Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 13

Dayu was the eldest son of the emperor. He had been in the east palace for three years. His biological mother, concubine Chen Guifei, has been in favor of the six palaces for many years. On her fortieth birthday this time, all the ladies who have an order will go into the palace to greet her and present a birthday gift.

The steward of the storehouse in the house sent a list and said, “all the things in the house are on top. Madam asked you to choose the right birthday gift.”

Lin Qingyu glanced roughly and asked, “it was said in the book given to me by my wife that the East Palace rewarded the Marquis with a pair of suede white jade Ruyi last year. Why is there no one in the warehouse?”

The steward said, “if you return to the young gentleman, this pair of jade Ruyi are sent by his wife to the Minister of war’s house to congratulate his son on his big marriage.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “where is the Millennium ginseng appreciated by imperial concubine Chen?”

The steward smiled and said, “that’s naturally used to make up for the young master.”

Lin Qingyu nodded, “I see. Just step back. I’ll prepare a gift for my wife before she enters the Palace tomorrow.”

Liang’s only requirement for gifts is equivalence. We can neither lose the respect of Nan’an Marquis for concubine Chen, nor show the heart of arrogation and attachment. In particular, Nan’an Hou’s house and the queen have a layer of affinity, and things become more and more subtle.

In fact, the queen has a legitimate son. This son has insufficient intelligence, can not inherit the great unification, and is not happy with the Holy Lord. He has been kept in the palace. The queen is eager for her son and naturally has a grudge against Chen Guifei’s mother and son. Although the queen is far less favored than concubine Chen, she is always the mother of a country. Nan’an Hou’s house gives Chen Guifei a birthday gift, but also scruples about the honor of the central palace. The twists and turns can not be summed up in a word.

Lin Qingyu chose a batch of gifts from the list and ordered people to move into the blue wind Pavilion for him to look at and choose one by one.

Seeing that the house was full of gift boxes, Lu Wancheng asked, “what are these?”

Lin Qingyu said: “Chen Guifei’s birthday gift is an alternative.”

“Chen Guifei?” Lu Wancheng rarely frowned. “The prince’s mother imperial concubine?”

“It’s him.”

Lu Wancheng’s face changed slightly: “when did you get involved with Donggong?”

Lin Qingyu tells Lu Wancheng that Liang asked him to prepare gifts. Lu Wancheng still seemed worried and asked, “so you won’t go into the palace or see the prince?”

“No.” Lin Qingyu said suspiciously, “I haven’t seen your heart about other things. How can you react so much when you mention the east palace.”

Lu Wancheng hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, “he is the crown prince of the current Dynasty and the future emperor. Isn’t it worth my fuss?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the queen is your own aunt and the prince’s direct mother. In terms of relatives, the prince is still your cousin.”

Lu Wancheng sneered, “I don’t want his greasy cousin.”

This is the end of the topic about the east palace. Lu Wancheng was a little absent-minded and didn’t forget to remind Lin Qingyu: “since Liang dared to make an article about concubine Chen, he probably felt that the time was almost right.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “don’t worry, young marquis. I have my own discretion.”

The next day, Liang got up half an hour earlier than usual. Mother Liu waited on her and put on her imperial dress. She asked, “which courtyard did the Marquis rest in last night?”

Mother Liu said, “aunt Pan’s yard.”

Liang’s face sank: “it’s her again.”

Mother Liu advised, “pan was born cheap and her stomach is not good. My wife doesn’t have to be angry with her and give her a face.”

“Yes.” Liang looked at the charming woman in the mirror and said, “it’s time for you to have breakfast later. Go to the blue wind pavilion to invite someone.”

No matter which concubine he stayed in, Nan’an hou would have breakfast with his wife the next day and listen to her talk about some common affairs in the house. He can ignore family affairs, but at least he should have a clear mind.

During the dinner, Liang mentioned the birthday gift of concubine Chen. Nan’an Hou said, “it seems like a small matter, but it really matters. Where is your birthday gift? Show me.”

At this time, the servant came in and spread: “Sir and madam, young gentleman is coming.”

Liang smiled and said, “to tell you the truth, there are many affairs in the house. I’m too old to do anything. I want to give some things to Qingyu, which won’t let him take care of the accounts for some time. Imperial concubine Chen’s birthday gift has also been ordered to be prepared for him. He must have come for this now. It’s still some time from the early Dynasty. Why don’t you stay a little longer and have a look at his gift?”

Nan’an Hou nodded, “let him in.”

Lin Qingyu came in, followed by Feng Qin and Huan Tong. Two people, one holding a book, one carrying a delicate gift box. He greeted them according to the rules. Nan’an Hou looked at the gift box and said, “this is the gift you prepared for concubine Chen?”

“Yes, please have a look at the Marquis’s wife.” Lin Qingyu gestured in his eyes. Feng Qin presented the gift box, and his hand trembled gently.

Look at the shape of the gift box, it seems to be something long. Nan’an Hou opened it and saw that it was a rolled picture.

Nan’an Hou ordered people to unfold the painting. His face suddenly changed and he got up in shock and anger: “presumptuous!”

Liang pressed down the corner of his lips and stood up. He couldn’t believe it and said, “this painting was made by everyone in Shu five hundred years ago and is also the heirloom of Lord Hou. How can you give it as a gift?”

“This painting has a market and is priceless. The holy master loves painting very much. He once ordered me to bring the painting to the palace to accompany the king several times. Because of his compassion for his subjects, even if I offered tribute, I didn’t accept it. It’s good for you to give it to concubine Chen, the mother of the crown prince!” Nan’an Hou hit the table and said angrily, “the holy master hates that powerful officials and the crown prince are too close. You know how much disaster you almost caused!”

Lin Qingyu said, “Qingyu dare not.”

“Don’t you dare?” Nan’an Hou was furious. “Who doesn’t know that the son of the court judge of Tai hospital has excellent understanding and is capable of all kinds of things. I think you do it on purpose and want to put Nan’an Hou’s house in danger!”

Liang was afraid and said, “fortunately, the Marquis looked at it in advance. Otherwise, when the holy emperor saw the painting at Princess Chen’s place in the future, I don’t know how to suspect the relationship between the Marquis and the prince.”

Liang glanced at mammy Liu and signaled that she should add fuel and vinegar as usual. Unexpectedly, Mammy Liu’s face turned into a panic, and her body was very ugly. She pressed her voice and asked, “what’s the matter with you.”

Mother Liu whispered, “I think I was bitten by some insect. My body itched flustered.”

At a critical juncture, this is nothing. Liang said displeased, “the Marquis is still there. Pay attention to the etiquette.”

“Yes,” said mammy Liu

Lin Qingyu said calmly, “Lord, since I have married into the Marquis house, there is no way back. If the Marquis house of Nan’an is in trouble, I can’t escape. My wife ordered me to choose this painting.”

Liang opened his eyes and exclaimed, “what are you talking about!”

“Yes, madam. The gift for concubine Chen is equivalent to their reward.”

Although Nan’an Hou and Liang are not married, they have slept together for many years. Lin Qingyu is just a daughter-in-law who seldom meets. At this moment, he believed Liang: “she’s right. You really just need to prepare gifts of considerable value. But did you do it?”

Lin Qingyu said, “the prince once praised the jade Ruyi of a pair of lanolin white jade of the marquis. It is also a relic of the previous dynasty. It has a market and is priceless enough to echo this painting.”

“What lanolin white jade?” Nan’an Hou snapped. “Your Highness the prince has never given me this.”

Liang’s thought: “I don’t remember such a thing.”

Lin Qingyu frowned, “no? But the book my wife gave me recorded this one – Huan Tong.”

Huan Tong presents the first volume. Nan’an Hou looked at it at a glance. His eyes became colder and fiercer. He threw the book to Lin Qingyu: “look for yourself. Where is the lanolin white jade you said!”

Lin Qingyu averted, picked up the account book and looked through it again: “really… No.”

Nan’an Hou pointed to Lin Qingyu and said, “what else do you have to say!”

Mammy Liu is still struggling with her abnormal body and can’t say a word. Liang Shi had to say to himself, “Qingyu, what’s the matter with you? I’ve missed the account book twice, and today… Alas.”

Nan’an Hou said, “account book? What account book.”

Liang Shi thought: “it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t matter if the Marquis doesn’t know.”


Liang was forced to tell the whole story of the account book.

Nan’an Hou was even more angry when he heard the speech. He concluded in his heart that Lin Qingyu did it on purpose: “come and pass on the family law!”

Lin Qingyu glanced at the people one by one and said in a slow voice, “there is no lanolin white jade in the book, but I clearly remember this one. Why? I also remember that there is no lack of one page in the account book twice. When I came to my wife, there was one page missing. Why?”

Liang blurted out, “it’s because you don’t keep it well.”

“I don’t keep it well?” Lin Qingyu smiled softly. “Can’t someone deliberately take away a page.”

“Qingyu, up to now, do you still want to talk to others?” Liang shook his head. “Such a bad character, you don’t deserve to be the late Cheng, let alone the young king of the Marquis house!”

As soon as the voice fell, only to hear a burst, Mammy Liu standing on one side suddenly fell down. She twisted on the ground like a crazy woman, tore her clothes, and talked nonsense. It was terrible.

Before the crowd reacted, the Fengqin behind Lin Qingyu fell down and twitched. She was a girl, biting her lips and trying to restrain herself from pulling her clothes, but she kept hitting the ground with her head. Dong Dong Dong is like a death knell.

Everyone present was so frightened that several maidservants cried out. The whole Liang family, who was closest to mother Liu, was already frozen. He couldn’t even step. He stretched out his hand and said in horror: “wait, Lord…”

Lin Qingyu said: “The account books and books are missing in the blue wind Pavilion, which is naturally the work of the people in the blue wind Pavilion. In order to catch this person, the young Marquis ordered me to record a page of Lanzhi white jade on the book with a special poison. Once the skin contacts this poison, it will itch all over the body and grow thick sores. Although it doesn’t hurt life, life is not like death. Previously, I told my servant many times not to move the book sent by my wife “It’s expected that someone in Lanfeng Pavilion will be poisoned,” said Lin Qingyu, glancing at Liang lightly, “but I didn’t expect that mammy Liu, the lady’s most trusted, would also be poisoned.”

Nan’an Hou is a smart man. He knows most of the “coincidence” in his heart. He looks back at Liang Shi, who is stunned: “Lord Hou, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on…” she is in a hurry and bites back, “Is it possible that Lin deliberately poisoned them both and framed me! Lin, where on earth am I wrong with you? You are so cruel!”

Lin Qingyu sneered, walked up to Feng Qin and asked condescending, “it’s hard, isn’t it?”

Feng Qin’s lips were bitten and bleeding. He struggled and said, “Shao, Shaojun, please…”

“I can detoxify you, but I want to know the whereabouts of the account books and books, okay?”

Mammy Liu scratched her sleeve and revealed a large section of her sore arm. It was shocking and made a little servant girl retch. She heard the word “detoxification” and ignored the others: “madam, madam, she let me burn…”

Liang shook his head and was still quibbling: “no, marquis! I didn’t… Lin’s this, this is a forced attack! You can’t believe them, marquis!”

Lin Qingyu said, “if you don’t believe it, you can go to the manager of the accounting room in person. He hasn’t been poisoned yet. People are sober. You can find out the truth with your honest and honest means.”

Nan’an Hou closed his eyes and said, “come on, drag these two crazy women down.”

After Fengqin and mammy Liu were taken away, there was silence in the house, and people dared not go out of the atmosphere until the head of the Marquis house reminded: “Marquis, you should go to the court. And… Madam, it’s time to enter the palace.”

After all this trouble, Liang’s hair bun was scattered and her makeup was spent. The housewife was embarrassed and lost her face.

Nan’an Hou said in a deep voice, “go and freshen up and choose a gift for concubine Chen. As for the rest, we’ll talk about it when we get back to the house.” then he brushed his sleeves and strode away.

After Nan’an Hou returned from the palace, he personally examined the affairs of the accounting room in secret. No one knows what the facts are. The people in the house only know that his wife knelt in the ancestral hall all night and fell ill the next day. In order to make her feel at ease, the master entrusted the affairs of the house to the young gentleman Lin and his aunt pan.

The result was almost the same as Lin Qingyu expected. Nan’an Hou paid attention to his face. After all, Liang Shi was his wife, and he wouldn’t do anything to her. But everyone knew that the heaven of Hou’s house was going to change.

After this, Lu Wancheng’s body gradually got better and recovered to the point where he could get out of bed. He drank a different kind of medicine every day. Hua Lu brought him the soup and medicine. When he smelled it, he knew that it was not the medicine he often drank: “Doctor Zhang changed the prescription?”

Hua Lu replied, “no, this is Shaojun’s medicine.”

When Lu Wancheng heard the speech, he suddenly sprayed out the medicine he had just tasted: “poof -”

Lin Qingyu happened to see this scene when he entered the house and mocked, “you can’t even drink medicine?”

Lu Wancheng coughed badly, and Hua Lu was busy tidying up again. Lin Qingyu didn’t spare anyone, but he went to the bed and sat down, gently stroking the back of landing Wancheng to comfort him.

Lu Wancheng smelled the faint smell of rice paper, ink and inkstone on his body, mixed with the fragrance of medicine, like a medicine picking immortal coming out of a book.

Lu Wancheng is too lazy to do this or that. When he is too lazy to do that, he will stay in a daze and observe the people around him, so he has developed the ability to observe words and colors. For example, now, he can feel that Lin Qingyu is not worried, and the cold feeling around him can make people retreat.

He didn’t dare to make a mistake and asked carefully, “Qingyu, why do you change my dressing?”

Lin Qingyu said lightly, “why do you think?”

Lu Wancheng waved back the flower dew, then asked with a low smile, “do you think I died too slowly?”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “yes.”

Lu Wancheng said “Oh”, picked up the medicine bowl on one side and drank the medicine clean.

Lin Qingyu frowned: “what are you doing?”

Lu Wancheng licked the corners of his mouth and said, “if you really want to poison me, you won’t wait until now, let alone let Hualu know about the dressing change. You think Doctor Zhang’s prescription is bad, so you changed it for me.”

Lin Qingyu suddenly got up: “be smart and like to drink.”

Lu Wancheng held his clothes and didn’t let him go: “are you angry?”

“No, you’re not happy.”

Lu Wancheng seriously recalled his recent actions, innocent and confused: “what’s wrong with me?”

Lin Qingyu thought silently.

Lu Wancheng is right. He never said he wanted to live longer. He couldn’t take the exam of the imperial medical department this year because he was soft hearted and stupid.

But he missed this year’s exam and can continue to take it in three years. Lu Wancheng has only so little time left. Once he dies, he has nothing.

Lin Qingyu said slowly: “this prescription was given by my father. I’ll improve it according to your situation. It can’t save your life, but it can make you live more than half a year and make your last days less painful. At that time… It won’t be too embarrassing.”

He has seen many people dying of serious illness. No matter how decent they used to be, they can’t look good at that time. They can’t take care of themselves. They rely on others for everything. They are as thin as firewood and look gray until the oil runs out and the lamp runs dry.

People like Lu Wancheng should not fade away so painfully.

However, Lu Wancheng didn’t care whether he died or not: “you said… Live more than half a year?”

Lin Qingyu lowered his eyes and didn’t look at him: “yes.”

Lu Wancheng’s eyes moved slightly, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down: “Qingyu.”

He called out and was silent, which made Lin Qingyu feel a little embarrassed.

“Don’t get me wrong.” Lin Qingyu said, “human life is very important. There are thousands of precious gold. A square can help, and virtue is more than that. Since I practice medicine, I can’t refuse to save innocent people.”

When Lu Wancheng spoke again, his voice was a little hoarse: “but you can’t save me.”

“I know. But as long as I try my best, I will have a clear conscience in the future.”

Lu Wancheng smiled. His lips were slightly curved, his eyes were bright, and even good-looking. He just said that he was still flat: “Oh, is the cruel beauty turning for me?”

Lin Qingyu couldn’t hide his dislike and didn’t admit it: “the little Marquis thinks too much of himself.”

Lu Wancheng straightened up, came to Lin Qingyu’s ear and said gently, “Qingyu, thank you.”

Lin Qingyu was not used to the sudden approach. His face was as cold as ice under the eaves. He said, “do you drink this medicine or not?”

“If I don’t drink it, I’ll disappoint you. By the way,” Lu Wancheng seemed to think of an important thing, “can I hold you?”

Lin Qingyu didn’t understand why Lu Wancheng was so tangled about it. He raised his eyebrows and eyes slightly: “you really want to be able to hold me?”

Lu Wancheng nodded: “super.”

Lin Qingyu sneered: “don’t think about it. It’s impossible in your life.”

While holding up the medicine bowl, Lu Wancheng complained in a low voice: “… Then I’ll drink a fart.”

The author has something to say:

Little Marquis: in my next life, I will not only hold you, but also hold you!

① From Sun Simiao’s Golden Prescriptions


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