Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 121

Extra Story 2

Lin Qingyu was surprised to learn what a “honeymoon” was. Jiang Xing was so far away from Xingqing palace to Fengyi palace that he invited him to travel with him.

“Where do you want to go?” Jiang Xingming ordered Xiao Songzi to unfold Dayu’s map, hang it on the wall, put his hand on Lin Qingyu’s shoulder and said, “how about Jiangnan?”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ve been to all the places in the south of the Yangtze River.”

“HMM… what about Xuzhou? It’s rainy season. Xuzhou town should have a unique flavor.”

“I’ve been there, too.”

Jiang Xing had a bad feeling: “let’s go north?”

“When I was sixteen, I spent six months in the north with several martial brothers.”

Jiang Xing was in a complicated mood: “how come you’ve been everywhere and go with others.”

“Men are ambitious, that is, you like to nest in one place.” Lin Qingyu said, with a trace of doubt between his eyebrows. Yes, in the past, he traveled around the world with his mentor to help the world and save the people. Why is he not interested in where now? He just wants to stay at home with Jiang Xing.

Lin Qingyu glanced at Jiang and said, “I blame you for making me lazy.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “can you blame me?”

“We can’t go on like this, Jiang Xing.” Lin Qingyu said with emotion, “we should take advantage of our youth, read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, and indulge in the wind and moon in the palace all day.”

Jiang Xing disagreed: “we don’t spend all day. I don’t do less business. Besides, only young people can indulge in the wind and moon. You can’t indulge in the old if you want to.”

Lin Qingyu said half true and half false, “don’t worry. When you get old, I’ll give you some needles, and you can still indulge.”

Jiang wakes up and feels excited, but there must be a price for such a good thing. His desire for survival prevailed: “no, I want to live a few more years.”

The two discussed for a long time, but they didn’t come up with a result. Instead, the topic ran more and more biased. The fresh fruit washed on the flower dew: “emperor, Queen, this is the Ya Pear from Qingzhou.”

After Lin Qingyu married the emperor three times, Hua Lu volunteered to enter the palace. Now she is the head maid of Xingqing palace. She and Huan Tong both thought that Lin Qingyu had to remarry because of the forced marriage of the king of a country. She entered the palace to continue to serve Lin Qingyu. Huan Tong wants to serve in the palace. According to the rules, he wants to clean his body. Lin Qingyu is reluctant to give up, so he leaves him in the general’s house and follows Yuan Yin to learn housekeeping.

Jiang Xing casually took a pear from the basket and tossed it up and down: “since you have walked all the places worth visiting Dayu, it’s better to let God decide where to spend our honeymoon for us.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you mean drawing lots?”

“Almost.” Jiang Xing ordered Hua Lu, “Hua Lu, take a dagger and bring a piece of satin.”

Hua Lu brought what Jiang Xing wanted. Jiang woke up and said, “Qingyu, close your eyes and throw a dagger on the map. We’ll go wherever we throw it.”

You can still play like that. Lin Qingyu was a little novel and asked, “if the selected place is far from the capital.”

It is not uncommon for the emperor to travel far away. Emperor Yu Wen also went to the south of the Yangtze River seven times. Jiang Xing has been away from Beijing for several months, and it is not impossible for the cabinet to manage politics. However, once he is away from Beijing for too long, he is afraid of changes. Dayu has a vast territory. From the southernmost southern border to the northernmost northern border, you can play for several years.

Jiang woke up and said, “it’s good to have a re-election.”

Lin Qingyu was blindfolded by Jiang Xing with red silk, revealing half of his nose. His reddish lips were slightly opened due to the sudden darkness, which made him feel dark and obscene. Jiang woke up and was ready to move. He remembered that Lin Qingyu was cold and reserved in front of outsiders, but he was gorgeous and blooming under himself. He couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss the beauty on her lips.

Hua Lu was stunned. She was pulled by little pine nuts. Fang turned around and pretended not to see anything.

Lin Qingyu’s long eyelashes covered by red silk moved: “good, why kiss me again?”

Jiang woke up and smiled, “I often kiss you for no reason. Aren’t you used to it?”

Lin Qingyu thought, “yes.”

Jiang Xing took the blade and helped Lin Qingyu hold the handle: “throw it.”

The dagger was thrown. After hearing a sound, Lin Qingyu took down the silk and saw the place where the dagger was inserted: “Jiaozhou?”

Jiaozhou is located in the south of Dayu, surrounded by mountains and forests and close to the sea. It is extremely humid and miasma, so it is not suitable to live for a long time. A few years ago, after Shen Huaizhi assassinated Xiao Cheng, in order to avoid the pursuit of Tianji camp, he lived in the Nanyue area of Jiaozhou for a long time.

Jiang Xing said with great interest, “what a coincidence. In fact, Jiaozhou is my hometown.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly surprised: “really.” he always thought that Jiang Xing’s hometown was in another world, which could not be found in Dayu’s territory.

“Yes. But in our place, ‘Jiaozhou’ is not called ‘Jiaozhou’.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what’s that called?”

Jiang Xing recalled his poor geographical knowledge: “Jiaozhou in my hometown refers to Guangdong, Guangxi, and Northern and central Vietnam. Among them, I was born in Guangdong. When I was young, I moved to Jiangnan with my parents, that is, Yuzhou in Dayu. Later, I returned to Guangzhou in Guangdong after high school.”

“Guangdong, Guangzhou.” Lin Qingyu kept these four words in mind. “I didn’t expect you to be born in such a remote and desolate place.”

“Remote? Desolate?” Jiang Xing said, “where is Guangzhou remote and desolate…”

Before Jiang Xing could defend his hometown, Shen Huaizhi came. He came here to bid farewell to the empress. In two days, he will leave for the north.

“Huaizhi, you’re just in time.” Lin Qingyu said, “you’ve been in South Vietnam. Tell the emperor whether Jiaozhou is a remote and desolate place.”

Shen Huaizhi looked at Xiang Jiangxing: “I inform the emperor that Jiaozhou is vast and sparsely populated. Most of the people live in high mountains and make a living by hunting and picking. It is different from the capital, Jiangnan and other places.”

Jiang Xing choked and said, “well, Jiaozhou is a little wild now, but in a hundred thousand years, it should be one of the richest places in a country.” Jiang Xing pointed to Jiaozhou on the map, “baby, look, Jiaozhou is back to the South China Sea and connected to the sea with several neighboring countries. Once the port is used…”

Shen Huaizhi almost choked on the word “baby”. Now he really believed that the empress regarded him as a good friend, otherwise the emperor would not tell him his true identity or be so invisible in front of him.

It’s not surprising that the emperor will call Lin Qingyu “baby”. It’s strange that Lin Qingyu can accept it calmly without feeling uncomfortable. If others don’t know his identity, covet his beauty and call “baby”, I’m afraid he will feed the prince and princess.

Jiang Xing has always been open-minded and generous, but now when it comes to his hometown, homesickness gushes out. It’s hard to avoid feeling: “I haven’t spoken my hometown dialect for five or six years. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what to say. Huai Zhi, what do you say about ‘beauty’ in South Vietnam? Are you ‘pretty boy’ and ‘pretty girl’?”

Shen Huaizhi told him solemnly, “No.”

“What does that say?”

Shen Huaizhi uttered two strange sounds. Jiang Xing didn’t understand at all. He shrugged and said, “OK.”

Lin Qingyu mused, “I want to go to your hometown.”

He is full of longing for the world where Jiang Xing grew up. He wants to know what kind of mountains and rivers can raise people like Jiang Xing.

Jiang Xing hesitated and said, “but Jiaozhou is too far away from the capital.” no matter what Jiaozhou looks like thousands of years later, Jiaozhou is really remote now. Ministers are often exiled there when they commit crimes.

Lin Qingyu regretted: “indeed.”

At this time, someone from Ci’an palace invited Jiang Xing and Lin Qingyu to have dinner. Jiang Xing said, “Qingyu, you go to Ci’an Palace first. Don’t keep your mother waiting. Huaizhi and I will go after a few words.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “OK.”

When Lin Qingyu walked out of Xingqing palace, he noticed that Hualu was haunted: “Hualu.”

The flower dew returned to her mind: “what does the queen have to say?”

Lin Qingyu said, “do you wonder why I am so close to the emperor? Do you want to know if I have completely forgotten Lu Xiaohou and general Gu.”

Flower dew lowered her head: “I dare not.”

Lin Qingyu sees Hua Lu’s thoughts in her eyes. On the one hand, she felt that her master was not a fickle person. On the other hand, she saw that he and the emperor raised their eyebrows. When he married Gu Fuzhou, she was both confused and puzzled.

Lin Qingyu deliberately told her the truth and said in a slow voice, “don’t you think the emperor’s temperament is very much like Lord Lu and general Gu.”

Hua Lu opened her eyes in amazement: “slaves and maidservants know!”

Lin Qingyu asked, “do you know?”

Hua Lu lowered her voice: “young master, do you take the emperor as a substitute for the young Marquis and the general?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Hua Lu looked anxiously at the palace: “young master, does the emperor know this?”

Lin Qingyu chuckled and said, “he knows. He’s happy to be this double.”

Lin Qingyu didn’t wait long in the Ci’an palace. Jiang woke up and ate with the Empress Dowager. The steamed fish was delicious. Jiang Xing knew that Lin Qingyu had a weak taste and should like it. He sandwiched the tenderest part, picked out the fishbone and put it into Lin Qingyu’s bowl.

“Thank you, Emperor.” Lin Qingyu took fresh bamboo shoots as a gift in return. “The bamboo shoots are tender and fat. The emperor will try.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “it’s hard.”

The Empress Dowager looked at the three people coming and going. She felt a little different. The empress’s love is a good thing, but the emperor is too polite and courteous to the queen. They are both men. I don’t know. I thought the queen was the emperor’s husband.

After dinner, the Empress Dowager said, “empress, go now. I have a few words to say to the emperor.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Jiang and woke up. He saluted and said, “my son, leave.”

After Lin Qingyu left, the Empress Dowager said earnestly to Jiang Xing, “emperor, you are the king, the queen is the minister, and the ceremony of the king and minister is greater than that of the husband and wife. The three cardinal principles and five constant principles, heaven and human relations. Do you understand the meaning of the mother?”

Jiang woke up with a faint smile: “I understand.”

It is normal for the Empress Dowager to think so due to the limitations of the times. It’s no use arguing with her. It’s just a waste of words. His mouth should go up and down, and he will dare again next time.

When Jiang Xing returned to Xingqing palace, Lin Qingyu asked him, “what did the Empress Dowager say to you?”

Jiang Xing told the truth: “she was upset when I picked fish bones for you, suggesting that I should have the majesty of the emperor in front of you.”

Lin Qingyu said, “what does the emperor think? Won’t you pick fish bones for me in the future?”

“How could it be.” Jiang Xing said seriously, “you and I are both men. You can say you are my wife or I am your wife. In that case, of course, I want to give you equal and respectful love.”

“…” Lin Qingyu is not sure whether he should be moved. He knows Jiang Xing too well. Generally, when he wants to be moved, Jiang Xing will say something to ruin the atmosphere.

Sure enough, he didn’t respond. Jiang Xing said again, “it’s a pity that my mother won’t understand, and I’m too lazy to convince her. How about this? I’ll teach you to speak my hometown dialect, and then we can encrypt the dialogue in Cantonese in front of her.” Jiang Xing was eager to try, “how about it, isn’t it very interesting?”

Lin Qingyu: “… Ah.”

Finally, the place they decided to travel was Jiangnan. It happened that the tax reform in Jiangnan was in full swing, so they could observe the people’s feelings.

Lin Qingyu wanted the Ministry of rites to go on a trip for the son of heaven. He was stopped by Jiang Xing: “the honeymoon is spent by two people. If you take a large group of people, it’s not a honeymoon. It’s a group tour.”

Having said that, as emperors and empresses of a dynasty, they still have bodyguards waiting in the palace, and palace people follow them, not to mention traveling far out of the palace. Jiang Xing also knows that it is unrealistic to travel with Lin Qingyu alone. Dayu is no better than his hometown. The things to be prepared for a trip are complicated. He doesn’t know how much money to bring. His skills in catching a car are still very general.

Finally, they decided to take little pine nuts, flower dew and some first-class dark guards at the tianyumen gate and go all the way south.

The author has something to say: can’t wait to write a modern article!!

For example, Qingyu Guchuan will associate with Jiang Xing, a high school student.

One day, Jiang Xing excitedly told him: Qingyu, I’m 18 years old!

Qingyu:… Again?


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