corridor, Li Chan couldn’t help looking back – the emperor and the prime minister were still standing together. The Emperor didn’t know what to say, which made Lin Xiang smile. This smile, gentle and affectionate, has a charm he has never seen before, which can not be described as too bright.

Li Chan woke up from a dream.

All over the world, except Lu Wancheng and Gu Fuzhou, there are only the son of heaven who can deserve Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu didn’t know that his smile was “gentle and affectionate” in Li Chan’s eyes. He felt that he was sneering: “what’s your expression?”

Jiang woke up displeased and said, “why did you leave that man?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “I’m investigating Qian Xiyuan’s suspected corruption case. This person may be a clue.”

“Come on.” Jiang Xing pretended to be sad, “are you missing Gu Fuzhou’s face?”

“As I said, I have no feelings for Gu Fuzhou’s face. I love Wu and Wu because you are in that body.”

Jiang Xing asked, “if you don’t talk about the inside, what kind of face do you prefer?”

Lin Qingyu picked up Jiang Xing and said, “I prefer childe Jiang.”

Jiang Xing was satisfied: “I can really say it. Just say this to the prime minister. I’ll turn over the prime minister’s sign in the evening.”

It was night. Jiang Xing stayed in the general’s house and sneaked into Lin Qingyu’s bedroom under the cover of Xiao Songzi. He was hugged across the brocade: “Qingyu, have an affair?”

Lin Qingyu lay in bed, reading a medical book, absentmindedly: “I’ll steal it after I read it.”

“OK, please.” Jiang Xing usually doesn’t disturb Lin Qingyu when he reads a book. He sat down at the table, took out his pen and paper, and found himself something to do.

After reading the medical book, Lin Qingyu saw what Jiang Xing was drawing. When I walked over, I saw two rings, which were similar to those given to him by Gu Fuzhou, but there were more patterns on the inside. One ring is engraved with a phoenix tail feather, and the other echoes the sleeping dragon.

Jiang Xing asked, “is it nice?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “nice.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “can I use this as a proposal ring?”

Lin Qingyu remembers to give a ring when he is engaged, which is the tradition of Jiang Xing’s hometown. “Yes,” he said, “when will it be cast?”

“It will take about half a month.” Jiang woke up and yawned. “Sleep.”

Jiang Xing used to sleep in this bed with Gu Fuzhou’s body and Lin Qingyu for half a year. They did everything in this bed except the last step. Lie here again with your own body, surrounded by a beautiful widow who has been widowed for a year. It’s a pity not to do anything.

The hotter Jiang Xingyue thought, he licked the corners of his mouth and asked, “Qingyu, do you remember what you and Gu Fuzhou did on this bed.”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “I’ve done a lot.”

“So… Have you ever done this?” “yes.”


Lin Qingyu’s voice trembled: “… Yes.”

Jiang Xing gave a comfortable sigh: “so?”

“No, I, I can’t stand it.”

Jiang Xing raised his eyebrows and deliberately said, “you can stand Gu Fuzhou. Why can’t you stand mine?”

Lin Qingyu said without hesitation, “I haven’t received him.”

Jiang Xing was cute by Lin Qingyu’s reaction. After watching him for a while, he burst into laughter and collapsed on Lin Qingyu.

Lin Qingyu: “…?”

Jiang Xing seemed to be poked into the laughter hole and kept laughing: “I’m sorry, I’m laughing.”

Lin Qingyu pushed him aside expressionless: “just in time, today is your death day. Go to bed early.”

Jiang Xing propped up his body again, held Lin Qingyu’s waist, pulled him to himself and said with a smile, “that’s not good.”

Lin Qingyu had no energy to think about Gu Fuzhou’s death. The next day he even woke up later than Jiang. Jiang Xing finished dressing and sat by the bed, sleepy: “baby, I’m going back to the palace and ready to go.”

Lin Qingyu made a feeble “um” sound.

“This is for you. Thank you for marrying me.” Lin Qingyu felt a cold thing put between his fingers. Jiang woke up and kissed his forehead. “I love you and go.”

With that, it seemed that it was not enough. After kissing two more cheeks and lips, he lifted the bed curtain and strode out.

Run after sleep – Oh, scum man.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand and saw that there was one more thing on the ring finger of his left hand. It was the ring Jiang Xing drew for him yesterday.


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