Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 14

After Lin Qingyu got half the power of housekeeper, people came to him every day.

The story of the young gentleman poisoning people spread in the house. Everyone understood what “snake and scorpion beauty” is. They looked in awe at the young gentleman. You have to tell the young gentleman what flowers you want to grow in the yard, from the distribution of monthly regulations in the house to what flowers you want to grow in the yard. You don’t dare to make any decisions.

Lin Qingyu is very upset. He has never been interested in the affairs of the government. Small things like what flowers to plant and what snacks to prepare in each room can be decided by pan. As for other important matters, it’s a good thing if you can hold them in your own hands.

Lin Qingyu found someone lying in the rocking chair, closed his eyes and listened to the rain, and ordered: “you can find some more trustworthy managers to deal with the government affairs together.”

Lu Wancheng opened his eyes and joked, “Oh? I remember you didn’t seem to agree with this approach at the beginning — ‘you can’t always rely on others. When you’re too lazy to eat, sleep, marry and have children, do you want others to help you?’

Lin Qingyu paused and said calmly, “this moment is another moment.

Lu Wancheng said with a smile, “it’s easy to do. I’ll write another letter to my grandfather.”

Lin Qingyu nodded: “write.”

“Then you help me polish the ink.”

Lu Wancheng joked casually. He thought he would be ruthlessly rejected by Lin Qingyu. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingyu just hesitated and said, “yes.”

Lu Wancheng was flattered.

In the study, Lu Wancheng stood in front of the window bar with a pen in his hand; Lin Qingyu stood on one side and studied ink for him personally.

The ink smell was strong, but Lu Wancheng could still catch the light medicine smell on Lin Qingyu. He couldn’t help wondering when his nose was so smart.

It’s rainy in spring, and it hasn’t stopped raining for several days. The spring rain outside the window is drizzling, floating and misty, like entangled love.

Lu Wancheng writes slowly. He doesn’t seem to write very often, but his handwriting is excellent. The letter is private. Lin Qingyu doesn’t deliberately read it, but inadvertently skims it.

Lu Wancheng’s words are as popular as a person. They are free and easy and fluent. It’s hard to imagine that they were written by a person who has been ill for a long time.

After writing a few words, Lu Wancheng began to be lazy: “ah, my hands are so sour, I’m so tired.”

Lin Qingyu said, “you can sit down and write.”

“That won’t work. It’s not elegant to sit down and write.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Huan Tong came in to deliver snacks and saw the young Marquis writing. He was frightened by the scene of his young master “clearing his sleeves and adding fragrance”. It took him a long time to think of what he was doing: “young master, a box of plum blossom cakes was sent from the dining room.”

Lin Qingyu said, “let it go.”

Huan Tong put the plum blossom cake on the table and saw Lu Wancheng’s words. He was surprised and said, “young marquis is is so lazy. The words are so beautiful!”

Lu Wancheng said modestly, “I’m flattered. It’s generally good-looking.”

Lin Qingyu said softly, “look at your words, it seems that you have practiced deliberately.”


Practicing calligraphy is not a day’s work. Lu Wancheng has practiced calligraphy for several years. Lin Qingyu can’t help but question: “if you write a few words, you will cry sour hands. Will you have leisure to practice calligraphy?”

“Alas, I was forced. When I was young, I was too lively and active. My mother heard that practicing calligraphy could calm down, so she paid a lot of money to invite calligraphy people to teach me how to write and read ancient Chinese.” Lu Wancheng hung his eyes, with both nostalgia and pain on his face, “My mother is a very strong person. Even if she is so strong, she also requires me to be proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting and take the first place in everything. Unfortunately, I was young at that time. I couldn’t sleep enough in either this class or that class…”

Huan Tong sympathized and said, “it’s too miserable for the young marquis. If you’re not in good health, you have to be tossed about like this. It’s worse than us.”

Lin Qingyu said indifferently, “he’s talking nonsense.”

Huan Tong stared with big eyes: “ah?”

“When did you see him call Liang’s’ mother ‘?”

Huan Tong scratched his head: “yes.”

Lu Wancheng did not refute, but said with a smile, “ah, I’ve been seen through.”

Halfway through the letter, Lu Wancheng said that he was not sure about the grammar and stopped writing to meditate. After meditating, he left his mind, his eyes gradually relaxed, and his posture of holding the pen changed. But when he saw him holding the pen holder carelessly, he put his pen around his four fingers in order, from head to tail.

In a flash, the pen and ink were flying, and Lin Qingyu’s master and servant standing next to him suffered a lot. Lin Qingyu was pretty good, only a few ink stains were thrown. He was still happy, and an ink mark crossed half of his face. He also opened his mouth because of fear. He was lucky to taste some ink smell. When he calmed down, he immediately “Pooh Pooh”.

Realizing his mistake, Lu Wancheng quickly put down his pen and apologized to the two: “sorry, I forgot that this is a brush dipped in ink…”

Lin Qingyu said expressionless, “can you be a normal person?”

Lu Wancheng wanted to laugh. But it would be unkind for him to laugh again at this time. He held back his smile and said, “it’s really unintentional… I’ll wipe it for you.” then he raised his hand.

The ink stains happened to fall on Lin Qingyu’s eyes and mixed with his tear mole. When he stretched out his hand, Lin Qingyu instinctively blinked, like the long eyelashes of butterfly wings, and gently swept Lu Wancheng’s fingertips.

Slightly itchy and soft.

Lu Wancheng’s hands were frozen, and his breathing was stagnant.

Lin Qingyu didn’t notice his abnormality. He opened his hand and said in a cool tone: “can ink stains be wiped by hand?”

“Oh, yes.” Lu Wancheng looked back and said, “Huan Tong, why don’t you take a handkerchief to clean your young master.”

Huan Tong shouted, “I haven’t vomited clean in my mouth!”

Hua Lu brought warm water, and Lin Qingyu wiped his face with a wet handkerchief. At this time, Han Qiao, Pan’s close maid, found Lin Qingyu and said, “young gentleman, our aunt asks you to go to the front hall.”

Lin Qingyu said, “I see.”

He and Pan’s men and women are different. Although they are housekeepers together, they seldom meet. They are always asked to send messages. Pan’s sudden invitation should be something that needs an interview.

Lin Qingyu said to Lu Wancheng, “I’ll go out. You’ll finish writing the letter and send someone to the government as soon as possible.”

Lu Wancheng replied absently. He went back to the window and looked at Lin Qingyu’s back with an umbrella in the rain. He looked down at his fingertips, smiled and said to himself: “… What ghost.”

Pan used to be a young lady of the official family. Unfortunately, her family was in a bad situation and she had to commit herself to be a concubine in order to make a living. Her family was weak and had no children. She was favored by the Nan’an Marquis, not only because of her appearance, but also because she was quiet, didn’t fight and didn’t rob. She never talked much in front of the Nan’an marquis. Things in the previous dynasty were annoying enough. When the Nan’an Marquis returned to the house, she just wanted to find a moment of peace, pan That is undoubtedly the best place to go.

In order to avoid suspicion, Lin Qingyu and pan met with many servants, and the same is true this time. Lin Qingyu never liked the people in Nan’an Hou’s house, but because pan gave him a wedding gift to Lu Wancheng and sent a medicine patch when he sprained, he didn’t hate this person. He was just indifferent.

Lin Qingyu patiently politely said to her, “what’s important, aunt? Just say it.”

Pan nodded and said, “it will be Tomb Sweeping Day in a few days. The Lu family’s hometown is in Lin’an, and the worship of their ancestors is handled by Lu’s side branch. In order to show filial piety, Hou Ye lit two Changming lamps for his parents in Changsheng temple on the outskirts of Beijing. In the past, madam would go to Changsheng temple to pray for blessings and seek the protection of her ancestors. Now, madam is still ill, and Hou ye…” Pan stopped and didn’t say any more.

Since Chen Guifei’s birthday ceremony, Liang has rarely appeared in front of people. It is said that she is recuperating from illness, but it is actually banning her feet. Nan’an Hou is in a high position all year round. She is arrogant and can’t be cheated by others. Liang’s fault is neither small nor big. But she has committed Nan’an Hou’s taboo and will suffer a lot.

Lin Qingyu said, “in that case, I’ll thank my aunt for praying.”

Pan shook his head and said, “I’m just a concubine, and I can’t incense for my wife. You are the young gentleman married by the Ming media of the Hou family. Only you can incense for the Lu clan except my wife.”

Lin Qingyu is noncommittal. If he asks him to give incense to Lu’s ancestors, he may directly extinguish the Changming lamp that Nan’an Hou has lit for more than ten years.

However, it would be nice to take this opportunity to go to Changsheng temple and pray for his family.

Lin Qingyu said, “OK, I’ll arrange it.”

Pan said, “the road is slippery in rainy days. You can wait until the rain stops.”

Lin Qingyu nodded to leave. Pan watched him leave and suddenly said, “young gentleman, please stay.”

Lin Qingyu asked, “what else?”

Pan stepped forward and saluted Lin Qingyu, saying: “Ten years ago, before I entered the government, I depended on my mother to wash clothes and weave cloth for a living. It was bitter cold in winter. My mother caught the wind cold and was dying for many days. However, I had no money to buy medicine. I took several copper coins and begged with Chang Xi and the medicine shop, but I was harassed by a passing disciple. At that time, the forest court judged that I was selecting medicinal materials in the medicine shop. Fortunately, he came out Hand in hand. Lin Yuan not only saw my mother when I came home, but also paid for our medicine. He… Is our mother’s and daughter’s life-saving benefactor. “Pan said, choking.

Lin Qingyu smiled faintly and said, “this is really what my father will do.”

Pan wiped tears on his side and said shyly, “I’ll let you see a joke. I just want to say that if you can be useful to me in the future, I will do my best to help you in order to repay the grace of saving your life.”

Lin Qingyu’s slightly cold voice warmed a little: “aunt, you’re welcome.”

Returning to the blue wind Pavilion, Lin Qingyu ordered people to prepare for the Qingming trip. However, the rain still showed no sign of stopping. It didn’t clear up for a long time, the house was wet, and there was rain everywhere outside, so people’s mood was inexplicably low.

Lu Wancheng was depressed for a few days. Lin Qingyu asked him what was wrong. He didn’t say anything, but just sighed at the rain. Lin Qingyu asked once and didn’t get the answer, so he didn’t bother to ask again. Whatever he wanted.

This day, Lu Wancheng stayed in bed again. Hua Lu brought him medicine and asked him to drink it. He didn’t respond. He looked like he was born and loveless.

Hua Lu turned to Lin Qingyu for help: “young gentleman, this…”

Lin Qingyu said, “I’ll come, you go down.”

After Hua Lu left, Lin Qingyu went to the bedside, looked down at Lu Wancheng and asked, “what’s the matter with you.”

Lu Wancheng: ”

Lin Qingyu looked unhappy and threatened, “if you don’t say it again, I’ll let Huan Tong lift your quilt at dawn every day.”

Lu Wancheng choked: “I’m all like this. Can you be a little compassionate?”

“What have you done?”

Lu Wancheng covered his face with his hands and said painfully, “I’m going to die.”

Lin Qingyu:?

“What do you mean No.”

Lu Wancheng seemed hard to say, “just not. In the past, as long as I was awake, I always woke up… You know.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Lu Wancheng looked down at his waist and said in a very sad tone: “he can’t stand up these days.”

Lin Qingyu said, “Oh, it’s normal.”

Lu Wancheng suddenly looked up: “normal?”

“In order to improve the prescription, I added a lot of Pueraria, Panax notoginseng and other herbs to your medicine.” Lin Qingyu played down, as if he was just talking about what to eat for dinner. “Mixing these drugs for a long time will have some impact on men’s… After all, you can’t use them. Don’t care.”


Don’t care??

Lu Wancheng almost gushed out his old blood. For a moment, he didn’t know how to refute such treacherous words. Get angry with Lin Qingyu and make people angry. He still has to coax them; be reasonable – it’s well known that great beauty can’t reason with ordinary people.

After holding back for a long time, Lu Wancheng said, “I don’t need it. But whether I need it or not is different from whether I can use it.”

Lin Qingyu disagreed: “it’s about life and death. Can you put away your useless self-esteem? It’s more important to live for half a year than anything.”

Lu Wancheng was dying: “but…”

Lin Qingyu’s face showed impatience: “no, but, little Marquis, as a patient, the only thing you have to do is follow the doctor’s advice – drink the medicine.”

Lu Wancheng looked down at the dark medicine and wanted to stop talking. Finally, he gave Lin Qingyu a thumbs up and two words that Lin Qingyu didn’t understand jumped out of his mouth: “… Cow force.”


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