Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 12

Lin Qingyu doesn’t know why Lu Wancheng apologized to him.

——Because he’s not dead? Didn’t try to die before the exam of the imperial medical department?

More than three months before the exam, if Lu Wancheng dies during his illness, he will have a chance to take the exam. He should hope that Lu Wancheng would die early, just as he did when he first married him. Lu Wancheng did not know about the rush of joy. He would not attack innocent people. He just needs to be patient and wait for Lu Wancheng to run out of oil.

But what is he doing these days? He got the prescription from his father and worked hard to improve, dispense and make medicine. It’s true because of his interest. Didn’t he really want to save people.

Oh, this can’t even be called saving people. At most, it’s just for Lu Wancheng to stay alive for another six months. Since Lu Wancheng doesn’t care about life and death so much, what’s the difference between these six months.

“If you really want to die, just…” Lin Qingyu moved his throat and didn’t say anything.

Lu Wancheng seemed to have guessed what he was thinking. He was half true and said, “no, Doctor Lin, suicide will go to hell. Not only can’t reincarnate forever, but also he will be enslaved by ghosts every day. He can’t stop working for a moment. You know me. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of being tired.”

Lin Qingyu said coldly, “nonsense.”

Lu Wancheng woke up, but his body was extremely weak. After a few words, his face turned pale. In addition to liquid food, he vomites whatever he eats. He lives on light white rice porridge every day. He can’t even touch meat and fish.

Huan Tong bought a lot of scripts from the bookstore in Yongxing street as he ordered not long ago. When he was awake, he half relied on the soft pillow to read the script, and half forced Lin Qingyu to listen to his “storytelling” before going to bed at night until he said he was asleep.

This day, Lu Wancheng was looking at the script. He saw the servants in the blue wind Pavilion rummaging around in the room and asked, “what are they doing?”

Lin Qingyu said, “look for something.”

“Of course I know they’re looking for something, and I’m not blind – what are they looking for?”

Lin Qingyu said: “the ‘lost’ account book.”

Don’t think too much when recovering from illness. Lin Qingyu didn’t want to tell Lu Wancheng about his account book. But on second thought, Lu Wancheng didn’t even care about life and death, and he wouldn’t worry about this bad thing.

He couldn’t help wondering if there was anything that could make Lu Wancheng care a little.

Lin Qingyu briefly described the day before yesterday. Lu Wancheng’s reaction was much bigger than he expected, and his eyes were even cold: “if you don’t die, you won’t die. Why don’t some people understand.” Lu Wancheng thought for a moment, raised his lips and smiled, “Dr. Lin, this is a good time for you to fight for your heritage.”

Lin Qingyu knew that Lu Wancheng thought the same as him. “I know,” he said. “Otherwise, why do you think I want them to find non-existent accounts.”

Lu Wancheng pretended to sigh: “I didn’t say that we are too compatible. Why don’t we… Become brothers with different surnames?”

“… No.”

Lu Wancheng was shocked and coughed: “cough – why?!”

“I’ve married you once, but I don’t want to marry you a second time.” Lin Qingyu said coldly, “besides, I don’t think I get along well with you.”

Lu Wancheng was shocked and whispered, “it’s so difficult to hear your cry ‘brother Wancheng’.”

People turned around in the blue wind Pavilion and didn’t see the shadow of the account book. Lin Qingyu said this to Liang Shi. Steward Wang suddenly looked as if the sky had collapsed: “what should I do? The account book is confidential, and this is the only one in the account room. There is no account on that page, in case of trouble in the future…”

Liang also frowned and repeatedly confirmed to Lin Qingyu, “are you sure you’ve looked everywhere in the blue wind pavilion? But the servants didn’t look carefully?”

“I’ve looked for it. The account book is really not in the blue wind Pavilion.”

Mother Liu finally raised her eyebrows and exhaled: “you have lost such an important thing. Young gentleman has failed to live up to his wife’s trust. Don’t tell me. According to the rules of the Marquis house, this is to go to the ancestral hall and meditate behind closed doors!”

Lin Qingyu asked, “madam, why can you be sure that the account book must have been lost in Lanfeng pavilion?”

Mammy Liu snapped, “it’s good when you send it to the blue wind Pavilion. It’s less when you get it back! It’s not lost in the blue wind Pavilion. Where else can it be?”

Liang thought Lin Qingyu would argue, but he just nodded: “I know.”

Liang Shi didn’t react for a while: “you are…”

“In that case,” Lin Qingyu said without delay, “this is my negligence. I hope madam will forgive me.”

Several people’s eyes staggered, and they were all ready to move after being surprised. Liang sipped his lips, vaguely feeling that he was not right. He said, “Qingyu has worked hard to find it. If he can’t find it, he can’t help it.”

Like a tolerant mistress.

Mammy Liu asked, “madam, do you want to tell the master about it?”

Lin Qingyu raised her eyes slightly.

Losing a page of important account book may be a great event in the back house, but it is far from enough in the eyes of Nan’an Hou.

Nan’an Marquis has the merit of learning from the dragon. The original match and the empress of Zhonggong are still direct sisters, which can be called the first of all officials. He seldom cares about the back house. Lin Qingyu saw him a few times after he married in. What is qualified to make trouble in front of him must be a major event beyond Liang’s control.

Young gentleman’s negligence is nothing. Liang told Nan’an Hou that Nan’an hou would only think she made a mountain out of a molehill. However, if he makes mistakes one after another, the source of unhappiness is the wrongdoer.

Liang Shi thought for a moment and said, “master, there were many things in the previous dynasty, so he didn’t have to worry about things in the house.”

Steward Wang shook his head and sighed, “young gentleman, this is the first time you have contacted the affairs of the house. It’s really worrying. I can wait when my wife is the housekeeper…”

In order not to embarrass Lin Qingyu, the Liang family “kindly” interrupted the steward Wang and said, “Qingyu is the daughter-in-law of the marquis. He doesn’t share my worries. Who else can I count on. That’s it. If there’s any trouble in the future, I’ll bear it for Qingyu.”

Lin Qingyu said, “thank you, madam.”

Liang sighed and asked his maidservant to submit another account book: “this is the account of Hou’s house all winter. Qingyu, take it back and take care of it. You can’t lose it again this time.”

This time, Lin Qingyu told Zhang Shiquan to take care of the account book. Zhang Shiquan didn’t dare to neglect. When people were in the account book, they locked the account book in the cabinet. On the day when it was time to hand over the work to Liang Shi, Zhang Shiquan counted it and confirmed that there were many pages before returning the account book to Lin Qingyu,

Lin Qingyu came to the front hall with the account book to see Liang. Liang ordered someone to serve tea and asked Lin Qingyu to wait, so he could read the account book in front of him.

“It’s strange. Why didn’t I see the charcoal money last year? Steward Wang, but you missed it?”

Steward Wang hurriedly said, “what the villain wrote down should be on page 26.”

Lin Qingyu also said: “there is indeed this account, I have seen it.”

“Twenty four, twenty-five… Twenty-seven?” Liang’s eyes widened. “How… Another page is missing?”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “impossible.”

Liang repeatedly confirmed: “really not.”

“Please look carefully, madam.”

Liang’s face pulled down and threw the ledger onto mammy Liu. But people with a clear eye can see that she wants to dump this account book on Lin Qingyu.

Liang’s usual generosity and kindness were no longer restored, and he said coldly, “since you don’t believe me – mammy Liu, you can count for the young gentleman.”

Mother Liu quickly turned over the account book: “there are really no twenty-seven pages… Steward Wang, how many pages are there in an account book?”

Steward Wang said, “a total of 120 pages.”

Mother Liu counted it from beginning to end: “this account book has only 119 pages. Why is another page lost!”

Lin Qingyu’s perennial cold face finally appeared the uneasiness they wanted to see: “how is this possible? Madam, the account book was not lost in the blue wind Pavilion.”

“You’re here again.” Liang said earnestly, “Qingyu, I can protect you once, but I can’t protect you again.”

Lin Qingyu was silent and his eyes were half closed.

The corners of Liang’s mouth silently hooked, and the smile on mammy Liu’s face couldn’t hold back. Steward Wang was as anxious as last time: “madam, for the sake of the peace of the Marquis house, please think twice, madam!”

Liang rubbed his forehead: “maybe I shouldn’t have high hopes for you. Wancheng is so ill that you’d better stay by his side and take care of him.”

Lin Qingyu finally bowed his head in front of them: “young Marquis has his servants to take good care of him. Qingyu still wants to run the government affairs. I hope madam… Give me another chance.”

A different color flashed in Liang’s eyes. She was right. Lin Qingyu came for the property of Hou’s house. What a cool beauty, she is so worldly and insidious. If you really let him take charge of the house, how can you do it.

Liang thought for a long time and seemed to compromise. “Don’t get involved in the account book. In this way, the crown prince’s biological mother, Chen Guifei, will have her 40th birthday soon. You can do the birthday gift.”

The exchange of gifts between officials in the DPRK and China is very particular. It is reciprocity and worldly sophistication. The number of gifts given by anyone to the Hou house in recent years is recorded. The return gifts to them should be carefully guessed according to the official position and friendship between Nan’an Hou and them. A little carelessness may arouse suspicion. This is true for ordinary officials, let alone the mother imperial concubine of the current crown prince.

Liang has paved so much that he is finally going to play big.

Lin Qingyu hesitated and said, “I have never met Donggong, and I don’t know what Princess Chen likes.”

“I have a booklet here, which records the rewards given by the crown prince and imperial concubine Chen to the Marquis over the years. You should prepare the gifts according to them.” Liang said, “remember, the emperor doesn’t like the luxury of the imperial concubine, let alone the prince’s making friends with powerful officials. The gifts you prepare for imperial concubine Chen are equivalent to their reward value.”

In the blue wind Pavilion, Lu Wancheng was feeding himself and drinking medicine. He slowly swallowed half a bowl of medicine for half a day. Huan Tong wanted to help him drink it.

Hearing the sound of “young gentleman is back”, Lu Wancheng looked at the door and dried up the remaining half bowl of medicine when Lin Qingyu came in.

Huan Tong was confused and said, “how did the little Marquis drink so much medicine as soon as he saw my young master?”

Lu Wancheng said with a low smile, “the medicine is too bitter. I want to see some sweet medicine – Doctor Lin, how’s it going?”

Lin Qingyu ignored him: “Huan Tong, go and ask steward Zhang to come.”

Zhang Shiquan was very excited when he heard that another page was missing from the account book: “how is it possible? I have clearly confirmed it again and again!”

Lin Qingyu said, “it’s very simple. Liang’s people in Lanfeng Pavilion took away the account book at the last minute.”

“It may be Fengqin,” Lu Wancheng said casually. “She is quite loyal to Liang.”

Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Wancheng.

Lu Wancheng jokingly said, “you see what I do.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “how do you know?”

“I observed it.”

Huan Tong shouted loudly, “the little Marquis didn’t tell us such an important thing!”

Lu Wancheng was also surprised: “Liang has been in power in Nan’an Hou’s house for many years. She has personally selected the servants of the blue wind Pavilion. Except that Hua Lu is the handmaid sent by her grandfather, others will listen to Liang’s words more or less. Don’t you know?”

Several people had no expression for a moment. Lin Qingyu lingran said, “thank you for reminding me. We know now.”

Huan Tong was furious: “I’ll talk to her!”

“No,” Lin Qingyu called Huan Tong, “let her go.”

Huan Tong couldn’t set the channel: “young master? Why?”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “let me guess, does someone want to do ‘bad things’?”

Lin Qingyu did not deny: “it was her first hand.”

Lu Wancheng looked at Lin Qingyu and couldn’t hide a smile in his eyes: “it’s all right. Doctor Lin’s appearance of doing ‘bad things’ is also beautiful.”

“Little Marquis, you can sleep disorderly, but you can’t talk nonsense.” Huan Tong said seriously, “our young master is kind-hearted and warm-hearted. He never does bad things!”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Lu Wancheng smiled, “he hasn’t done it, but he certainly hasn’t thought less. Maybe he will do it in the future. Am I right, Dr. Lin?”

Lin Qingyu’s heart tightened imperceptibly.

Huan Tong grew up with him when he was young. He didn’t know some secret thoughts in his heart and thought he was a good man. Lu Wancheng, who had known him for only a few months, seemed to be able to see through him.

Once he married into the Marquis, he thought he would endure humiliation in the mud and struggle to rot, but he didn’t think he could meet a… Confidant?

Lin Qingyu looked down at someone lying in bed, who was seriously ill but relaxed, with a dark fundus. Then he smiled and said, “wrong.”

Lu Wancheng’s cough relapsed. He coughed when he was awake, when he was asleep, and even woke himself up. When he woke up at night, he subconsciously looked at the screen. He didn’t see the people behind the screen. He forced himself to sit up and saw Lin Qingyu standing by the window.

Alone, the figure is lonely and cold, like a layer of light.

Lu Wancheng looked at it in a trance for a long time. He couldn’t help shouting, “Qingyu?”


Lu Wancheng asked, “why haven’t you slept yet.”

Lin Qingyu was silent for a long time. Fang said, “you say, I look good when I do bad things.”

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “Hey, if you want to say this, I won’t be sleepy.”

Lin Qingyu looked back at him and asked softly, “if my ‘bad thing’ is to poison people, or even… Take people’s lives, do you still think I look good?”

Lu Wancheng was slightly stunned. His breath seemed to hide faint excitement and expectation. He smiled slowly: “look good, I like the way you use poison most.”


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