Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 123

Extra Story 4

After they were dressed, Hualu and xiaosongzi brought breakfast and served them. The breakfast in Jiangnan is mainly light: small wonton with thin skin and tender filling, loose and soft rice balls, and sweet bean flowers filled with brown sugar. Although you can eat these in the palace, you can also eat more delicately. There is more folk fireworks in the inn.

Hualu seems to have not slept well last night and can’t stop yawning. Jiang woke up and asked, “but I can’t sleep in the inn?”

Hua Lu hurriedly knelt down and said, “I’m sorry, the emperor and queen.”

“It’s all in the south of the Yangtze River. If you can save it in the palace, you can save it.” Lin Qingyu said, “you think we are the young masters of ordinary people.”

Xiaosongzi couldn’t help laughing: “young master, Hualu read the script for half the night yesterday. I’m afraid she didn’t sleep enough.”

Hua Lu blushed and said, “Grandpa song!”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “what script is so beautiful? Show it to me?”

Hua Lu’s face turned red: “if you go back to the young master, what you see is the story of the king’s beloved wife.”

Upon hearing the name, Jiang Xing smiled and said, “Hualu is old enough to see love / love story books.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where did you get such a book?”

Hua Lu whispered, “Hui, young gentleman, is one of the scripts bought by the young master yesterday.”

Lin Qingyu looks at Jiang and wakes up. Jiang Xing looked innocent: “I just bought some books to relieve boredom. I didn’t know there would be such books in them.”

Lin Qingyu debunked him: “I don’t think you like reading such books.”

Jiang Xing didn’t admit: “how can it be? I’m not flower dew.”

Lin Qingyu hit the nail on the head: “then why did you watch Huai don’t know you?”

Jiang Xing: ”

After breakfast, the party set out for Kuangshu mountain. At the foot of the mountain, the carriage couldn’t go up the mountain, so it had to go. Kuangshang mountain has many rapids and waterfalls, which is famous for its majestic and dangerous. There are dense forests and clouds. If ordinary people enter the mountain, they will lose their direction if they are not careful.

When the hanging pot hall learned that Lin Qingyu was going into the mountains, it introduced him to a mountain villager. The village man grew up in Kuangshu mountain and was familiar with the mountain terrain. Although he was 60 years old, he was still young and strong, but he had a strange temper. After walking for an hour, the village man was still walking fast and flat.

Lin Qingyu walked ahead and talked with the village man about the rare and strange grass in Kuangshu mountain. He heard Jiang wake up and said, “Qingyu, we’ve been walking for an hour. Let’s have a rest.”

Lin Qingyu turned and looked at Jiang Xing. Jiang Xing’s breath is stable. He has no physical problems. He probably wants to be lazy. “I have a few places to go before dark. Time is tight and can’t be delayed.” Lin Qingyu whispered, “why don’t you let the shadow guard show up and carry you?”

Jiang Xing said with a wry smile, “forget it, I can’t afford to lose that man.”

The village man woke up with a look at Jiang, shook his head and continued to walk forward. The closer it was to the top of the mountain, the colder it was. Not long after that, there was a light rain in the sky. It’s rainy in spring. Xiao Songzi brought enough rain gear. Jiang Xing took an umbrella and said, “I share it with you. Little pine nut, look after the flower dew.”

At this time, Jiang Xing can keep up with Lin Qingyu and the village man. Since entering the mountain, Lin Qingyu has devoted himself to medicinal materials. Now he and Jiang Xing are under the same umbrella, but he is a little absent-minded.

The spring rain pattered on the umbrella and on the ground. The smell of wet soil was in his nose, but he could still smell the fresh, natural, warm and lazy smell of Jiang Xing.

In the rain, the mountain is empty and wet. Ignoring the difficult mountain road, it is also elegant.

After half an hour of walking again, the sound of rapid water flow came from the front. I saw a waterfall flying thousands of feet down and splashing beads; The broken cliff, like a natural screen, cut off their way.

Xiao Songzi looked straight and said, “how beautiful!!!”

Jiang woke up and said, “the flying curtain is like a jade curtain, and the Milky way falls nine days.” it turned out that the ancient poetry was not exaggerated.

The village man squinted at the opposite cliff and suddenly shouted, “glass grass.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes brightened: “where?”

The village man raised his hand and said, “the cliff opposite.”

In the rain and fog, it is difficult to see. Lin Qingyu walked forward a few steps, almost to the edge of the cliff, and then saw a solitary grass growing on the cliff. Lin Qingyu whispered, “it’s really glass grass.”

Jiang Xing took Lin Qingyu’s hand and asked, “what is glass grass?”

Lin Qingyu explained to him: “Kuangshan’s unique herb prefers a humid environment. It generally grows on cliffs and waterfalls and is extremely precious. It can be used as medicine after drying, which has a miraculous effect on the natural palpitation.”

“Extremely precious. How precious is that?”

Lin Qingyu’s voice was slightly cold: “even in the imperial medical department in the capital, there were only two strains. Prince Heng wanted to leave last year.”

The village man hummed, “you’re lucky. You can see glass grass when you enter the mountain for the first time. The last time I saw it was two years ago.”

Jiang Xing looked at a small spot on the cliff and asked, “Qingyu, do you want it very much?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “I want to. It’s just that the glazed grass grows on the cliff. It’s difficult to pick, and it’s still raining.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “so what? What madam wants, I’ll go up the knife mountain and down the sea of fire. I’ll find it for you if I don’t want it.”

Lin Qingyu’s heart sank and said coldly, “you can shut up.”

Hua Lu thought of the scene she saw in the story of Dingwang’s beloved wife last night: Dingwang and Princess Ding went on a spring outing in the mountain together. Princess Ding praised that the wild flowers in full bloom on the cliff were very beautiful. King Ding was desperate to pick them for her. He made a mistake and nearly lost his life. The princess turned pale and cried with tears. The king gently wiped away his wife’s tears and said affectionately, “as long as the princess likes, it is the stars in the sky. The king will find them for you.”

She was moved by such deep affection. Unexpectedly, the emperor to the queen is the same as the king to the princess. No wonder he will be willing to be the double of the other two men. It’s not easy for a king of a country to do so.

Hua Lu was moved and listened to the emperor’s voice: “do you think I would say that?”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Flower dew: “??”

Jiang Xing estimated the height and distance of the cliff and concluded that the risk was very high. Admittedly, he can let the shadow guard try, but it’s easy to slide in rainy days. Even Shen Huaizhi’s skill may not be foolproof. The life of the shadow guard is also life.

“Good medicine is precious, and the price of life is higher.” Jiang Xing coaxed, “baby, be obedient. This is too dangerous. Let’s not use it.”

The dew froze.

Lin Qingyu smiled: “OK, No.”

The village man’s face was ugly: “are you sure you don’t want to? The picking period of glazed grass is only a few days. If you miss it today, it’ll be gone next time. Do you know how much gold a glazed grass can sell?” according to the rules of the trade, he took the way for the medicine collector and got a share.

“We are not short of money,” Jiang woke up

The village man said anxiously, “Why are young people so afraid of death now.”

Hearing the speech, Xiao Songzi suddenly changed his face: “bold! Do you know who you are talking to!”

Jiang Xing stopped Xiao Songzi and smiled indifferently: “calm down, the old man is not wrong. I am really afraid of death.”

The village man stamped his feet and said, “you don’t want me!” and he was going to find help.

Jiang Xing said faintly, “I advise you to think twice.”

Lin Qingyu smiled silently. He knew that Jiang Xing was not afraid of death.

When Jiang Xing was Lu Wancheng, he took life and death very lightly. In the first half of the year, he had little desire for survival. Later, when he had something to worry about, he didn’t hesitate to use strong medicine to fight poison, just to live a few more months.

After that, he experienced the death of Gu Fuzhou. Now he still cherishes his life better than in the past. Even if there is only a little risk, he will not try.

Jiang Xing’s fear is a good thing, so he won’t put himself in danger. He hoped that Jiang Xing would cherish his life and fear death forever.

Although he missed the glazed grass, Lin Qingyu still had a lot to gain. When I went down the mountain, the basket was full. The next day, Lin Qingyu heard from the waiter of the hanging pot hall that when the village man who led the way found a helper and entered the mountain again, the glazed grass had withered due to the scouring of rain. The village man lost his head on the spot and went back to have a minor illness.

Lin Qingyu was quite sorry, but he didn’t think much. In the next few days, he continued to visit famous doctors in Yuzhang and benefited a lot. Jiang Xing summoned the governor of Yuzhang and asked about the tax reform.

The party stayed in Yuzhang for five days and continued to go south. It takes a day’s journey from Yuzhang to the next stop. On the carriage, Lin Qingyu flipped through a Book of Kuang vulgar materia medica and compared the medicinal materials recorded in the book with those he had seen one by one. Turning to the page recording the glazed grass, Lin Qingyu paused with his fingertips and remembered the missed precious grass.

Turning to the next page, a sun dried glass grass appeared in front of him, sandwiched in the book.

Lin Qingyu was slightly stunned and looked at Jiang. Jiang Xingzheng was paralyzed on the soft collapse and watched with relish with “records of Dingwang’s beloved wife”. Aware of Lin Qingyu’s eyes, Jiang Xing raised his head and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“How did you get it?” the one on the cliff has withered. Where did Jiang Xing get it from.

Jiang woke up and looked at him with his head, smiling: “what’s the baby talking about? I can’t understand.”


Lin Qingyu realized that Jiang Xing seemed to like to create all kinds of small surprises for him on ordinary days.

Like the engagement ring he thought he would have to wait half a month to receive, it was put into his fingertips the next day; It’s like the God grass who thought it was out of luck suddenly appeared in front of us.

Obviously, it’s just an ordinary little thing, but it always makes him feel very, very good.

He really likes Jiang Xing. How lucky to spend the rest of my life with such an interesting soul.

Lin Qingyu’s chest became hot and his body became hot. He stopped talking nonsense, pushed open the window of the carriage and said, “little pine nut.”

The little pine nut said, “queen?”

Lin Qingyu said, “find a place where there is no one to stop the carriage, and then let everyone, including the shadow guard who is secretly escorting the carriage, escort it half a mile around.”

Xiao Songzi only thought that the Queen’s order was strange. He didn’t dare to think much. He was busy preparing. Jiang Xing thought deeply and said softly, “Qingyu, should you…”

Lin Qingyu chuckled: “if you just think about it, it’s boring.”



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