Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 124

Extra Story 5

The emperor’s Royal horse is well-trained. No matter how in the carriage, the Royal horse always stands in place and eats grass leisurely.

Jiang woke up suddenly and took out a box of rouge from nowhere. Lin Qingyu opened his lips slightly. In the hazy, he saw Jiang Xing dip his fingertips in the gorgeous rouge, and then apply it to his lips.

Jiang Xing has no experience and is not painted well enough. The rouge is faintly dyed at the corners of Lin Qingyu’s mouth. It seems drunk but not drunk. It is bright and affectionate.

Jiang woke up and stared at him. He didn’t move for a long time. Lin Qingyu shouted blankly, “Jiang Xing…?”

Jiang Xing hugged him and almost sighed, “Qingyu, how did you grow like this? Do you know how beautiful you are?”

He said, as if he could no longer control it, closed his eyes and kissed Lin Qingyu. Lin Qingyu still opened his eyes. He leaned against the bookshelf on the carriage and almost hung the whole thing on Jiang Xing. He saw Jiang Xing’s eyelashes wet with sweat.

At the time of separation, Jiang Xing’s lips were also stained with rouge. With his warm eyes, it was more soul stirring than when he first met.

Lin Qingyu raised his hand, rubbed the corner of Jiang Xing’s mouth and said in a dumb voice, “then, don’t you continue?”

Xiao Songzi and others waited half an hour from the carriage before being called back by the emperor. At this time, it was already dark. “Raise the fire, burn some hot water, and then make something to eat.” Jiang Xing told him, “I’ll sleep out outside the city tonight.”

Xiao Songzi said, “emperor, although the carriage is large, it must be uncomfortable to sleep. Why don’t we hurry and spend the night in the city?”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “you don’t understand. This is fun.”

When the hot water was ready, Jiang Xing personally took the carriage. They brought dry food and spices, and the shadow guard hunted a few rabbits, which was more than enough to cope with a dinner.

After the rabbit was roasted, Jiang Xing helped Lin Qingyu out of the carriage. The empress of a country looked calm and calm, even though he was full of the smell of another man.

The rabbit roasted outside is naturally inferior to that in the palace, but Lin Qingyu thinks it tastes good. It seems that he is really hungry. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed in front of Lin Qingyu. It was the shadow guard of the secret guard.

The shadow guard can only show up when the master is in danger. Jiang Xing asked, “what’s the matter?”

The shadow guard grabbed a thing in his hand, knelt behind the emperor and said, “tell the emperor and queen that there was a snake entrenched in the tree just now.”

Lin Qingyu saw the snake in Yingwei’s hand through the fire and said, “lovely.”

The shadow guard was stunned. He was not sure whether to be gentle with the little poisonous snake.

“Unfortunately, it’s not poisonous.” Lin Qingyu was silent for a moment. “Emperor, I miss the little poisonous snake.”

Jiang Xing raised his eyebrow: “shall we go back to the palace now?”

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “it’s more important to play.”

Jiang woke up and joked: “what a cruel father, emperor and empress, in order to play, even the children don’t care.”

Lin Qingyu and Jiang Xing spent the whole spring in Jiangnan. They went to the palace to avoid the summer heat. It was almost autumn when they returned to the palace. What is waiting for Jiang to wake up is a mountain of memorials. How good he played at the beginning, and how miserable he cried later. This autumn and winter, Jiang woke up and didn’t sleep for three hours. It was not easy to stay up until the new year. State affairs could be put aside a little, and a pile of family affairs came out again.

The princes of the fiefs returned to Beijing one after another for the Spring Festival. The family banquets in the palace were one after another. Fortunately, the Empress Dowager helped with the cooking. Jiang Xing didn’t have to worry much. He just had to pretend at the family banquet with his wife.

In the past Chinese new year, both the princess and Gao Ming went to the palace to greet the Empress Dowager and the queen. This year, there is a man sitting in the back seat, and the rules have changed. Empress Lin was not interested in seeing them, so she forgave their greetings. I’m afraid only the Lin family can go into the palace to greet queen Lin.

Lin Qinghe grew up to be a little boy. Although he didn’t look like his brother, he could see that he would be a handsome man in the future. Lin Qinghe is less interested in medical skills than his father and brother. He will take the imperial examination and take an official career in the future. Now I’m studying outside, and I go home only a few times a year. Lin Qingyu rarely saw his brother once, so he left him in the palace for a few days.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, Lin Qingyu should have run the Lantern Festival, but his little poisonous snake didn’t know what to eat. Last night, he was depressed and curled up in a ball shivering. Lin Qingyu was so distressed that he kept close to the little poisonous snake and took good care of it.

This is a small snake from the western regions. Its body is light blue, but its eyes are as red as agate. It is said that it can only survive in the environment of the western regions. Lin Qingyu managed to find a nest of snake eggs and successfully hatched three. Only this little snake grew into a snake. Jiang Xing also named him Jiang Xiaolin.

Lin Qingyu tried to feed the snake some special soup. After drinking the medicine, the little snake finally had an appetite, spit out his tongue, and slowly swam to the fresh bullfrog on the side. When Lin Qingyu saw this, his hanging heart relaxed a little. At this time, Hua Lu came and said, “the queen, the second young master and the prince of Yi county are coming.”

The chess king is Jiang Xing’s most nonexistent cousin. The fief is far from the capital and can only return to Beijing once every three or five years. Soon after Prince Yi died of illness, his title fell to him, and there was only one princess left. The son of the king of chess, named Xiao Zhuo, was only five or six years old. It was the first time he went to Beijing and the palace with his father.

Lin Qingyu asked, “how could the prince of chess be with Qinghe?”

Hua Lu replied with a smile: “the second young master met the son of God in the imperial garden. Seeing that the son of God was lively and lovely, he took him to play together.”

Lin Qingyu said, “let them wait for me in the main hall.”

Lin Qingyu arranged the little poisonous snake and came to the main hall. I saw Lin Qinghe holding Xiao Zhuo’s hand. The latter just looked around strangely. His big eyes were very lively and flexible.

Seeing Lin Qingyu, Lin Qinghe loosened his hand and said, “Qing He has seen his brother.”

Xiao Zhuo knelt down and said, “I’ll see the queen. The fairy tale of a five-year-old or six-year-old child has been very clear, and the manner of kneeling down to salute is not inferior to that of an adult man.

Lin Qingyu nodded lightly: “Qinghe, why don’t you take your son to play elsewhere and come to Xingqing palace.”

Lin Qinghe said with a smile, “brother Hui, Shizi, listen to me. Brother has a blue snake and pesters me to take him to have a look.”

Lin Qingyu was slightly surprised: “the son of God is not afraid of snakes?”

Xiao Zhuo smiled and frowned: “back to the queen, I’m not afraid. How lovely the snake is.”

Lin Qingyu smiled lightly: “well, come with me.”

Lin Qingyu won’t let the child near the little poisonous snake no matter how human it is. Xiao Zhuo only looked at it from a distance, and his face turned red with excitement. He kept exclaiming “how lovely and beautiful”. Lin Qinghe stood aside and patiently told Xiao Zhuo about the life experience of the little snake: “its hometown is the western region very far from the capital. It has a name, Jiang Xiaolin.”

Xiao Zhuo was puzzled and said, “ah, why is it surnamed Jiang?”

Lin Qinghe was asked, “this… I don’t know.”

Lin Qingyu looked thoughtfully at two young boys, a big one and a small one. An idea inadvertently sprouted in the bottom of his heart.

Lin Qingyu left Lin Qinghe and Xiao Zhuo to have some snacks in Xingqing palace. Not long after, Xiao Songzi came to Xingqing palace to remind him that it was time to prepare for the family banquet Lantern Festival.

It is also the Shangyuan Festival, with thousands of lights, trees and silver flowers. The emperor and empress, dressed in Chinese clothes, climbed the tower hand in hand and stood at the top of the capital, overlooking the city that never sleeps.

The Empress Dowager was old. After watching it, she returned to Ci’an palace. As soon as she left, the rest of the unimportant people were not worth the attention of the emperor and empress. Lin Qingyu casually cut off a lantern and said, “emperor, have you ever thought about your stepson?”

Jiang woke up and said, “the queen has a candidate in her heart?”

“Not really.” Lin Qingyu said, “but I think I can use snacks on this matter.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “yes, but don’t worry. The future is long.”

Lin Qingyu smiled. In the clear light not far away, scattered lights gradually took off and lit up the whole night sky.

It’s a long time coming. It’s just right now.

“Jiang Xing.”


Lin Qingyu’s eyes are full of lights: “happy fourth anniversary of love.”

Jiang Xing was slightly stunned and looked at Lin Qingyu’s side face.

Night is like day, beauty is like jade.

“Happy fourth anniversary.” Jiang woke up and raised his mouth, “please continue to take care of me in the next year. At this time next year, you will like me more than this year, okay?”

Can you like it better. He already likes it so much.

Lin Qingyu said, “it depends on your performance.”

Jiang Xing smiled softly, “I will try my best.”

The author has something to say: This article will not lengthen the time line until now, because he wants to keep salted fish and beauty in their best years and have the capital to indulge in the wind and moon – Jiang, who is always 18 years old! (hoarse)

Then the next one is modern fanla = 3=


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