Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 118

After Gu Fuzhou’s death, Lin Qingyu recovered and returned to the court. The ministers found that the prime minister’s return was different from before. In a word, the prime minister became lazy.

Lin Xiang is no longer as busy as before. He let the cabinet make up his mind on small things and showed up only when there was a big deal. However, the emperor was taught by Guan Taifu after his illness. He made rapid progress in his studies, but his kung fu for more than a year was no different from that of a normal prince. He spent more and more time in the hall of diligence, and he didn’t daze and sleepy in the morning. When the courtiers have something to play, Lin Xiang will throw it to the Emperor: “Your Majesty, what do you think?”

All kinds of signs show that the emperor is not far from being in power. Sure enough, before long, the cabinet blue batch on the memorial became the emperor’s Zhu batch.

Since the emperor was in power, the officials rarely saw Lin Qingyu in the palace. Lin Qingyu doesn’t enter the palace. The emperor can only go out of the palace to stick to him. The Empress Dowager watched her son run out day by day, which made gossip fly all over the sky. She couldn’t help but attract Lin Qingyu and said, “Qingyu, or you’ll live in the palace, just like before, in the side hall of Xingqing palace.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I dare ask the empress dowager, what identity should the minister stay in the palace?”

The Empress Dowager said, “this…”

“In the past, the emperor was mentally incomplete, and his ministers had to go beyond the rules to act as the court’s deputy. Now the emperor is in power, and his ministers are too young. As the head of all officials, he is terrified. I hope the Empress Dowager will resign as prime minister and choose someone who can.”

The Empress Dowager also sees Lin Qingyu’s recent slackness in government affairs. He will resign. The Empress Dowager is not surprised. She didn’t agree or disagree, but asked, “if you remove the post of prime minister, should you still stay in the capital?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I want to travel all over the world and find good medicine.”

“This must not!” the Empress Dowager was anxious, “the emperor, he can’t live without you!”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “it’s the emperor’s business, not the minister’s business. If the minister insists on leaving, does the Empress Dowager want to stay?”

The Empress Dowager’s eyes were dark. For her, nothing is more important than the emperor’s body and mind. If Lin Qingyu has to go, she has to stay.

But how did she force it? Do you want to confine people in the palace? No, Lin Qingyu has great prestige in the army. Her doing so will only alienate the monarchs and ministers.

The Empress Dowager is worried. Please come to Jiang Xing to discuss this matter.

Upon hearing that Lin Qingyu was leaving, Jiang woke up and said nervously, “empress mother, I can’t leave the prime minister…”

The Empress Dowager took his hand and patted it. She comforted him and said, “the Empress Dowager knows that she is not helping you find a way.”

Jiang woke up and thought and said, “the prime minister said it was beyond the rules for him to stay in the palace, so let him stay in the palace to accompany me.”

The Empress Dowager wanted to stop: “Li’er, do you… Do you like the prime minister?”

Jiang Xing smiled and said, “I like it best.”

The Empress Dowager clenched her teeth and said: “it is common to serve princes and concubines in my dynasty. Even there are several in your father’s imperial palace. Although some are sorry for late Cheng and general Gu, but…”

Jiang Xing smiled slightly: “the prime minister can’t be a servant or a concubine. If you want to be a queen, you can be a queen.”

The Empress Dowager stared: “queen?! Li’er, are you sick again?”

“Ordinary people can marry a male wife, why can’t I have a male queen?” Jiang Xing smiled. “Did the mother forget it? It’s still your imperial decree to ask your father. If you hadn’t forced the prime minister to marry his cousin as a male wife at the beginning, why would Dayu have a male wife?”

The four words “suffer for yourself” knocked the Empress Dowager unconscious. It took a while to hurry: “the emperor is the king of a country. How can he be like ordinary people! Men can’t have children. When the emperor has a man, he has no legitimate son.”

“I won’t have a legitimate son or a common son. My mother must have known whether I can’t break my sleeves or not for women.” Jiang xingyouyou said, “my mother, my brain can’t stand stimulation. Don’t force me.”

Empress Dowager: ”

Jiang Xing put on a pitiful expression, as if to say, “if my mother doesn’t agree, I’ll get sick and show her.”. The Empress Dowager was very distressed. At the thought of her son’s lost soul, she forgot all the principles and ethics. She said anxiously, “even if AI family agrees, how can those generals accept the words? How can the emperor block the long public in the world?”

Knowing that the Empress Dowager was almost done, Jiang woke up and said with a smile, “don’t worry about the Empress Dowager. There was no precedent for marrying a widow in the previous dynasty. What’s more, I robbed my daughter-in-law as a high-ranking imperial concubine and made my father’s empress as the queen. I just want to marry a widowed cousin. It’s no problem.”

After Shen Huaizhi considered it, he finally chose to stay in the capital. As the holy saying goes, it is incumbent on his generation to recast the glory of the heavenly prison. Lin Qingyu also said that as long as he wanted to go back to the northwest, he could go back at any time.

Now, Shen Huaizhi has free access to the palace and has become Jiang Xing’s most trusted courtier. Jiang Xing even told Shen Huai to know his real name. But it’s no use telling him. Xu Jun is willing to call him “childe Jiang” at some point. Shen Huaizhi will only call him respectfully. Jiang Xing wants to hear others call his name, so he can only go to Lin Qingyu.

After Jiang Xing came into power, in order to solve the dilemma that there were no officials in the DPRK and China, he added Enke to take scholars. After Enke finished, Jiang Xing held a qionglin banquet in the palace to entertain Xinke Jinshi. During the banquet, most of them were young talents. Tanhua, the No. 1 scholar, sat closest to the emperor and could clearly see the emperor’s face.

When the students entered the palace for the first time after the palace examination, they were very cautious and didn’t dare to look carefully. They only dared to raise their eyes when the Emperor gave them wine.

I saw the young emperor dressed in a luxurious Black Dragon Robe, with the sharpness of the 95 year old statue between the handsome and beautiful. The wind dissipated, refreshing and clear. At a glance, you can know what is “Youth” and what is “the son of heaven”.

The prime minister sitting on his side showed them that a person can be cold, bright, confused and dignified. The new tanhualang is the first talented person in the south of the Yangtze River. He has an excellent appearance. He can’t help feeling ashamed when he sees these two people.

After three rounds of wine, Li Chan’s shoulder sank. The half drunk Duke of Wu put his shoulder on him: “Chan, what do you think of the tanhualang?”

Li Chan objectively commented: “romantic talents, both talent and appearance.”

“Heroes think alike!” Duke Wu happily patted Li Chan on the back, which made Li Chan almost spit out his food. “My father has investigated, and Tanhua Lang is still unmarried. Do you think he can be worthy of Lin Xiang?”

Li Chan didn’t hesitate: “I don’t deserve it. Although it’s good to explore flowers, I’ll go to the Imperial Academy, censor’s platform and other places to experience in the future. Lin Xiang is the first of all officials. How do they match their status?”

Knowing that it was time for him to lie again, Shen Huaizhi said, “I heard that Lin Xiang seemed to want to resign.”

Li Chan said firmly, “that’s still not worthy.”

Wu Zhan came to join the fun and heard their conversation. He said, “what about the number one scholar? Although he is not as good as Tanhua, he is the number one scholar after all.”

Li Chan shook his head and said, “you can’t do it.”

Wu Zhan said in a rough voice: “who can do it, who can…”

Li Chan was silent for a long time and gently spit out two words: “holy.”

Everyone was stunned. Wu Zhan thought Li Chan was joking and said, “although the emperor likes Lin Xiang, he certainly doesn’t like that kind of feeling and love.” after that, he thought of Lin Qingyu’s face and wasn’t very sure, “it shouldn’t be. Isn’t the emperor still a child?”

Li babble said reluctantly, “the emperor is in power. How can he still be a child.” Li babble looked up, “the emperor, he has long grown up.”

Shen Huaizhi pondered, “in terms of status, only the emperor is qualified to marry Lin Xiang. But the emperor’s wife is the queen.”

“What’s the matter with the queen?” Wu Zhan was so drunk that he shouted, “general Gu’s people are not qualified to be the queen?”

Shen Huai knew, “general Wu said carefully. This is in the palace.”

Jiang Xing watched several people gather together from a distance, attracted Xiao Songzi and whispered a few words. After the qionglin banquet, Wu Zhan and others were invited to the hall of diligence to meet the saint.

Jiang woke up and said, “I need your help.”

Several people said in unison: “I will do my best to share your worries for your majesty.”

Jiang Xing always wondered how these ministers could speak so neatly: “I don’t want to hide from Aiqing that I want to be the queen of Lin Xiang.”

Shen Huaizhi:… Finally.

Li Chan:… Sure enough.

Others: ah!!!

“I have learned the last wish of the great general from Shen Huaishi. The great general sacrificed his life for the country. How can I bear to let him die in peace.” Jiang woke up his eyes. “I am willing to take care of Lin Xiang for the great general. In the world, only I can protect Lin Xiang all my life.”

Wu Zhan was so moved that he almost cried: “emperor, Emperor…”

Lord Wu burst into tears: “there is knowledge under the Fuzhou spring, and you can smile.”

Li Chan’s mood is a little complicated, but more of a relief. Yes, only the emperor can protect the forest for a lifetime. He asked, “what does the emperor need me to do?”

Jiang Xing said, “the prime minister is a man who values love and righteousness. I must not forget general Gu now. I hope you can find a way to persuade Lin Xiang for me to agree to my marriage.”

After summer, good news came from the northwest. Wu Youyuan led the western expedition into the hinterland of Xixia and broke several cities. Xixia was forced to send envoys for peace. When the main battle leader and Fang quarreled, Lin Xiang was delivering a poisonous lizard together with the southern Xinjiang miracle doctor in the imperial medical department.

The poisonous lizard laid five or six eggs. Lin Qingyu buried them in a special gravel prepared in advance and fed some food to the female lizard. When things are done, Lin Qingyu washes his hands and puts on the wedding ring given to him by Jiang Xing again.

Seeing this, the miracle doctor in southern Xinjiang said, “the prime minister will put on and take off the ring more than ten times a day. Won’t it be troublesome?” the miracle doctor has deep eyes and a very exotic face. He looks like a young man in his early twenties. In fact, he may already be Lin Qingyu’s grandfather.

“It’s some trouble.” Lin Qingyu put the ring between his fingers again, “but I’m willing to trouble.”

Lin Qingyu returned to the general’s house. When he got out of the carriage, he saw Shen Huai, Wu Zhan and others standing in rows at his door, looking different and eager to try.

Lin Qingyu pretended not to understand, invited them into the house and asked, “why.”

Wu Zhan always came straight to the point and said, “prime minister, do you want to remarry and remarry?”

“No.” Lin Qingyu’s eyebrows were angry. “What’s the meaning of general Wu? How long has the general gone, and you want to remarry and remarry?”

“No, no, no, it’s not my intention.” Wu zhanlian hurriedly said, “this is the meaning of the great general.”

Lin Qingyu was stunned: “what does the general mean?”

He cheated a lot, and Shen Huaizhi’s acting skills were forced to improve: “prime minister, general Gu’s wish is that you can find another good marriage and spend the rest of your life together.”

Lin Qingyu was moved: “general, is that true?”

“Really.” Duke Wu said seriously, “it’s no joke to die in peace. Master Xu specially came to tell us that he wants to be a lonely ghost and can’t reincarnate.”

Lin Qingyu said coolly, “he’s a trickster. Do you believe him?”

Wu Zhan painstakingly advised: “in fact, the emperor wants to marry the prime minister. The emperor is handsome and has loved to stick to you since childhood. You marry him after a country. It’s not a loss.”

“Emperor…?” Lin Qingyu opened his eyes and suddenly changed his face. “Who taught the emperor these. It’s ridiculous.”

Li Chan said tentatively, “Lin Xiang, I think the emperor is also sincere to you. You should also have some friendship with the Emperor…”

Wu Zhan nodded again and again: “yes, yes. Prime minister, we know you don’t want to marry again. But for the sake of the general, you can do well and consider it.”

Lin Qingyu closed his eyes. After a long silence, he reluctantly said, “since it is the last wish of the general, I will consider it.”


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