Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 120

Extra Story 1

As soon as Dayu said that the emperor had no marriage leave, he would start going to court the next day of his marriage, which was a rule set by his ancestors. Jiang Xing feels that this rule is inhuman and must be changed. But on second thought, if he changed, he would have no luck to suffer. It would only be cheaper for the future emperor. Forget it. He can’t suffer alone.

After the breakup of the dynasty, it was the time for the cabinet to discuss affairs in the hall of diligence. Jiang Xing sat on the Dragon chair, endured sleepiness, and listened to the minister coming together with the outstanding things in the morning.

Li Chan said, “Your Majesty, Xie Kejin, the assassin of Jizhou, can go into the play and ask for an increase in military pay. How can you give a reply?”

Jiang Xing asked, “why did he increase his pay?”

“Xie can make suggestions. There are many changes in the north. Jizhou has to recruit troops and take precautions to avoid accidents.”

Jiang xingman said without thinking, “Xie Kejin means that the king of the North has a rebellious heart again?”

Li Chan said cautiously, “I dare not talk nonsense.”

“The northern king and Jingchun had a good life in the Northern Territory, and there was no reason to oppose them. Even if they wanted to oppose them, they could have taken advantage of it when the imperial court fought with Xixia two years ago. Why wait until today.” Jiang Xingxiang said, “I think Xie Kejin was frightened when he saw Qian Xiyuan’s fall. With a lesson from the past, he knew the importance of money and food for soldiers and horses, so he brazenly asked me for military pay.”

In Dayu, the assassin was a state shepherd and the highest local official. Jizhou is the first of Kyushu. It borders on the north and has a vast territory. Xie Kejin had been entrenched in Jizhou for many years. He covered the sky with one hand and supported the army with self-respect. The imperial court had to guard against it.

Li Chan asked, “the emperor means… No?”

Jiang woke up and thought about it. He turned a pen without ink in his hand and said, “Xie Kejin may not really have moved his mind. Maybe it’s just a rabbit’s death, a fox’s sorrow and some fear. If he doesn’t give it, he’ll startle the snake. If you want to stabilize him, you still need meaning, but we can’t make him completely happy.” Jiang woke up suddenly stopped turning his pen, “Pass on my will and order the Ministry of war and the Ministry of household to discuss and draw up an appropriate number – neither give it nor give it all.”

Li Chan said, “I will obey your orders.”

After Li Chan retreated, Nan’an stepped forward again and said, “emperor, there was a drought in Xuzhou last year. As soon as winter came, there was a famine. A large number of victims were displaced and had no food. Do you think we should allocate food for disaster relief as soon as possible?”

Jiang Xing frowned: “dial it, and then exempt Xuzhou from three years of land tax.”

Then, the censor came to complain: “the emperor, the eldest son of the Minister of rites, was in a men’s style hall in the capital the day before yesterday. He was jealous and fought with the ninth childe of Wen for a waiter. Both of them were from a high school and were the sons of dignitaries and dignitaries. They did such indecent and vulgar things, which had an extremely bad impact. I hope the emperor will punish them severely.”

Compared with other things, the process of the censor’s complaint is slightly less important. Jiang woke up and wandered away. He opened a blank Memorial, wrote down [what’s baby doing], and handed it to Xiao Songzi. Xiao Songzi understood it and withdrew with the memorial.

Jiang Xing asked the censor, “who did you just say was fighting?”

“The eldest son of the Minister of rites and the ninth son of Wen.”

Jiang Xingqi said, “isn’t the relationship between the two good? I remember they grew up together.”

The censor said seriously, “the emperor is wise. The brothers of different surnames who used to be brothers and sisters turned against each other for a man. Regardless of their old friendship, they said evil words to each other and added their fists and feet. Beauty misled people and blue face was a disaster. The ancients sincerely didn’t deceive me.”

Jiang woke up yawned and pretended not to understand the implication of the censor: “who moved the hand first?”

The censor hesitated for a moment and said, “according to the minister, it was childe Wen Jiu who moved first. But childe Wen Jiu said that he didn’t hit the eldest son of Shangshu very hard, so he touched him, but the eldest son of Shangshu beat him very hard…”

Jiang Xing was angry and funny. He suddenly felt that he had become a teacher in the children’s school. “They don’t necessarily turn against each other. I think it’s more like a child’s temper.”

The imperial censor said in a deep voice, “emperor, these two people are not young at the age of 16! Does the emperor think they have nothing wrong?”

The censor was always outspoken, but Jiang Xing was not angry. He raised his hand and motioned to the censor to be steady: “what’s the hurry? I didn’t say not to punish them. However, these two people have no official position, so I can only punish their parents. The Minister of rites and the son and son of Duke Wen teach their children and grandchildren to be incompetent. They will be fined for half a year, and then one thousand taels of silver each to fill the national treasury.”

After such a busy hour, I finally finished discussing all the things that should be discussed. The rain in June and the wind in July… Everything in the world is not as good as the sentence “I’m leaving”.

Of course, except for his beautiful wife.

As soon as the ministers withdrew, Jiang Xing’s solemn sitting posture collapsed quickly, and he collapsed lazily on the Dragon chair. He only felt tired, more tired than ploughing three mu of land. Fortunately, Xiao Songzi came back from Xingqing palace and brought him Lin Qingyu’s reply.

After the empress’s wedding, the queen should live in Fengyi palace. But Jiang Xing didn’t want to live separately from Lin Qingyu, so he let Lin Qingyu still live in Xingqing palace and moved from the side hall to the main hall. Let alone in the palace, in an ordinary high-ranking family, the Lord and his mother have their own houses. The empress and the emperor sleep together day by day, just like a civilian couple.

Lin Qingyu’s reply to Jiang Xing was only two short words: [hatching eggs.]

It turned out that he was taking care of the upcoming eldest son or daughter of the emperor. No wonder he was so perfunctory. Jiang Xing wanted to go back to see Lin Qingyu hatch his eggs, but he didn’t read a lot of memorials.

Memorials, memorials of all evils, the eternal pain in his heart and the chains of pain in his life.

Jiang Xing stared at a pile of things on the imperial table and resisted everywhere. “Forget it,” he abandoned himself, “I’ll sleep for a while and see later.”

Xiaosongzi advised, “emperor, if you delay until night again, the queen will not be happy.”

Jiang Xing hesitated and said, “then I’ll wait until he falls asleep and watch quietly.”

Xiao Songzi was instructed by the queen in advance and had to continue to advise: “emperor, these memorials are major events selected by the cabinet. It can’t be delayed.”

Jiang Xing: ”

Lin Qingyu came to the hall of diligent administration and asked Xiao Songzi, “where’s the emperor?”

Xiao Songzi smiled bitterly: “emperor, he…”

Seeing Xiao Songzi’s expression, Lin Qingyu probably guessed it. Walking into the inner hall, he saw Jiang Xing lying on the imperial table. He seemed to have fallen asleep. He put his face on his arm, pressed on an open secret decree, and held a pen in his hand.

Lin Qingyu pulls out the secret message. This is a secret message for Shen Huaizhi. Jiang Xingxing ordered tianyumen to go to Jizhou to secretly observe the trend of Jizhou’s assassination history. He also said that Shen Huaizhi could go to the north to talk to Jingchun.

After Jiang Xing wrote, the words were crooked and illegible. This is enough to prove that he went to sleep at the last minute.

Lin Qingyu takes off his fur and covers Jiang Xing.

Jiang woke up until his arm was numb. He opened his eyes and saw Lin Qingyu standing in front of the imperial case, writing something. Just after the wedding, in order to show the royal style, Lin Qingyu mostly wears beautiful clothes, which are very bright and expensive.

Jiang Xing propped up his head with his hands and smiled at Lin Qingyu. After a while, he said, “the Queen’s hatching is over? Is it the prince or the princess?”

Lin Qingyu glanced at him: “not so fast. It will take a few days for the little poisonous snake to break its shell. You go to bed when you wake up. It’s bad for your health to always sleep on your stomach.”

“It’s all right,” Jiang Xing moved his shoulders. “I’m used to sleeping like this – what are you looking at.”

“Play. I’ll read the rest for you. Go and have a rest.”

“Ah, that’s so funny.” Jiang Xing sat on the Dragon chair, pushed it gently with his desk and table, and slid in front of Lin Qingyu. The Dragon chair in qinzheng hall was specially improved by Jiang Xing. There are four wheels under it, which can let him slide around and adjust the height. “I just found something.”

Lin Qingyu said, “say.”

“You are quite like the medallion.”

Standing Lin Qingyu is much taller than Jiang Xing. Lin Qingyu condescends and says, “how to say.”

Jiang Xing smiled and said, “the more you see, the more you want to sleep.”

Lin Qingyu looked calm: “you sleep with me a few times less. Maybe you can sleep more than half an hour a day, so you won’t sleep in the hall of diligence.”

Jiang Xing put on an expression of sudden enlightenment: “it makes sense. Try it next time.”

Lin Qingyu paused, frowned and said, “but not too little…”

Jiang Xing was so cute by his wife that he couldn’t help but say, “Qingyu, take a kiss?”

Lin Qingyu trembled slightly in his heart, lowered his eyelashes and calmly said, “if you want to kiss, why so much nonsense.”

Jiang woke up and smiled. He was too lazy to stand up, so he put his hand around Lin Qingyu’s waist, forced the other party to bend down, then raised his head and kissed his lips.

This kiss gave Jiang Xing a little life.

After a kiss, Lin Qingyu had already sat in his arms. His breathing was not smooth, his cheeks were slightly red, and he looked like Ren Jun tasting it, which made him careless.

However, the tragedy of social animals is that even if the sky is thunder and the earth is fire, we must finish the work first.

Jiang Xing holds Lin Qingyu from behind, picks up his pen and continues to write the unfinished secret message. Lin Qingyu calmed down from the feeling / heat and asked, “if you let Shen Huaizhi go to the north, I’m afraid it’s not just that simple for him to catch up with Jingchun.”

“I believe the king of northern territory will not turn against me. I just want to be just in case. After all, I can’t joke about rivers and mountains.” Jiang woke up to one thing. “Speaking of it, I haven’t been out of the capital with you. Baby, do you want to go on your honeymoon?”

Lin Qingyu asked, “honeymoon? What’s that?”

Jiang Xing put down his pen and patiently explained the origin of the honeymoon with him.


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