Married Thrice to Salted Fish Chapter 140

Before school, Lin Qingyu and Shen Huaizhi took the transfer examination. Lin Qingyu came out of the examination room and saw Jiang Xing waiting at the door.

Jiang Xing’s tone was relaxed: “how was your test?”

“OK.” Lin Qingyu said, “where’s Huai knowledge?”

After a while, Shen Huaizhi found them dejected. Because he was too depressed, he forgot to change his name: “my subordinates live up to your Majesty’s high expectations. I can’t do a few questions…”

Jiang Xing comforted him: “just a few questions. You’re already very good.” Lin Qingyu and Shen Huaizhi have only studied for less than half a year. It’s normal for Shen Huai to pass the exam like this. What’s abnormal is Lin Qingyu.

Shen Huaizhi smiled bitterly: “I don’t think I can pass the exam.”

Jiang woke up early and prepared: “Huaizhi, you should like sports very much?”

Shen Huai knew why Jiang Xing asked and said, “this is nature.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “then don’t panic – you come with me.”

The three came to the playground. The physical education teacher was taking the students with physical education expertise for routine training. The Sports Committee of Jiang Xing’s class mainly focuses on the high jump. Because he can’t eat fat for the new year, he was bloody by the teacher. Lin Qingyu, wearing a mask, heard the teacher’s roar from a distance: “just like you, do you still want to enter the University of physical education?!”

Jiang Xing patted Shen Huaizhi on the shoulder: “it’s your turn to perform.”

Jiang Xing bought a sports drink in advance and gave one bottle to the sports committee and the teacher respectively. The teacher looked at Jiang Xing with regret and unwilling: “Jiang Xing, you really don’t come to the school team? The swimming team has always reserved a place for you.”

Jiang Xing said with a smile, “no, teacher. I’m so tired of swimming. I can’t swim.”

The teacher rolled his eyes: “you can pull down. What about the basketball team? I saw you play basketball last time.”

“To be honest, the only sport I love now is fishing.”

Teacher: ”

Jiang Xing gets to the point: “teacher, I have a friend who wants to introduce you…”

Shen Huai doesn’t have to show his skill. The teacher’s eyes have found the treasure just by seeing his perfect sports figure and smooth muscle lines. Another touch made the whole person excited.

Jiang Xing is not surprised at this – the leader of the great heavenly prison gate has been trained by the devil since childhood. He has experienced many battles. What is high jump? He knows lightness skills. With his specialty, Shen Huaizhi will study for another semester and it is not difficult to enter a good university. If you think boldly, you may win glory for the country in the future.

In the last two days of the holiday, Shen Huaizhi was pestered by the physical education teacher for training, leaving a lot of time for the little couple. Jiang Xing decided to take advantage of the holiday to advance the fifth anniversary.

Lin Yu wants to test the salty fish for two days. Modern people spend their memorial day nothing more than finding a restaurant with a good atmosphere for dinner and watching a movie. Jiang Xing wants to go fishing.

“When I was the emperor, there was a pond in the palace, and I could catch fish occasionally. Back to modern times, I haven’t caught it once.”

Lin Qingyu looked at the wronged high school students, distressed and funny: “where do you want to go fishing?”

Jiang Xing did his homework in advance and chose a home stay in a small forest, known as the secret garden. The cabin is hidden in the forest, decorated with a strong fairy tale wind, with natural streams, baths, bars, restaurants and pastures.

The driver of Jiang Xing’s family sent them to the B & B. The owner of the B & B warmly received them and chatted while taking them around the B & B: “take the liberty to ask, are you friends or…”

“It’s a couple,” Jiang said

The boss showed a clear smile: “if it is a couple, we will provide free roses and cakes.”

“Well, write ‘happy fifth anniversary’ on the cake.”

“Fifth anniversary?” The boss was stunned, “I remember the information on your ID card is…”

Jiang Xing was honest: “you remember correctly.”

The boss was surprised: “this…” should he call the police?

Lin Qingyu glanced at Jiang and said to his boss, “he’s joking with you.”

Jiang Xing smiled with half truth: “do I have it?”

The boss is more willing to believe in serious handsome men than less serious handsome men. He made a false alarm, wiped his sweat and continued to introduce: “we also provide fishing gear, self-help barbecue and campfire dinner…”

Jiang Xing took his fishing gear and went straight to the stream not far from the B & B. The stream is clear to the bottom, and the air is fresh and cool, but it won’t be too cold. Living in the city for a long time and occasionally coming to the small forest to experience the seclusion and slow life is also an interest.

“The Qingxi river is deep and unpredictable, and there are only lonely clouds in the hidden place.” Lin Qingyu said, “how did you find such a place?”

Jiang Xing skillfully hung the bait on the hook: “recommended by his classmate. He said everything here is good, just…”

“That’s what.”

Jiang woke up and lowered his voice: “it was when he went to bed at night that he saw something strange.”

Lin Qingyu felt that Jiang Xing was probably performing and said, “Oh.”

Jiang Xing said, “don’t you wonder what it is?”

“It should be a ghost.”

Jiang Xing was speechless.

It’s getting dark. Lin Qingyu asked the boss to put the grill by the stream. When Jiang Xing was fishing, he was preparing dinner. When he was not sure whether it was cooked, he fed Jiang Xing a bite.

Jiang Xing has been fishing in Dayu for several years. He has skills. He caught as many as one loach an hour. He is still a small loach. Lin Qingyu saw that he enjoyed it and understood what it meant to be both delicious and fun.

Male high school students are good at so many sports, but they only love fishing. What can he do? He can only accompany.

During this period, Ke Tang sent a wechat to Lin Qingyu and asked him whether he would consider becoming a model to earn extra money.

Ke Tang: [many Chinese clothing stores have seen your photos and want to cooperate with you.]

Lin Qingyu: [no, I shouldn’t have much time in the future.]

Ke Tang chatted with Lin Qingyu on this topic. Knowing that Lin Qingyu is now fishing with his boyfriend, Ke Tang sent a series of question marks.

Ke Tang: [what the hell is fishing! When you fall in love with a male high school student, shouldn’t you do your homework together, go shopping at the snack bar and give him water when he plays basketball!]

Lin Qingyu: [maybe my male high school students are different from others.]

After fishing for three hours. The moonlight is light, and there are birds singing in the woods. Lin Qingyu saw an unusual light beam in the dense forest. He stopped and asked, “what’s that?”

Jiang Xing also felt strange: “I don’t know. Do you want to go and have a look?”


They walked towards the light beam. It was too dark under his feet. Jiang Xing turned on his mobile phone flashlight to explore the way: “Qingyu, you go behind me.”

As they get closer and closer to the beam, Lin Qingyu sees the outline of a giant. Suddenly, a gust of evil wind blew, and the leaves were flying. The rustle seemed to be mixed with a low sob.

Lin Qingyu asked, “did you hear that?”

“I only heard the wind?”

Lin Qingyu whispered, “are there other guests in the B & B?”

Jiang Xing said, “no, the boss said it was just the two of us today.”

Lin Qingyu’s face was dignified: “is it a lonely ghost?”

Jiang woke up and smiled, “where do you come from in this world?”

Lin Qingyu looked at him silently.

Jiang Xing said in confusion, “what are you looking at me for?”

Lin Qingyu said, “if there is no lonely soul in the world, how do you come back from death three times?”

Jiang woke up stunned: “it seems so. You go back to the hostel and stay. I’ll have a look.”

Lin Qingyu said, “don’t be silly. We’ll go together.”

Jiang Xing hesitated: “but…”

Lin Qingyu took his hand and walked forward: “let’s go.”

The two men continued to move forward, and when they were only a few steps away from the behemoth, suddenly the light was in full swing.

Lin Qingyu instinctively blocked the light with his hand, and looked forward only after his eyes adapted.

——A spotless silver sedan stopped quietly in the jungle, the same color as the moonlight.

When Lin Qingyu was stunned, Jiang woke up and walked up to him. He raised his hand and released it again. A car key fell from his hand.

“Qingyu, this is for you.”

Lin Qingyu understood, angry and funny: “you’re playing me.”

Jiang Xing smiled innocently and brightly, “I didn’t. You said there were ghosts. I said there were no ghosts in the world, and you refuted me.”

“Can’t you be good Ready to give gifts. Why do you play surprises every time? ”

Jiang woke up and thought, “maybe it’s because your expression surprised by me is so cute.” He put the car key in Lin Qingyu’s hand. “I gave the gift for the fifth anniversary of the engagement in advance. Don’t blame me for saying I don’t prepare a gift at that time – do you like it?”

Lin Qingyu’s chest is warm and his heart beats fast. It’s an old husband and wife. He still has this reaction. Is this the charm of surprise.

Lin Qingyu smiled lightly: “I like it.”

Jiang Xing deliberately laughed ill intentioned: “after that, please drive me to and from school.”

Lin Qingyu: ”

Jiang Xing is worthy of being Jiang Xing. In a word, he lost half of his moving moment.

With this gift, of course, Lin Qingyu still walks to school – the school district room is only a few steps away from the school. He drives only when he is crazy.

Lin Qingyu’s score was much higher than that of the transfer line. He was assigned to a famous teacher class with good reputation, focusing on training, and was in the same class as Jiang Xing. Shen Huai didn’t do badly in the knowledge test and passed the score line. He also bewitched PE teachers with his special skills and successfully entered the school as a student with special sports skills.

Jiang Xing is like the father of a child who just went to primary school. He helped them buy schoolbags and stationery, and picked a pile of guidance books for them. He said you’re welcome. On the day when the three went out to school together, Jiang woke up very happy. After that, he could stick to his wife for 24 hours.

He is so unpromising. He only wants to stick with his wife all day except sleeping.

At school, Jiang Xing went to the classroom first and “handled” his deskmate. Lin Qingyu and Shen Huaizhi went to the academic affairs office to report, went through the admission procedures, and then were led away by their head teachers.

The head teacher is an excellent teacher with 25 years of teaching experience. She looks at the boy beside her and can’t help worrying. Such a good-looking boy transferred to their class will not affect everyone’s study… Jiang Xing is enough for her to have a headache. Now there is another one. Her class is really rich in handsome guys.

Before entering the classroom, Lin Qingyu took off his mask and put it away. Early reading time, the classroom was noisy. After the head teacher came in, his voice became louder, especially Chen Zihao’s voice. When they found that there was still a man behind the head teacher, they all stopped.

The girls exchanged their eyes with tacit understanding and reserve, while the boys were much more excited than them. A boy who usually likes to joke with his teacher asked, “teacher, who is this pretty boy?”

“It’s the new student transferred to our class.” The head teacher turned to Lin Qingyu, “introduce yourself to everyone.”

Lin Qingyu’s self introduction was only “Hello, my name is Lin Qingyu”, but it was enough to cause a commotion among the students. The boy at the front table turned his head and smiled craftily at Jiang Xing: “Jiang Xing, the position of your school grass is in danger.”

Jiang Xing looked at Lin Qingyu with a light in his eyes: “true or false.”

The sports committee muttered, “why do I think he looks familiar…”

The head teacher looked around the classroom and saw that the position around Jiang Xing was empty. He asked, “Jiang Xing, where’s your deskmate?”

Jiang Xing said, “he abandoned me and said he didn’t want to sit with me.”

The former deskmate was silent and dared to be angry.

The head teacher said, “then go and sit with Jiang Xing.”

Lin Qingyu looked at Jiang with meaningful eyes and walked towards his seat. The head teacher nagged behind him: “today is the Lantern Festival. After the new year is over, your heart should be closed. There are only four months left from the college entrance examination, and there is not much time left for you. Success comes from persistence, perseverance creates miracles, and love to fight will win…”

Lin Qingyu sat down beside Jiang Xing. Jiang Xing looked like he had met him for the first time and smiled politely: “Hello, new classmate, I’m Jiang Xing.”

Pretending to kiss him in bed last night, and now he’s still pretending to kiss.

Lin Qingyu cooperated with the performance of male high school students: “hello.”

“We’ll be at the same table in the future. Please take care of it.”

Jiang woke up and stretched out his hand to him.

Lin Qingyu held Jiang Xing’s hand and said, “please take care of him.”

They held their hands together for two seconds, and Lin Qingyu felt a cool little thing.

He withdrew his hand in doubt and saw a platinum ring inlaid with diamonds on the palm, shining under the fluorescent lamp in the classroom.


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