Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 125

Extra Story 6

Lin Qingyu took a slow breath and forced himself to calm down again.

The cause of the matter is that Xu Junyi claimed to have obtained a strange stone on Kunlun mountain. The stone is full of the aura of heaven and earth. It is as green as jade and has the effect of fixing the soul. Perhaps there is any special good effect. He divided the stone into two and made a pair of rings, which were presented to the emperor and empress on the longevity day.

Xu Junyuan is a strange man. His treasures, Lin Qingyu and Jiang Xing, will naturally be treated with caution. According to his words, they put the ring under their pillow to sleep. Who ever thought that when you wake up, you will turn the world upside down.

Lin Qingyu found himself standing in the crowd. There were as many people as Dayu’s Shangyuan Lantern Festival. But these people are obviously not Dayu people. Their mouths and noses are covered with cloth. One of them is wearing thin and strange clothes. Some are similar to Jiang Xing’s clothes when he dreamed twice; There are also some wearing long shirts and corsets similar to Dayu clothes. Therefore, I don’t stand out in a big Yu suit.

——Oh, how can it be inconspicuous.

He stood there for only a moment, and the onlookers had surrounded the intersection. These people looked at him without concealment, holding a square object in their hands or facing him with a cylinder. He knows that the square object is a mobile phone, and the cylinder should be the camera Jiang Xing told him. They are taking pictures of him.

… when he returns to Dayu, he must let the little Viper thank Xu Junyi for his generous gift.

Lin Qingyu maintained calm on the surface, but a trace of loss and fear rose at the bottom of his heart. His fear was not because he suddenly found himself in a strange place, but because Jiang Xing was not with him.

If the strange stone Xu Jun is willing to give is the culprit that led him to a foreign land, Jiang Xing should also come with him. But what about Jiang Xingren?

Lin Qingyu looked up and saw many huge drawing boards hanging on the roof. The font on the drawing board was simplified characters taught by Jiang Xing. The words “Guangzhou Hanfu Carnival” are written on each drawing board.

Guangzhou is the Jiaozhou of Dayu and the hometown of Jiang Xing. Jiang Xing must also be in this city.

Be there – he dares not to be!

Lin Qingyu drooped his eyes and meditated. The passers-by who took pictures of him said to me: “pretty boy, please look this way – look at the camera, thank you!”

“Handsome boy, which is your Hanfu? Can you give me a link?”

“Little brother, can you add a wechat? I’ll return the picture to you after I refine the photos ~”


Lin Qingyu said nothing with a cold face. He didn’t mean to turn a deaf ear, but he really didn’t know how to answer. He decided to leave this crowded place and find a quiet place to think about countermeasures.

Lin Qingyu said “excuse me” to the onlookers and walked to one side. He is in a very big place. He has not lost Xingqing palace. He has walked for a long time and has not come to an end. He found that as soon as he stopped, he would be surrounded immediately. When walking, although many people took out their mobile phones to pat him and talk to him, at least there will be no embarrassment just now.

Jiang Xing once said that one day, if he goes to his hometown, he can find him with the help of his mobile phone. The top priority is to find a passer-by to borrow his mobile phone and call Jiang Xing. According to his observation, Jiang Xing’s hometown people have a mobile phone. It should not be difficult to borrow it.

“Sorry -”

An excited voice came from behind. Lin Qingyu turned around and looked at a pair of deer like eyes. This is a girl of his age. There is a thing called [work permit] around her neck. Her name is written on the card. The girl’s last name is Ke Tang.

Ke Tang said, “little brother, it’s better to wear a mask when you don’t take pictures.”

Ketang people have a sweet voice as their name suggests. Lin Qingyu said, “mask?”

“Yes, although there is no epidemic in Guangzhou at this time, we can’t take it lightly.”

“I don’t have a mask.”

“Then I’ll give you one.” Ke Tang took out a mask and handed it to Lin Qingyu. Before Lin Qingyu put it on, she said quietly, “wait a minute, little brother. Can I take a picture with you?”

As a staff member of Hanfu exhibition, she did something wrong. But the little brother was so beautiful that she couldn’t help it.

Lin Qingyu did not respond.

Ke Tang was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t blame Lin Qingyu at all. Is it impolite for a great beauty to ignore people? She doesn’t deserve it!

“No, it doesn’t matter!” Ke Tang hurriedly said, “excuse me!”

Lin Qingyu smiled: “I didn’t say no. please.”

Ke Tang was stunned by surprise and hurriedly took out his mobile phone. She didn’t dare to stand too close to the great beauty for fear of messing up the beautiful clothes that would be very expensive at first sight.

The little brother is a head taller than her, about 1.8 meters tall. He passed in the south. Ke Tang raised his mobile phone, held a scissor hand rigidly against the camera, and pressed the Photo button. Because she was a little flustered, she forgot to open her face. Facts have proved that the beauty of a real beauty can stand the test of the front camera. Taking a random picture is better than the picture she has refined for 500 years.

Lin Qingyu asked, “have you finished shooting?”

“Shoot, shoot.” Ke Tang smiled brightly. “Thank you, little brother!”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Qingyu put on his mask and said his real purpose. “I also have one thing to ask. Can I borrow your mobile phone?”

“Eh? Cell phone?”

Lin Qingyu explained: “I want to use my mobile phone to find someone, but I don’t have a mobile phone myself.”

Ke Tang thought Lin Qingyu didn’t bring his mobile phone with him. His Chinese clothes didn’t seem to have a place to put his mobile phone. Ke Tang generously handed out his mobile phone: “you use it.”

Lin Qingyu stared at his cell phone and didn’t answer it. Jiang Xing had nothing to do and told him a lot about mobile phones. He knows many uses of mobile phones, but there is no real object in Dayu after all. No matter how much he knows, he won’t use it.

“Can you make this call for me?” Lin Qingyu asked.

“Sure.” Ke Tang was very friendly. “What’s the phone number?”

Neither he nor Jiang Xing thought that one day they would really return to Jiang Xing’s hometown. The phone call was just a casual remark. Fortunately, he had a good memory and remembered the string of numbers after listening to it only once.

Ke Tang dialed the phone according to the number Lin Qingyu said. Before the beep sounded, she asked, “little brother, who are you calling?”

Lin Qingyu thought and said, “give it to my husband.”

Ke Tang stared round and almost threw his cell phone out: “… Ah?!”

Jiang woke up and found himself lying on the sofa. The air conditioner was blowing, he was covered with a thin blanket, and the mobile phone lay quietly beside him.

Jiang Xing sat up slowly and looked at the time. It was already evening. He began to sleep after lunch. He only slept for five hours, but he always felt that he had slept for a long time and had a long dream.

The sequela of taking a nap is that you don’t feel right when you look at everything. There is a feeling of vicissitudes of life.

Jiang Xing sat back on the sofa in a daze, and there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs. The girl who came down was wearing a pure white dress and light makeup. She was Pei Zhiqi, a cousin one year older than him.

Pei Zhiqi saw Jiang Xing’s appearance and asked, “what’s the matter with you?”

Jiang woke up slowly and said, “I always think I just had a long dream. I dreamed that I was dead and alive and dead. It hurts. I also… Dreamed of a classical beauty in wedding clothes.”

“Beauty? How beautiful?”

Jiang Xing tried to recall, but he still got nothing: “shit, I can’t remember clearly.”

Pei Zhiqi didn’t think so: “the dream is like this. When you wake up, you forget.”

Jiang Xing hesitated for a moment and said, “you are right.” he gave up his memory and lay back on the sofa.

“Don’t sleep. You’ve been sleeping all afternoon.” Pei Zhiqi said silently. “Are you going to sleep on the first day of the National Day holiday?”

“To be honest, it’s not just the first day, but I’m going to spend the next six days like this.” Jiang Xing opens his mobile phone, clicks on the reading app and continues to read his unfinished novels.

Pei Zhiqi glanced at his screen and said in surprise, “you’re really watching Huai don’t know you!”

“Didn’t you recommend it to me?”

Pei Zhiqi smiled cunningly: “yes, what do you think of the plot?”

“It’s hard to say. In short, what supports me now is to see how Xiao Cheng died and how Dr. Lin killed all sides.”

“Doctor Lin? You say Lin Qingyu. Do you like him?”

Jiang Xing said without hesitation, “I like it.”

“But he is not a good man. He killed many people for revenge.”

Jiang Xing raised his eyebrow: “coincidentally, I like watching him avenge and kill. I announce that from today on, I will be Dr. Lin’s single pusher.”

Pei Zhiqi’s expression was complex: “I advise you to push more, in case the house collapses…”

Jiang Xing noticed something wrong: “what do you mean? What happened to me, beauty Lin?”

“I didn’t say anything,” Pei Zhiqi said with a guilty heart. “Look behind yourself.” then he took an orange from the tea table and went upstairs.

Half an hour later, Pei Zhiqi went downstairs again with a mobile phone in her hand: “it’s hot to search on the Hanfu carnival. It seems that there are some store models who are super handsome and super beautiful…” she enlarged the photo and narrowed her eyes to find the flaw, “can anyone really grow like this?”

Jiang woke up and whispered, “he’s dead.”

Pei Zhiqi was startled and didn’t react for a moment: “who, who died?”

Jiang Xing chuckled and rubbed his astringent eyes on his mobile phone for a long time: “it’s really boring.”

Pei Zhiqi saw that Jiang Xing’s mobile phone screen stayed in the scene of Lin Qingyu’s suicide in the East Palace in Huai don’t know you. She suddenly realized, empathized and deeply sympathized. She sat down next to her brother and comforted him, “don’t think about it. It’s just a piece of paper. As soon as the Internet cable is pulled out, go to his mother. Come on, brother. Go up. I’ve practiced playing wild recently. Let me take you with me.”

Jiang Xing: ”

“Oh, I forgot! You’re not over eighteen. You can only play for an hour in the evening on holidays! What a tragedy.”

Jiang Xing silently opens the game and successfully logs in. Pei Zhiqi was stunned: “how did you do it?”

Jiang Xing said, “I used my aunt’s ID card, that is, your mother’s ID card.”

They entered the game and were fighting a group war when a phone call came. Caller ID is a strange number, and the area is also in Guangzhou. It is probably a sales call. Jiang woke up and refused to answer the call.

“Beep -”

Ke Tang blinked and told Lin Qingyu, “your husband hung up.”

Lin Qingyu frowned: “what does it mean to hang up.”

Ke Tang said, “I mean, he doesn’t want to answer the phone.”

Lin Qingyu’s eyes were cold and said in a cold voice, “why?”

“I don’t want to answer it when I see a strange number,” said Ke Tang. “Or I’ll send him a wind up message?”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “OK, thank you.”

Ke Tang edited the good message, looked at Lin Qingyu and made sure there was no problem before sending it out: [Hello, I’m a warm-hearted passer-by. Your wife lost her and didn’t bring her mobile phone. He asked you to pick him up ~]

Lin Qingyu and Ke Tang waited for 15 minutes before Jiang Xing replied:



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